Article Fat Tyres and Quickdraws: Mountain Biking and Sport Climbing in the Peak

There's a long history of great rock climbers being 'lost' to the addictive pain and dodgy lycra of road biking, but I've not heard of that many trading in quickdraws, cams and Ronhills for '140 mm of suspension up front', full face helmets and flappy clothing baggy enough to get over body armour. Toby Archer shares a tale of a cycle-climb adventure between crags in the Peak District. 

Hexcentric Beats - Making Electronic Music with Climbing Gear

The jingle-jangle of gear jostling for position on a climber's harness is a familiar soundtrack to trad climbing — in perfect harmony with the grunting and swearing, of course. Appreciating its sonority and timbre, climber...

Interview Nicky Spinks on the Lake District 24 Hour Record

The Lake District 24-Hour challenge requires runners to summit as many peaks over 2000ft as possible. In August this year Nicky Spinks set a new women's record, climbing a staggering 65 fells in 23hrs 45mins. Keri Wallace catches up with...

The Cobbler: A Return to Mountain Cragging

Anna Fleming writes about a return to summer mountain cragging on the iconic mica-schist outcrops of The...

Climbing with Age

Mark Cobb explores how his relationship to climbing has changed through the years...

Climbing through Anxiety

Amanda Vestergaard shares her story of climbing with anxiety, and explains how getting out into the mountains - an environment...

Ultimate Circuits: Combeshead and Down Tor 

Far from the fleshpots of Bovey Tracey, the hustle of bustle of Bonehill, and the Hound and its infamous Basket Meals lie - across the western 'Janner' side of the moor - two tors with an altogether different character and feel...

The Big Routes: Greater Torridon Round

Long distance fiend John Fleetwood describes an epic circuit of all the big peaks in Torridon and the Coulin Forest - a compelling challenge for hill runners who like long routes spiced with scrambling, or hardened backpackers looking to test themselves over...

Scrambling Lake District Scrambles: 10 of the best

John Fleetwood, author of Cicerone's two updated Lake District scrambling guides, lifts the lid on some of his favourite hands-on routes on the fells.

Avalanched on the Lancet Edge - a Cautionary Tale

Mountain rescue expert Dave 'Heavy' Whalley recalls a serious incident in the early 1970s, a time when avalanches in...

South-West Sport Climbing

September heralded the fast approaching end of the summer climbing season with many praying for an eternal Indian...

Scrambling Classic Scramble - The Dubh Ridge

With acres of perfect slabs in a stunning island location, the Dubh Ridge isn't only one of the longest rock climbs in the UK, but...

A Guide to Climbing Trips in Europe by Train

Train travel enthusiast Amy Underwood Thompson shares some tips for planning and enjoying more...

Montane Alpine Preparation Racking up for an Alpine Scramble

In this video, Rebecca Coles tells us what she would take on an alpine scramble where a variety of techniques will be...

UKC Gear Guide - supported by Rab Baselayers Explained

Rachael Crewesmith talks us through baselayers; from how they work, to the differences between materials like merino, synthetic, and polyester blends, how to fit them and which features to look for.

UKC Gear Guide - supported by Rab Down Jackets Explained

Rachael and Rob explain the pros and cons of using down jackets, what features to look out for, and the fit.

Montane Alpine Preparation Scrambling & Climbing Safely and Efficiently

In this episode of Alpine Preparation, Rebecca Coles talks us through how to move safely and efficiently through the mountains on climbing and scrambling terrain, explaining that combining different tactics such as belaying, moving together,...

UKC Gear Guide - supported by Rab Synthetic Insulation Explained

Rachael and Rob explain the positives and negatives of synthetic insulation and describe which jacket is appropriate for specific situations.

Down vs Synthetic Insulation | Rab Gear Guide  © UKC

UKC Gear Guide - supported by Rab Down vs Synthetic Insulation

Alpine Preparation - Episode 5  © UKC

Montane Alpine Preparation The advantages of block leading

Light Alpine Climbing Shells  © UKC

UKC Gear Guide - supported by Rab Light Alpine Climbing Shells

Alpine Preparation - Episode 4  © UKC

Montane Alpine Preparation Speed and Efficiency at Belays

Tokyo 2020 The Olympic Flatmates - Jakob Schubert and Michael Piccolruaz

Tokyo 2020 What does it take to become an Olympic climber?

A Brief History The Ghost of Bonatti - A Brief History of the Petit Dru Rock Scar

Culm Dancing Bumbly Exploration on Culm Adventures

Post-Lockdown Alpine Antics

George Ponsonby recalls post-lockdown adventures in Chamonix... 19th March 2020. Matt and I were packing up to leave Chamonix to head back to Ireland. The hope that this virus thing would only last for a couple of wee...

British First Ascents in Patagonia

In the hazy, distant past before the current pandemic, a team of Brits enjoyed their own form of isolation in a remote valley in central Patagonia.  In January 2020, Simon Smith, Alasdair Fulton, Graham Dawson and Rob Lovell travelled to the Sierra de...

Runnel Vision – An expedition to find adventure in Brazil

James Taylor reflects on a trip to Brazil in 2019 where a strong team aimed to free climb a new route on the south face of Pedra Baiana; an 800m granite monolith.

El Potrero Chico - Multi-pitch Sport Climbing in Mexico

'The idea of going to El Potrero Chico, Mexico was agreed on. I got in touch with Peter to say I was...

Expedition Riso Patron Sur

In February/March 2018, Matteo Della Bordella (ITA) and Silvan Schüpbach (SUI) climbed the Riso Patron Sur in Chile,...

New Multi-Pitch in Kyrgyzstan - Alexandra Supernova

"Kyrgyzstan! Wow! Where is that? Can you climb there?" Almost everyone asks me this whenever I start...

New French Route on Baffin Island

In May, a team from the Chamonix-based GMHM (the French mountain military) opened a new route on Baffin Island, Canada....


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