Arco Rock

Author Mario Manica, Antonella Cicogna, Davide Negretti
Published Versante Sud (2006)
ISBN 88-87890-48-x


A good guidebook. Each route has a short comment, which is pretty useful. The access maps are sometimes a bit difficult to use.

Other editions of this guidebook
Arco Rock Versante Sud (2018)
Arco Rock Versante Sud (2015)
Arco Rock Versante Sud (2010)

Crags covered by this Guide
Arco crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Baone 25 Limestone S
Belvedere 56 Limestone SW
Cavedine 26 Limestone W
Corno di Bo 14 Limestone W
Crosano 69 Limestone S
Croz de le Niere 72 Limestone S
L'orto 25 Limestone NE
La Gola 157 Limestone all
Laghel 68 Limestone S
Marmitte dei Giganti 21 Limestone SE
Massi di Prabi 57 Limestone NW
Massone 169 Limestone SE
Muro dell'Asino 48 Limestone W
Nago 184 Limestone S
Promeghin 49 Conglomerate W
Red Point Wall 49 Limestone W
Salt de la Cavra 24 Limestone E
San Paolo 55 Limestone SE
San Siro 75 Limestone S
Spiaggia delle Lucertole 23 Limestone S
Tione 24 Limestone E
Torbolino 6 Limestone S
Val d'Algone 60 Limestone E

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