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Topic - Ethics on moving roped

jaggy bunnet - on 04 Dec 2012
I was out on Curved Ridge sunday past moving roped (alpine style ) with my partner on a half rope with around 12m between us,.after the waterslide we looked up and saw a party just heading up on the ridge proper. As we caught up with them we saw that there were 2 ropes and that they knew each other, what struck me was this...

..the leader of the first rope was waaaay up the ridge (60 m ?) and bellowing for his second to get a move on, this lady was absolutely gripped and were it not for the leader of the second rope giving her instructions i,m sure she wouldn't have moved at all.The second on the second rope ( bare with me here) was a gent who was pretty clued up and didnt worry us much but to my amazement was on the end of a full 60 m rope the same as the first team. So just to clarify thats 2 teams moving together on the ridge 120m end to end.

As there was so much rope between them we found it impossible to get past safely and so we followed them up with by now another two ropes at our heels. I did ask the chap at the rear at one point if he thought of moving together on 60's was a good idea but i got a shoulder shrug.

The icing on the cake was as we reached the top and moved around the back of Crowberry the leader of the pack had moved out of sight to tackle Crowberry Tower . I do not know how his second was supposed to gain this in her current state so i had to confirm that she knew where she was heading...the question was answered by her friend " yes we do, our leader has been guiding for over 40 years "

So with that we moved off and for the rest of the day never saw any hint of them coming down behind us..even from the carpark looking up to the basin.

Am i being too critical or was that the best way to drag someone up a ridge without ever seeing them 60m below you , not hearing a thing hes screaming at you ?

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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