The Trouble with Social Media in the Outdoors

opinion The Trouble with Social Media in the Outdoors

In his series of essays on environmental ethics, Tomas Frydrych wrestles with big questions all outdoor folk could ask themselves: here it's the impact of social media

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OPINION: When Should Mountain Rescue Refuse a Call-Out?

When Should Mountain Rescue Refuse a Call-Out?

Does every cold or tired caller deserve the help of mountain rescue? Judy Whiteside, Editor of Mountain Rescue Magazine, examines the circumstances in which a team might decide not to attend on the hill.

Cutting-Edge Climbing or Insta-fame?

As outdoor brand marketers look for compelling images, is the core content of climbing achievements being cheapened? Zofia Reych makes the case for social media in the climbing world. If we're ready to glorify (and pay for, as sponsors do) athletic...

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In this series of environmental opinion pieces, Tomas Frydrych wrestles with some big questions. This time he examines the outdoor gear industry

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Writer, journalist and former Vice President of the BMC, Ed Douglas, reflects on the changing faces of climbing,...

Athlete Loses Sponsorship for Bullying: A Response to the Response

Penny Orr analyses the climbing community's response to a recent incident on social media -...

We Need to Talk About Potholes

The cold winter has delighted walkers & climbers, but also put pressure on our crumbling roads. Some of the worst potholes can be...

Guidebooks should omit specific Sport Route Lengths

UKClimbing and Rockfax Director Alan James makes the case for omitting specific route length information...

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