Tuolumne Free Climbs

Author Chris Macnamara
Published Supertopo (2003)



Excellent guide to Tuolumne, with topos and route descriptions [Charlie] 179 pages

Crags covered by this Guide
CA High Sierra crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Cathedral Peak5Graniteall
Eichorn Pinnacle3Graniteall
Lone Pine Peak4Graniteall
Matthes Crest2Graniteall
CA Sierra West crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Merlin Dome8GraniteNE
CA Yosemite and Tuolumne crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Bearded Clam Cliff4GraniteW
Bunny Slopes11GraniteSE
Canopy World16GraniteS
Circle A Wall7GraniteE
Daff Dome41Graniteall
Dark Side Dome9GraniteSW
Dike Dome15GraniteE
Doda Dome2Graniteall
Dog Dome4GraniteN
Dozier Dome29GraniteW
Drug Dome8Graniteall
East Cottage Dome15Graniteall
Ellery Lake5GraniteNW
Fairview Dome39GraniteNW
Galen's Crack2Granite?
Golden Rock5GraniteN
Harlequin Dome30GraniteSE
Lamb Dome26Graniteall
Lava Dome6Granite?
Lembert Dome53Graniteall
Low Profile Dome19GraniteSE
Mariuolumne Dome25Graniteall
Marmot Dome7GraniteNW
Medlicott Dome97Graniteall
Mount Conness4Graniteall
Mountaineer's Dome19GraniteSE
Murphy Creek15GraniteE
North Whizz Domes7GraniteN
Olmstead Area6Graniteall
Phobos/Deimos Cliff11GraniteSW
Pothole Dome6GraniteW
Puppy Dome17GraniteSW
Pywiack Dome29Graniteall
Razor Back5GraniteW
River Wall5GraniteSW
Roadrunner Rock6Granite?
South Whizz Dome13GraniteS
Stately Pleasure Dome46GraniteSE
Sticks and Stones5GraniteNW
Tenaya Peak23GraniteNW
Tenaya West Boulders2Graniteall
The Block Area13GraniteSE
The Shark5GraniteSE
The Wind Tunnel7Graniteall
Third Pillar of Dana3GraniteE
Transpire Wall12GraniteS
West Cottage Dome7Graniteall
Western Front7GraniteS
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