£4 per session to the public, discounts available to Sheffield Uni students and staff. £100 for 6 months peak membership or £60 off-peak.

This wall is not a dedicated climbing centre. It is might be run by a school or leisure centre

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Last updated on 21/Jun/2022


Small, naturally featured/textured bouldering wall with many bolt-on holds and campus board. Open to the general public. Whiteboard with marked problems, using font grades. Problems are reset aproximately every six weeks, or longer depending on university semester dates. Opened in October 2002, and part of the major Sheffield University Goodwin Sports Centre redevelopment, which also includes S10health fitness centre, a swimming pool and football/hockey pitches.

Open to the general public! Reception sells chalk balls & finger tape.

The Matrix was permanently shut on 31/05/2022:

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The matric sheffield © zoobizooretta
The matric sheffield
© zoobizooretta
Matrix Bouldering wall - sheffield © zoobizooretta
Matrix Bouldering wall - sheffield
© zoobizooretta


6 Jun, 2005
Not bad. Routes sometimes not updated as much as I would like but theres always a couple of good'uns when they are changed. Cheaper than the Foundry and Edge (rip-off anyone!) for students. Can occasionally get a bit busy on wednesday afternoons. Also have a fairly cool comp about 3 times a year which is worth going to as this is when the best problems on the features get put up!

15 Jan, 2004
First visit yesterday. I am NOT a boulderer but really did enjoy this. Plenty of more straightforward stuff for the likes of me, but equally more than enough for the stronger types to get their teeth into. Nice friendly atmosphere too - not as 'elitist' feeling as at the edge (though that MAY be because there were a lot of easier graded problems?!). I will be going back anyway - my triceps haven't ached like this for ages!

7 Nov, 2003
This is a single room venue which, when I visited, had only one other user, so lots of scope. Entry to the public was £3 a session, good changing facilities Left with sore forearms!

13 Sep, 2003
Currently being updated with campus board etc, though air conditioning would be more usefull!

4 Feb, 2003
The wall is now definitely open to the public. From the 1st February unrestricted access was introduced at £3 per session.

22 Jan, 2003
A really good "little" indoor problem, the public have been allowed in from 16th Dec 2002 - 31st Jan 2003. Lots of people seem to moan (in the comments book) about the grading system used, and the lack of consistency in the problems, but I don't really see it as an issue, just make up four own problems. One amazing aspect is the friction, which unlike the Edge and Foundry, does actually exist. All in all, worth a visit if you can find someone from the Uni to sign you in. Ex-students can ge tin by purchasing Alumni-membership, but this is £65 for a year, and you then pay £0.75 (off peak) £1.50 (peak time) each time you go.

2 Jan, 2003
Looks like it may be open to the public outside of term-time.....

11 Dec, 2002
Excellent facility. All really good problems across the whole range of grades although perhaps routes tend to be a bit undergraded. Problems do need changing a bit more often as well. Two quality traverses for when its a bit quieter and you fancy a bit of exercise.

29 Oct, 2002
Despite being told otherwise via word of mouth, I was told on the phone by U-Sport that it definitely was NOT open the the general public. So either I am wrong, or the staff don't know their arse from their elbow. [Seems like it's uni people only - UKC Ed 10/02]
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