Sardine*** 7b+
[ginger, 3 kb]22m.

Rockfax Description
A classic polished Peak landmark which is still a tough route to onsight. There are a few ways of doing the lower crux and the upper wall is not to be underestimated either, with a tricky move or two moving right near the top. © ROCKFAX

FA. Ron Fawcett 1981. This ascent signified the change of Raven Tor from an aid climbing crag to a free climbing crag.

Ticklists: Classy Peak Lime 7a to 7b+, Peak Sport 3 Star Routes 6c+-7c+, Peak District Limestone top 50 sport up to 8a+, Rockfax Peak Limestone Top 50, World Graded List, Peak Rock/15/The Dawn of Sport:A Bolt From the Blue.

Photo: ginger © ginger
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drcorbasisgod - Lead RP - 27/Mar/15 with Scott Walter

Another terrible first attempt, made it to the low crux all right, but it all went a bit pear shaped above this. Tr'ed it later on and it went a little smoother, apart from the upper crux, where my fingers don't fit in the wee crack. Probably need another 5 or 6 goes to get to the point where i can do it fast enough to stave off the pump!
JamieSparkes - Lead dog - 07/Mar/15 with Clement Hutin

Ed morris - Lead RP - 31/Oct/14 with harry, Cherry

Hidden - TR dog - 18/Aug/14

Hidden - Lead dog - 03/Aug/14

Luke Dawson - Lead RP - 27/May/14 with Peter Dawson

Hidden - Lead rpt - 25/May/14

Hidden - Lead RP - 23/May/14

simon kimber - Lead RP - 12/May/14 with James Turnbull

Hidden - Lead dog - 11/May/14

Lex Wilkinson - Lead RP - 06/May/14

2nd go with expert beta. Ta Hydn
marcduhig - Lead RP - 05/May/14 with Haydn

Hidden - TR - 02/May/14

dan gibson - Lead RP - 22/Apr/14 with julie carroll, sam read

piken - Lead RP - 15/Apr/14

Ellis Butler-Barker - Lead β - 10/Apr/14 with Ethan Walker

Hidden - Lead dnf - 05/Apr/14

Hidden - TR dnf - 09/Mar/14

Nigel Leeming - Lead - Mar/14

Ethan - Lead - 17/Oct/13 with Matt Fry

Tophe - Lead RP - 09/Oct/13 with Jonny P, Dan

rikbattye - Lead RP - 06/Oct/13 with Hannes B, Charlie Mackie

Taught me some technique, required to stop barndooring from the undercut.
Daniel Heath - Lead RP - 19/Sep/13

Hidden - Lead dog - 11/Sep/13

Hidden - Lead dog - 02/Sep/13

Hidden - Lead dog - 31/Jul/13

Tricky not even close to onsighting this
Haydn Jones - Lead RP - 23/Jul/13

Dave Turnbull, BMC - Lead rpt - 04/Jul/13 with Keefe Murphy

Easier than tin of but a slightly harder crux
justin c - Lead RP - Jul/13 with steph crowley

Hidden - Lead dog - 27/Jun/13

Grim tonight, hard work
Dave Turnbull, BMC - TR - 26/Jun/13 with Niall Grimes, Debbie Birch

Hidden - TR dog - 23/Jun/13

Hidden - TR dog - 22/Jun/13

Hidden - Lead dog - 13/Jun/13

blaza1 - Lead RP - 24/May/13

Hidden - TR dog - 11/May/13

Hidden - Lead RP - 24/Apr/13

2nd Go
highrepute - Lead RP - 07/Apr/13

Hidden - Lead dog - 03/Apr/13

Hidden - Lead rpt - 16/Mar/13

Hidden - TR dog - 21/Oct/12

drysori - TR - 13/Oct/12 with Andy Gray

Hidden - 29/Sep/12

this route taught me that 15 minutes of dangling on the rope to work out the best sequence could save a day in futile redpoint efforts. Once I changed the sequence it was pretty easy although I did nearly fluff it on the move right at the top that I had no idea how to do.
willoates - Lead RP - 11/Sep/12 with Air, Sam Davies

