Escalade dans le Jura bernois

Author C. Devaux Girardin, Ch. Girardin
Published CAS (2013)
ISBN 978-3-85902-383-3



Definitive guidebook in French and German to single and multi-pitch sport climbing in the Bernese Jura, covering the area around Biel over 288 pages. 25 crags or areas are included, generally split into several buttresses or sub-crags. Standout venues include Plagne (75 pages alone), Orvin, and the crags around Moutier and Grandval.

The climbs are detailed only in sketch topos, however these are of good quality and one may consider that the hilly and forested environment would often make photo topos impractical. Compensatingly, there are great photos of the local snakes, the smooth snake and aspic viper: only the latter is venemous.

Crags covered by this Guide
Bern crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
ArĂȘte Speciale1LimestoneW
Bonnes Fontaines51LimestoneSE
La Neuveville17LimestoneS
Le Paradis90LimestoneSE
Le RĂȘche58LimestoneS
Le Schilt14LimestoneS
Rochers de Grandval88LimestoneS
Roches d'Orvin224LimestoneS
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