Hidden 15/Feb Solo
gazfellows 06/Jan 2nd
Kye Gregory 06/Jan Lead O/S
sheelba 01/Jan 2nd
with Naomi
steveriley 31/Dec/18 Lead
with Dave
Jamie E 16/Dec/18 Lead rpt

Damp rock, not the best introduction to Grit for Ash.

AshleyLong 16/Dec/18 2nd dog
with Jamie E
Hidden 10/Dec/18 Lead O/S
Hidden 09/Dec/18 2nd O/S
cols1982 09/Dec/18 Lead
with cbonner
EdC 09/Dec/18 Lead O/S
with Esther
ChrisCurt206 18/Nov/18 Lead O/S
TeenageMutantClimbingTurtle 17/Nov/18 2nd O/S
with Stroppy
Alexander_Metcalfe 17/Nov/18 Lead O/S

Damp start to the day. Rock wasn't great to smear on.

funkyvin1 17/Nov/18 2nd rpt
Stroppy 17/Nov/18 Lead rpt
Hidden 13/Nov/18 Solo
cragtyke 13/Nov/18 Solo
LucyL 11/Nov/18 2nd O/S
griffithpatrick 11/Nov/18 Lead rpt


with LucyL
outdoors.nick 11/Nov/18 Lead O/S
r8ck_chick 10/Nov/18 Lead
with jb2006
jb2006 10/Nov/18 2nd
ebutton 10/Nov/18 2nd
Matt Harmon 10/Nov/18 Lead rpt
Hidden 03/Nov/18 2nd
Hidden 31/Oct/18 -
DFrank 31/Oct/18 2nd
with Henry Budden
Mick King 28/Oct/18 2nd
with Ian "Shad" Makin
alasdaircavaye 28/Oct/18 Lead O/S

Beautiful Jams. a bit damp in bits though.

with Anthelme Rochaix Yamamoto
GFidz 27/Oct/18 Lead O/S
with wjvt
wjvt 27/Oct/18 2nd
with GFidz
Hidden 22/Oct/18 Lead
Mark Richardson 21/Oct/18 Lead O/S
Dominic Burke 21/Oct/18 2nd
Hidden 18/Oct/18 Solo rpt
Hidden 10/Oct/18 -
Hidden 10/Oct/18 2nd
Loubylou 09/Oct/18 2nd

really enjoyed this one

with John Allen
tom_lewis89 07/Oct/18 Lead

Def wasn't trying the hvs eliminate next door...

phillipwright 07/Oct/18 Solo O/S

I can see why this is a top 50, really fun with a bit of every style of climbing

Hidden 07/Oct/18 2nd
hlegge 07/Oct/18 Lead rpt

Lovely route

with Sani
sims 07/Oct/18 Lead O/S
with Jonno
Hidden 07/Oct/18 Lead O/S
Fatclimber 07/Oct/18 Lead O/S
with Deako
RebeccaPickles 07/Oct/18 2nd O/S
beeaanno 05/Oct/18 Lead O/S
mike smash ?/Oct/18 Lead


Hidden 30/Sep/18 Lead rpt
Philip Gardiner 30/Sep/18 Lead
Oldmanofsalford 30/Sep/18 Lead
barbora 30/Sep/18 Lead O/S
Deezel65 30/Sep/18 2nd rpt
alexalex81 30/Sep/18 2nd
with barbora
Hidden 29/Sep/18 Lead
Hidden 29/Sep/18 Lead O/S
Bob Peters 28/Sep/18 Solo rpt
mark sadler 27/Sep/18 2nd
with gareth
JoeLucas 25/Sep/18 Solo O/S
Petar Samkov 24/Sep/18 Lead O/S
netboy 23/Sep/18 Lead

Really fun climb. Definitely deserves its 3 stars.

with SteveB
Tatarek 23/Sep/18 Lead O/S
with Kasia Rzepka
Luke90 22/Sep/18 2nd rpt
Elizabeth Allen 22/Sep/18 Lead O/S
with Luke90
chrissloan84 19/Sep/18 Lead O/S
with Pete Hardy, jennym32
jennym32 19/Sep/18 2nd O/S
phardy 19/Sep/18 Solo rpt
with chris sloan
r8ck_chick 19/Sep/18 Lead
Raggar 15/Sep/18 Lead
with Stefan S
tsmilton 13/Sep/18 Lead O/S
with Andy Graham
robint12 13/Sep/18 2nd
with Clive
jcoup 13/Sep/18 Lead O/S
BarneyLoosemore 13/Sep/18 Lead O/S
Lewproff 12/Sep/18 Solo O/S
Hidden 12/Sep/18 2nd O/S
Hidden 12/Sep/18 2nd O/S
ukwhite3 05/Sep/18 Lead O/S

First visit to froggat

aberSam 04/Sep/18 2nd
Hidden 04/Sep/18 Solo
Elle 02/Sep/18 Lead O/S
with Carl
dmitri 02/Sep/18 Lead O/S
etrillaud 02/Sep/18 2nd O/S
Alex 74 02/Sep/18 2nd rpt
Carl 02/Sep/18 2nd O/S
with Elle
thel33ter 02/Sep/18 Lead O/S
with Chloe Nunn
Jeremy Wilton 01/Sep/18 2nd rpt
with Alec Soucy
ladempsey 01/Sep/18 Lead
Hidden 01/Sep/18 2nd
ice bank mice elf 01/Sep/18 2nd
topsyturvy 29/Aug/18 2nd
Tony Jones 29/Aug/18 Lead O/S
robcrowther 27/Aug/18 Lead
amybeevers 25/Aug/18 Lead
cmliebmann 25/Aug/18 2nd rpt
leah 23/Aug/18 2nd
with JBO
JBO 23/Aug/18 Lead O/S
lucybradbury 23/Aug/18 Solo
gemmaT 21/Aug/18 2nd

Seconded a stylish lead by Shirin

cmars89 18/Aug/18 2nd O/S
with Ariel
AdrienneSkelton 16/Aug/18 2nd
ilovespeedway 13/Aug/18 Lead O/S
with Emily
Hidden 11/Aug/18 Lead
R Brown 11/Aug/18 2nd rpt


with A. Green
Pete Randall 11/Aug/18 2nd O/S
with Pete Neden, Babika
Hidden 11/Aug/18 Lead
Matt Smith 06/Aug/18 2nd rpt
with Sarah Laidler
Hidden 06/Aug/18 Lead
Pinocchio 06/Aug/18 2nd β
Pinocchio 06/Aug/18 Lead β
magicmartin 06/Aug/18 Lead O/S
wojciechm 05/Aug/18 Lead
Hidden 04/Aug/18 Lead
chris warner 02/Aug/18 AltLd O/S
Mawhinney 01/Aug/18 Lead O/S
Edward Church 31/Jul/18 2nd O/S
with Jacktopliss97, James Thomas
Jacktopliss97 31/Jul/18 Lead dog
with James Thomas, Edward Church
Hidden 30/Jul/18 2nd
Harry Cook 30/Jul/18 Lead
suerace1 28/Jul/18 2nd
Mischa2912 27/Jul/18 Solo O/S
Tim Cooper 25/Jul/18 2nd
with Jon Heaton PCC
dwc 24/Jul/18 Lead O/S
riff156 23/Jul/18 Solo rpt
Hidden 23/Jul/18 Lead O/S
F.Wish 22/Jul/18 Solo O/S
Prof. Outdoors 22/Jul/18 TR
with Simon, Lorna
Ben Wooler 21/Jul/18 Lead
Hidden 21/Jul/18 2nd
nrobinson93 18/Jul/18 2nd O/S
kieranhood 16/Jul/18 Lead O/S
nick ferro 15/Jul/18 Lead rpt
PaulaCotton 15/Jul/18 2nd O/S
EllieCotterill 14/Jul/18 Lead
with Aidan J
lewis_james84 14/Jul/18 2nd
IainMay 14/Jul/18 Lead O/S
with Rebecca Price
troybison 08/Jul/18 2nd rpt

Always a pleasure.

with Dave Robbins
Andy Sheppard 05/Jul/18 2nd rpt
Trantion 05/Jul/18 Lead O/S

Short break at the bottom trying to remove cams

Greylag 04/Jul/18 Lead
rachelanneggleshaw 04/Jul/18 Lead
Steve Clegg 03/Jul/18 2nd

Back at the Downes Hut for 08:45.

with Zoe
Rich Long 30/Jun/18 2nd rpt
with Carl Butler
Carl.HECC 30/Jun/18 Lead O/S
Ian Stirrups 24/Jun/18 2nd O/S
with Sue
Hidden 23/Jun/18 Lead
TomAlford 19/Jun/18 Lead O/S
guy127917 18/Jun/18 2nd β
Bones [:B 18/Jun/18 Lead O/S
Chris_Mullaney 17/Jun/18 Lead
with Mr. K
Ratfeeder 17/Jun/18 Lead rpt
with Karl
Mr. K 17/Jun/18 2nd rpt
PB 17/Jun/18 Lead rpt
with Sandra
tsjx 17/Jun/18 Lead
with Jen
Jamiewalkerjones 14/Jun/18 2nd
IWasJack 14/Jun/18 2nd O/S

Josh's first HVD

Lazytraveller 13/Jun/18 Lead O/S
00robhar 12/Jun/18 Solo O/S
Ilia Nadyrbayev 12/Jun/18 2nd O/S
JadeHollick 12/Jun/18 Lead
Mrs D 11/Jun/18 2nd
with Ursula Moore
Hidden 10/Jun/18 2nd rpt
JoeGross 10/Jun/18 2nd O/S
Kate2017 10/Jun/18 Lead rpt
Hidden 10/Jun/18 Lead
NatalieB 10/Jun/18 Lead O/S
with fechtn
joshuaprowe 10/Jun/18 2nd O/S
babymoac 10/Jun/18 Lead
with MayaJoy
Hidden 09/Jun/18 2nd O/S
Hidden 09/Jun/18 2nd
SCClimb 09/Jun/18 Solo rpt
Remyveness 09/Jun/18 Solo rpt
brolte 05/Jun/18 Lead O/S

Lead. Gem 2nd. Matt DNF. Ross 4th

with Ross BuxtonMC, Matt Rolfe, GemGem
Hidden 04/Jun/18 Lead rpt
Hidden 04/Jun/18 Solo O/S
Hidden 03/Jun/18 Lead rpt
Mark Kemball 03/Jun/18 Solo
Christina 03/Jun/18 Lead
with Paul Clarkson
Hidden 03/Jun/18 -
Wendy Watthews 02/Jun/18 2nd rpt
with TGHB
Hidden 02/Jun/18 2nd
HollyP 02/Jun/18 Lead
with Gripped
TGHB 02/Jun/18 Lead O/S
Bob Peters 02/Jun/18 2nd O/S
janegallwey 01/Jun/18 Solo O/S
KeenClimber 28/May/18 Solo O/S
SarahA275 28/May/18 Lead O/S
David Dickinson 27/May/18 Lead O/S
with dryvita
Toni Climber 26/May/18 Lead
with Tim
Emaeii 26/May/18 Lead

I made this scarier than it needed to be and laybacked the crack. Must. Learn. To jam! Otherwise a fun route!

with Caz
alaster tonge 26/May/18 Solo
James Oswald 24/May/18 Lead O/S
with Eva
w-watson 22/May/18 Solo
Rob Jarratt 22/May/18 2nd

Lawrence's first trad lead

with Lawrence Arnold
sdixon 20/May/18 2nd
with Laura, JHiley
JHiley 20/May/18 Lead rpt
with sdixon, Laura
Mike Turner 20/May/18 2nd rpt
with Andrew Kerrison
Jeremy Rodgers 18/May/18 Lead O/S
with Ana Rodrigues
the_ryan_thomas 17/May/18 Lead

Retrospective add

dan_o_b 13/May/18 Lead rpt
harry.morrish 13/May/18 Solo rpt
JamsM 12/May/18 2nd β
with AM63
Hidden 12/May/18 Lead O/S
Hidden 12/May/18 Lead β
Dan-Cheetham 12/May/18 -
Hidden 11/May/18 TR O/S
mrphilipoldham 11/May/18 2nd rpt
NicolaRandall 11/May/18 TR

Instructor: Tom 3rd up collecting in nuts and clips as going up

monkeyme2 06/May/18 2nd rpt
with Henry
charlie broe 06/May/18 Lead O/S
with Pam
Keiran.A 06/May/18 2nd
with Tinkerbell
Hidden 05/May/18 2nd
Alex 74 05/May/18 2nd rpt
with Gareth H
tsjx 05/May/18 Lead
with Jen
Tim Ford 04/May/18 2nd O/S
Wendy Watthews 04/May/18 Solo O/S
with TGHB
BexSmith 04/May/18 Lead O/S
TGHB 04/May/18 Solo O/S
FrancisI 01/May/18 Lead O/S
with Ruth
hayleygracegee ?/May/18 2nd β
with Luke
Hidden 29/Apr/18 2nd
Esme Coleman 29/Apr/18 Lead O/S
Sophie Mann 29/Apr/18 2nd
Jenwood 29/Apr/18 Lead
Hidden 29/Apr/18 2nd
matt1024 29/Apr/18 Solo rpt
with AlexCib
Tom Gate 29/Apr/18 2nd
rd20 29/Apr/18 Lead O/S
with Sophie
bouldering_matt 29/Apr/18 Lead O/S

Great route.

CharlieMack 23/Apr/18 Lead O/S
Hidden 22/Apr/18 2nd
Ben Wooler 22/Apr/18 2nd
griffithpatrick 22/Apr/18 Solo rpt
Wallman 21/Apr/18 Lead rpt
with migisa
alexcollins123 21/Apr/18 Lead O/S
Hidden 21/Apr/18 2nd
Hidden 21/Apr/18 Lead
migisa 21/Apr/18 2nd β
with Wallman
Hidden 19/Apr/18 Lead rpt
Sam O'Rourke 19/Apr/18 2nd rpt
with Seb Patrick - Elliott
Sime64 19/Apr/18 2nd
with Karen Rose PCC
MatthewK 19/Apr/18 Lead O/S
with Karen Gold (PCC)
Shane69 19/Apr/18 Lead O/S

Great climb. Good gear and lovely moves throughout

Hidden 18/Apr/18 Lead
JonHarvey 17/Apr/18 Lead O/S
with Holly
Hannahmach 14/Apr/18 2nd
Puma 14/Apr/18 Solo
Jamie Brown 14/Apr/18 Lead rpt
with pebbles
Hidden 14/Apr/18 Lead
shaunhumphreys 14/Apr/18 Solo O/S

At sunset, lovely!!

