35 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
Trod 'A' TweenLead O/S??/Aug/13Intake Ridge/Glaciated Slab
Trod LetheraLead O/S??/Aug/13Intake Ridge/Glaciated Slab
Trod YanLead O/S??/Aug/13Intake Ridge/Glaciated Slab
Family OutingLead??/Aug/13Wodens Face
Straight CrackLead O/S13/Oct/08Hutton Roof Crags
Wrinkled SlabLead O/S13/Oct/08Hutton Roof Crags
West CoastLead O/S13/Oct/08Hutton Roof Crags
Family OutingSolo O/S27/Mar/07Wolf Crag
PicnicSolo O/S27/Mar/07Wolf Crag
Spring FeverSolo O/S27/Mar/07Wolf Crag
Green BeanSolo O/S27/Mar/07Wolf Crag
Fruit SaladSolo O/S27/Mar/07Wolf Crag
Jelly and CreamSolo O/S27/Mar/07Wolf Crag
Little LaybackSolo O/S27/Mar/07Wolf Crag
Lost ChordSolo O/S27/Mar/07Wolf Crag
Perfect PitchSolo O/S27/Mar/07Wolf Crag
Fading LightSolo O/S27/Mar/07Wolf Crag
PeapodSolo O/S27/Mar/07Wolf Crag
Left AreteSent???/2007Jesmond Dene
Tarmac RisingSent???/2007Jesmond Dene
El CapSent???/2007Jesmond Dene
Half DomeSent???/2007Jesmond Dene
Right AreteSent???/2007Jesmond Dene
Left AreteSent???/2007Jesmond Dene
The Nude EndSent???/2007Jesmond Dene
Half RoundSent???/2007Jesmond Dene
Quick SilverSent???/2007Jesmond Dene
The Salathe WallSent???/2007Jesmond Dene
The NoseSent???/2007Jesmond Dene
Crimp to CrimpSent???/2007Jesmond Dene
Second StaircaseLead O/S??/Jun/06Bowden Doors
Zig Zag RouteSolo O/S???/2006Simonside North Face
Swastika ChimneySolo O/S???/2006Simonside North Face
Great ChimneySolo O/S???/2006Simonside North Face
Window ButtressSolo O/S???/2006Simonside North Face