COMPETITION: WINNER - Win a new rope made by OCÚN

WINNER: ulbau

Low impact force, long lifespan and zero sheath slippage achieved solely by perfect control over the manufacturing process. These are some of the advantages that the new OCÚN ropes have in common.

In 2018 OCÚN, the Czech climbing company, has introduced its new collection of climbing ropes. Their designers really tried hard to make you satisfied - all of the new ropes are comfortable to handle and catch your falls softly thanks to the low impact force. They are resistant to dirt and humidity and at the same time they are PFC free, which means that they do not contain toxic fluorocarbons C8 which are nondegradable in nature. The zero sheath slippage was achieved thanks to advanced production methods such as Super Tesion Control and strict control over the manufactoring process.

You can find out more about technologies involved in the ropes manufacturing here.

The new OCÚN ropes come in four diameters - Vision 9.1, Spirit 9.5, Cult 9.8 and Guru 10, so that any sport climber can choose the optimal combination of the rope's properties. You can combine each diameter with a number of lengths. Every rope comes with a free rope marker as a part of the package.

To increase your safety while climbing OCÚN has added extra safety features. Colour Length Marking means that each length of rope has its colour code. Double End Marking means that each end of your rope has a different colour code - this makes it easir for you to switch between the sharp ends and make rope used evenly. Extra end lables are also a part of every package - you can write in the new length of your rope after shortening it.

If you want to win Spirit 9.5, answer the following question correctly:

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