New Plans For Staden Quarry

by Duncan Campbell - UKC Apr/2014
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A new planning application has been submitted for Staden Quarry in Derbyshire, the application is still for a bottling plant, but does differ significantly from the previous application. The current deadline for objections/comments is the 24th April.

In a press release from Ross Burnage (Buxton MC) and Henry Folkard (BMC Volunteer), who attended a Parish Council meeting to discuss the new application, the outlines of the plans were described.

Here are the key points of the application:

  • The application is still for a bottling plant, though not for an additional business park - though this could come later.
  • Two buildings are to be built, which means excavating at the Buxton end of the Quarry. It would be accessed by a tunnel from the A6 - blasting would occur twice weekly.
  • An estimated 750,000 tons of rock would be released with 300,000 cubic metres of good quality aggregate sold at £15 per ton - tax exempt. Between 19,000 and 50,000 lorry movements would be required to move the aggregate.
  • Parking for 72 cars and lagoons similar to the previous proposal are planned. Method of excavation or drainage for these is not mentioned.
  • Construction would last 87 weeks, with 100 people employed once the site is finished. This employment number vastly exceeds Buxton Water's 45-60 employees and Harrogate Water's 35-45.
  • An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been carried out, and it appears to be very similar to the previous EIA, despite the major differences in planning applications. The ornithological data, particularly on bats, is incomplete. The site has been confirmed as a Greenfield site.
  • A substantial difference from previous applications is that the tunnel will be worked from the top, which means that all construction traffic would drive along the single track Cowdale road, across the field and down the loose ramp.

The main message from the press release is as follows:

  • As with previous applications, this one is incomplete and inconsistent, particularly on any construction detail.
  • In addition to this, there seems to have been no assessment of noise or or other adverse impact of construction. Any assessment on inconvenience caused by closure of the A6 is also incomplete.

​Climbers are urged to register an objection on the grounds of incomplete proposal, loss of amenity, environmental and landscape impact and negation of any notional economic benefit. As the landowner has banned climbing there is nothing for climbers to lose.

There will be objection slips at the next BMC area meeting on Wednesday April 9th at the Maynard Inn, Grindleford, or to add your objection online please click HERE


There have been a number of access changes at Staden in the last few years. The first threat came in 2010, though this was updated with climbing still being allowed. However, a year later access was withdrawn following the rejection of the planning application.


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Well, that's very wise, if your case is that we should stop providing drinking water in taps and all use bottled water instead. I wouldn't get involved in discussions with anyone about that if I were you. jcm
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