Articles Help Page articles cover all aspects of climbing and mountaineering. We publish between 4 to 6 articles a month from a variety of different authors.

  1. I would like to write an article for
    We welcome contributions from everyone although we can't promise to publish everything. You can submit an article here. You can also use this form to submit images to accompany the article. If you don't have images then we may be able to source some from the UKC galleries. It is a big help to us if your article is submitted in the correct format - see below.
  2. What format should I submit my article in?
    Please submit all articles and images using our online form. Articles sent in other formats may not get read.
  3. Is there any payment for articles? has got a small articles budget but this tends to be allocated to commissioned articles. We don't normally pay first-time contributors but several of our current contributors who we do pay started off submitting articles to us for free. However, if payment is the main motivation then you are probably best advised to look elsewhere.
  4. How do I find older Articles items?
    You can use the search link on this page to find older articles items from a particular month, or using keyword search.
  5. My photo has appeared in a UKC article.
    Occasionally we use photos from the UKC database to illustrate Articles. We do make efforts to contact people for permission first however it isn't always possible before an item/article is made public. If you find a photo of yours being used and don't wish it to be then please contact us and we will remove it.

Article Categories

  1. UKC Features - The main category for most of our articles. These can be by UKC editorial or by third party authors.
  2. Destinations - Articles covering climbing and mountaineering destinations from around the World. Most of these articles are written as information guides for people wanting to travel there.
  3. Start Here - Article covering basic information or Frequently Asked Questions for people new to climbing and mountaineering, or new to the website.
  4. Photography - Advice and feature articles about climbing and mountaineering photography.
  5. Competitions - Competitions run by