JezzaCat 14/Apr/18 Lead
with Hannah
Dawn_K_B 14/Apr/18 2nd O/S
Hidden 14/Apr/18 Lead O/S
erica 08/Apr/18 2nd
Phil Mercer 08/Apr/18 Lead O/S
with erica
joeflan 06/Apr/18 2nd O/S
Chloe Wilson 06/Apr/18 Lead O/S
with joeflan
Hidden 05/Apr/18 Lead O/S
ruairidhwad ?/Apr/18 Lead
with Dawn Brinkman
Andy Peak 1 26/Mar/18 Solo
Andy Peak 1 26/Mar/18 Solo
Jacob Goodenough 25/Mar/18 2nd O/S
with bowline
Jacob Goodenough 25/Mar/18 Lead O/S
with bowline
Thorpy 25/Mar/18 Lead rpt

Glad to come back and lead this, such a fun route.

andyclimber 25/Mar/18 Lead rpt

Put in tons of gear for Rachel to lead on.

isandyharper 25/Mar/18 Lead O/S
with Matt
Johnathan 25/Mar/18 2nd O/S
BenedictIEP 25/Mar/18 2nd O/S

Richard led.

jimmysdead 24/Mar/18 Lead O/S
with Yvonne
Hidden 23/Mar/18 2nd
jim182 11/Mar/18 2nd
with Shaun
Dominika Kolarova 09/Mar/18 Lead O/S
with Droyd
Hidden ?/Mar/18 Lead rpt
pingora 17/Feb/18 Lead rpt
with Rose
Barry Harper 16/Feb/18 2nd
kirstypallas 16/Feb/18 Lead
Oldmanofsalford ?/Feb/18 Lead
Hidden 22/Jan/18 2nd O/S
Matt Smith 22/Jan/18 Lead O/S
mountainremedy 14/Jan/18 Lead O/S
the power 07/Jan/18 2nd
Graham Carter ??/2018 -
pearson9596 ??/2018 2nd rpt
with Tom G
Dan-Cheetham ??/2018 -
bobw ??/2018 AltLd
Wally ??/2018 Lead
Wally ??/2018 Lead
Dan-Cheetham ??/2018 -
Swiss Tony ??/2018 -
Rob Houston ??/2018 -
Greg manimal tolson ??/2018 -
Hidden ??/2018 - 31/Dec/17 Lead rpt
with charles
cem 31/Dec/17 2nd rpt
Hidden 24/Dec/17 Lead rpt
Dale Berry 16/Dec/17 2nd rpt
with Wayne S
Wayne S 16/Dec/17 Lead rpt
Kenhard 09/Dec/17 Lead O/S

Was freezing, last moves were a touch tricky for the grade.

with AliShaw
Heather Osborne 04/Dec/17 2nd rpt
Philip Hawarden 04/Dec/17 Lead O/S
Hidden 04/Dec/17 Solo
JendeHoxar 02/Dec/17 Solo O/S
with Flavio
Flavio 02/Dec/17 Solo rpt
mop449 02/Dec/17 Solo rpt

Some of the more smeary bits felt necky on solo

josh12345 23/Nov/17 2nd
with jshields, Mike Lea
jshields 23/Nov/17 Lead
with josh12345, Mike-Lea
FergalM 19/Nov/17 Lead O/S
kitbehard 18/Nov/17 2nd O/S

Two old guys soloed this immediately after us, jamming all the way up.

adamre12 18/Nov/17 Lead O/S
brittsaurusrex 18/Nov/17 2nd
Hidden 18/Nov/17 Lead O/S
Ben Crossley 18/Nov/17 Lead O/S
with Ben Sippel
Hidden 14/Nov/17 2nd
Garethza 12/Nov/17 2nd O/S
Hidden 12/Nov/17 2nd O/S
emily.fw 12/Nov/17 Lead
Will Webb 12/Nov/17 Solo
Hidden 11/Nov/17 Solo O/S
ned_85 11/Nov/17 Lead
with Nadia Howlett
Hidden 11/Nov/17 Solo O/S
Knot-Paul 08/Nov/17 2nd O/S
with P Rhodes
mytornado84 05/Nov/17 2nd β
Hidden 05/Nov/17 -
jcdavy 05/Nov/17 Lead O/S
with Poland
Hidden 04/Nov/17 Lead rpt
GeorgiePorgie1 29/Oct/17 Solo O/S

Beautiful stuff!

with Jim Broomhead
jimbonfire 29/Oct/17 Solo
Luke90 27/Oct/17 2nd rpt
with jbrom
Hidden 27/Oct/17 Lead O/S
Robrossmills 21/Oct/17 Lead O/S
Carl 21/Oct/17 Solo rpt


Hidden 21/Oct/17 2nd O/S
Emhewson 18/Oct/17 Lead
Hidden 15/Oct/17 2nd rpt
Hidden 15/Oct/17 Lead
Hidden 15/Oct/17 Lead O/S
HannahC 15/Oct/17 Lead O/S
thetradlad 15/Oct/17 Solo O/S
Hidden 15/Oct/17 2nd rpt
Darren Lam 15/Oct/17 Lead O/S
with Emma the Best
Simon Caldwell 15/Oct/17 Lead rpt

Apparently this was the first time I led the route!

with Lemming
Gabe Oliver 14/Oct/17 Solo O/S
pog100 14/Oct/17 Lead
with David (Fat Boys)
myrddinmuse 14/Oct/17 Solo O/S

Great fun but was quite dark.

with Me myself and I, BHuthers, MegWan
BHuthers 14/Oct/17 Lead O/S
with MegWan
David Chase 12/Oct/17 Lead
with Chloe Hirst
Eddie Shelbourne 09/Oct/17 Lead O/S
jackiartist 08/Oct/17 Lead

Lead with ready placed gear (cheat). Then seconded for Kathryn.

williemiller 08/Oct/17 Lead rpt
with Kathryn, jackiartist
Hammy 07/Oct/17 Lead β
with Penny Excell
tompilgrem 03/Oct/17 2nd rpt
Jamjar 26/Sep/17 2nd rpt
ninastirrup 24/Sep/17 Lead
with Jana
WillRhodes 24/Sep/17 2nd rpt

Unusually hard start

Hidden 22/Sep/17 Solo O/S
markvaughan 20/Sep/17 Solo O/S
Hidden 20/Sep/17 Lead rpt
adz_c 17/Sep/17 Lead O/S
with yllo
yllo 17/Sep/17 2nd
with adz_c
richfitz 10/Sep/17 2nd rpt
with George
teamvix 04/Sep/17 2nd rpt

Introducing Cris to Froggatt

with Dad, Cristiano
Mike Bayley 03/Sep/17 Lead rpt
with Kathy Burgess, John Sellars
tprebs 02/Sep/17 2nd rpt
Siobhan Vye 02/Sep/17 Lead
with tprebs
Hidden 02/Sep/17 Lead
alexjrt94 01/Sep/17 Lead O/S
danjouan 01/Sep/17 2nd rpt
Gracieclimbs 01/Sep/17 Lead O/S
JDSwain 28/Aug/17 Lead O/S
with Sam Radcliffe
alex goodall 27/Aug/17 Lead rpt

Nice pleasant climbing. Repeat

Michael Hellyer 27/Aug/17 Lead O/S
Leanne Smith 27/Aug/17 2nd
oldhippy 27/Aug/17 2nd rpt
with Dogbury
Beth Everett 27/Aug/17 2nd β
LukeWalker 26/Aug/17 Lead O/S
iainsanderson 26/Aug/17 2nd
Dale Berry 25/Aug/17 Solo rpt
Hidden 24/Aug/17 Lead
Hidden 24/Aug/17 2nd
kierankeavy 23/Aug/17 2nd O/S
kez1 23/Aug/17 2nd rpt
with Connie Thompson, Emily-Cooper
Lottie Green 23/Aug/17 Lead O/S

Looked nothing-y but was a really fun set of slab and crack. Really enjoyed, lots of nice gear, multiple size 1 cams very useful. Slightly polished.

Emily-Cooper 23/Aug/17 Lead O/S
with kez1
Ben5Hardy 20/Aug/17 Lead O/S
with Hugh, Leon
ElliottB 20/Aug/17 2nd


with Gary
Hidden 17/Aug/17 Lead O/S
Hidden 17/Aug/17 2nd rpt
rickeden 16/Aug/17 Lead O/S
mrphilipoldham 16/Aug/17 2nd rpt
rurp 15/Aug/17 Lead

Ben led. Katie slab climbing well

with Katie rowland , emma rowland, ben rowland, bill farmer
Hidden 14/Aug/17 Lead
Hidden 13/Aug/17 Solo O/S
Hidden 13/Aug/17 2nd
Joachim Abela 13/Aug/17 TR

Challenging but nice. The first bit is a bit slippery.

with Clare Martin, Jozef Van Der Voort
poeter210 13/Aug/17 Solo O/S
with druss
iainsanderson 13/Aug/17 Lead rpt
Kate2017 13/Aug/17 Lead
Hidden 13/Aug/17 2nd
jeremyftaylor 13/Aug/17 Lead rpt

I'd forgotten how awkward the start is.

andrewgarratt 13/Aug/17 TR

First ascent in nearly five years

jvdv 13/Aug/17 Lead

Awesome route, but I wouldn't say it was mild for the grade!

with Joachim Abela, Clare
samulejones 13/Aug/17 2nd O/S


with Jing Tang
Hidden 12/Aug/17 Lead O/S
Lukem6 11/Aug/17 Lead rpt
with group day
PeteNichols 10/Aug/17 Lead O/S

Great climb

with AshworthClimber94
teamvix 10/Aug/17 Lead β
with Mick, Dad
slab_happy 09/Aug/17 2nd
with Nikki
Hexman 07/Aug/17 Lead rpt
daveclarke5 06/Aug/17 2nd
with jlury
jlury 06/Aug/17 Lead

sheer pleasure

with Stephen Clarke , daveclarke5
marky 06/Aug/17 2nd
Hidden 05/Aug/17 Solo O/S
Connor93 05/Aug/17 Lead O/S
Hidden 04/Aug/17 2nd O/S
Steve Dunton 04/Aug/17 Lead
with Phil Loadsby
Bangflopnot 04/Aug/17 2nd

Jordan's second lead! Hard slab crack move near the top!

Connor93 03/Aug/17 Lead rpt
ill_bill 03/Aug/17 Lead
with Peter Collins
Kate Hutchence 01/Aug/17 2nd
with NinaR
NinaR 01/Aug/17 Lead rpt
tonanf ?/Aug/17 -
OllyD ?/Aug/17 Solo
Wallman 30/Jul/17 Lead O/S
with James
Hidden 29/Jul/17 Lead
Lenipen 29/Jul/17 Lead O/S
with Davel6
Davel6 29/Jul/17 2nd β
with Lenipen
Connor93 29/Jul/17 Lead
GwilymR 24/Jul/17 Solo O/S
Jemima Churchhouse 24/Jul/17 Solo O/S
with GwilymR
thompsonjr21 23/Jul/17 2nd O/S
Christabel Goode 16/Jul/17 Lead O/S
Mike505 16/Jul/17 Solo rpt
Adderbury Climber 16/Jul/17 Lead O/S
with DotPilley, Frankie
five 16/Jul/17 Lead rpt
with ALA
Helena Goode 16/Jul/17 2nd
Ffyona 15/Jul/17 2nd
Hidden 15/Jul/17 Lead O/S
awalters 15/Jul/17 Lead O/S
with Greg T
Mikethe boar 09/Jul/17 Lead rpt
with Rick Mattheson
philmitch 08/Jul/17 2nd rpt
with Helen
harry.morrish 08/Jul/17 Lead rpt
jez.morrish 08/Jul/17 2nd
notquiteoverthehill 08/Jul/17 2nd β
with dmurray
Hidden 08/Jul/17 Lead rpt
danjouan 08/Jul/17 Solo O/S
Deary65 08/Jul/17 Lead O/S


with Jade B
Andy Sheppard 06/Jul/17 2nd O/S
Lucynelson01 06/Jul/17 Lead


AliceJS 05/Jul/17 Lead rpt
with Alec
Thorpy 02/Jul/17 2nd O/S

Extremely pleasant

Droyd 01/Jul/17 Lead rpt
with Megan
andrzej kierzek 01/Jul/17 Solo O/S
anjelly ?/Jul/17 -
radddogg 25/Jun/17 2nd O/S
with Tom Richards
bryan p 25/Jun/17 -
with Gemma
Hidden 24/Jun/17 Lead rpt
Alex Wade 24/Jun/17 2nd
with Matt88
partz 24/Jun/17 Solo O/S
jascott83 24/Jun/17 Solo O/S
DomClose 18/Jun/17 Lead
dansimkin 18/Jun/17 Lead
Knill.rebecca 18/Jun/17 Lead dnf
Knill.rebecca 18/Jun/17 2nd
Grahamski 18/Jun/17 2nd
with Matt M
mop449 17/Jun/17 2nd O/S
haribotheclimber 17/Jun/17 Lead O/S
RosieYates 17/Jun/17 Lead O/S

I'd wanted to do this for ages. Very enjoyable.

with mop449
JessWilliams 17/Jun/17 2nd
with Kayleigh
Jmpollard 14/Jun/17 Solo O/S
with Tom Penny
Jamjar 14/Jun/17 Lead O/S
with jacque
Hidden 12/Jun/17 2nd
matthewspence 12/Jun/17 Lead O/S
mattsmithuk 12/Jun/17 2nd rpt
Jamie E 04/Jun/17 Solo rpt
Hidden 04/Jun/17 2nd
andyclimber 04/Jun/17 Lead rpt

Putting the gear in for my friend to lead on.

Mark Kemball 04/Jun/17 Solo

CC Jamming meet.

Mr Fuller 31/May/17 Lead rpt
with Anita
themattyshep 31/May/17 Solo rpt
with Amy L
Hidden 28/May/17 Lead
henryspurr 28/May/17 Lead O/S
Jonredhill 27/May/17 Lead O/S

Peak District RNRMMC Meet. Becky's first trip. Camping on North Lees Campsite with the decent air mattress. This route was a very nice trip up, stepping on the slab was interesting. First Hardish lead on an exposed route. Nice crack climbing at the top and smearing on the left foot. Loads of protection possibilities. Very windy but a little relief from the worse of it closer to the top with an arête on the right.

Beckymay18 27/May/17 2nd O/S

Peaks meet with RNRMMC - first weekend on outdoor climbing. This is a nice route although has a tricky start. The wind had increased significantly which made it quite scary the closer I got to the top.

rtdennison 26/May/17 Solo

Nice climb to start the evening with a pleasant little solo train

Jack_Clinch 26/May/17 Solo
harry.morrish 26/May/17 Solo rpt

solo train!

