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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
The Thieving MagpieE2 5c 2nd06/Jul/13Eagle Rocks
PrecipitationVS 4b *2nd06/Jul/13Eagle Rocks
Piton CrackS 4a *Lead06/Jul/13Eagle Rocks
Resonant FlakesVD **Lead06/Jul/13Eagle Rocks
StratocumulusHS 4b *Lead06/Jul/13Eagle Rocks
The Black StairsIII *Solo27/Mar/13The Black Stairs
Pili5a **Lead18/Mar/13La Panocha
Súperanaconda5a *Lead18/Mar/13La Panocha
Fisura de la sinfonía5a **Lead18/Mar/13La Panocha
Anda que no Andas ná5a **Lead18/Mar/13La Panocha
Presto5c Lead16/Mar/13Sierra de Toix
The Whole of Creation6c *Lead16/Mar/13Sierra de Toix
Oma Sus5a **Lead16/Mar/13Sierra de Toix
Reigen Bogen5c Lead16/Mar/13Sierra de Toix
Gufelwufel5a *Lead16/Mar/13Sierra de Toix
Seduction6a *Lead16/Mar/13Sierra de Toix
Gusano6a+ ***Lead15/Mar/13Callosa
Albertos 15a Lead15/Mar/13Callosa
Carmen5a **Lead15/Mar/13Callosa
Pesahombre4c **Lead15/Mar/13Callosa
Tres Chapas Derecha6b+ **Lead15/Mar/13Callosa
Chochos Voladores6b ***Lead15/Mar/13Mula
Chochos Voladores6b ***Lead14/Mar/13Mula
Aniversario5c **Lead12/Mar/13Marin
Jhony4a ***Lead12/Mar/13Marin
Piensa en Verde5c *Lead11/Mar/13Mula
Copón5c *Lead11/Mar/13Mula
Castro4c **Lead11/Mar/13Mula
Junko4c **Lead11/Mar/13Mula
BullrushVS 4c *Lead O/S05/Mar/13Fair Head
BullrushVS 4c *-05/Mar/13Fair Head
FocusVS 4c *Lead05/Mar/13Fair Head
The One They Call the White HairVS 4c Lead03/Mar/13Hen Mountain
DifficilityVS 5a *Lead03/Mar/13Hen Mountain
The Boys of SummerE1 5c Lead03/Mar/13Hen Mountain
The Age of InnocenceHVS 5b Lead03/Mar/13Hen Mountain
EscalatorD **Lead rpt28/Feb/13Hen Mountain
Main StreetE1 5c *Lead rpt28/Feb/13Hen Mountain
High Noonf4 *Lead rpt28/Feb/13Hen Mountain
Jump RouteVS 4c Lead O/S28/Feb/13Hen Mountain
BullrushVS 4c *Lead O/S???/2013Fair Head
Manchester ButtressHS 4b ***-???/2013Stanage Popular
Christmas CurryS 4a ***-???/2013Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
ChieftainVS 4b **-???/2013Fair Head
OdysseyVS 4c **-???/2013Fair Head
BrambleS -???/2013Fair Head
Left CrackVD -???/2013Fair Head
Central CrackVD -???/2013Fair Head
Right CrackS -???/2013Fair Head
SpinolaS 4a *-???/2013Fair Head