Grampians Selected Climbs

Author Simon Mentz, Glenn Tempest
Published Open Spaces Publishing (2001)
ISBN 0-9587331-4-7


Traditional format guidebook covering the Grampians region in Victoria, Australia. A fun read with witty comments and a few cartoons. [Guy Maddox]

Crags covered by this Guide
Grampians crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Bad Moon Rising wall 12 Sandstone (hard) NE
Black Ians Rocks 14 Sandstone (hard) ?
Curiosity Crag 39 Sandstone (soft) all
Eureka Wall 8 Sandstone (hard) SE
Gilham's Crags 7 Sandstone (hard) ?
GRAMPIANS 1 Sandstone (hard) ?
Mount Fox 10 Quartzite W
Mount Rosea 12 Sandstone (hard) ?
Mountain Lion 45 - W
Mt Bundaleer 58 Sandstone (hard) E
Mt Difficult 4 Sandstone (hard) ?
Mt Stapylton Amphitheatre 1000 Sandstone (hard) all
Muline Crag 7 Sandstone (hard) N
Pastoral Buttress 9 Sandstone (hard) ?
Red Cave 3 Sandstone (hard) N
Red Rocks 53 Sandstone (hard) W
Red Sail 2 Sandstone (hard) ?
Rural Rocks 8 Sandstone (hard) W
Sentinel 17 Sandstone (hard) NW
Summerday Valley 50 Sandstone (hard) ?
The Radiator 4 Sandstone (hard) ?
Van Diemens 11 Sandstone (hard) E
Wall of China 9 Sandstone (hard) ?
Watchtower 22 Sandstone (hard) ?

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