Luuuuuke - Lead RP - 23/Aug/12 with Si

Hannes B - Lead RP - 10/Aug/12 with Tom J

Rachel Slater - TR dog - 07/Jul/12 with Nigel Slater, Olli Crudge, Andrea Morgan

I'm gonna call it a flash because I'd previously done the section shared with Toadside when I did that, the rest was onsight... Did it in the best style I could though, with no falls. Maybe not worth 3*, but definitely worth 7b+.
Joughton - Lead β - 07/Jul/12

mark20 - Lead RP - 25/Jun/12

J.Wells - Lead RP - 24/Jun/12 with Guy Van Greuning

drysori - Lead RP - 20/May/12

2 sessions on it this year, hadn't been on it for several years (and was only really dabbling when I was, being nowhere close). Annoyingly I did it clean on toprope unexpectably, but then hadn't thought about the clips on lead.
drysori - Lead dog - 15/May/12 with Dunc

dominic lee - Lead rpt - 14/May/12 with molly, nathan lee

Hidden - Lead RP - 08/May/12

moves sorted just need one more session on it and then will lead..
Sam Simpson - TR - 05/Apr/12 with Greg

Duncan Disorderly - Lead RP - Apr/12

EllaRus - Lead RP - 2012 with john

Cool climb :)
con321 - Lead RP - 25/Nov/11 with simon crisp

Hidden - TR - 03/Nov/11

i_a_coops - Lead RP - 25/Sep/11 with Jacob

maybe_si - Lead RP - 08/Sep/11

Hidden - Lead RP - 04/Sep/11

jack1996 - TR dnf - 16/Aug/11 with connor, si

dogged it in flipflops wiv clipstick, top roped unclean twice, so many holds an sequences, redpointed clean 1st go
peaches69 - Lead RP - 16/Aug/11 with jack, connor

Hidden - Lead RP - 13/Aug/11

Brown - Lead - 11/Aug/11 with James T

linked twice in a session, will lead next time!
maybe_si - TR RP - 29/Jul/11

First tick this year after 2 month layoff due to injury. Great climb. Went 4th redpoint. Should have gone on 3rd.
robbo - Lead RP - 23/Jul/11 with Adam Hodgson

jamiev - Lead RP - 23/Jul/11 with Tim Parkinson

Second redpoint. Very surprised it went. Cake-loading the day before had a key role, I feel.
PeteH - Lead RP - 18/Jul/11 with Arran Deakin

Jordan - Lead O/S - 18/Jul/11 with James Foley

Hidden - Lead rpt - 17/Jul/11

3x to top: put clips in, then 2 working redpoints. Did in 2 sections incl from below crux to top.
jamiev - Lead dog - 17/Jul/11 with Tim Parkinson

Hard for me not my style but fun climb.
Harriet Rebecca Hall - Lead RP - Jul/11

Hard for me not my style but fun climb.
Harriet Rebecca Hall - Lead RP - Jul/11

Stefan Gallagher - Lead RP - 29/Jun/11

First red point, first 7b+. A peak landmark and personal milestone!
Stig - Lead RP - 05/Jun/11 with Goi

Several good links, through to crux, crux in isolation, sorted top section well.
Stig - TR dog - 27/May/11 with Goi

goi.ashmore - Lead RP - 27/May/11 with James Rees

A very long way, couldn't even do the crux in isolation
GuyVG - TR dog - 25/May/11

Lex Wilkinson - Lead RP - 17/May/11

Hidden - TR - 10/May/11

One good redpoint attempt, and 1 and a half poor attempts
jamiev - Lead dog - 07/May/11 with Tim Parkinson

