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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Jeffcoat's ChimneyVD **2nd19/May/15Roaches Upper Tier
Pedestal Route VariationS 4a AltLd19/May/15Roaches Upper Tier
Amazon CrackVS 4b ***Lead17/May/15Burbage North
Farcical AreteHS 4a *Solo17/May/15Burbage North
Right Twin CrackHVD 4a *Solo17/May/15Burbage North
Left Twin CrackS 4a *Solo17/May/15Burbage North
First CrackS 4a *Lead17/May/15Burbage North
Big Chimney AreteHS 4b *Lead17/May/15Burbage North
WindjammerE1 5b 2nd17/May/15Burbage North
Knight's MoveHVS 5a ***Lead17/May/15Burbage North
Hollyash CrackVS 4b **Lead17/May/15Burbage North
Dover's ProgressHVS 5a 2nd17/May/15Burbage North
Still OrangeS 4a *Solo17/May/15Burbage North
Green CrackVD *Solo17/May/15Burbage North
The KefferHVS 5a 2nd17/May/15Burbage North
The Neb FinishVS 4b **2nd13/May/15Roaches Upper Tier
Hollybush CrackVS 4b **2nd13/May/15Roaches Upper Tier
Fern CrackS 4b **2nd13/May/15Roaches Upper Tier
Runner RouteHS 4b *Lead13/May/15Roaches Upper Tier
Wallaby DirectHVS 5a *2nd13/May/15Roaches Upper Tier
Perverted StaircaseVS 5a Lead13/May/15Roaches Upper Tier
Left Twin CrackHS 4a *Lead12/May/15Hen Cloud
Rainbow CrackVS 5a ***2nd12/May/15Hen Cloud
Great ChimneyS 4a ***2nd12/May/15Hen Cloud
Hedgehog CrackVS 4c **Lead12/May/15Hen Cloud
Port CrackS 4a *2nd10/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
The CrankVS 4c **Lead10/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
Tricouni CrackHS 4b *Lead10/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
Little Giraffe ManHS *2nd10/May/15Ramshaw Rocks
Bond StreetHVS 5a ***Lead04/May/15Millstone Edge
Great Portland StreetHVS 5b ***2nd04/May/15Millstone Edge
The MallVS 4c ***Lead04/May/15Millstone Edge
Great North RoadHVS 5a ***2nd04/May/15Millstone Edge
The SlothHVS 5a ***2nd01/May/15Roaches Upper Tier
Fledglings ClimbS 4a *2nd01/May/15Roaches Lower Tier
The BulgerVS 4c *Lead01/May/15Roaches Lower Tier
Bolts 'R' Us6a+ Lead O/S26/Apr/15Harpur Hill Quarry
Toy Story6a Lead O/S26/Apr/15Harpur Hill Quarry
Suck on This6a+ Lead O/S26/Apr/15Harpur Hill Quarry
Jelly Beans6a+ Lead O/S26/Apr/15Harpur Hill Quarry
Smartie People are Happy People6a Lead O/S26/Apr/15Harpur Hill Quarry
Candy Store6a Lead O/S26/Apr/15Harpur Hill Quarry
AtropineVS 4b **Lead23/Apr/15Castle Naze
Scoop FaceHVS 5a ***2nd23/Apr/15Castle Naze
Niche AreteVS 5a **Lead23/Apr/15Castle Naze
Nursery AreteHVS 5b *2nd23/Apr/15Castle Naze
The NoseVS 4b *Lead23/Apr/15Castle Naze
Easy CornerD Solo23/Apr/15Castle Naze
Easy CrackD Solo23/Apr/15Castle Naze
Right-hand CrackVD Solo23/Apr/15Castle Naze