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Mount Kenya

Situated just a few hours north of Nairobi is Africa's second-highest summit. Unlike Kilimanjaro, twin-peaked Mount Kenya is a climber's mountain, with no easy way to the top of either Batian or Neilion. It is also situated right on the equator, giving paradoxical conditions, with both winter and summer conditions being found on oppos...

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Ultimate Circuits: Llanberis Pass - Roadside and Wavelength Boulders

The Llanberis Pass is a place of mountainous majesty. It's hard not to get carried away by the sheer amount of rock, because it's everywhere. Upon first acquaintance it can be mind-blowing to come to a place where both quantity and quality abound. When faced with such riches the dilemma is: where to start? We've tried to answer that question here.

Ultimate Circuits Robin Hood's Stride and Cratcliffe

There's a lot more to Peak grit than sweeping edges among barren moorland. Join Rob Greenwood in the softer surroundings of Cratcliffe and Robin Hood's Stride, for a bouldering circuit with something lovely for everyone.

Stockholm Sport Climbing

Paul Sagar presents urban Scandinavian sport climbing - and some DWS - in Sweden's capital, Stockholm. When it comes to European sport climbing getaways, there are places that immediately spring to mind: Kalymnos, El Chorro, Mallorca, Siurana, Sicily....

Running /
The Lakeland Eight Hundreds - An Ultra Challenge for the Next Generation?

Running /
Going Solo on the Corris Round in Winter

Winter /
Scottish Winter Climbs West - Unsung Gems

Conservation /
Stag Spotting in Lakeland


Stoney Middleton - Historical Relic or Overlooked Gem?

Stoney's legendary polished walls have been a forcing ground for generations and many of the country's most influential climbers have cut their teeth here. 'Stoney' as it is affectionately known, is undoubtedly the most...

Lenin Peak 7,134m - The World's easiest Seven Thousander?

Lenin Peak, which sits on the border of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, is widely cited as the world's easiest 7000m summit. While in a strict technical sense that might be correct, this remains a serious mountain that, during...

A Guide to Climbing Trips in Europe by Train

Train travel enthusiast Amy Underwood Thompson shares some tips for planning and enjoying more environmentally friendly climbing trips around Europe... Across Europe restrictions are lifting, travel corridors are opening and train services...

A Masochist's Tour of Cornwall's Offwidths

It could be said that the wide world of offwidth cracks is an acquired taste! Representing the obnoxious hooligan of crack sizes. Stu Bradbury takes a look at both his experiences of offwidthing and some Cornish 'classics'.

Albarracin Spanish Sandstone Bouldering

Val Pennavaire - Finale Ligure's Lesser-Known Neighbour

Scrambling Lake District Scrambles: 10 of the best

Scrambling /
Classic Scramble - The Dubh Ridge

Lebanon - Hidden Gem of the Middle East

Scrambling /
Cuillin Traverse: Taking the Easier Route

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