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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Ben More Assynt summitsummit -Katrina M, Verity, Claire B30/Sep/14Ben More Assynt
Conival summitsummit -Katrina M, Verity, Claire B30/Sep/14Conival
Ben Klibreck - Meall nan Con summitsummit -Katrina M, Verity, Claire B29/Sep/14Ben Klibreck - Meall nan Con
Ben Hope summitsummit -Katrina M, Verity, Claire B28/Sep/14Ben Hope
An Caisteal summitsummit -Sara S, Katrina M06/Jul/14An Caisteal
Beinn a'Chroin summitsummit -Sara S, Katrina M06/Jul/14Beinn a'Chroin
Beinn nan Aighenan summitsummit -Katrina M05/Jul/14Beinn nan Aighenan
Glas Bheinn Mhor summitsummit -Katrina M05/Jul/14Glas Bheinn Mhor
Ben Starav summitsummit -Katrina M05/Jul/14Ben Starav
The EdgeVD *2ndPam15/Jun/14Kingussie Crag
FinaleVD 2ndSarah15/Jun/14Kingussie Crag
Capped CornerMS *2ndPam15/Jun/14Kingussie Crag
Creag nan Damh summitsummit -Katrina M28/May/14Creag nan Damh
Sgurr na Ciste Duibhe summitsummit -Katrina M28/May/14Sgurr na Ciste Duibhe
Sgurr na Carnach summitsummit -Katrina M28/May/14Sgurr na Carnach
Sgurr Fhuaran - Sgurr nan Saighead summitsummit -Katrina M28/May/14Sgurr Fhuaran - Sgurr nan...
Aonach air Chrith summitsummit -Antti, Katrina M, Claire...27/May/14Aonach air Chrith
Druim Shionnach summitsummit -Antti, Katrina M, Claire...27/May/14Druim Shionnach
Creag a'Mhaim summitsummit -Antti, Katrina M, Claire...27/May/14Creag a'Mhaim
Maol Chinn-dearg summitsummit -Antti, Katrina M, Claire...27/May/14Maol Chinn-dearg
Sgurr an Doire Leathain summitsummit -Antti, Katrina M, Claire...27/May/14Sgurr an Doire Leathain
Sgurr an Lochain summitsummit -Antti, Katrina M, Claire...27/May/14Sgurr an lochain
Aonach Meadhoin summitsummit -Katrina M26/May/14Aonach Meadhoin
Sgurr a'Bhealaich Dheirg summitsummit -Katrina M26/May/14Sgurr a'Bhealaich Dheirg
Mayar summitsummit -Ged, Mhairi, Will, Tim,...20/Oct/13Mayar
Driesh summitsummit -Ged, Mhairi, Will, Tim,...20/Oct/13Driesh
An Teallach - Sgurr Fiona summitsummit -Gareth, Heidi, Kate, Allan S14/Sep/13An Teallach - Sgurr Fiona
An Teallach - Bidein a'Ghlas Thuill summitsummit -Gareth, Heidi, Kate, Allan S14/Sep/13An Teallach - Bidein a'Ghlas...
Mullach Clach a'Bhlair summitsummit -Sarah W, Godefroy, Andy M,...03/Aug/13Mullach Clach a'Bhlair
Sgor Gaoith summitsummit -Sarah W, Godefroy, Andy M,...03/Aug/13Sgor Gaoith
Sgurr na Ruaidhe summitsummit -Katrina M10/May/13Sgurr na Ruaidhe
Carn nan Gobhar summitsummit -Katrina M10/May/13Carn nan Gobhar
Sgurr a'Choire Ghlais summitsummit -Katrina M10/May/13Sgurr a'Choire Ghlais
Sgurr Fhuar-thuill summitsummit -Katrina M10/May/13Sgurr Fhuar-thuill
Meall nan Ceapraichean summitsummit -Katrina M08/May/13Meall nan Ceapraichean
Cona' Mheall summitsummit -Katrina M08/May/13Cona' Mheall
A'Chailleach summitsummit -Katrina M, Fiona C, Ian L06/May/13A'Chailleach
Sgurr Breac summitsummit -Katrina M06/May/13Sgurr Breac
Moruisg summitsummit -Jane, Katrina M05/May/13Moruisg
Sgurr nan Ceannaichean summitsummit -Jane, Katrina M05/May/13Sgurr nan Ceannaichean
Ben Lawers summitsummit -Godefroy13/Apr/13Ben Lawers
Beinn Ghlas summitsummit -Godefroy13/Apr/13Beinn Ghlas
Stob Ban summitsummit -Katrina M01/Apr/13Stob Ban
Stob Choire Claurigh summitsummit -Katrina M01/Apr/13Stob Choire Claurigh
Aonach Beag summitsummit Solo 31/Mar/13Aonach Beag
Aonach Mor summitsummit Solo 31/Mar/13Aonach Mor
Sgurr na Sgine summitsummit -Martin H, Katrina M, Ian L,...30/Mar/13Sgurr na Sgine
The Saddle summitsummit -Martin H, Katrina M, Ian L,...30/Mar/13The Saddle
Forcan Ridge (Winter)II ***SoloMartin H, Katrina M, Ian L,...30/Mar/13Forcan Ridge
Carn na Caim summitsummit -Fiona C29/Mar/13Carn na Caim
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