Альпинистские маршруты района Туюк-Су

Author Kirill Belotserkovskiy
Published Kirill Belotserkovskiy (2022)
ISBN 978-601-06-7907-8



This guidebook has 167 routes of the Tuyuk-Su area, which are all the routes known as of beginning of 2022. Each has a photo topo, length, grade and detailed description. Some routes have schematic topo as well. The author has personally climbed vast majority of the routes, so the descriptions should be accurate up to the specific holds. The guidebook also has an index, an introduction to the grading system and a general description of the region. In Russian.

A free chapter, containing descriptions of Peak Oktyabryonok and Peak Amangeldy, is available at

Crags covered by this Guide
Almaty crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Khrischatogo peak 9 - ?
Peak Amangeldy 7 Granite ?
Peak Asker 10 - all
Peak Molodyozhnaya 9 Granite ?
Peak Oktyabryonok 25 Granite all
Peak Pioner 7 Granite all
Peak Uchitel 7 Gabbro all
Shkolnik 4 - ?

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