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NameStyleDate Crag name
SwirtlerLead O/S??/Oct/14Boiler Slab
TerminationLead O/S??/Oct/14Boiler Slab
AyeshaLead O/S??/Oct/14Boiler Slab
TokyoLead O/S??/Oct/14Boiler Slab
Midshipman / Plain SailingLead dog??/Oct/14Birchen Edge
Orpheus WallLead O/S??/Oct/14Birchen Edge
VorticesAltLd O/S??/Sep/14Boulder Ruckle
Thunder GrooveAltLd O/S??/Sep/14Boulder Ruckle
DelstreeLead O/S??/Sep/14Hen Cloud
Main CrackLead O/S??/Sep/14Hen Cloud
Central ClimbAltLd O/S??/Sep/14Hen Cloud
BoonoonoonoosTR RP??/Aug/14High Rocks
Animal MagnetismSolo RP??/Jul/14Lulworth
Horny Lil' DevilSolo RP??/Jul/14Lulworth
The MincerLead O/S??/Jun/14Roaches Lower Tier
WallerooLead O/S??/Jun/14Roaches Upper Tier
SpacewalkLead RP??/Jun/14Promenade
Engagement WallSolo rpt??/Jun/14High Rocks
FandangoSolo rpt??/Jun/14Bowles Rocks
Odin's WallSolo β??/Jun/14High Rocks
The SwanLead O/S??/Apr/14Roaches Lower Tier
CarrionLead dnf??/Apr/14Roaches Lower Tier
Help the Aged-??/Mar/14Stanage Plantation
Appaloosa SunsetLead O/S??/Mar/14The Five Clouds
Pink Wall TraverseLead O/S15/Sep/13Avon Gorge (Main Wall)
Ffoeg's FollyAltLd15/Sep/13Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
ReveilleLead O/S??/Sep/13Avon Gorge (Main Area)
First BloodLead O/S??/Aug/13St. Govan's East
Space CadetLead O/S??/Aug/13St. Govan's Head
Wrap-UpLead O/S??/Aug/13Huntsman's Leap
Strike LuckyLead O/S??/Aug/13Rusty Walls
KanttiLead O/S??/Aug/13Olhava
SalamaLead O/S??/Aug/13Olhava
TorpedoLead O/S??/Aug/13Olhava
VekaraLead O/S??/Aug/13Olhava
ManzokuLead O/S??/Aug/13Stennis Head
Rubberneck-??/Aug/13The Five Clouds
The SlothLead O/S??/Aug/13Roaches Upper Tier
SinbadLead O/S??/Jun/13Boulder Ruckle
Buzz LightyearLead O/S??/Jun/13Boulder Ruckle
Lightning WallLead O/S??/Jun/13Boulder Ruckle
One Step in the CrowdsAltLd??/May/13Craig y Castell (Tremadog)
The WaspLead O/S??/May/13Craig y Castell (Tremadog)
Saul's CrackLead β??/Aug/12Roaches Upper Tier
WombatLead O/S??/Aug/12Roaches Upper Tier
Kelly's DirectLead O/S??/Aug/12Roaches Upper Tier
GypsyAltLd O/S??/Jun/12Boulder Ruckle
Ocean BoulevardLead O/S26/May/12Boulder Ruckle
Soul SacrificeLead β26/May/12Boulder Ruckle
Captain SwingAltLd O/S??/May/12Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)