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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Kestrel13 **2nd23/Feb/14Tiger Wall
Didgeridoo11 **2nd22/Feb/14The Organ Pipes
Epic19 *TR25/Jan/11Mt Buffalo
Join the Dots19 *TR25/Jan/11Mt Buffalo
Shady Tactics21 TR25/Jan/11Mt Buffalo
Son of Epic16 *2nd25/Jan/11Mt Buffalo
Shell Shock19 2nd23/Jan/11Mt Buffalo
Bloodnok17 *2nd23/Jan/11Mt Buffalo
Fire in the Foothills19 *2nd23/Jan/11Mt Buffalo
Profanities17 Lead22/Jan/11Mt Buffalo
Parrot On A Stick16 Lead22/Jan/11Mt Buffalo
Guantanamero13 Lead22/Jan/11Mt Buffalo
Oedipus Rex17 *AltLd12/Dec/10The Watchtower Faces
Salamander14 **AltLd11/Dec/10The Watchtower Faces
Habeus Corpus14 2nd11/Sep/10Black Ians Rocks
False Pretenses10 Lead11/Sep/10Black Ians Rocks
Ipso Facto15 Lead11/Sep/10Black Ians Rocks
Hard Labour15 Lead11/Sep/10Black Ians Rocks
The Enquiry17 Lead11/Sep/10Black Ians Rocks
Stentor (Pitch 3 only)16 Lead14/Jun/10The Organ Pipes
Decibel15 Lead14/Jun/10The Organ Pipes
Hand job15 *Lead13/Jun/10Voodoo Area
Menage a trois16 *Lead13/Jun/10Voodoo Area
Skylark16 *Lead13/Jun/10Tiger Wall
Horn Piece13 **AltLd13/Jun/10The Organ Pipes
Hot Flap14 **Lead12/Jun/10The Watchtower Faces
Shaggys Route14 *Lead26/Apr/10Tiger Wall
Kaiser - Resignation15 ***AltLd25/Apr/10Tiger Wall
Arrows of Desire16 **AltLd17/Apr/10Hollywood Bowl
Metropolis17 *Lead17/Apr/10Hollywood Bowl
Not Christians For Dinner Again12 Lead16/Apr/10Mountain Lion
Wildcat15 *Lead16/Apr/10Mountain Lion
Lion Premiums14 *Lead16/Apr/10Mountain Lion
Chameleon Connection13 *Lead05/Apr/10The Watchtower Faces
Gecko14 *Lead05/Apr/10The Watchtower Faces
Pedro10 **Lead04/Apr/10Central Gully Left Side
Beautiful Possibilities15 **Lead04/Apr/10Central Gully Left Side
Golden Fleece18 **Lead04/Apr/10Central Gully Left Side
Xena10 *AltLd03/Apr/10The Pinnacle Face
Dracula14 **AltLd02/Apr/10Central Gully Right Side,...
Transylvania11 *Lead02/Apr/10Central Gully Right Side,...
A Fundamental Difference of Opinion16 Lead19/Mar/10Mt Buffalo
No Ego16 *Lead19/Mar/10Mt Buffalo
Peroxide Blonde20 ***TR18/Mar/10Mt Buffalo
Hoi Polloi16 *Lead18/Mar/10Mt Buffalo
Big Fun15 **Lead18/Mar/10Mt Buffalo
The Pintle16 **Lead18/Mar/10Mt Buffalo
The Pintle Left Hand Variant16 ***TR18/Mar/10Mt Buffalo
Two Old Plonkers18 Lead17/Mar/10Mt Buffalo
Incessant Nattering18 Lead17/Mar/10Mt Buffalo