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Mon-Fri 1000-2200, weekend 0900-2200, All School Holidays and Bank Holidays 0900-2200


one-off registration £2.00. Peak £7.50, £5.50 Concessions for children, OAPs, Bouldering £6.00 and £5.00 Concessions.

This wall is a dedicated climbing centre and ABC member

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Last updated on 01/Jun/2015


More than 150 routes,, changed regularly with at least 20 new routes a month. "We always try to have at least 20 topropes in situ at any time and if customers ask for a toprope to be added to a particular lower off we can add others." All lead walls have quickdraws in place. Auto-Belays available for lone climbers or warm up.
Wide range of courses and kids clubs with the NICAS syllabus running most days.
Most areas have been refitted in 2010 and a The Warehouse can now boast of its new Kids Zone Climbing area with dedicated Childrens bouldering and climbing and for groups they have new state of the art Digi walls and auto-belay rooms.
The Digi Wall is a computer controled, touch sensative, interactive climbing wall.

This place is impressive. Finding a place to park is hard (the most difficult task in Gloucester). Where to walk in? Through the climbing shop? The cafe/pub? For yes, in a great stride forward, this is a wall with its own pub. Being a converted warehouse, it has plenty of height. The main room has walls up to 13m with 52 lower offs and over 180 routes (some share walls), lead and toprope, on vertical and overhanging walls with bolt-ons. QDs in situ. Standard safety stuff before you get to use it - can you tie in, can you belay. Shoes and harnesses for hire and sale. Over 20 top ropes in situe at any time.
Walls are well-featured. Marked routes from VS to E5/6, including roofs. No traversing, but upstairs is a freestanding fibreglass boulder moulded in the same shape as the famous "L'Elephant" at Fountainbleau. Marked and graded routes up to (English) 7b. Very attractive. I went to this one and Cheltenham's Chapel Rock on the same day - it was clear that both in quantity and quality the climbers were here in Gloucester. Maybe it's because when you pump out you just walk a few steps to the cafe/pub for refreshment. Don't even have to take your stickies off to order your bitter. Has changing rooms, showers, cafe, bar. Courses and equipment hire. [Charles Arthur 1/95, updated 1/97,updated 2/02]

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The Warehouse Climbing Wall, Gloucester © Andy Morley
The Warehouse Climbing Wall, Gloucester
© Andy Morley
Layback © BenGreenhalgh
© BenGreenhalgh
Indoor climbing in gloucester © Altitude
Indoor climbing in gloucester
© Altitude


23 Jan, 2013
A great wall, with friendly and passionate staff! Grades from 3-8a and are well thought out and interesting, over a variety of angles! Regular comps (leading ladder and bouldering) inc BMC leading ladder! Can get very busy on tues/thurs evenings! Bouldering is catered for on the top floor and again well thought out, if a little bit small! Plenty of problems on various angles to keep you strong! On site shop which is well stocked and staffed by knowledgeable and passionate staff! Great cafe, with a large menu! Yoga on a weds eve! Clean toilets and showers!

23 Oct, 2011
A lovely climbing wall for those that want to lead or top rope. Some excellent routes that have been well set. The bouldering area however could do with a lot more thought. So much space and potential, but greasy holds and poor route setting. The staff are a little patronising and unsmiling but then it's a health and safety world we live in! Worth a look.

28 Dec, 2009
Have just been to the warehouse for the first time in about 5 years after climbing alot in the North West. Still a good centre, however the routes have much more potential if set properly... There seems to be a great amount of variation between with the grades of 6b to 7b. I found some 7a routes easier than some 6bs. I guess this is always going to being the case with some grades being more personal, however consistancy is still lacking in many. The bouldering has been somewhat neglected and shows much potential if proper route setting was tacking place....

15 Dec, 2008
I was at Gloucester last week. Think it's a really good climbing center. I have seen complaints about the staff interfering, but personally if they feel I'm not doing something as good as I could be I'd prefer to be told. Toke my 4yr old nephew too. He loved it. As you can see in the video.
freddy fruit

17 Dec, 2007
Good wall but not the best. Park at Burger King and walk 10 mins, or get their at 6 on the dot and park outside. There is a good selection of walls / routes with some interesting setting upto 11m high. New routes seem to turn up sporadically, but there have been some good new routes put up recently, and there are some good routes for specific technique practice. Some of the holds could do with a scrub, as most are now the same 'chalk colour' when viewed from above.

29 Aug, 2006
If you go on Sunday the carpark at Longsmith Street (3 min Walk) is free all day.

24 Aug, 2005
Bouldering is great .. though theres not many marked routes. The variations are endless, very easy to create circuits for the type of problems you want to work on. The walls are cool and pretty varied though there could always be more :) Probably the biggest issue I found was the temperature of the place .. in the summer your toasted (esp. in the bouldering room), in the winter you freeze (bring a fleeze and leggings). You can park outside the climbing wall for free after 6:00pm .. very limited space though. Theres also a pay and display near the warehouse. Drive past the entrance to the warehouse (on your left) and its 300m straight on - in the evening its free. Always worth a visit - the negative points I listed above are no big deal and its got some excellent routes - from feature only routes to overhanging jug feists - and a great bouldering room.

14 Jun, 2005
One of the only climbing centres I've been to, gland to see its the best. This Centre Rocks!!!

4 Oct, 2004
A great wall - but is getting a bit in need of TLC.

2 Oct, 2004
I was still a total novice 5 years ago when i stopped and my mate had not been before at all. We turned upon Friday (from Oxford) around 1pm and asked about membership and some help and had a fantastic time. 'H' gave us about 90 min' of his time for very little money and left us confident in our safety and sure of all the basics. Good informative, friendly instruction with a down to earth atmoshere. Spot on. Cheers 'H', we owe ya one. Parking is parking, put up with it. This is England and you pay to park in town, thats how it works. Such is life. Im no expert but ive tried Birmingham and Bristol and this is equal if not better for the novice.

15 Aug, 2004
Was there last night, parking free after seven just down the road, friendly staff, good walls, all well looked after etc. A really good mix of bolt ons and features. J2 - 15/8/4

12 Nov, 2003
Great Wall as you expect however staff are very uninterested on creating a good atmosphere and I have seen them being rude to potential customers. Bouldering room is not kept marked up with new routes but again has lots to offer.

3 Apr, 2003
Park outside but keep an eye out 4 police
Hobart the Dolphin Boy

5 Jan, 2003
The warehouse is great, despite the high prices (better value can be gained from a climbing membership, which is £26 per month for unlimited climbing). Havent seen many new routes for a while though, although this seems to be changing as the competitions are in full swing. Staff are friendly and helpful, and the bar is reasonably priced. I did have some kit that i'd accidentally left lying next to a route nicked though, so make sure to keep your gear safe!
matty b

14 Dec, 2002
Prices have gone up because of 300% insurance increase. Climbing is now £6 (£4.50 concessions), bouldering is £5 (£4 concessions).

1 Nov, 2002
Your best bet for parking is to use the large (and free!) car park thats for the industrial estate where burger king is. Its about a 5/10 min walk but well worth it as you dont have to pay.
matty b

25 Sep, 2002
Me and my mates (all beginners) went and only paid 40 quid for a session for six of us for an hour and a half with an instructor. Great place!

29 May, 2002
There is parking nearby - on the docks, not free though.

7 Apr, 2002
The Warehouse rocks!
Tim Meek

20 Mar, 2002
Over the years The Warehouse has been developed as Britain's premier climbing centre, catering for novice climbers as well as experienced rock athletes.
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