WINNERS - Win 1 of 5 Sighting Compass with Mirror by SOL Competition

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SOL have released a new range of lightweight and wearable compasses, adding to their line of outdoor survival products. The range offers five new compasses to aid in any outdoor adventure.

Clear markings mean all compasses are easy-to-read, with liquid-filled capsules helping to stabilise compass needles for more accurate readings.

To celebrate the launch of SOL's new compass range they are giving you the chance to win one of five highest-spec Sighting Compasses.

Sighting Compass with Mirror - S.R.P £21.99

  • Clear Navigation – Liquid filled, adjustable bezel, index lines, and orienting arrows keep you headed in the right direction.
  • Sighting Mirror – Allows for precise bearings and doubles as an emergency signal mirror.
  • Declination – Adjust the declination with the included tool to improve accuracy.
  • Night Visibility – The bezel, waypoints, index line, magnetic needle, and orientation arrows glow in the dark.
  • Rulers & Ratios – Edges have inch and millimetre rulers with ratios for use on any map.
  • Extended Base Plate with Magnifier - Easily read map details and plot route.
  • Clinometer – Measure slope angles. Intended for use in the northern hemisphere only.

Survive Outdoors Longer® offers a range of products, covering all the essentials for outdoor survival. From protecting adventurers against the hot and cold, sheltering them from the wind and rain, to aiding in navigation, fire lighting and with medical injuries, SOL provides all the necessary tools.

Just answer the simple question below. 

This competition has now closed.

For more information Visit the SOL Website

17 Oct, 2022

Well, technically there's more than one correct answer there. What a thing is designed for and what it allows you to do are two different things. ;-)

Also.. "Clear Navigation"

Mm.. in the USA probably. Not so much if you're using a 1:25k map (eg: OS Explorer), because it has a 1:24k romer where a European compass would have 1:25k.

17 Oct, 2022

All three of those answers are correct.

17 Oct, 2022

You'd be SOL...

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