JoeLongbottom 26/May/17 Lead O/S
Holly Mckenzie-Barnes 25/May/17 Lead
rtdennison 25/May/17 2nd
harry.morrish 25/May/17 2nd rpt
ActionSte 25/May/17 Lead
SagShaun 25/May/17 Lead
Harald 23/May/17 Solo O/S
Harald 23/May/17 Solo O/S
michaelb1 22/May/17 2nd

Excellent jamming

troybison 22/May/17 Lead O/S
Hidden 22/May/17 Solo O/S
AnitaClimb 21/May/17 Lead

A really great route. Well protected all the way and a chance to practice grit climbing skills after the 'delights' of Curbar.

with Andy
musicl3e 18/May/17 TR
with John Brookes, Sarah Brookes
Hidden 14/May/17 TR O/S
Kirill 13/May/17 Lead
with Hana Dlouha, Claire Potter
1918hasti 13/May/17 Lead
with Doc
Paul Baxter 13/May/17 Lead O/S
Ciderslider 11/May/17 2nd rpt
tyho 11/May/17 2nd O/S
with ecp8
ciderspider 11/May/17 Lead rpt
Hidden 11/May/17 Lead O/S
CRead 08/May/17 Solo rpt
Fellmonkey 08/May/17 2nd

Tried the crux on CMC slab before scuttling back to the safety of Heather Wall

with Will
tom_drysdale 08/May/17 Solo O/S
with CRead
Dtjackson 07/May/17 2nd
with Tracy Jackson
KianPotter 07/May/17 Lead
with Tom Somerville
RuthW 06/May/17 2nd
runwildjohn 06/May/17 Lead
with Jenny Hilton, Tom Eskriett, Dave Rawlinson
Sam O'Rourke 06/May/17 Solo O/S
Hidden 05/May/17 2nd rpt
Dan.p3 05/May/17 Lead O/S

My first lead on trad. So fun! Nice climbing with good protection for a trad novice. Huw was happy with my gear placement and anchor.

Hidden 02/May/17 Solo O/S
rosatb 29/Apr/17 2nd
Hidden 29/Apr/17 Lead
lyneux 29/Apr/17 2nd rpt
Tasermiut 29/Apr/17 Lead O/S
with lyneux
Munch 29/Apr/17 2nd O/S
with TWMC
Benstar 29/Apr/17 Lead O/S
edwards_nicholas 27/Apr/17 2nd
Hidden 27/Apr/17 Lead O/S
Andy Hudson 23/Apr/17 Lead
with John Ward
stev1e.wilso 23/Apr/17 Lead rpt
Hidden 23/Apr/17 2nd
Lindsaywellsy12345 23/Apr/17 Lead O/S

Lots of easy to place gear. Found the last crack a bit hard and a little scary as new to jamming but basically straightforward. Lovely day, lovely climb.

shaun walby 23/Apr/17 Lead
with Neil R
Neil R 23/Apr/17 2nd
George Frisby 22/Apr/17 2nd rpt
Owen Johnson 22/Apr/17 2nd O/S
PaulFidler 21/Apr/17 2nd O/S
with Rob Hampton
megankpriestley 20/Apr/17 Lead
Hidden 20/Apr/17 Lead O/S
Robbie Blease 20/Apr/17 2nd O/S
with Orange
rachelanneggleshaw 20/Apr/17 2nd O/S
Hidden 20/Apr/17 Solo rpt
rachelanneggleshaw 20/Apr/17 2nd O/S
Hidden 20/Apr/17 2nd rpt
Orange 20/Apr/17 Lead O/S
Hidden 19/Apr/17 Lead O/S
Handsforfeet 15/Apr/17 Lead rpt
with Julie
dknibb 13/Apr/17 Solo O/S
gav 13/Apr/17 Solo O/S

Charming route.

simonvm 10/Apr/17 Lead

J Led

with hannah, Jonathan
Hidden 09/Apr/17 Lead
Hidden 08/Apr/17 2nd
RyanH 07/Apr/17 Lead O/S
with Buxton coffee lover
Hidden 05/Apr/17 2nd
harry.morrish 04/Apr/17 2nd rpt
JoeLongbottom 04/Apr/17 Lead O/S
John Clinch (Ampthill) 04/Apr/17 Lead
rossunitt 02/Apr/17 2nd O/S
with Anna
rossunitt 02/Apr/17 2nd O/S
with Anna
Si_De 02/Apr/17 2nd

Should have led this - not as bad as it seemed; but it was the end of the day!

with LiverpoolDave
liverpooldave 02/Apr/17 Lead rpt
Hidden ?/Apr/17 2nd
DavidPC 30/Mar/17 Lead O/S
with Maoome
sgl 27/Mar/17 Lead
with Susie
iainsmccrea 26/Mar/17 2nd O/S
Hidden 26/Mar/17 2nd O/S
Rich Long 26/Mar/17 Lead O/S
with Gavin
Tommo0930 26/Mar/17 2nd
Michael Morrell 26/Mar/17 Lead O/S


Gavdee1 26/Mar/17 2nd
with Richard Long
iWoody5025 26/Mar/17 Lead
Wil Treasure 25/Mar/17 Lead
with Robin Casey
Hidden 25/Mar/17 Solo
Hidden 25/Mar/17 2nd
Hidden 25/Mar/17 Lead rpt
Hidden 24/Mar/17 2nd
tim.rose2 24/Mar/17 Lead
Rob McGurk 23/Mar/17 2nd β

Very nice. Well led by Alice.

with AliceJS
AliceJS 23/Mar/17 DWS O/S
samdickensuk 14/Mar/17 Lead O/S
themattyshep 07/Mar/17 2nd rpt
Rob_Morris1996 07/Mar/17 2nd rpt
Hidden 07/Mar/17 Lead
RayG 06/Mar/17 Solo O/S
edwingeorge 04/Mar/17 Lead O/S
HannahGo 04/Mar/17 Lead rpt
Robaduck 04/Mar/17 Lead
dan_o_b 04/Mar/17 2nd rpt
Oscar Popels 04/Mar/17 2nd O/S

This was quite wet in places but a nice route. Nice jamming

jessidiah 04/Mar/17 Lead O/S

Nice easy lead to finish the day before the anticipated rain kicked in.

with Kempster
Connor93 01/Mar/17 Lead
Rob_Morris1996 01/Mar/17 Lead O/S

Awesome, glad the rock dried out to get some routes in. Top bit was amazing.

with Leni Strong
Rob_Morris1996 01/Mar/17 2nd rpt

Ben wanted to lead, more than happy to second this beautiful route!

BenCooke23 01/Mar/17 Lead
Lenipen 01/Mar/17 2nd
Charlie Fraser 26/Feb/17 Lead
Hidden 20/Feb/17 2nd O/S
Hidden 19/Feb/17 Lead
Rob Seymour 19/Feb/17 Lead
with Gwyn Evans
CameronH 19/Feb/17 2nd rpt
with Ben
Hidden 18/Feb/17 2nd rpt
Roberttaylor 18/Feb/17 Lead O/S

Practicing rope solo technique

Hidden 18/Feb/17 Lead O/S
Christabel Goode 11/Feb/17 2nd
Carl 11/Feb/17 2nd O/S

Hands got a wee bit chilly in the snow, but it's a lovely route!

RussLuckhurst 11/Feb/17 Lead O/S
lukevf 11/Feb/17 Lead O/S
with Carl
suddy 11/Feb/17 2nd O/S
with Carl, lukevf
Rory_Cummings_NI 06/Feb/17 2nd
charliepickering 06/Feb/17 Lead O/S
RM199 25/Jan/17 Solo rpt
charley 14/Jan/17 2nd rpt
Ciderslider 14/Jan/17 Lead rpt
with charley
the power 05/Jan/17 Solo
Kemics ??/2017 Solo
Si ??/2017 2nd

1:1 lead coaching with Cheryl

Matt_Midlands ??/2017 Lead O/S
Joshwillson ??/2017 -
Joe90 ??/2017 Lead O/S
with jimlear
reece.robinson 31/Dec/16 TR O/S

In trainers

Gavdee1 31/Dec/16 Lead O/S
with Ian Lambert
jcdavy 28/Dec/16 Lead
with Paul Hy
Paul Hy 28/Dec/16 2nd rpt
with jcdavy
stev1e.wilso 27/Dec/16 Lead rpt
dan_o_b 26/Dec/16 Lead rpt
Felix la shat 20/Dec/16 Solo O/S
miriamd 17/Dec/16 2nd
richfitz 11/Dec/16 Lead O/S
zimpara 09/Dec/16 Lead O/S

Cracking route

with RWB1986
RWB1986 09/Dec/16 2nd O/S
with zimpara
alexjf 04/Dec/16 2nd O/S
with Ben
Rory_Cummings_NI 04/Dec/16 Solo O/S
Matt Shepherd 03/Dec/16 Solo O/S
royle883 03/Dec/16 Lead O/S
Droyd 30/Nov/16 Solo rpt
TobyA 19/Nov/16 2nd rpt
with AnniH
kez1 06/Nov/16 Lead rpt
77paul 04/Nov/16 Lead
with Martin Hore
Ben Grounsell 02/Nov/16 Solo O/S
clarendon 28/Oct/16 2nd
topsyturvy 28/Oct/16 Lead O/S
the power 27/Oct/16 Solo 23/Oct/16 Lead


with Gabor
Andy Moles 23/Oct/16 Solo
mrs milf 22/Oct/16 2nd
with John Cook
Hidden 22/Oct/16 2nd
Hidden 19/Oct/16 Lead O/S
Hidden 19/Oct/16 2nd O/S
themattyshep 09/Oct/16 Lead O/S
jotunscope 09/Oct/16 Lead O/S
with Ali
mrphilipoldham 09/Oct/16 2nd rpt
Capricorn One 09/Oct/16 2nd rpt
Paul Hy 09/Oct/16 Lead rpt
Rob Moorcroft 02/Oct/16 Lead
fuzzysheep01 01/Oct/16 Solo O/S
chrisdjackson 01/Oct/16 Lead O/S
with charlotte
Dogbury 01/Oct/16 Lead
oldhippy 01/Oct/16 2nd rpt
with Dogbury
Bec_ahrens7113 24/Sep/16 TR
marklyon 24/Sep/16 TR O/S
with Peter Dunlop
Hidden 20/Sep/16 2nd rpt
Chubbs 18/Sep/16 -
Hidden 18/Sep/16 Lead O/S
AlistairBerridge 13/Sep/16 2nd O/S

Lovely jams

with Zach Cater, Sarah Fong
albarnett93 12/Sep/16 2nd rpt
with Amy Sears, Ella Watkinson
Amy Sears 12/Sep/16 2nd
Hidden 12/Sep/16 Lead O/S
ellawatkinson 12/Sep/16 Lead O/S
with Alec Barnett, Amy Sears
Alison Cairns 11/Sep/16 2nd rpt
TJMGray 11/Sep/16 Lead O/S

Nice warm up for the day.

with Sam shilliday
net 11/Sep/16 Lead
Sam Shilliday 11/Sep/16 2nd O/S
with Timothy Grey
Bradbury 10/Sep/16 Solo rpt

9 edges

Hidden 07/Sep/16 2nd
Hidden 07/Sep/16 Lead
Hidden 07/Sep/16 2nd O/S
SuperLee1985 04/Sep/16 2nd rpt

1st climb of day after a wet morning. Initial section Slippery and greesy, foot slipped and almost fell onte initial section, catching myself on finger jams.

with Phil Smith
Hoyes 04/Sep/16 2nd rpt
with Batt
Hidden ?/Sep/16 Lead
Markheighton 27/Aug/16 Lead O/S
AB744 26/Aug/16 Lead O/S
John Geoffrey 21/Aug/16 Lead O/S
with FDixon
FDixon 21/Aug/16 2nd O/S
DaveHall246 18/Aug/16 Lead rpt
with Kevin Mulligan
mrphilipoldham 17/Aug/16 Lead rpt
with Georgina Watt
Hidden 14/Aug/16 -
Hidden 14/Aug/16 Lead
Pete_Mosely 14/Aug/16 Lead G/U

Led on someone else's gear.

with Rucksack Club
Hidden 14/Aug/16 2nd
Hidden 14/Aug/16 Lead
Max 15 13/Aug/16 2nd

Lovely climb

with Simon
Lynn Robin 12/Aug/16 Lead O/S
with martin hore
Hidden 10/Aug/16 Solo
Hidden 07/Aug/16 Lead rpt
peakschris 06/Aug/16 Lead O/S
with Tania
Hidden 04/Aug/16 Lead rpt
Amy Drayton 04/Aug/16 Lead O/S

Deserted crag...eaten by midges at top

with Mutombi
themightyblake 04/Aug/16 2nd
Jackspratt 03/Aug/16 Lead
matt.stevenson ?/Aug/16 Solo rpt
Hidden 31/Jul/16 Solo rpt
Raggar 30/Jul/16 Lead
with Jo G
SamP88 30/Jul/16 Lead O/S
with Jake
Hidden 20/Jul/16 Lead rpt
williemiller 17/Jul/16 2nd
with Ian SOC
Fat Andy Heff 14/Jul/16 Solo
with Droyd
Droyd 14/Jul/16 Solo rpt
kellyb (velvet.mustard) 10/Jul/16 2nd

In the hail/rain - still a lovely route

John Holden 09/Jul/16 2nd
with Phil Wilkinson
wi11 08/Jul/16 Solo rpt
matildascott111 07/Jul/16 2nd
Ian Saxton 07/Jul/16 2nd
martinbettridge06 07/Jul/16 Lead O/S
Hidden 02/Jul/16 Lead
Fiona Hughes 02/Jul/16 2nd
with SP
rachelanneggleshaw 27/Jun/16 Lead O/S

started on Ratbag then finished on Heather Wall

Sam McCarthy 26/Jun/16 Solo rpt
Mike505 26/Jun/16 2nd O/S
with eb202
Stuart William 26/Jun/16 Lead O/S

Very pleasant

with Suzi
eb202 26/Jun/16 Lead O/S
with Mike505
Hidden 26/Jun/16 Lead
Jamg 25/Jun/16 2nd
Droyd 24/Jun/16 Solo rpt
Tjogge 24/Jun/16 Solo O/S
HendrikTBB 23/Jun/16 2nd O/S
with Anna, John W
Goody 21/Jun/16 Lead rpt
with Dav, Ronnie Abrams
SenzuBean 19/Jun/16 2nd O/S

Steady on until the final crack - then it's time to jam :)

with Barry
BarrySW19 19/Jun/16 Lead O/S

Easy for those that can jam, very difficult to those that can't. Intro hand jamming at its best.

Tasermiut 18/Jun/16 2nd O/S
with lyneux
lyneux 18/Jun/16 Lead O/S
jodikate 10/Jun/16 Lead
with Tom L
Rachael Paxton 06/Jun/16 Lead
Alessandro Tentori 05/Jun/16 Lead O/S
with Andy
andyclimber 02/Jun/16 Lead O/S
matthew.n.u ?/Jun/16 -
wil_perry 30/May/16 -
Hidden 30/May/16 2nd O/S
Hidden 29/May/16 Lead O/S
Hidden 29/May/16 2nd O/S
David Henchliffe 29/May/16 Lead
with Will, Matt
Christina 29/May/16 Lead O/S

Not being used to cracks, I found it scary. Great route.

