Datca Sport Climbing Guidebook

Datca Sport Climbing Guidebook
Author Olivier Nicolet
Published Climb Europe (2022)
ISBN 9781399914710



This comprehensive guidebook describes the sport climbing near Datca in southwest Turkey near Bodrum.  The guidebook covers 308 routes across a wide range of grades from F5c to F9a.  The climbing is on limestone rock with vast majority of these routes being single pitch sport routes though there are a handful of multi-pitch routes around 200m high.  It includes all the various crags and sectors, including the main crag, called Indian Man, with its impressive cave called Can Baba, which has lots of tufas. 

All the routes are shown on colour topo diagrams, plus some routes are shown on colour photo topos. There is further information regarding height and number of quickdraws required for each route.  At the start of the guidebook there is an overview map, plus there is a location map at the start of each main crag, and access information for each sector.

Crags covered by this Guide
Muğla crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Datca 322 Limestone all

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