opinion Dartmoor Camping - Serfdom is back, and the future of the Ten Tors challenge at risk

Following last week's ruling that there is no right to camp on Dartmoor, there are concerns about the possible impact on the Ten Tors, an event that has inspired thousands of young people. Denying future generations the freedom to camp in the only significant wild land in southern England would be heartbreaking, says Fliss Freeborn, a former ...

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Should We All Be Saying Yr Wyddfa?

Last week's news widely reported the announcement that the Welsh names Eryri (Snowdonia) and Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) will now be favoured by Snowdonia National Park Authority. This sparked an interesting discussion in the forums. However, we were l...

Should Schools Promote Indoor Climbing and Outdoor Pursuits?

School teacher Olivia Bruton shares her experience of taking a group of children to a climbing taster session, and states her case for more cooperation between climbing walls, organisations and schools.

Scotland's Wild Land is Under Threat

A new report shows that Scotland's Wild Land Areas are being reduced by development; yet the Scottish Government's draft national planning policy fails to address the loss of this priceless resource. Stronger protection for wild landscape is urgently...

opinion Premium Events - How they affect us, and our connection with wild places

Would you pay thousands to compete in the stage managed adventure-lite of an exclusive...

Article Climbing as Craft - Beyond Difficulty and Danger in Climbing

Peter Hubbard makes the argument for perceiving climbing as a craft or art form and explains...

The Blurry Line - When does a sequence become a line?

Franco Cookson recently made an ascent of The Prow at Kyloe-not-so-in-the-woods-anymore, on which...

opinion Why Dartmoor's Byelaws are Being Updated

In response to an increase in anti-social camping, Dartmoor National Park Authority want to restrict the right to wild camp in...

opinion Why I'm Defending Dartmoor's Wild Campers

coronavirus Everest and COVID-19: What's going on and should they still be climbing?

opinion It's Time to End Burning on Grouse Moors

camping Free Access Versus Conservation - A Delicate Balance

camping Bans are not the Answer to Problem Camping

coronavirus Scotland's Outdoor Restrictions are Senseless and Unjustifiable

The Future of Competition Climbing - Crack is Back

Grouse Moors - Benign Tradition or Eco Disaster?

The Landscapes Review - The Future of National Parks is in Our Hands

Roadside Camping Bans - The Case For and Against

What Makes the Lake District a World-Class Destination?

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