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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
The GangplankM *Solo05/Aug/15Birchen Edge
Visitors OnlyHS 4a *2nd05/Aug/15Birchen Edge
Emma's TemptationHVD 4c *Lead05/Aug/15Birchen Edge
The ProwVS 4c 2nd05/Aug/15Birchen Edge
The GangplankM *Solo01/Aug/15Birchen Edge
Emma's DilemmaS 4b **2nd31/Jul/15Birchen Edge
The ProwVS 4c 2nd31/Jul/15Birchen Edge
Sail ButtressHS 4b **2nd31/Jul/15Birchen Edge
Ledge ClimbVD *AltLd09/May/15Bosigran
DoorwayS 4a *2nd09/May/15Bosigran
Limpet SlabVD Lead08/May/15Halldrine Cove
Inverted V-GrooveD 2nd08/May/15Halldrine Cove
ShrimpetVD 2nd08/May/15Halldrine Cove
Alison RibD *AltLd07/May/15Bosigran
Bosigran Ridge a.k.a Commando RidgeVD ***AltLd07/May/15Bosigran Ridge Area
First BloodHVS 4c *Lead11/Sep/14Charnwood Quarry
Garden Face IndirectD *Lead01/Aug/14Gardoms Edge
Corner CrackD Lead01/Aug/14Gardoms Edge
Grey CrackHD 2nd01/Aug/14Gardoms Edge
Garden Face IndirectD *2nd01/Aug/14Gardoms Edge
The ScoopD *Lead23/Nov/13Millstone Edge
MidriftVD *Lead23/Nov/13Millstone Edge
Giant's StepsVD Lead23/Nov/13Millstone Edge
Outdoor Centre RouteHVD AltLd23/Nov/13Yarncliffe Quarry
Ladies' GullyIII **2nd02/Feb/13Clogwyn y Garnedd
Trafalgar CrackVD 4a **Lead09/Jan/13Birchen Edge
Admiral's ProgressD *Lead09/Jan/13Birchen Edge
Death Valley NightsHVS 5a 2nd30/Jul/12Beacon Hill
Right CornerVD Lead30/Jul/12Beacon Hill
NostrilVD Lead30/Jul/12Beacon Hill
Poop Deck CrackS 4a *Lead14/Jul/12Birchen Edge
The GangplankM *Solo14/Jul/12Birchen Edge
Handy CrackD Solo14/Jul/12Birchen Edge
Visitors OnlyHS 4a *TR14/Jul/12Birchen Edge
The FunnelHD **Lead14/Jul/12Birchen Edge
Kiss Me HardyS *Lead14/Jul/12Birchen Edge
The ProwVS 4c 2nd19/Jun/12Birchen Edge
Emma's TemptationHVD 4c *Lead19/Jun/12Birchen Edge
Stoker's HoleHS 4a *Lead19/Jun/12Birchen Edge
Trafalgar CrackVD 4a **Lead18/Jun/12Birchen Edge
Trafalgar WallS 4b ***Lead18/Jun/12Birchen Edge
Pedestal RouteHVD 4a ***AltLd21/May/12Roaches Upper Tier
AquaVS 4b 2nd21/May/12Roaches Upper Tier
Black VelvetHVD 4a ***Lead21/May/12Roaches Upper Tier
Central RouteVS 4b **2nd21/May/12Roaches Upper Tier
Titch and KwackerVS 4c Lead16/Apr/12Markfield Quarry
weak walkS 4a ***Lead16/Apr/12Markfield Quarry
Sugar DaddyHVS 5a TR dnf16/Apr/12Markfield Quarry
Hard ShoulderHS 4b *2nd16/Apr/12Markfield Quarry
The GangplankM *2nd13/Apr/12Birchen Edge