opinion Are the Lake District Fells Too Busy?

Scafell Pike on a sunny Bank Holiday can be more manic than the cities people left to get there. As increasing numbers flock to the fells, has the Lake District become a victim of its own popularity? Is this any longer a place to visit for those who value the peace and freedom of the open hills? Look beyond the headlining summits, says Matt P...

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It's The End of An Era For Cairngorm Bothies - And The Start of a New One

Over several decades a dedicated band of hill-goers has been gradually restoring the network of huts in Scotland's most Arctic mountain range. The major work may now be over, but that's far from the end of the bothy story in the Cairngorms, say...

opinion How Much is Just Enough? In Defence of the Ultralight Philosophy

Cutting out the clutter is not just about taking weight off your shoulders to allow more mileage. There's a zen-like beauty in minimalist backpacking too, says Norman Hadley.

Bagging - Going Beyond the Cult of the Summit

What does it mean to know a mountain? Norman Hadley tentatively asks whether we can be a bit over-focused on reaching the top as directly as possible, to the detriment of a deeper appreciation.

Language In Praise of the GĂ idhlig

As we roam the Highlands, it's worth being mindful of the linguistic heritage beneath our boots, says Norman Hadley. You can be...

The eGrader Calculator - Rebooting E-Grades with Linear Consistency

A group of top UK trad climbers including Neil Gresham, James Pearson, Steve McClure...

conservation Is a Lynx Reintroduction Likely, and How Might it Work?

Across Europe the lynx is making a comeback. Why not in the woods and hills of the UK too? Following...

opinion Words and Phrases That Should Never be Heard in the Outdoors

"From pretentious climbing jargon and lazy walker's cliches to silly marketing guff, we all have pet hates...

opinion Dartmoor Camping - Serfdom is back, and the future of the Ten Tors challenge at risk

Language Should We All Be Saying Yr Wyddfa?

Should Schools Promote Indoor Climbing and Outdoor Pursuits?

conservation Scotland's Wild Land is Under Threat

opinion Premium Events - How they affect us, and our connection with wild places

Article Climbing as Craft - Beyond Difficulty and Danger in Climbing

The Blurry Line - When does a sequence become a line?

opinion Why Dartmoor's Byelaws are Being Updated

opinion Why I'm Defending Dartmoor's Wild Campers

coronavirus Everest and COVID-19: What's going on and should they still be climbing?

opinion It's Time to End Burning on Grouse Moors

camping Free Access Versus Conservation - A Delicate Balance

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