Matico 28/May/16 Lead G/U

Absolute cracker. Last bit took a while.

with Natalia
abi.k.l 22/May/16 Lead O/S
PieMan 22/May/16 2nd O/S
with Andrew, Che, katiebitz1
Hidden 22/May/16 2nd
David Kay 22/May/16 2nd
with abi.k.l
ArtVandalay 21/May/16 TR

In the rain

with Andrew
brownie0705 19/May/16 Lead O/S
mattwomersley 19/May/16 2nd
elfin girl 19/May/16 Lead
with John Cook
mrs milf 19/May/16 2nd
with elfin girl, John Cook
GregClixby 16/May/16 Lead O/S
matt1024 15/May/16 2nd O/S
with AlexCib
Hidden 15/May/16 2nd
AlexCib 15/May/16 Lead O/S
Hidden 15/May/16 Lead
Hidden 15/May/16 Solo rpt
Katie2401Tron 15/May/16 2nd
with Ceara
Hidden 15/May/16 2nd
cclason 14/May/16 2nd
with Niek
daWalt 14/May/16 Lead O/S
with Julia
Hidden 14/May/16 2nd
Hidden 14/May/16 Lead
Hidden 14/May/16 Lead
timbo58 14/May/16 Lead
with Laura Powell
DaveHo 09/May/16 2nd
with Janet G
Guy Atkinson 08/May/16 Lead rpt
Mara.nicola 08/May/16 2nd β
jameselee85 08/May/16 Lead O/S

Brilliant low grade jamming

ben1987 07/May/16 2nd rpt
Rachaeltheclimbingmachine 07/May/16 Lead
with Kris2fa
Kris2fa 07/May/16 2nd
joemallia 06/May/16 2nd rpt
with Hooshang Amiri
Hidden 05/May/16 Lead
Fellmonkey 04/May/16 Lead
with Katie Szkornik
hainesck100 04/May/16 Lead O/S
with Marius Twite
KatieSzkornik 04/May/16 2nd
with Fellmonkey
Hidden 04/May/16 2nd
Dave Mason 03/May/16 2nd rpt
with Darren Belfield
Chanchan 01/May/16 2nd O/S
with Harrison T
BStar 01/May/16 2nd rpt

A classic at the grade. Getting polished a little bit.

with Grant
OllyT 01/May/16 Lead
Rachael88 01/May/16 2nd
hthom 01/May/16 Lead O/S
with Steven NG, Chan Wang, Phil Moore
Hidden 24/Apr/16 2nd
PanzerHanzler 24/Apr/16 Lead rpt
with Paul Bartrum
Hidden 24/Apr/16 2nd
jimbonfire 24/Apr/16 Solo O/S
with TT
Vincej 24/Apr/16 Lead
with Nevil
Abu777 23/Apr/16 2nd rpt
with Luke Hefferman
Hidden 20/Apr/16 -
mikestr555 17/Apr/16 Lead
RGriff 17/Apr/16 2nd

One of the best routes I've ever done! So much fun 17/Apr/16 Lead O/S
mrphilipoldham 17/Apr/16 Lead O/S
with RGriff
Slarti B 17/Apr/16 2nd

Intro to trad weeekend

Stroppy 17/Apr/16 Solo O/S
Hannah Mabb 17/Apr/16 2nd O/S

It was nice.

erkershaw 17/Apr/16 Lead O/S
with Amy Lev
Amy Lev 17/Apr/16 2nd O/S
francois 16/Apr/16 Lead
with Marina
mattlyons 13/Apr/16 Solo O/S
with Mike Macdonald
Hidden 13/Apr/16 Lead
Gav Williams 10/Apr/16 2nd
with Paul Justin
yossarian714 10/Apr/16 Solo β
Hidden 03/Apr/16 Lead O/S
mjackson 02/Apr/16 2nd
Adamski1986 02/Apr/16 2nd
Tony Myers 02/Apr/16 Lead O/S
jasonpm 02/Apr/16 -
with Jeremy
Hidden ?/Apr/16 -
PTH 31/Mar/16 2nd O/S
Hidden 26/Mar/16 2nd β
emgroves 25/Mar/16 Lead
Neil McA 25/Mar/16 2nd rpt
with Jake McAdie
Oldmanofsalford 25/Mar/16 Lead
Hidden 25/Mar/16 2nd
Danm79 25/Mar/16 Lead O/S
with JenBean
Nafclimbsrocks 25/Mar/16 2nd
slab_happy 22/Mar/16 Lead O/S
with Hilary
Hidden 22/Mar/16 2nd rpt
Hidden 20/Mar/16 Lead rpt
MikeyP 20/Mar/16 Solo
Hidden 20/Mar/16 Lead
monkeyme2 20/Mar/16 Lead rpt
with Herbet
JessieLee 19/Mar/16 2nd

1st outdoor climb

with Lemon, albarnett93
pimonserry 19/Mar/16 2nd
albarnett93 19/Mar/16 Lead rpt
with Jessie, Lemon
Chris1234H 19/Mar/16 Lead O/S
Hidden 18/Mar/16 Lead rpt
Hidden 12/Mar/16 2nd
the power 11/Mar/16 Solo
katiemowbray 11/Mar/16 Lead

with Dad

ActionSte 08/Mar/16 -
tom bre 28/Feb/16 Lead rpt
with conner read
CRead 28/Feb/16 2nd
with Tom Brereton
Hidden 18/Feb/16 Lead RP
Paul Hy 14/Feb/16 Lead rpt
with Lucy S
Keith Swainson 14/Feb/16 Solo O/S
with Georgie
Georgie25 14/Feb/16 Solo
ali.scott 14/Feb/16 Solo O/S
harry.morrish 13/Feb/16 Lead rpt
jez.morrish 13/Feb/16 2nd O/S
chrismadar 30/Jan/16 Lead O/S
kateharborne 30/Jan/16 2nd
Remyveness 23/Jan/16 Lead
NatalieB96 23/Jan/16 2nd
Tom.Beedle 23/Jan/16 2nd O/S
William Kirk 23/Jan/16 Lead O/S
TobyA 23/Jan/16 Solo rpt

Completely convinced I hadn't done this before, didn't remember anything about it, but turns out I had 16.5 years ago!

Jerome Carson 01/Jan/16 Lead O/S
with sophie vos
MusicalMountaineer 01/Jan/16 Lead O/S

Very good. Another well protected fun route!

Soph Vos 01/Jan/16 Lead
Allanfairfechan ??/2016 Solo
Hidden ??/2016 -
DomClose ??/2016 2nd
WilliamRupp ??/2016 Solo O/S
orge ??/2016 -
Mike Roger ??/2016 -
mattwilk 20/Dec/15 Lead O/S

One of my favourite easier routes ever, brilliant.

with David
Kirree 09/Dec/15 Lead O/S
dr_botnik 25/Nov/15 Solo
the power 25/Nov/15 Solo
guisboro andy 07/Nov/15 -

5 routes on 5 edges in a day

Hidden 31/Oct/15 Lead O/S
gerstlauer 31/Oct/15 2nd
with hipyhop
pingora 25/Oct/15 Lead O/S
with Rose
FrJ 25/Oct/15 Lead
Hidden 18/Oct/15 Lead
adamwesthead 15/Oct/15 Lead O/S
with Hoult
withey1992 12/Oct/15 Solo
Alex_Derbyshire 12/Oct/15 Solo rpt
munromoffat 11/Oct/15 Lead O/S
Scott McRae 11/Oct/15 2nd rpt
with Phil Whitehurst
Dino Dave 11/Oct/15 Solo O/S
Hidden 08/Oct/15 2nd
gaz3212 08/Oct/15 Lead O/S
jhobbs 04/Oct/15 2nd
Hidden 04/Oct/15 Lead O/S
Hidden 04/Oct/15 Lead O/S
jacob shieldhouse hadley 03/Oct/15 Solo O/S
StevieLee 03/Oct/15 2nd rpt
albarnett93 27/Sep/15 Lead rpt
with Sarah
Hidden 26/Sep/15 TR
TomBaker 26/Sep/15 Lead O/S
with Molly Hawkins, Lucy Glazer, Matt Langsford, Jessica Jackson
mrs milf 20/Sep/15 Lead

pleasant lead trying out my new gear

karol dubas 19/Sep/15 Solo O/S
with Bartek, Atka, Marcus Wright
Marcus Wright 19/Sep/15 Lead O/S
Hidden 18/Sep/15 2nd
Hidden 18/Sep/15 Lead
Hidden 16/Sep/15 Lead
smoreda 12/Sep/15 Lead
jvnichols 11/Sep/15 Lead
with Steve R, Will
jake lee 11/Sep/15 Solo
Hidden 08/Sep/15 Lead
JamesRich 08/Sep/15 Solo rpt
Stanners 08/Sep/15 Solo O/S

perhaps the most enjoyable solo I've done. Absoloutely class climb.

with James Rich
Hidden 06/Sep/15 -
bidean 06/Sep/15 2nd
Hidden 06/Sep/15 Lead
SGD 06/Sep/15 -
Hidden 06/Sep/15 2nd O/S
markK6 06/Sep/15 Lead O/S
Hidden 05/Sep/15 2nd rpt
Michael Bortoluzzi 05/Sep/15 2nd
with Rory Hill (WCC), Jodi Snugden (WCC)
Andy Taylor 04/Sep/15 Lead
Hidden 03/Sep/15 2nd
stratandrew 23/Aug/15 Lead O/S
with Dave Wylie, Jim Symon
Hidden 23/Aug/15 2nd
cameron_hall 23/Aug/15 Lead rpt

Intended to do CMC Wall, but was driven off the slab and on to Heather Wall by the developing rain.

with Pete Cawley
cameron_hall 23/Aug/15 2nd O/S

Nice slabby jamming crack at the top.

with Pete Cawley
Gemma_Penny 23/Aug/15 Lead
Tradical 22/Aug/15 Lead O/S
with Rose Pearson
Hidden 18/Aug/15 Lead
edjenkins 16/Aug/15 2nd O/S
with Chris Bunce
laurence_falconer 16/Aug/15 2nd
with Joel
csumner28 16/Aug/15 Lead O/S
senorbeyonce 16/Aug/15 Lead
liverpooldave 16/Aug/15 Lead rpt
MazElden 15/Aug/15 Lead
with dorothy
Hidden 12/Aug/15 2nd rpt
Butler! 10/Aug/15 Lead
with Jo Robbings
Lorgy 08/Aug/15 Lead O/S
simrun 08/Aug/15 2nd dog


splat2million 08/Aug/15 2nd
with Lorgy
Hidden 08/Aug/15 Lead
CaelanB 04/Aug/15 Solo
SGD 03/Aug/15 Lead
with vholmes
Maken 02/Aug/15 Lead O/S
Hartz 02/Aug/15 Lead O/S
Mikethe boar ?/Aug/15 Lead
with Rick Mattheson
Wizzy 31/Jul/15 Solo O/S
Amy Sears 28/Jul/15 Lead O/S
albarnett93 28/Jul/15 Lead O/S
with Emma Whettall, Bill Cottam
matt.stevenson 28/Jul/15 2nd
Alaina 25/Jul/15 2nd O/S
with Rahul, Dad
Hidden 25/Jul/15 Lead rpt
Hidden 24/Jul/15 Solo
Jenny Monkey 19/Jul/15 Lead

group day

Moritz L 18/Jul/15 2nd rpt
alice270 18/Jul/15 Lead O/S
mattsmithuk 18/Jul/15 Lead β
with Barney Allen
Hidden 16/Jul/15 Solo rpt
Hidden 15/Jul/15 Lead
Chris Oldfield 11/Jul/15 2nd O/S
jonathan_doyle 11/Jul/15 Lead O/S
Rich Malcolm 09/Jul/15 Solo rpt
Rich Malcolm 09/Jul/15 Solo rpt
Rich Malcolm 09/Jul/15 2nd rpt
with Neil Jackson
Sam McCarthy 08/Jul/15 Lead rpt
Hidden 07/Jul/15 Lead
tomwright1509 07/Jul/15 Solo O/S
Hidden 05/Jul/15 Solo
jamestb 01/Jul/15 Lead O/S
Hidden ?/Jul/15 Solo
Ian Clare ?/Jul/15 Lead
Droyd 29/Jun/15 Solo rpt
Alessandro Tentori 28/Jun/15 Lead O/S
with Kirsten Donovan
bridget143 27/Jun/15 Lead rpt
with Simen
kirsten 27/Jun/15 2nd
oldhippy 27/Jun/15 Lead O/S

Greaham belayed, Andy seconded and Haggis followed.

with Andy Hind, Graham, haggisthebadger
Hidden 27/Jun/15 Solo O/S
will_benfold 27/Jun/15 2nd O/S
with mihai
steveconnolly 27/Jun/15 2nd O/S
mihai 27/Jun/15 Lead
mattshort 25/Jun/15 Lead O/S
with Paul Griffiths
Hidden 24/Jun/15 Lead
NinaR 23/Jun/15 Lead O/S

Lay backed the top section.

