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Topic - How do you tie into a doubled up rope?

Otis - on 18 Sep 2013
Hi All,

To date most of my trad leading has been done on straight (ish) routes on a single 50m rope.

However, I've spotted a couple of more wandering routes I'd like to try where I can see the benefit of climbing on two ropes. I figured that climbing on my doubled up 50m rope would be a sensible way to improve - happily aknowledging that I'll need to consider route lengths (and rope length needed for belay building) carefully.

Here's the question: what is the best way for my partner to tie in to the mid point of the rope? A re-threaded figure 8 will work, but it will take an age to thread (and unthread) 25m of rope through the harness and knot. Are there any better ways? The only other way I can think is to thread the rope through the harness and then walk my partner through a very big figure 8 on a bight.

Any advice would be appreciated,

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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