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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Porthole DirectVS 4c **2ndJames21/Sep/08Birchen Edge
Barnacle BulgeHS 4c *2ndJames21/Sep/08Birchen Edge
Horatio's HorrorHS 4a **2ndJames21/Sep/08Birchen Edge
Nelson's NemesisVS 4b ***2ndJames21/Sep/08Birchen Edge
Captain's PrerogativeHS 4b *LeadJames21/Sep/08Birchen Edge
Captain's BunkHS 4b *LeadJames20/Sep/08Birchen Edge
Nelson's SlabHS 5a **2ndJames20/Sep/08Birchen Edge
Roger the Cabin BoyVS 4c *LeadJames20/Sep/08Birchen Edge
TopsailVS 4c ***2ndJames20/Sep/08Birchen Edge
Powder Monkey ParadeS 4b ***2ndJames20/Sep/08Birchen Edge
Camperdown CrawlHS 4c ***LeadJames20/Sep/08Birchen Edge
Right Hand RouteHS 4b AltLdHal14/Sep/08Wintour's Leap
Do Ixtlan4c *LeadJames13/Sep/08Blacknor South
It's My Life5a *LeadJames13/Sep/08Blacknor South
Oak Tree Wall DirectVD *2ndHal & Stevie G25/Aug/08Pontesford Rocks
Finale GrooveVS 4b **AltLdHal & Stevie G25/Aug/08Pontesford Rocks
Quien Sabe?VS 4c ***LeadTommy, Jules, Richie P24/Aug/08Bamford Edge
Que? Slab Direct/K Buttress Slab DirectVD LeadTommy24/Aug/08Bamford Edge
Flake RouteS 4a *2ndJames11/Aug/08Lundy
Stuka, DirectVS 4c **2ndStevie G11/Aug/08Lundy
GangwayS 4a *LeadStevie G27/Jul/08Subluminal
First CornerS 4b **LeadStevie G27/Jul/08Subluminal
FredaVS 5a ***2ndStevie G27/Jul/08Subluminal
Fraggle RockHVS 5a **2ndStevie G27/Jul/08Subluminal
Gandalfn5 ***AltLdHal & Stevie G18/Jul/08Gandalf
Venstre rissetn4+ *2ndJames, Stevie G17/Jul/08Paradiset
Bare Blåbærn5- ***AltLdStevie G & James11/Jul/08Djupfjord
Living in Paradisen5 ***2ndJames10/Jul/08Paradiset
Butter Fingersn5 *2ndJames10/Jul/08Paradiset
By the Dashboard Lightn4 ***LeadJames10/Jul/08Paradiset
Lost in paradisen5 *2ndJames10/Jul/08Paradiset
Gollumn5 ***AltLdStevie G & James08/Jul/08Gandalf
Skiløperenn6- ***2ndStevie G & James08/Jul/08Festvågveggen
Applecake Areten5+ ***2ndStevie G & James07/Jul/08Pianokrakken
1910 Rutan4+ ***2ndStevie G & James06/Jul/08Svolværgeita
The NicheS 4a **2ndJames15/Jun/08Castle Naze
Niche AreteVS 5a **2ndStevie G15/Jun/08Castle Naze
Scoop Face DirectHVS 5b *2ndStevie G15/Jun/08Castle Naze
The CrackVS 4b ***2ndStevie G15/Jun/08Castle Naze
NozagVS 4c ***2ndJames15/Jun/08Castle Naze
Ashgrove PrelimsVS 4c *2ndDensham08/Jun/08Craig-y-Forwen (World's End)
Right EdgeVS 4b *2ndDensham08/Jun/08Craig-y-Forwen (World's End)
ShelfwayS 4a LeadDensham08/Jun/08Craig-y-Forwen (World's End)
West RibHVS 5a **AltLdStevie G & James07/Jun/08Dinas Mot
Western SlabsVS 4c **AltLdStevie G & James07/Jun/08Dinas Mot
Central Rib Route IIIVD ***AltLdHal11/May/08Wintour's Leap
QuestorVS 4b ***LeadHal11/May/08Wyndcliffe
Nemmes Pas HarryE1 5b **2ndStevie G03/May/08Bamford Edge
Wrinkled WallVS 4c **LeadStevie G03/May/08Bamford Edge
The CreaseE1 5a **2ndStevie G03/May/08Bamford Edge
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