Capricorn One 23/Jun/15 2nd
with NinaR
AndThenIWasFlying 23/Jun/15 Solo O/S
pawel suhy 21/Jun/15 2nd rpt
with Holly PCC
Hidden 21/Jun/15 2nd O/S
Hidden 21/Jun/15 Lead O/S
mackroyd 21/Jun/15 -
with Max Harman
mapperley samurai 20/Jun/15 Lead rpt

Gritstone Challenge #5

elfin girl 20/Jun/15 2nd
GuitarGenius92 20/Jun/15 Solo O/S
ThomasLeaver 19/Jun/15 Lead
Hidden 19/Jun/15 Lead O/S
Hidden 19/Jun/15 Lead
richshark 10/Jun/15 Lead O/S
with Dan
Hidden 10/Jun/15 -
Durkules 09/Jun/15 Lead
Hidden 09/Jun/15 Lead
ClareSenny 07/Jun/15 2nd
with Roger High
OllyT 07/Jun/15 2nd
Rockafella 07/Jun/15 Lead O/S
Sam McCarthy 06/Jun/15 Solo O/S
Kirill 06/Jun/15 2nd rpt
with danusiatycia, Colomban MacDowall
Lancer 04/Jun/15 2nd O/S
with TClimb
TClimb 04/Jun/15 Lead O/S
Hidden 03/Jun/15 2nd rpt
jshields 03/Jun/15 Solo


elCapitano 01/Jun/15 Lead rpt
with Johnson
loco wilko ?/Jun/15 Solo
Alex Whittaker 30/May/15 2nd
with Chris Kolm-Murray
Hidden 30/May/15 Lead
garywong 30/May/15 2nd O/S
cclason 30/May/15 2nd
with Niek
JEP 30/May/15 Solo rpt
jeremyftaylor 30/May/15 Lead O/S
glaramara 24/May/15 2nd

One of the best VDiff's ever spoilt by my painful toes.

with Mau mau, rich hughes
mark44 24/May/15 Lead O/S

Classic easy climbing .. enjoy

maumau 24/May/15 Lead O/S
petern 23/May/15 Lead O/S
Andy Hardy 23/May/15 2nd O/S
acollins615 23/May/15 2nd O/S
Hidden 23/May/15 Lead
Capricorn One 21/May/15 2nd
with samkat
JasonK 21/May/15 2nd
callumbtaylor 21/May/15 Solo
with tedswag
tedswag 21/May/15 Solo O/S

Jams made for a secure solo.

samkat 21/May/15 Lead
stevelismore 21/May/15 Lead
with JasonK
Lukem6 18/May/15 Lead rpt
with group day
Jenny Monkey 17/May/15 Lead rpt
Hidden 17/May/15 Solo O/S
harry_lewis 16/May/15 Solo
Jamie E 16/May/15 Solo O/S
Flavio 16/May/15 Solo O/S
Olliec 13/May/15 Lead O/S
Olliec 13/May/15 -
JamesMarsh 11/May/15 2nd

1st time outdoors, fading light.

with Lukem6
cpoad 10/May/15 Lead rpt
with Stefan J
tk4210 10/May/15 Lead O/S

highlight of the day. Very nice.

with Tracy Whyte
Tom.Priestley 10/May/15 Lead O/S

Really Nice

with Amyjane
Amyjane 10/May/15 2nd O/S
Hidden 09/May/15 Lead rpt
the power 09/May/15 Solo
Hidden 08/May/15 2nd rpt
Jules_Julia 04/May/15 2nd O/S
with Kathryn Shooter
Hidden 04/May/15 Lead rpt
Nick_Merriman 02/May/15 Solo
Peakpdr 02/May/15 -
BnB 02/May/15 -
phildawson 02/May/15 2nd O/S
with Jake Jones
Hidden 01/May/15 Lead
Hidden 01/May/15 2nd
DavidRobertson ?/May/15 Lead RP

Seconded then did it as my first trad lead, lovely. Basically no-hands all the way, good for faffing in the gear!

Matt Groom 26/Apr/15 Lead
eaf4 26/Apr/15 2nd
with Brian Shackleton
gazj1986 25/Apr/15 2nd
EmilyN 25/Apr/15 Solo
with Dr Toph
Dr Toph 25/Apr/15 Solo rpt

With Em, her best solo yet!

with EmilyN
monkeyme2 23/Apr/15 Lead rpt
with Kate
Eloise_SW 21/Apr/15 2nd
with dom94
Naomi.P 21/Apr/15 Lead
dom94 21/Apr/15 Solo rpt
tcn_2002 19/Apr/15 Lead
bigbobbyking 18/Apr/15 2nd
sjbrook 17/Apr/15 Lead O/S
with Graeme Hammond, PCC
AndyRogers 16/Apr/15 2nd rpt

feels very VERY easy now ,shows how far ive come.

with MLH
MLH 16/Apr/15 Lead O/S
the power 16/Apr/15 Solo rpt
with Billy
Emmawood 15/Apr/15 2nd
Hidden 14/Apr/15 Lead O/S
PastyBoy84 12/Apr/15 Lead O/S
with Emmit Andrews
dave4430 12/Apr/15 2nd O/S
with Ed M-S
Hidden 12/Apr/15 Lead
Fellmonkey 12/Apr/15 Lead
with Ben Roden
Hidden 12/Apr/15 2nd O/S
Harri777 11/Apr/15 Lead
with Jan
R Brown 11/Apr/15 2nd O/S
with Sammi Rogers
Lawray 11/Apr/15 Lead β
Sarah Roscoe 11/Apr/15 Lead O/S
Rockley 11/Apr/15 Lead
with ned_85
Hidden 11/Apr/15 2nd
ned_85 11/Apr/15 2nd
with Rockley, Ryan Baird
StevieLee 11/Apr/15 2nd
with Lawray
Hidden 11/Apr/15 Lead O/S
Alex 74 07/Apr/15 Lead rpt
with Matt Carwardine
mattc 07/Apr/15 2nd O/S
ashtond6 06/Apr/15 Solo
wnlwy 04/Apr/15 Lead
BStar 04/Apr/15 Lead O/S

Lovely climbing, 3 Stars

Trevers 04/Apr/15 Lead

Lovely laybacking

Rachael88 04/Apr/15 2nd
with BStar
Hidden 02/Apr/15 Solo rpt
bradley_bear_96 01/Apr/15 Lead O/S
Amyjane ?/Apr/15 2nd
brownie mike 23/Mar/15 Lead O/S
Hidden 22/Mar/15 2nd
JEP 22/Mar/15 Solo rpt
Hidden 22/Mar/15 2nd O/S
Hidden 22/Mar/15 2nd
Clama 22/Mar/15 Lead O/S
with Krzysztof
91dave 22/Mar/15 Lead rpt

First lead of 2015. Jamming up the final crack felt fantastic when I worked it out. Injured foot means I wasn't leading much else!

Romana Balle 21/Mar/15 2nd O/S
Alessandro Tentori 21/Mar/15 Lead
the power 19/Mar/15 Solo rpt
with milky
MattKettle 08/Mar/15 2nd O/S
fuzzysheep01 08/Mar/15 Lead O/S
Hidden 07/Mar/15 Lead
Chris Murray 07/Mar/15 2nd

Sure I led this years ago?

with DMC
acodina 07/Mar/15 Lead
with lindsay turner
DMC 07/Mar/15 Lead O/S
Hidden 07/Mar/15 2nd
Gav Williams 07/Mar/15 2nd
disrail 07/Mar/15 Lead O/S
Paul Hy 06/Mar/15 2nd rpt
with lee1234
lee1234 06/Mar/15 Lead O/S
with Paul Hy
Hidden 01/Mar/15 Lead O/S
Hidden 01/Mar/15 2nd rpt
Hidden 28/Feb/15 Lead rpt
Jackwd 28/Feb/15 2nd rpt

Great route!

with Shannyb
Xpytrov 21/Feb/15 2nd β
Droyd 17/Feb/15 Lead rpt
with Megan, JoeMortimer
sam26051 15/Feb/15 Lead
with Michael Peirson
Senna 27/Jan/15 Lead O/S
adi bryant 27/Jan/15 2nd
christianbreeze 27/Jan/15 Lead
DWebs 25/Jan/15 2nd O/S
jrccrosby 17/Jan/15 Lead O/S

Second route of the day, place had warmed up by 12, beautiful cruise up the wall

with ElsieB
ben1987 04/Jan/15 Lead
NicShorty13 04/Jan/15 2nd O/S
shortypug 04/Jan/15 2nd O/S
Hidden 02/Jan/15 Solo O/S
Psych ?/Jan/15 Lead O/S
chrishayton ??/2015 Lead O/S
danex ??/2015 Lead
Leslie57 ??/2015 -
Dale Finnie ??/2015 Lead
Lukem6 ??/2015 Solo rpt
Leslie57 ??/2015 -
adamre12 ??/2015 -
Hidden ??/2015 -
FelixJT ??/2015 Solo
with alex brighton
peterbeaumont ??/2015 Lead
phil64 ??/2015 -
Hidden 31/Dec/14 2nd O/S
KimberlyJarrad 31/Dec/14 Lead O/S

Took a while!

with Amie Townshend, CJoyce
Kirill 20/Dec/14 2nd rpt
with cem
cem 20/Dec/14 Lead rpt

Cold and damp.

with Kirill
Hidden 13/Dec/14 Lead rpt
georgenvk 13/Dec/14 Solo rpt
Hidden 09/Dec/14 2nd
Hidden 09/Dec/14 -
Hidden 06/Dec/14 Lead O/S
SDM 06/Dec/14 2nd
spenser 06/Dec/14 2nd O/S

Nice easy jams on a really good route.

with Elissa
the power 06/Dec/14 Solo rpt
Andy Peak 1 06/Dec/14 Solo

The best easey rout ever:-)

with phill ukc
Tony Holdsworth 02/Dec/14 Lead rpt

and Paddy

with Greg Holmes
Hidden 30/Nov/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 30/Nov/14 2nd O/S
matthewspence 11/Nov/14 2nd
Hidden 09/Nov/14 Lead O/S
robertmichaellovell 09/Nov/14 2nd
with Rich Spindley
65m moderate millington 09/Nov/14 2nd O/S
withey1992 04/Nov/14 2nd
Hidden 04/Nov/14 Solo O/S
Markheighton 04/Nov/14 Lead
Hidden 02/Nov/14 Solo rpt
adam 24 02/Nov/14 Solo O/S
Stuart Johnston 02/Nov/14 Solo O/S
with adam 24
MSchobitz 01/Nov/14 Solo O/S
Calum Wadsworth 01/Nov/14 Solo
Duncan Beard ?/Nov/14 Lead
with Pip McCarthy
Rupey 28/Oct/14 Lead O/S
with Rob
sheelba 27/Oct/14 2nd
Callum Smith 26/Oct/14 Solo O/S

So nice I did it thrice

TomCooksey 26/Oct/14 Lead rpt
ChrisVickers 25/Oct/14 Lead O/S
leopolian 25/Oct/14 Lead G/U

Slipped first move off the ground

Alex Newton 25/Oct/14 2nd
JennieSkeoch 25/Oct/14 Lead

Gorgeous route to lead

with Rosie
Hidden 20/Oct/14 Solo O/S
ashtond6 19/Oct/14 Solo O/S

This is so good!!!

Hidden 18/Oct/14 Lead O/S
LeadClimber999 18/Oct/14 Lead O/S
LeadClimber999 18/Oct/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 17/Oct/14 Lead
Hidden 12/Oct/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 12/Oct/14 Lead
Hidden 12/Oct/14 Lead O/S
stev1e.wilso 12/Oct/14 Lead rpt
cpt_crunch 12/Oct/14 Lead O/S
with Lianne Burtonshaw
Mongoose 11/Oct/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 11/Oct/14 2nd O/S
Pete_Frost 11/Oct/14 Lead O/S


with Alex Nicholson
john_ni 04/Oct/14 2nd
Hidden 04/Oct/14 2nd O/S
DaveHall246 03/Oct/14 Solo rpt
Hidden ?/Oct/14 Lead O/S
nicnac67 28/Sep/14 Lead O/S
with Georgina
Hidden 24/Sep/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 21/Sep/14 2nd O/S
Hidden 19/Sep/14 2nd
berrieds 19/Sep/14 Lead O/S

Misty day, first ever lead

MikaelW 15/Sep/14 Lead O/S

Lovely route, great warm up.

with Eoin
Tomt1er 15/Sep/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 14/Sep/14 2nd O/S
john max 14/Sep/14 Lead

Was attempting CMC Slab but bottled out of the final few metres.

with Julian Sorrell
pawel suhy 14/Sep/14 Lead rpt
Hidden 14/Sep/14 Solo rpt
Hidden 14/Sep/14 Solo O/S
Elizabeth Allen 13/Sep/14 2nd O/S
with Luke90
Luke90 13/Sep/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 13/Sep/14 2nd O/S
Leleanor93 13/Sep/14 2nd O/S
JEP 08/Sep/14 Solo rpt
BenJT 05/Sep/14 Solo O/S
Hidden 05/Sep/14 Solo O/S
Matt_C9716 04/Sep/14 2nd
with Kasha
kasha_gregson 04/Sep/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 01/Sep/14 Lead rpt
griffithpatrick ?/Sep/14 2nd O/S
Darryl.h ?/Sep/14 Lead O/S
TomGB 31/Aug/14 Lead O/S
bummingham 31/Aug/14 2nd O/S
with TomGB
beeney 31/Aug/14 2nd
DaveHall246 31/Aug/14 Lead rpt
with Chris Hall
Alessandro Tentori 31/Aug/14 Lead O/S
with Kirsten Donovan
Hidden 27/Aug/14 -
ladymuck 27/Aug/14 Lead

With Westwood jugging. Lovely climb.

with Mark Stevenson
althesin 24/Aug/14 2nd O/S
schristophersmith 24/Aug/14 Lead O/S
Jenni Lees 20/Aug/14 Lead O/S
with Paul Hy
Paul Hy 20/Aug/14 2nd RP
Dale Berry 18/Aug/14 Solo rpt
chris skipton 16/Aug/14 Lead
John Brayshaw 16/Aug/14 2nd rpt
Chris Sansum 16/Aug/14 2nd
with HannahC
HannahC 16/Aug/14 Lead
Hidden 15/Aug/14 Lead
Hidden 13/Aug/14 2nd
Hidden 09/Aug/14 Lead
JHiley 09/Aug/14 2nd rpt
with Katy M
Andy Hudson 09/Aug/14 2nd
with Tony G
TJ Mather 07/Aug/14 2nd O/S
bryan61 05/Aug/14 2nd O/S
with Mr Cess
Hidden 05/Aug/14 Lead rpt
andork123 04/Aug/14 Lead O/S

possibly my favorite lead ever, first time ive actually enjoyed jams

Hidden 03/Aug/14 TR
philmitch 03/Aug/14 2nd
summerse 03/Aug/14 TR O/S
pdamann 29/Jul/14 Lead O/S
jchoochoy 29/Jul/14 2nd O/S

Lead by Dr. P.D.A.Mann

Hidden 29/Jul/14 Lead O/S
lcullum7 29/Jul/14 2nd O/S
with sink14
kyaizawa 29/Jul/14 2nd rpt
Emma Reynolds 29/Jul/14 Lead O/S
Jon_dL 28/Jul/14 2nd O/S
with David, Anna jennings, Phil Jennings
professorcobra 28/Jul/14 Solo O/S
Hidden 28/Jul/14 Lead
malc 27/Jul/14 Lead rpt
with Jackie Smith
Neil Rodgers (PCC) 24/Jul/14 2nd O/S
with Lee Ironmonger
Hidden 20/Jul/14 Lead O/S
Bruise Apprentice 20/Jul/14 2nd O/S
jing 20/Jul/14 Lead O/S
with A123
Hidden 20/Jul/14 2nd rpt
Neil Rodgers (PCC) 17/Jul/14 Lead
pawel suhy 17/Jul/14 2nd O/S
with Andy diving
Hidden 17/Jul/14 2nd O/S
splat2million 15/Jul/14 Lead O/S
with Chris Braine
clougher 13/Jul/14 2nd
Prof. Outdoors 12/Jul/14 2nd
with Lorna
Hidden 12/Jul/14 Lead
Alex Hallam 09/Jul/14 Solo O/S

Had to show someone the moves.

dpiddock 06/Jul/14 2nd O/S

Maria's lead

David Walker 06/Jul/14 2nd O/S
MariaT 06/Jul/14 Lead O/S
sianabanana 05/Jul/14 Lead O/S
with Merten, tonyp
Zerocks 05/Jul/14 2nd O/S

Lead by Sian with grace!

