Albarracin Bouldering & Bezas

Author Roberto Palmer
Published ? (2021)
ISBN 978-84-617-3057-5



The guidebook about Albarracin Bouldering & Bezas is the fruit of years of work and compilation of information about one of the most beautiful and spectacular climbing areas in the world.

This edition includes more than 3000 boulder problems in 33 different areas. All the maps have been reviewed on high resolution aerial photographs, as well as the topos of each boulder that include the information and description of each problem.

Also included is the sport climbing area near the town of Albarracín (outside the forest), bouldering circuits in each area differentiated by difficulty and color, as well as a detailed index of all the problems that appear in this edition. 

Other editions of this guidebook
Albarracin Bouldering & Bezas (2019)

Crags covered by this Guide
Albarracin crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Albarracin 0 Sandstone (soft) all
Arrastradero 337 Sandstone (soft) all
Bezas 574 Sandstone (soft) ?
Cabrerizo 90 Sandstone (soft) all
Corral del Santo 5 Sandstone (soft) all
El Cañón 21 Sandstone (soft) all
El Farallón 3 Sandstone (soft) all
Entre Aguas [Entreaguas] 133 Sandstone (soft) all
Entre Tierras [Entretierras] 64 Sandstone (soft) all
La Colina 1 Sandstone (soft) all
La Fuente 314 Sandstone (soft) all
La Senda 7 Sandstone (soft) all
Lomo de la Tejería 10 Sandstone (soft) all
Mezquita 62 Sandstone (soft) all
Muro Antiguo - Albarracin 30 Limestone E
Parking 106 Sandstone (soft) all
Prado del Navazo 64 Sandstone (soft) all
Techos 220 Sandstone (soft) all
Territorio Discovery 3 Sandstone (soft) all
Tierra Media 183 Sandstone (soft) all
Valle de la Madera 150 Sandstone (soft) all

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