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Why Learn to Navigate?

Getting lost can waste a lot of time, and occasionally proves dangerous, says Nicola Jasieniecka of Mountain Training. But navigating effectively isn't just about avoiding unpleasantness: it can be deeply satisfying too, enriching your sense of connection with the world around you. 


The Big Three Rounds - All You Need To Know The Big Three Rounds - All You Need to Know: Part 2. Reccying

An essential part of the Big Round process, reccying is a lot more than simply learning the route and preparing mind and body for the endurance challenge to come: it's also about trialling food, clothing, kit and footwear so you're absolutely s...

Food What to Have For Breakfast in the Hills

If you're about to embark on a big Munro or mountain multi-pitch day, starting well-fuelled is a must. But what food actually makes the best backpacking breakfast? From cold oats to salty meat, Fliss Freeborn rates some of the leading contenders.

Start Climbing Outside How-To: Warm up for bouldering outside

When you're looking to boulder outside for the first time, it can be a little different to the controlled, warm environment everyone's used to at the gym; there are no colour-coded warm-ups, no gym equipment, and certainly no coffee machine... In this...

The Big Three Rounds - All You Need To Know Part 1. What, When and How?

The UK's Big Three hill rounds, the Bob Graham, Paddy Buckley and Charlie Ramsay, are...

Start Climbing Outside Behave yourselves! A Guide to Rock Climbing Etiquette

Looking after the crags we climb on is more important than ever. In recent times, access has been removed...

Children Top Tips: Camping With Kids

Wild camping is one of the most rewarding things you can do in the hills, says Keri Wallace, and doubly so with children. But combine...

Start Climbing Outside What gear do you need to Boulder outdoors?

There's an old saying in bouldering that 'all you need is a pair of shoes.' You might get away with that indoors but...

Simple Items That Might Save Your Life First Aid Kit

Start Climbing Outside Bouldering outdoors for the first time

Simple Items That Might Save Your Life Map and Compass

Simple Items That Might Save Your Life Headtorch

Simple Items That Might Save Your Life Group Shelter

Simple Items That Might Save Your Life Spare Warm Jacket

Simple Items That Might Save Your Life Whistle

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Start Climbing Outside

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UKC Gear Guide - Supported By Rab

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Montane Alpine Preparation

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Using Boards For Training

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The Female Climber Series

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Understanding Winter Weather With Plas Y Brenin


Ten Top Tips for Buying Rock Shoes

In this article we look at tips and hints for buying rock shoes / rock boots. The tips and advice are aimed primarily at beginners, but some are also useful for experienced climbers. The article also contains links to our UKC rock shoe reviews and gives...

5 Things to Improve Your Bouldering

Neil Gresham concentrates on bouldering and comes up with a five point plan to get more out of your bouldering. He includes a little scoring system so that you can try and self-evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses.

Become A Better Climber Training to Part 1

This is the first of a series of training articles and is aimed at beginners or people who are operating in the low grades and wish to improve. With a specific training plan, technique tips and detailed coaching, this article series has all you need to know to become a better...

100 things you learn from experience

What is the ideal object for cleaning rock boots before you climb, and where can you get it? Why do all those E-silly climbers stop at Froggatt to watch peoples' first-ever attempts at the hand-crack of Valkyrie? What always happens on the last climb of the day?...

10 Tips on Staying Warm in Winter by Andy Kirkpatrick

How to Rope Solo - with Pete Whittaker

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