Simoisfab 05/Jul/14 Lead O/S
Helsbels_sim 05/Jul/14 2nd O/S
Hidden 03/Jul/14 Lead O/S
sillysquiggle 01/Jul/14 Lead
Caroline_Schofield 30/Jun/14 2nd
Hidden 30/Jun/14 Lead O/S
Steven Andrews 28/Jun/14 Lead O/S
with Arjan
Hidden 26/Jun/14 2nd rpt
PaulTanton 26/Jun/14 Solo O/S
Hidden 26/Jun/14 Lead
Hidden 26/Jun/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 25/Jun/14 Lead
ColPerkins 23/Jun/14 Lead O/S

Thought the crux was at the top not the bottom.

with Rae Booyens
dig 23/Jun/14 Lead
with robman
robman 23/Jun/14 2nd rpt
Ben07 22/Jun/14 Lead O/S
clairemathews 22/Jun/14 Lead
chubbyclimber 22/Jun/14 Lead
Hidden 22/Jun/14 2nd O/S
fizzychewitt 21/Jun/14 Lead
with Phil, Jayney D
Jayney D 21/Jun/14 Lead O/S

Lulled into false sense of security by this nice gentle jamming crack. The tapes up hands gave confidence though!!

with Phil B, fizzychewitt
WhipperSnapper 19/Jun/14 Lead
sam26051 17/Jun/14 Lead
AlexFletcher 17/Jun/14 2nd
Hidden 16/Jun/14 Lead
monkeytennis 15/Jun/14 Lead O/S

Lots of gear.

andrea83 15/Jun/14 2nd O/S
buxtoncoffeelover 13/Jun/14 Lead
with Singapore Howard
dom94 11/Jun/14 Solo O/S
with amccann
Smeghead 08/Jun/14 Lead
with karlb
batterj2 08/Jun/14 Lead rpt
with Ricky Nos
mrdigitaljedi 08/Jun/14 2nd
karlb 08/Jun/14 2nd
with Gary Scott, Smeghead
stokienomad 08/Jun/14 Lead rpt

Lovely route.

Hidden 06/Jun/14 2nd
Hidden 05/Jun/14 2nd
iainsanderson 05/Jun/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 05/Jun/14 Lead
Hidden 05/Jun/14 Lead
Hidden 03/Jun/14 Lead O/S
stevelismore 01/Jun/14 Lead O/S
with John PCC
john_ni 01/Jun/14 2nd

so I could traverse & retrieve my cam after failing the Tody's Wall layback legover move

jh1990 ?/Jun/14 Lead O/S
Hidden ?/Jun/14 2nd
climbercrab 31/May/14 Lead O/S
briar4012 31/May/14 Lead O/S
with radams2000, Abi
davidalcock 31/May/14 2nd
with Ben
Hidden 31/May/14 TR β
mapperley samurai 31/May/14 Lead
with Ben Moss
mclancy50 18/May/14 Lead O/S
Puma 18/May/14 2nd
with Gav (YAC), Catherine (YAC), Karl (YAC), oddtoast
Carl.miller 18/May/14 2nd
with Ian Ackerley, Brendan Miller
Brendan Miller 18/May/14 2nd
with Carl.miller, Ian Ackerley
emmahanlon 18/May/14 2nd
mattsmithuk 17/May/14 2nd
with Sam Howell
felixizzy 15/May/14 2nd O/S
with Iain s
Hidden 14/May/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 14/May/14 2nd
Mayaculpa 14/May/14 2nd
ClemB 14/May/14 Solo
alexelliott 05/May/14 Solo O/S

Very enjoyable crack climb in the sun

with Merlin
Hidden 05/May/14 Lead
Merlin 05/May/14 Solo O/S

Nice warm up, in approach shoes.

with Alex Elliot
zzee83 04/May/14 2nd
with Andy Hind
duncan 04/May/14 Lead rpt
with Mimoo
Hidden 04/May/14 2nd
oddtoast 03/May/14 Lead
with gavina, Karl
crispycodd 03/May/14 Lead O/S
BruceW 03/May/14 Solo rpt
with bectodd
Mayaculpa 03/May/14 Lead
with dbm
dbm 03/May/14 2nd O/S
Dptidman 03/May/14 2nd
Jack Whiteley 29/Apr/14 2nd rpt
ssnow157 29/Apr/14 Lead O/S
tk4210 27/Apr/14 Lead O/S
with Scott Ecles
Hidden 27/Apr/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 27/Apr/14 2nd O/S
JennieSkeoch 24/Apr/14 2nd
with scalpel
scalpel 24/Apr/14 Lead O/S

warm and sunny and dry

with Jen Skeoch
Calder 23/Apr/14 2nd
with Mike B
rosyvivien 23/Apr/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 23/Apr/14 2nd
Hidden 19/Apr/14 2nd O/S
Hidden 19/Apr/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 19/Apr/14 2nd
Serena Lambre 19/Apr/14 2nd rpt
with alooker
David Stevens 19/Apr/14 Lead
Arkel 19/Apr/14 Lead
with Steve Robinson
Hidden 18/Apr/14 Lead rpt
RKernan 17/Apr/14 2nd
Robertgiddy 17/Apr/14 Lead
tprebs 17/Apr/14 Solo O/S
with cjcuni
ldavison440 17/Apr/14 Lead
with RKernan
WhipperSnapper 16/Apr/14 2nd
Heyimmaria 16/Apr/14 2nd O/S

A really fun climb. Start was a lot of fun. Followed up a crack for the last bit which was difficult. Had a climber placing gear next to me for the last half which made it even more stressful.

bazilikiukas 16/Apr/14 Lead O/S

Lovely lovely lovely climb. The beginning wasn't as difficult as it seemed. And the crack at the second bit of the route was just like a nice stair way to the top.

wrapped in bacon 15/Apr/14 2nd O/S
with Dazzle
Hidden 15/Apr/14 Lead
jamesclimbing 15/Apr/14 Lead
jvarmstrong 13/Apr/14 Lead
with Chris
Chris Manasseh 13/Apr/14 2nd
with John Armstrong
KristianBirchall 13/Apr/14 2nd O/S
with Claire Chadderton
kirsten 13/Apr/14 2nd
Brannock 13/Apr/14 Solo
Alessandro Tentori 13/Apr/14 Lead
with kirsten
silviac 12/Apr/14 Lead O/S
Mike Bayley 12/Apr/14 Lead O/S
with Lee Attwater
steveprice.exmouth 12/Apr/14 2nd
with silviac
JakeWShaw 11/Apr/14 Solo rpt


DavidPC 10/Apr/14 Solo O/S
arandall 04/Apr/14 Solo O/S
buglow 03/Apr/14 Lead
with Paul
Kyle87 03/Apr/14 2nd O/S
Lornajkelly 02/Apr/14 Lead O/S
with Tabetha Post
Hidden 01/Apr/14 Solo
Smelly_James ?/Apr/14 Lead O/S
with Charlie Bangham
Marcin78 ?/Apr/14 Lead
with Paolo
jneilly699 ?/Apr/14 Lead O/S
Heathx ?/Apr/14 2nd dog
ThomasO'Hagan ?/Apr/14 2nd
with Eva Kocickova
embob 30/Mar/14 Lead

Had this on my wish list since I started climbing. Excellent mild jamming!

with alik b
fillerbunny 30/Mar/14 2nd O/S
antdav 30/Mar/14 Lead O/S
Hidden 30/Mar/14 2nd
DaveHall246 30/Mar/14 Solo rpt
with Chris Hall
StuartP 30/Mar/14 Lead O/S
with Jason Smeeth
Ly-Cilph 30/Mar/14 Lead O/S
jason smeeth 30/Mar/14 2nd
with StuartP
Hidden 29/Mar/14 Lead β
Hidden 29/Mar/14 Lead O/S
How easy 28/Mar/14 Lead
charvey 24/Mar/14 Solo O/S
batterj2 22/Mar/14 2nd rpt
with Rhi Rhi
Rhi Rhi 22/Mar/14 Lead O/S
with James
mrchewy 20/Mar/14 Lead O/S
bendevonport 19/Mar/14 2nd
with Mark Cutter
Brendansm 18/Mar/14 2nd O/S
MikeDowsett 16/Mar/14 Lead
Abu777 16/Mar/14 Lead β
Sleepy_trucker 16/Mar/14 2nd β

my first ever outdoor

Hidden 16/Mar/14 2nd O/S
Hidden 15/Mar/14 Solo
Hidden 15/Mar/14 Solo rpt
Nick205228 15/Mar/14 2nd
Fjsinclair 15/Mar/14 Lead O/S
TomPerry 15/Mar/14 Lead
Hidden 12/Mar/14 Lead
withey1992 10/Mar/14 2nd
Markheighton 10/Mar/14 2nd
Alex_Derbyshire 10/Mar/14 Lead
Rockafella 09/Mar/14 Lead O/S

Good warm-up route.

rohai545 09/Mar/14 2nd
with Matt Bell
londonoring 08/Mar/14 Lead

Climbed with Iain

daviesp2 08/Mar/14 Lead

Lovely route as ever

with Matt S
cheeky 05/Mar/14 Solo rpt
with Dave Rich, mark4344
NickyC 03/Mar/14 Lead O/S
with Nikki Sommers
Serena Lambre 01/Mar/14 Lead dnf
with alooker
partz 22/Feb/14 2nd O/S

Reall pleasant

Hidden 22/Feb/14 Lead O/S
TacticalKnee 22/Feb/14 Lead
with Annie Lewis
Neil D 22/Feb/14 Lead O/S
with Betha.
alooker 22/Feb/14 Solo O/S
AdamPrzeslak 22/Feb/14 Lead O/S
jimbonfire 16/Feb/14 -
Hidden 02/Feb/14 Solo O/S
Emily93Mobley 22/Jan/14 2nd O/S
Hidden 22/Jan/14 Lead O/S
gazfellows 19/Jan/14 Lead

Wet all the way up ! Good fun tho !

with Nic
sdixon 19/Jan/14 Lead
with JHiley
DaveHall246 11/Jan/14 Solo rpt
jessbinx 08/Jan/14 2nd β
tommccluskey 08/Jan/14 Lead O/S
SuperLee1985 03/Jan/14 2nd O/S
knighty 03/Jan/14 2nd O/S

Great fun. Great climbing. Well worthy of top 50 status.

Hidden ?/Jan/14 Solo O/S
samvimes1982 ??/2014 Lead O/S
Alfie Conn ??/2014 -
James Jackson ??/2014 -
Rob Adie ??/2014 -
mike mo ??/2014 -
mike mo ??/2014 -
mileshill540 ??/2014 Solo
steve taylor ??/2014 -
Hidden 29/Dec/13 Lead
The Norris 28/Dec/13 Lead O/S
with gembel
AndyRogers 22/Dec/13 2nd dog

Have led this before, maybe too gung ho but foot popped on first bulge so took a bit of unexpected air time :-( pulled straight back on and smashed its head in!

with ianlaw
Hidden 22/Dec/13 Lead O/S
David_Gledson 17/Dec/13 Lead O/S
with AlanP
Aline 15/Dec/13 Lead O/S
JakeWShaw 04/Dec/13 Solo O/S
amccann 04/Dec/13 Solo O/S
Hidden 01/Dec/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 01/Dec/13 2nd O/S
d80f0u 01/Dec/13 Lead O/S
with Dave
JenEvans ?/Dec/13 -
with chris saywell
Hidden 30/Nov/13 Lead O/S
Rhi Rhi 30/Nov/13 Lead O/S

Love this route :)

with MIsh
jakenichol 30/Nov/13 Lead O/S
with haylow
the power 26/Nov/13 2nd rpt
with Paul Hy
kermit_uk 23/Nov/13 2nd β
with Phil Parkin
richardashe 23/Nov/13 Lead O/S
Russtygibbons 23/Nov/13 2nd O/S
Rhi Rhi 17/Nov/13 2nd
with Elliot
HannahGo 16/Nov/13 Lead
with Sam B-C
andy_e 16/Nov/13 2nd O/S
Hidden 16/Nov/13 2nd rpt
Hidden 15/Nov/13 2nd
Hidden 15/Nov/13 Solo
Sue Underwood 26/Oct/13 Lead O/S

Tricky start. Lots of gear.

net 26/Oct/13 Lead

Speed ascent, great sunset at the top. Probably the driest it had been all day!

with Kelvyn James
cvsephton 26/Oct/13 2nd
with Sue
Hidden 26/Oct/13 Lead
bwestwood 19/Oct/13 Lead
Hidden 18/Oct/13 Lead O/S
TommyC 13/Oct/13 Lead rpt

Climbed it wet in the Drizzle, still an enjoyable climb even when belaying with a wet arse from a puddle at the top.

with Dave
Paul Hy 06/Oct/13 2nd rpt
with Laura
JHiley 06/Oct/13 2nd
with Drew Bennett, Emma
alcrosby 06/Oct/13 2nd
with NJO
Tom Peeper 06/Oct/13 2nd
with Bertbee
Hidden 06/Oct/13 Lead
Bertbee 06/Oct/13 Lead O/S
stokienomad 06/Oct/13 Lead O/S
simonsclimbing 05/Oct/13 Lead O/S
james.slater 05/Oct/13 2nd O/S
justinboynton 05/Oct/13 2nd
with Cath Long, bendevonport
bendevonport 05/Oct/13 Lead
Hidden ?/Oct/13 Lead
Rollo 29/Sep/13 Solo O/S
with Kirill
Kirill 29/Sep/13 Solo rpt

Lovely as always.

