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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Pico Aneto Voie NormalePD SoloBrian, Craig Jenkins26/Sep/14Pico Aneto
Leonides7b ***Lead RPpaddygoodwinlondon22/Apr/14The Spartan Walls
Lava6a+ ***Lead O/SKatusha Dali17/Apr/14Lambda
Aroleid5c *Lead O/SKatusha Dali17/Apr/14Lambda
Telendos Star6a+ ***Lead O/SKatusha Dali17/Apr/14Lambda
Prosciutto & Champagne6a **Lead O/Spaddygoodwinlondon16/Apr/14Gerakios
Voltric6c+ **Lead O/Spaddygoodwinlondon16/Apr/14Yerakios
Pornogeros6b **Lead O/Spaddygoodwinlondon16/Apr/14Gerakios
O Claire de l'anus6a+ **Lead O/Spaddygoodwinlondon16/Apr/14Gerakios
Cumulo sinus6b **Lead O/Spaddygoodwinlondon16/Apr/14Gerakios
Cuni Lingugus6b+ ***Lead O/Spaddygoodwinlondon16/Apr/14Gerakios
Wings for Life6a ***AltLd O/SChristine Belk15/Apr/14Telendos
Salamina tis Kypros6a+ *Lead O/SKatusha Dali13/Apr/14Summertime
Ammohostos Vasilevousa6a ***Lead O/SKatusha Dali13/Apr/14Summertime
Orea Dana6a+ **Lead O/SKatusha Dali13/Apr/14Summertime
Yeraki5c *Lead O/SKatusha Dali13/Apr/14Summertime
Dorian5a **Lead O/SKatusha Dali13/Apr/14Summertime
July4a *Lead O/SKatusha Dali13/Apr/14Summertime
Anna4a *Lead O/SKatusha Dali13/Apr/14Summertime
Taka6c **Lead O/SAli Ingleby20/Sep/13Panorama
Neptun kl6c **Lead dogAli Ingleby20/Sep/13Panorama
La vie selon GEGE6b *Lead O/SAli Ingleby20/Sep/13Panorama
Miss Latex6b+ **Lead O/SHazel19/Sep/13Kalydna
Kaly Nikhla6b+ **Lead O/SHazel19/Sep/13Kalydna
Mami au Grigri6b+ **Lead O/SHazel19/Sep/13Kalydna
Radom6b+ **Lead O/SHazel19/Sep/13Kalydna
Spark6b Lead O/SHazel19/Sep/13Kalydna
Zagori6c ***Lead O/SAli Ingleby, Rachel Somerville17/Sep/13Iannis
Kalyne6b **Lead O/SAli Ingleby, Rachel Somerville17/Sep/13Iannis
Sens Unique7a ***Lead O/SAli Ingleby, Rachel Somerville17/Sep/13Iannis
Verikoko7a+ ***Lead O/SAli Ingleby, Rachel Somerville17/Sep/13Iannis
Tales of Greek Heroes6b+ ***Lead O/SRachel Somerville16/Sep/13The Spartan Walls
Spasspartout6b **Lead O/SRachel Somerville16/Sep/13The Spartan Walls
Probleme Mineur6b ***Lead O/SRachel Somerville16/Sep/13The Spartan Walls
Harakiri6b+ ***Lead O/SRachel Somerville16/Sep/13Spartacus
Extra6a+ *Lead O/SRachel Somerville14/Sep/13Kalydna
Late Evening Light6a+ *Lead O/SRachel Somerville14/Sep/13Kalydna
Mamy Nova6c Lead O/SRachel Somerville14/Sep/13Kalydna
Dart6b **Lead O/SRachel Somerville14/Sep/13Kalydna
Ixion7a ***Lead βRachel Somerville14/Sep/13Kalydna
Le Mythe De La Caverne7a ***Lead O/SAli Ingleby, Rachel Somerville13/Sep/13The Ghost Kitchen
Resista6c+ ***Lead O/SAli Ingleby, Rachel Somerville13/Sep/13The Ghost Kitchen
Pirates of Kalymnos6b+ Lead O/SAli Ingleby, Rachel Somerville13/Sep/13The Ghost Kitchen
Route 666a+ Lead O/SAli Ingleby, Rachel Somerville13/Sep/13The Ghost Kitchen
Weiss Matter6a+ **Lead O/SAli Ingleby, Rachel Somerville13/Sep/13The Ghost Kitchen
Achinos6a+ **Lead O/SRachel Somerville12/Sep/13Secret Garden
Ymer6b **Lead O/SRachel Somerville12/Sep/13Secret Garden
Ricci di Mare6b+ **Lead O/SRachel Somerville12/Sep/13Secret Garden
Remetzo6c **TR RPRachel Somerville12/Sep/13Secret Garden
Bratsera6c TR dogRachel Somerville12/Sep/13Secret Garden
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