Hidden - TR - 19/Apr/11

Hidden - TR dog - 19/Apr/11

jamiev - Lead dog - 14/Apr/11

Hidden - Lead dog - 10/Apr/11

mic_b - Lead RP - 28/Mar/11 with Heidi

no falls first go
Dave Turnbull, BMC - TR rpt - 18/Mar/11

kingholmesy - Lead RP - 2011 with OffshoreAndy

Hidden - Lead rpt - 13/Nov/10

Hidden - Lead rpt - 07/Nov/10

Dave Turnbull, BMC - Lead dog - 07/Oct/10 with Neil Foster

Adam Lincoln - Lead RP - 21/Sep/10 with Arran Deakin

Hidden - Lead RP - 18/Sep/10

belay bunny turned bad - TR dog - 18/Sep/10 with loundsy

Hidden - TR dog - 09/Sep/10

2nd go. Respect to Dave and Jack dirtbagging it under the crag on a diet of weed and kfc.
gregoritos - Lead RP - 09/Sep/10

jamiev - TR dog - 26/Aug/10 with Tim Parkinson

Hidden - Lead RP - 19/Aug/10

Hidden - Lead rpt - 02/Aug/10

Hidden - Lead rpt - 28/Jul/10

Hidden - Lead RP - 21/Jul/10

Dave Turnbull, BMC - Lead rpt - 20/Jul/10 with Neil Foster

Hidden - Lead rpt - 20/Jul/10

Hidden - Lead rpt - 19/Jul/10

Hidden - Lead RP - 17/Jul/10

Hidden - Lead rpt - 15/Jul/10

Hidden - Lead rpt - 13/Jul/10

Hidden - Lead RP - 06/Jul/10

Tom Briggs - Jagged Globe - Lead rpt - 01/Jul/10 with Rachel and Alison

Sixth session? Reasonably psyched for more Tor action. Will get routes like this faster if spend time: - looking for a good efficient redpoint sequence - climbing efficiently and smoothly through bits that I know are easy- visualising the sequence on the ground and lots of mental rehearsal - also rehearse moves coming up from the shakeouts
mattyork2 - Lead RP - 27/May/10 with Brian McAlinden

Hidden - Lead dog - 17/May/10

Hidden - Lead rpt - 17/May/10

Hidden - Lead RP - 13/May/10

Hidden - Lead RP - 13/May/10

In halves
mattyork2 - TR dog - 15/Apr/10

hard way
marcpontin - Lead RP - Apr/10

mattyork2 - Lead dog - 13/Mar/10 with Ryan

Three goes on top rope. Climbed it in two halves on last go. More power needed or stamina....?hmmmmm.
mattyork2 - TR dog - 08/Nov/09 with Debbie Birch

bigie bob - Lead O/S - 07/Nov/09

Dave Turnbull, BMC - Lead dog - 07/Oct/09 with Debbie Birch

Hidden - TR dnf - 06/Sep/09

Hidden - Lead RP - 24/Jul/09

Hidden - TR dog - 08/Jul/09

Hidden - Lead dog - 08/Jul/09

steve_biczyk - Lead rpt - 08/Jul/09 with Keith Clarke

Hidden - TR RP - 07/Jul/09

Hidden - Lead rpt - 07/Jul/09

dominic lee - Lead rpt - 04/Jul/09 with neil foster

marcpontin - Lead RP - Jul/09 with huw

Tried it once a few years ago when I was nowhere near good enough and took a big fall after the crux. Got it second go today after a wussy go to put the clips up when I seemed incapable of falling off even when there was a clip by my knees!
Andrew Barker - Lead RP - 30/Jun/09 with Chunk

Hidden - TR dog - 11/Jun/09

Tom Briggs - Jagged Globe - Lead rpt - 07/Jun/09 with Bob Smith

Hidden - Lead dog - 06/Jun/09

Tall persons way. Scary clip after crux
Dan 85 - Lead RP - 19/May/09 with Malcolm & Luke

