It's Time to End Burning on Grouse Moors

While the public are implored not to start wildfires, the practise of burning heather for grouse moor management takes place on a huge scale, and is often carried out on peat bogs, a vital carbon store. Ending 'muirburn' could boost both biodiversity and the fight against climate change, say environmental campaigners. As Scotland prepares to ...

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camping Free Access Versus Conservation - A Delicate Balance

With an onslaught of 'dirty campers', camper van convoys, and litter, familiar issues have come to a head in the Scottish Highlands this summer, while facilities to cope with the influx have been largely inadequate. As a result, calls have moun...

camping Bans are not the Answer to Problem Camping

Across the UK, informal roadside camping has become a hot topic in recent months - and for all the wrong reasons. Well-publicised issues with litter, human waste, wildfires and antisocial behaviour are leading some to call for a legislative...

No Country for Brown (Wo)Men?

Travel writer, adventurer and human rights barrister Faraz Shibli considers a recent Countryfile report on the fact that people from minority communities visit the countryside less – and asks what ethnic minorities in nature have in common with women's...

Scotland's Outdoor Restrictions are Senseless and Unjustifiable

Access and conservation campaigner Nick Kempe feels that hill-goers in Scotland are being...

The Future of Competition Climbing - Crack is Back

WideBoy and crack connoisseur Pete Whittaker makes the case for more cracks in climbing...

Grouse Moors - Benign Tradition or Eco Disaster?

Can grouse shooting ever be compatible with 21st Century environmental concerns? We've asked an opponent of the...

The Landscapes Review - The Future of National Parks is in Our Hands

The Glover Review is the first official appraisal in 70 years of the way England runs its...

Roadside Camping Bans - The Case For and Against

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When Will Politicians Get a Grip on Hill Tracks?

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Why You Should Get Out More With the Kids

Glen Etive Hydro: a Symbol of Sacrifices to Come

The Trouble with Social Media in the Outdoors

When Should Mountain Rescue Refuse a Call-Out?

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