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Crag Notes North of the Wall at Crag Lough

In this month's Crag Notes, Peter Goulding heads North of the Wall in Northumberland, to Crag Lough. "There's plenty there, especially in mid or lower grades, but the North facing location, loneliness, and scratchy plants give it a feeling of entry-level adventure. It is a taste of the esoteric, without needing an actual machete."

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Crag Notes The Dewerstone

You can hardly blame Nick White, for his beloved South Devon & Dartmoor Guide is brimful of demons and goblins, but its pages did shape my expectations of The Dewerstone. The Devil's Rock, Raven Buttress and route names like 'Leviathan'...

Crag Notes Shifting Seasons

In this month's Crag Notes, Natalie Berry writes about shifting seasons and the impact of climate change on the Plan de l'Aiguille, the half-way point between the Chamonix Valley and its famous skyline of pinnacles.  Spending time in and growing to know a place...

Crag Notes Dunderstruck!

Twelve thirty finds us spinning down like spiders on thread, upper ledges out of reach of the foaming drink. Lower ledges glisten wet in the sunlight, barnacles crackling as they are submerged and exposed by the rhythm of the swell. Excitement draws me down, dancing across...

Crag Notes A Local Haunt

Within this month's Crag Notes, Jane Blackbourn visits the lesser known bouldering area hidden within Sally in the Woods.

Crag Notes June Emanations

Mark Goodwin shares a poetic June contribution about climbing Outside Edge on The Great Slab on Craig yr Ogof.

Crag Notes In the Moment

Within this month's Crag Notes Nina Clouston does a double take at St Bees: initially as a non-climber with an interest in birds, then as a...

Crag Notes Dunkeld in Winter

Rebekah Drummond writes about her local crag, Dunkeld, in Perthshire... Driving through the village at night to claim...

Crag Notes Waiting for the White Stuff to Arrive

Crag Notes A Place of Perfect Memories

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