Arapiles Selected Climbs

Arapiles Selected Climbs Front Cover, 95 kb
Author Simon Mentz and Glen Tempest
Published Open Spaces Publishing (2008)
ISBN 0-9587331-2-0


An excellent guide book covering over 1000 of the best climbs with plenty of topo photographs and detailed approach maps including topos for Bouldering. An abundence of information is also provided about the history of Arapiles and detailed information for visitors. This latest edition is a substantially updated and improved version with modern full-colour coverage.

Other editions of this guidebook
Arapiles Selected Climbs Open Spaces Publishing (2001)

Crags covered by this Guide
Arapiles crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Arapiles - Bard Buttress8Sandstone (hard)E
Arapiles - Beyond the Pharos Boulders35Sandstone (hard)?
Arapiles - Bush Ranger Bluff7Sandstone (hard)?
Arapiles - Bushranger Bluff26Sandstone (hard)?
Arapiles - Castle Crag16Sandstone (hard)all
Arapiles - Central Gully Left Side49Sandstone (hard)NE
Arapiles - Central Gully Right Side, Arapiles48Sandstone (hard)S
Arapiles - Colosseum Wall26Sandstone (hard)E
Arapiles - Declaration Crag27Sandstone (hard)all
Arapiles - Fang Buttress and Surrounds19Sandstone (hard)all
Arapiles - Grotto Wall23Sandstone (hard)NE
Arapiles - Kitten Wall18Sandstone (hard)NE
Arapiles - Mitre Rock70Sandstone (hard)all
Arapiles - Pharos Boulders38Sandstone (hard)all
Arapiles - Pharos Gully54Sandstone (hard)all
Arapiles - Pilot Error Cliffs9Sandstone (hard)?
Arapiles - The Atridae29Sandstone (hard)?
Arapiles - The Bluffs25Sandstone (hard)all
Arapiles - The Far Northern Group32Sandstone (hard)NE
Arapiles - The King Rat Cliffs57Sandstone (hard)all
Arapiles - The Northern Group39Sandstone (hard)all
Arapiles - The Organ Pipes38Sandstone (hard)?
Arapiles - The Pharos37Sandstone (hard)all
Arapiles - The Pinnacle Face8Sandstone (hard)NE
Arapiles - The Watchtower Faces70Sandstone (hard)NE
Arapiles - Tiger Wall42Sandstone (hard)NE
Arapiles - Voodoo Area15Sandstone (hard)NE
Arapiles Boulders36Sandstone (hard)?
Mt Arapiles0Sandstone (hard)?