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Last updated on 09/Apr/2008


No facilities on-site - toilets and water at the farm further down the road. The Roaches Tea Rooms at Paddock Farm offer excellent farm house breakfasts and afternoon teas.


27 Jun, 2018
How much is it per person for a night ?
28 Jan, 2011
You will be woken in the morning at about 5am to the sound of "Camp fees, Lads!" The farmer gets up kinda early :( Haven't stayed there for a while, but it used to be a pound per person and a pound per tent.
21 Jul, 2008
The pub is a short walk away in Upper Hulme and does passable food. The campasite has always been windy, but it's a great place...
20 Aug, 2007
How do I enquire about a booking to stay on the camp site?
20 Jun, 2007
it defines the word basic, has a standpipe and nothing else. the toilets are about a 5min walk down the road. but for access to the roaches/hencloud it is unbeatable
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