SuperLee1985 29/Sep/13 Lead O/S

An enjoyable romp if lacking in challenge.

church465 22/Sep/13 2nd O/S
Hidden 22/Sep/13 Lead
Moritz L 22/Sep/13 Lead O/S
with Freshers trip
emmahanlon 21/Sep/13 Lead O/S
dh7892 21/Sep/13 Lead O/S

Cannot for the life of me see why this gets so many stars. It's a walk up an ugly crack. The only actual climbing required involves a couple of very unsatisfying jamming-orientated moves with very little in the way of reward.

with lkp172
Hidden 21/Sep/13 2nd O/S
tgeh 21/Sep/13 2nd rpt
with imogene
Hidden 21/Sep/13 2nd O/S
ifletcher 21/Sep/13 Lead O/S
with tgeh
Dan Geh 21/Sep/13 Solo rpt
with Sam, emmahanlon
Hidden 21/Sep/13 2nd rpt
drsdave 21/Sep/13 Lead β
BrBlairs 18/Sep/13 Lead O/S
AnnMarie3 16/Sep/13 Lead
cjb1992 14/Sep/13 2nd β
with hch
Hidden 14/Sep/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 14/Sep/13 Lead O/S
rohai545 13/Sep/13 2nd
with ht543
ht543 13/Sep/13 Lead
emmarowe 08/Sep/13 2nd β
Hidden 08/Sep/13 2nd O/S
edmitchell 08/Sep/13 Lead O/S
with emmarowe, brmc members
AndyRogers 05/Sep/13 Lead O/S

Didn't find the start difficult at all. Interesting and smeary top out. Fun

Hidden 03/Sep/13 2nd
prwalker 02/Sep/13 2nd

Nice hand jams

with Mark Fisher
Neil Henson 01/Sep/13 Lead O/S
with Christine
wingalina 01/Sep/13 TR
with reavis
reavis 01/Sep/13 TR O/S
rohai545 01/Sep/13 Lead
with Debbie
coster ?/Sep/13 Lead
Hidden ?/Sep/13 Lead
Andypeak ?/Sep/13 Lead
Rozzlarr1992 31/Aug/13 2nd
stev1e.wilso 31/Aug/13 Lead rpt
Hidden 30/Aug/13 Lead
Hidden 27/Aug/13 Lead O/S
MischaHY 26/Aug/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 26/Aug/13 Lead
wiswilson 25/Aug/13 Lead O/S
with Marcus, Neil Lloyd
Hidden 25/Aug/13 2nd rpt
Hidden 25/Aug/13 Lead rpt
Dogbury 23/Aug/13 Lead O/S

The start is a bit awkward but altogether a lovely little climb.

with Tom Marr
Hidden 20/Aug/13 2nd
DaveHall246 20/Aug/13 Solo rpt
Hidden 20/Aug/13 Lead
jimbonfire 19/Aug/13 Lead
Smelly_James 18/Aug/13 Lead β

First clean lead

with Tom Hunter
Alpenglow 18/Aug/13 Lead O/S
with bhscholes, Kat
Smelly_James 17/Aug/13 Lead dnf

First Lead - Torrential rain 3/4 of way up necessitated speedy, sketchy down climb on sodden face.

with Tom Hunter
JEP 13/Aug/13 Solo
jez.morrish 11/Aug/13 2nd
harry.morrish 11/Aug/13 Lead O/S
with jez.morrish, Ben Morrish
AnniH 11/Aug/13 Lead O/S
with Gwilym
Matt Cooke 10/Aug/13 Lead O/S
with Jonathan Thorpe
Jack93 08/Aug/13 2nd O/S
Chris Redding 08/Aug/13 Solo O/S
Amy Hare 08/Aug/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 04/Aug/13 -
BoulderyDave 04/Aug/13 Lead O/S
jamie ward 03/Aug/13 2nd
with simon fairman
Hidden 01/Aug/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 01/Aug/13 Solo
Hidden ?/Aug/13 Lead O/S
Psych ?/Aug/13 2nd O/S
ciderspider 28/Jul/13 Lead O/S
Ciderslider 28/Jul/13 2nd O/S


Hidden 27/Jul/13 Lead
Hidden 27/Jul/13 2nd O/S
LucaC 27/Jul/13 Solo rpt

Rope solo above Ben during his first trad lead.

with Theo, Little Ben
Wayne S 25/Jul/13 2nd
Hidden 25/Jul/13 Lead O/S
zoeimogen 22/Jul/13 2nd β

Slab section at the top looks like it lacks footholds, but is better purchase than it initially appears.

with syv_k
91dave 21/Jul/13 2nd O/S
with Pete Cawley
Hidden 20/Jul/13 2nd
Dave Toseland 18/Jul/13 Lead O/S
with Murd, Fred
Hidden 16/Jul/13 2nd
adam clarke 14/Jul/13 Lead rpt
with Dani Parker
Hidden 10/Jul/13 Lead O/S
Melissa Adey 09/Jul/13 -
Hidden 06/Jul/13 Lead
Simonj 06/Jul/13 2nd O/S
with lewis
Hidden 06/Jul/13 2nd rpt
Adam_42 06/Jul/13 2nd O/S
with Chris Shannon, Tim Herlihy
Anna Morris 06/Jul/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 06/Jul/13 Lead O/S
mbxcs1 06/Jul/13 Lead O/S
MarkCunnington 06/Jul/13 Solo rpt

To clean route after Anna's First ever Trad Lead and help show how to set up belay anchors

mky77 06/Jul/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 05/Jul/13 -
JenEvans 03/Jul/13 2nd
with Sean orchard
RosieLynch ?/Jul/13 Lead O/S
with Ester Knowles
Double Knee Bar 30/Jun/13 Lead rpt
Pompey 30/Jun/13 2nd
Jack jk 30/Jun/13 2nd O/S
with Tim Brown
Prof. Outdoors 30/Jun/13 2nd
with Lorna
wilkie14c 30/Jun/13 Lead
with Pompey
Hidden 30/Jun/13 Lead O/S
B4tgirl 29/Jun/13 Lead O/S
with Blueso
Blueso 29/Jun/13 2nd
with B4tgirl
mattgrange 29/Jun/13 2nd
samjane 27/Jun/13 Lead O/S
with Mr Cess
Hidden 27/Jun/13 2nd O/S
jason smeeth 24/Jun/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 24/Jun/13 Lead O/S
AndyPagett 24/Jun/13 Lead O/S

Nice exercise in 'placing my entire rack'...

with Adam Mitchell
AndyPagett 24/Jun/13 2nd rpt

... and seconded later in the day.

LionSJH 24/Jun/13 Lead O/S

After seconding Craig's lead. Super route.

with bigmrp
Alister123 18/Jun/13 2nd O/S
with Jack Peate
jt232 18/Jun/13 Lead O/S
spidermonkey09 18/Jun/13 Solo
peaterpan 18/Jun/13 Lead O/S

Really stoked on my first lead trad climb. Enjoyed as part of a beautiful, peaceful weekday morning in the peaks.

monkeyme2 16/Jun/13 2nd rpt
with Herbet
pete1993 16/Jun/13 2nd rpt
with sbhb
Dan818 16/Jun/13 Solo O/S
Hidden 10/Jun/13 2nd RP
monkeyman79 10/Jun/13 2nd O/S
with Dan Green, Chris Brook
Hidden 10/Jun/13 Lead
Hidden 09/Jun/13 Lead rpt
ivebittenoffmorethanicanstu 09/Jun/13 2nd O/S
daveeverin 08/Jun/13 Lead
with Mark Hyde
Hidden 08/Jun/13 2nd
onlyfoddington 08/Jun/13 2nd O/S


Hidden 04/Jun/13 Lead O/S
OliverRoss 04/Jun/13 2nd β

CK's first lead!

with CK, Josh Willett
Hidden 04/Jun/13 Lead
DavidPC 03/Jun/13 Lead O/S
with richyp, Will Hawthorne
Andrew Lodge 03/Jun/13 2nd O/S
with Bob
Hidden 03/Jun/13 2nd O/S
richyp 03/Jun/13 2nd
with Will Hawthorn, DavidPC
Tony Ryland 03/Jun/13 Lead
Hidden 02/Jun/13 2nd
Mike Turner 02/Jun/13 Lead rpt
josh26turner 02/Jun/13 2nd
Hidden 01/Jun/13 Lead rpt
hodge192 ?/Jun/13 Lead O/S
BillyRidal ?/Jun/13 Lead O/S
JFORDE 31/May/13 Lead rpt
with Annette
Mark Kemball 30/May/13 2nd
Hidden 29/May/13 2nd rpt
BoulderyDave 27/May/13 Lead O/S
Jimbo C 27/May/13 Solo rpt

Couldn't just walk past...

Hidden 27/May/13 2nd
Hidden 26/May/13 2nd
Anne Fairbank 25/May/13 Lead
elCapitano 19/May/13 Solo rpt
claregardiner 19/May/13 2nd
lxg613 19/May/13 Lead
with slim
georgedunton 19/May/13 Solo O/S
Hidden 19/May/13 2nd
Hidden 19/May/13 2nd
Jim Brownlow 19/May/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 19/May/13 2nd rpt
Didymus 17/May/13 Solo O/S
Hidden 17/May/13 Solo
john_ni 17/May/13 Solo
with Peak CC
Hidden 12/May/13 Lead
FrankW 12/May/13 2nd rpt
with Mark Thompson, Steve Graham
adamashcroft 11/May/13 Lead O/S
mark4344 11/May/13 Lead
with phil, Matt Payne
Hidden 10/May/13 Lead
judith neaves 06/May/13 Lead
judith neaves 06/May/13 2nd
ricky6386 06/May/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 05/May/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 05/May/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 05/May/13 2nd O/S
Shaw Brown 05/May/13 2nd
Paul Eckton 04/May/13 Lead O/S
with steve read
cathymiller 04/May/13 2nd
with Guy Moulton
dcrimp 01/May/13 Lead O/S

My first lead climb

niall_stone ?/May/13 Lead
matt10990 28/Apr/13 Lead O/S
mickyv33 28/Apr/13 2nd
Dennis999 28/Apr/13 Lead O/S
Joel_e 28/Apr/13 Lead O/S

First climb at Froggatt. Not as windy as Stanage.

Hidden 28/Apr/13 Solo O/S
RichardLeggett 27/Apr/13 2nd
Hidden 27/Apr/13 2nd
Hidden 27/Apr/13 Lead
al123 24/Apr/13 Solo
Hidden 21/Apr/13 2nd O/S
riff156 21/Apr/13 2nd rpt
with Jo Smith
jasonpm 21/Apr/13 AltLd rpt
with Jeremy
monkeyme2 21/Apr/13 Lead rpt
with Amy, Kate, Herbet, radioactivekid
Barry D 20/Apr/13 Lead


with Linsey, Paul B, Sam
Hidden 20/Apr/13 Lead
Hidden 20/Apr/13 2nd
Hidden 20/Apr/13 2nd β
mike_tamanawis 20/Apr/13 Lead β
Hidden 20/Apr/13 Lead
Hidden 20/Apr/13 Lead
cmars89 16/Apr/13 Lead O/S
with Jake rowarth
rohai545 16/Apr/13 Lead

Lovely route.

with David Bankart
DaveB61 15/Apr/13 2nd
with Krish Dev
andy_e 14/Apr/13 2nd rpt
Hidden 14/Apr/13 Lead
RichardMc 14/Apr/13 Lead
with Alan Mountford
hotfeet 14/Apr/13 2nd
with Richard M
Paul Hy 14/Apr/13 2nd rpt
with Dave C
Stefan Trebicki 13/Apr/13 2nd
jimartin 13/Apr/13 Lead
Hidden 10/Apr/13 Lead O/S
cheeky 09/Apr/13 2nd
Hidden 09/Apr/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 07/Apr/13 2nd O/S
sparkass 07/Apr/13 Solo O/S
stuart34 07/Apr/13 Solo
Glen Burrows 06/Apr/13 Lead O/S

Easy peasy

with Ed Luke
Arifa Chakera 04/Apr/13 Lead O/S

Nice first lead for 2013

spragglerocks 01/Apr/13 2nd rpt
with Tom
alicelarkin 01/Apr/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 01/Apr/13 Lead O/S
evanofthefell ?/Apr/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 05/Mar/13 2nd O/S
harold walmsley 05/Mar/13 Solo
Hidden 05/Mar/13 2nd O/S
Jenny Monkey 03/Mar/13 2nd O/S
with Lukem6
Jay C 03/Mar/13 Solo
with LUMC
neilrl 03/Mar/13 2nd O/S

"Sport Led" - clipping into gear that John had placed.

MikeLell 03/Mar/13 Lead O/S
with Emma Parkinson
DinoGator 03/Mar/13 Lead O/S
Charlotte Nelson 03/Mar/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 03/Mar/13 Lead β
Fran Sgr 03/Mar/13 Lead
with Charlotte N
Fran Sgr 03/Mar/13 Lead
with Charlotte N
Lukem6 03/Mar/13 Lead O/S

finished on route, end of day = tired.

Hidden 02/Mar/13 Lead
pebbles 02/Mar/13 Solo
Hidden ?/Mar/13 Lead
danwilliams99 17/Feb/13 2nd O/S
Hidden 17/Feb/13 Solo
ajc 17/Feb/13 Lead O/S
with Mel
Colin3859 17/Feb/13 Lead dnf

Ran out of decent sized cams in last stage of climb. lesson learned.

ChrisBrooke 17/Feb/13 Lead rpt
with Keeley Scholes
Hidden 16/Feb/13 2nd O/S
pearson9596 16/Feb/13 2nd O/S
with Joe Norris
pearson9596 16/Feb/13 Solo rpt
fuzzysheep01 16/Feb/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 16/Feb/13 Lead rpt
Hidden 16/Feb/13 Lead O/S
cem 02/Feb/13 2nd rpt
adam clarke 02/Feb/13 Lead O/S
with Adam Lynch
eldre070 02/Feb/13 Lead O/S

Good fun.

with cem
Hidden 12/Jan/13 -
r.greaves 05/Jan/13 Lead
with phil and kirsten
Paul Hy 05/Jan/13 2nd rpt
Andypeak 05/Jan/13 Lead
with Paul Hy
Vincej ??/2013 Lead
with Nevil
bclifton ??/2013 Lead
Hidden ??/2013 2nd
westong ??/2013 -
AlanPedrick ??/2013 -
Si ??/2013 -
Maddie ??/2013 Lead O/S
MJS ??/2013 -
Hidden ??/2013 Lead
davidalcock ??/2013 -
with Diz
Andypeak ??/2013 -
David Sherratt ??/2013 Lead O/S
David Sherratt ??/2013 Lead O/S
niall_stone ??/2013 -
David Sherratt ??/2013 Lead O/S
Hidden ??/2013 Lead O/S
robgixer ??/2013 -
Fraser hill-casey ??/2013 Lead
weekendwarrior92 ??/2013 Lead
with Zoe Logan
Hidden 15/Dec/12 2nd rpt
cem 15/Dec/12 Lead rpt

Sopping wet

steady 08/Dec/12 AltLd
zv 05/Dec/12 2nd
Hidden 02/Dec/12 Solo rpt
Hidden 23/Nov/12 Lead
Tom Packer 18/Nov/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 18/Nov/12 Lead O/S
adventure_vulture 18/Nov/12 2nd O/S
Stuart_Burbidge 18/Nov/12 Solo O/S
TheaSmea 18/Nov/12 2nd O/S
dsgarner 13/Nov/12 Lead O/S
Happy Haggis 11/Nov/12 2nd
with Robbo1
LucaC 11/Nov/12 2nd rpt
theocelano 11/Nov/12 Lead rpt
ebf 11/Nov/12 Solo O/S

What a great HVD! Perfect jams.

