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Avalanche Safety Avalanched on the Lancet Edge - a Cautionary Tale

Mountain rescue expert Dave 'Heavy' Whalley recalls a serious incident in the early 1970s, a time when avalanches in Scotland were poorly understood. These days we have far more information to help make safe decisions - if we choose to use it.

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South-West Sport Climbing

September heralded the fast approaching end of the summer climbing season with many praying for an eternal Indian summer to get that last project clean. However, truth be told, the deteriorating weather can turn many crags into a dank seeping mess within a few weeks. Normally, this is the time to book that winter fix to the Costa Blanca, Mallorca or Kalymnos to soak up some vitamin D and bag some holiday grades. Unfortunately this year the lingering effects of the COVID pandemic are hampering hot rock trips abroad. Beat the autumn blues with these South-West sport climbing spots...

Scrambling Classic Scramble - The Dubh Ridge

With acres of perfect slabs in a stunning island location, the Dubh Ridge isn't only one of the longest rock climbs in the UK, but also has to be among the most enjoyable at any grade. Dan Bailey and Nick Brown load up for an overnight trip to this laid-back...

A Guide to Climbing Trips in Europe by Train

Train travel enthusiast Amy Underwood Thompson shares some tips for planning and enjoying more environmentally friendly climbing trips around Europe... Across Europe restrictions are lifting, travel corridors are opening and train services...

Stoney Middleton - Historical Relic or Overlooked Gem?

Scrambling /
Cuillin Traverse: Taking the Easier Route

Destination /
New Zealand – The South Island

Sport Climbing in Thakhek – South East Asia's best sport climbing?

Val Pennavaire - Finale Ligure's Lesser-Known Neighbour

Lebanon - Hidden Gem of the Middle East

Destination /
Cogne – Icefall climbing in the Italian Alps


Swedish Bouldering

If you were to ask any dedicated boulderer about Europe's best spots, the answers you'd get would be pretty predictable: Fontainebleau, Magic Wood, Albarracin, so on. The reasons are obvious to anyone who's been there, or even those who've only read about them!...

Val Masino / Val di Mello

The Val di Mello in Italy has become famous internationally over the past decade through the Melloblocco bouldering festival, which takes place every year in early May and brings together thousands of climbers from all over the world. But whether you like...

Beginners' Pembroke

Talk to any keen and accomplished trad climber in the UK about Pembroke and you'll see their eyes light up. Let them loose and they could end up boring you to death for hours with endless tales of classic routes that you haven't yet done. So what is it about...

Destination The Ridges of Norway's Jotunheim

Majestic and adventurous, the Jotunheim mountains are the true alpine peaks of Norway. If long sharp ridges are your thing, the area is a goldmine. Let local expert Jamie Simpson be your guide...

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