ASchwirtz - TR dog - 15/Mar/09 with Brian Rogers

tatz45 - Lead RP - 12/Nov/08 with Katy Vose

Hidden - 16/Sep/08

Hidden - Lead RP - 14/Sep/08

Matt Fry - Lead RP - 01/Sep/08 with Pete Clark, Jon Clark

In your face Turnbull!!
TomHaigh - Lead RP - 07/Aug/08 with James Turnbull

Somerset swede basher - Lead RP - 07/Aug/08 with Emma

Hidden - Lead RP - Jul/08

Hidden - Lead β - 13/Jun/08

Franco Cookson OLD - 2nd - 01/Jun/08

Hidden - Lead RP - 31/May/08

Mick B - Lead RP - 12/Feb/08 with Al Austin

Hidden - 2008

Dave Bond - Lead RP - 30/Sep/07 with Tim Banton

Hidden - Lead rpt - 01/Sep/07

Hidden - Lead RP - Sep/07

Rowansb - TR dog - 18/Aug/07

Hidden - Lead rpt - 16/Aug/07

Hidden - Lead rpt - 09/Aug/07

Hidden - Lead - 01/Aug/07

Hidden - Lead RP - 29/Jul/07

Hidden - Lead rpt - 22/Jul/07

Hidden - Lead O/S - Jun/07

Hidden - Lead RP - 01/May/07

took me a second go with some beta from karen, thought Tin Of was harder though!
skygodley - Lead RP - 01/May/07 with Fitbird

Hidden - Lead dog - 26/Apr/07

fizzy_elephant - TR dog - 22/Apr/07 with Lloyd Betsworth

Will_he_fall - Lead RP - 17/Apr/07

Tom Briggs - Jagged Globe - Lead - 29/Mar/07 with Nic Sellers

craig d - Lead rpt - Mar/07

willackers - Lead RP - 2007 with Rob Napier

Toby Dunn - 2007

Hidden - Lead rpt - 30/Sep/06

crux sorted...just got to redpoint
jamiev - Lead dog - 16/Sep/06

Warmed up putting the clips in then got it first go. Just one hard sequence.
Ram MkiV - Lead RP - 06/Sep/06 with Alex

Hidden - Lead rpt - 03/Jul/06

Hidden - TR dog - 25/Mar/06

Boy - 2006

Tom Briggs - Jagged Globe - 2006

mgeek - Lead RP - 2006 with Tom Bolger

shark - Lead rpt - 08/Oct/05 with Bruce Woodley

Hidden - Lead RP - 17/Apr/05

Hidden - 2003

Hidden - Lead RP - Sep/01

Hidden - Lead RP - 18/Aug/01

Hidden - Lead β - 14/Jun/01

kristian - 2001

climber34neil - 2001

RossG - 2000

Billg - Lead rpt - May/99 with Phil McAllistair

Hidden - Lead rpt - 11/Jun/98

Hidden - Lead rpt - 01/Jun/98

Hidden - Lead rpt - 01/Mar/98

Hidden - Lead RP - 26/Oct/97

Hidden - Lead rpt - 02/Sep/97

Hidden - Lead rpt - 28/Aug/97

Hidden - Lead rpt - 22/Jun/97

Hidden - Lead rpt - 21/Jun/97

Hidden - Lead rpt - 17/May/97

Hidden - Lead rpt - 09/May/97

Hidden - Lead rpt - 06/May/97

sadams - Mar/97

Roget - Lead RP - 11/Aug/96 with jon

mattnuttall - Lead β - Aug/94 with Gareth Parry

Billg - Lead RP - 06/Jul/94

Stoney Boy - Lead RP - 02/May/94

Dave Douglas - Lead β - 07/Jul/93 with Ed Morgan

Ian Jones - Lead RP - 1992 with Graeme Alderson, Paul Newman, Steve 'Crusher' Bartlett, Mick Ward

Hidden - 1989

2nd Phil Davidson 15/8/82
Mike Owen - 01/May/88 with Elaine Owen

Bruce Kerr - Lead - 17/Jul/87 with Colin Gilchrist

jon - Lead - Jun/87 with H

keefe - Lead - 1986

Hidden - 2nd - 1985

falls, dogging, soon became a training route then a warm up.
stp - Lead - 1984 with Chris Plant

Mark Kemball - Lead dnf - 28/Jun/83 with Paul Clark

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