George.Rowland 11/Nov/12 Lead
with sam coppard
laurence_falconer 11/Nov/12 2nd β

Very nice climb, first climb of the day, seconded george

HarryB 11/Nov/12 Solo O/S
Robbo1 11/Nov/12 Lead O/S
bigredsquirrel 10/Nov/12 2nd O/S

Pleasant climbing on good rock, not strenuous and plenty of gear

with K Mckay
Mr Fuller 10/Nov/12 Lead rpt
Hidden 10/Nov/12 2nd O/S
K Mckay 10/Nov/12 Lead

Top crack most enjoyable

George Frisby 10/Nov/12 Lead O/S
Paul Hy 08/Nov/12 Lead O/S
ianstevens 06/Nov/12 Lead O/S
UncleMephisto 06/Nov/12 2nd O/S
with Joe Wilkin Oxley
TomMorgan 06/Nov/12 2nd O/S
Quaidy Quaid 05/Nov/12 Solo
Hidden 04/Nov/12 Lead O/S
kez1 03/Nov/12 Lead O/S
with ian clare, nick brooks
elCapitano 03/Nov/12 Solo rpt
kitkat78 03/Nov/12 2nd
with SteveM
SteveM 03/Nov/12 Lead
TomGudgeon 01/Nov/12 Lead O/S
with Neil Colquhoun
gingerbex 28/Oct/12 Lead
with Slick
Laurence Cowton 27/Oct/12 2nd
with Ethan
Hidden 27/Oct/12 Lead O/S
Slick 27/Oct/12 2nd
lucyh 27/Oct/12 Lead O/S
Poco Loco 27/Oct/12 2nd
with lucyh
Ethan72 27/Oct/12 Lead
Hidden 21/Oct/12 Lead O/S
catty_9 21/Oct/12 Lead
with Rebekah Hailes, abtibbs
abtibbs 21/Oct/12 2nd O/S
KatOstrich 21/Oct/12 Lead
Hidden 21/Oct/12 Lead rpt
zcsharp 21/Oct/12 2nd
with KatOstrich, Sarah
Loljokesbanter 20/Oct/12 2nd
spidermonkey09 20/Oct/12 Solo O/S
Hidden 20/Oct/12 Lead O/S
TerryLines 20/Oct/12 2nd O/S
with afinley
afinley 20/Oct/12 Lead O/S
Roonix 20/Oct/12 Lead O/S

A fun little climb.

Tamarah 20/Oct/12 TR O/S

Tricky start, lovely though!

chrissyboy 20/Oct/12 Lead β
with Jim Lear
Hidden 20/Oct/12 TR dnf
rlsilver 20/Oct/12 TR
Hidden 20/Oct/12 Lead O/S
Mr G 18/Oct/12 Lead O/S

Started off damp, midway up the heavens opened.

with bri
woodsy 17/Oct/12 Lead
with bolton college group
Rich Malcolm 15/Oct/12 2nd β
with Clare Foulkes
johnpuddephatt 14/Oct/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 12/Oct/12 Lead
adam.butler.dsfc 07/Oct/12 2nd O/S
Twisty 06/Oct/12 2nd rpt
with Nigel Stock
Simonj 03/Oct/12 Lead O/S
with woodsy
Sarahshort246 30/Sep/12 Lead
Hidden 29/Sep/12 Lead rpt
Hidden 29/Sep/12 2nd O/S
Hidden 29/Sep/12 2nd
bobpilgrem 29/Sep/12 2nd
with Bob/Nic
Hidden 29/Sep/12 Lead
seanlikeskites 29/Sep/12 Lead O/S
seanlikeskites 29/Sep/12 2nd rpt
Natalyaaa 23/Sep/12 Lead O/S
penny_pops25 23/Sep/12 2nd O/S
nick ferro 23/Sep/12 -
with Oli Birkill
Chi Cheng 23/Sep/12 Solo rpt
beth.westonhoward 23/Sep/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 23/Sep/12 Lead O/S
freemanTom 22/Sep/12 Solo rpt
Hidden 22/Sep/12 2nd
theycallmefrodo 22/Sep/12 2nd O/S
with Pinkney
andyjirvin 18/Sep/12 Lead rpt

Have seconded before. Was attempting Grip but backed off due to high winds - scary!

LucaC 16/Sep/12 Solo
theocelano 16/Sep/12 Lead O/S
Haydn Jones 16/Sep/12 Solo O/S
with ben vieyra
Hidden 16/Sep/12 Lead
Wil.Hooke 16/Sep/12 Solo O/S
Will Gordon 16/Sep/12 2nd O/S
with Jose
Hidden 16/Sep/12 TR O/S
Mike Hood 15/Sep/12 2nd
kyaizawa 15/Sep/12 Lead O/S
with Jun Aizawa
lawlolly 15/Sep/12 Lead O/S

Great gear, easy but enjoyable climb!

gazfellows 13/Sep/12 Lead
with Nic
Cake 11/Sep/12 2nd rpt
cf2g08 10/Sep/12 2nd O/S
Hidden 09/Sep/12 Lead
pebbles 08/Sep/12 2nd
with paul
Dr Toph 07/Sep/12 Solo O/S
jimbonfire 04/Sep/12 Lead O/S
tomdavenport 03/Sep/12 2nd
MichaelGallimore 03/Sep/12 Lead O/S

Beautiful climbing!

with Katie Blacklidge, tomdavenport
Andy S 02/Sep/12 Solo O/S
with Abu777
Hidden 02/Sep/12 2nd rpt
Abu777 02/Sep/12 2nd rpt
with Richard Stelmach, Andy S, Dave Stelmach
pebbles 01/Sep/12 Lead rpt
franhammond92 01/Sep/12 Lead
oddtoast 01/Sep/12 2nd

Great fun, nice start and liked jamming. Led by clipping into a vast amount of pre-placed gear.

with pebbles
Alex.M-M. 01/Sep/12 Solo O/S
Hidden ?/Sep/12 Lead O/S
yomteoman 28/Aug/12 Lead O/S
with John Bramwell
mjackson 26/Aug/12 Lead O/S
Graham Westbrook 26/Aug/12 Lead O/S
gd303uk 22/Aug/12 2nd O/S
with birdie num num, Shelley Garvey
Griff1990 19/Aug/12 Solo O/S
with Becky5
Jenny Monkey 18/Aug/12 Lead O/S
with kelly ledge
Kelloggs 18/Aug/12 2nd
mapperley samurai 18/Aug/12 Lead O/S

Started the CMC Slab route but retreated sideways to the familiar.

with Ben Moss, elfin girl
TrevorCruse 12/Aug/12 Lead rpt
with Malcolm
Hidden 11/Aug/12 2nd O/S
Hidden 11/Aug/12 Lead O/S
deepstar 10/Aug/12 2nd
with warmauri
Warner 10/Aug/12 Lead
JamieTown 08/Aug/12 Lead O/S
Julie Black 05/Aug/12 Lead O/S

Wanted to learn how to jam. Certainly did the job, although can't say I enjoyed it.

with Ommuff
Helen.Burgess 05/Aug/12 Lead O/S
with Sarah Burgess
whitehouse_rhys 04/Aug/12 2nd O/S
with heather osborn
Hidden 02/Aug/12 Lead O/S
mattkemp70 ?/Aug/12 Lead
PieMan 30/Jul/12 2nd O/S
with James, Jim
j.buckley87 30/Jul/12 Solo O/S
islandlynx 28/Jul/12 2nd
with AmyAmy
AmyAmy 28/Jul/12 Lead
IngoBoegemann 28/Jul/12 2nd O/S
rob_0602 24/Jul/12 2nd
Hidden 22/Jul/12 TR
Blue68 22/Jul/12 2nd O/S

Easy going, would have gone back to lead it but it was very busy

with Dave Mountford
elCapitano 22/Jul/12 Solo rpt
freemanTom 22/Jul/12 2nd
with Sarah friend of Amy, Amy Till
mmmhumous 22/Jul/12 2nd O/S
MarkRoe 21/Jul/12 Solo O/S
oodie72 21/Jul/12 Lead O/S
with chancer
mapperley samurai 16/Jul/12 Lead O/S
with Joanna Raisin, Ben Moss, johncook
JimboWizbo 15/Jul/12 2nd O/S

Beth lead this one, lovely climb, nearly lost a hex to the first crack

with BCT
Paul1 15/Jul/12 2nd
with Uncle John, col3
Hidden 15/Jul/12 Lead O/S
col3 15/Jul/12 Lead

Paul said this was nice but I found it awkward to start and generally quite dodgy. Most of the moves were layback/jam/smeary. Didn't really feel that comfortable. I got to the final head wall which was steep and intimidating, I also ran out of quickdraws. Unfortunately John and Laura turned up just after I started so I had an audience! All factors combined, I didn't feel happy and couldn't move off. John led up and then belayed me up the last bit - still didn't feel secure at all. A bit annoyed with this one.

with John Salmon, Paul1
ipblake 15/Jul/12 2nd O/S
with beth, JimboWizbo
Dax 15/Jul/12 Lead O/S
with RhysP
gpcomps 14/Jul/12 Lead O/S
with Stoff
Stoff 14/Jul/12 2nd O/S

Done in the rain which mad it feel much harder than I was expecting !! Complete midge fest !

with gpcomps
gordonday 12/Jul/12 Solo rpt
PeteWilson 11/Jul/12 Lead O/S
with Rob Thomas
Hidden 01/Jul/12 2nd rpt
Ramblin dave 01/Jul/12 2nd O/S

Good lead by Alison.

with Emma, Alison
Piers Harley 01/Jul/12 Lead
with Paul Winder, Simon Clark
Hidden 01/Jul/12 -
danwilliams99 ?/Jul/12 2nd O/S
Hidden 30/Jun/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 29/Jun/12 Lead
Hidden 29/Jun/12 2nd O/S
sam_owen41 26/Jun/12 Lead
Hidden 24/Jun/12 Lead O/S
Chris Ellis 24/Jun/12 2nd
AlexRenshaw 24/Jun/12 Lead
with jcw
hamishjoe 23/Jun/12 2nd O/S
Kirill 23/Jun/12 Lead rpt
with Dina
ben.gregson 20/Jun/12 2nd O/S
samdenny 20/Jun/12 Lead O/S
Goody 19/Jun/12 Lead rpt
with Suzie Hughes
Goody 19/Jun/12 2nd rpt
with Rob Jarratt
Rob Jarratt 19/Jun/12 Lead
with Goody
Hidden 19/Jun/12 Lead O/S
Abu777 17/Jun/12 Lead rpt
tchallen99 14/Jun/12 Solo O/S
Gareth Bowen 14/Jun/12 Solo rpt

Still lovely.

rachchanter 10/Jun/12 Lead O/S
thomaspomfrett 10/Jun/12 Lead O/S
with Kirsty Marsden
Neil R 05/Jun/12 2nd
with mfisher
mfisher 05/Jun/12 Lead O/S
with Neil R
Hidden 04/Jun/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 04/Jun/12 Solo
Dirty Knees 04/Jun/12 2nd
Madden 04/Jun/12 2nd O/S
Russell Blackaller 03/Jun/12 Lead O/S
namagnall 02/Jun/12 2nd
MoWalker3 02/Jun/12 2nd
with Cormac, Toni
Hidden 02/Jun/12 Lead
jack.williams1 02/Jun/12 Lead
Jay C 02/Jun/12 2nd rpt
with Rosie L
Clee 02/Jun/12 2nd
Hidden 02/Jun/12 2nd
SteveHi 02/Jun/12 2nd O/S
with Lizzy Anderson
rosieposey14 ?/Jun/12 -
JRigby ?/Jun/12 2nd
Bond_Girl 27/May/12 2nd

Excellent route, very enjoyable especially in the sun :)

with Ronaldo
Jenny Monkey 27/May/12 2nd O/S
with DianeB
Hidden 27/May/12 Lead
Jack Whiteley 27/May/12 Lead O/S
with jh1990
Pike 27/May/12 Lead O/S

The heat made it all a little interesting, had to layback the last crack section as my hands refused to jam.

with Nathan
Hidden 27/May/12 Lead
Tenko 27/May/12 -
with John McEvoy, Guy Williams
howiebartrip 26/May/12 2nd
with Dan Vajzovic, Gemma Golby
jasonpm 26/May/12 AltLd rpt
Dan Vaj 26/May/12 Lead
Anta Misina 26/May/12 Lead
jwa 25/May/12 Lead
with Rob Smith
jwa 24/May/12 2nd
with Peter Hill
Steve Perry 20/May/12 Lead O/S
with Emilia, Pete
sambosanquet101 20/May/12 2nd
with pldarch
pizza 20/May/12 -

end of day with emelia

with steve perry
pldarch 20/May/12 Lead
bigbadbob12345 19/May/12 2nd O/S
with Rosie, stev1e.wilso
Rozzlarr1992 19/May/12 2nd
stev1e.wilso 19/May/12 Lead O/S
AlexFletcher 16/May/12 Lead
with David Knight
sam26051 16/May/12 2nd
Saffers 16/May/12 -
with Bethan
Hidden 16/May/12 Lead
davidbird63 13/May/12 2nd O/S

Great fun climb. And the added fun of watching THE move on Tody's

with Tobias Hoffarth, David Qualtrough
Jeremy Wilton 13/May/12 Lead O/S

Never climbed before...great stuff (Our book has it as a severe)

with Sinister Rob, Kevin Gibbs
Hidden 13/May/12 2nd
Steve Palmer 12/May/12 2nd O/S
with Claire E, Brian K, Rich Ellis
8fsheeh 12/May/12 2nd
Hidden 12/May/12 Lead
Stone Muppet 12/May/12 2nd
with sd-l, md
Hidden 12/May/12 2nd
Tony Holdsworth 11/May/12 2nd rpt
with Simon Preston
steve.aisthorpe 11/May/12 Lead
with Hannah Burrows-Smith
ilarge 06/May/12 2nd O/S
with Pete Nesbitt
kirsten 06/May/12 2nd
Steve J T 06/May/12 2nd
robbraby 06/May/12 Lead O/S
with Steveo
tradguy 06/May/12 2nd rpt
with Ben Knudson, Rob Munday
Hidden 06/May/12 Solo rpt
Hidden 06/May/12 Lead
Hidden 06/May/12 2nd O/S
Killianmurphy 05/May/12 2nd O/S

Tweena's Lead

with Trina B
pffft 05/May/12 Lead O/S
with Heather651, Jojo Mills
Trina B 05/May/12 Lead O/S
Snorfalorpagus 05/May/12 Lead O/S
with James Mathews
Heather651 05/May/12 -
Hidden 02/May/12 Solo
Steve Vincent ?/May/12 Lead

Made the start very messy with an awkard leg jam

with David Robinson
Hidden ?/May/12 2nd
Charley Carpenter ?/May/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 28/Apr/12 Lead O/S
Bloke on a Rope 24/Apr/12 Solo O/S
Hidden 24/Apr/12 Solo O/S
georgeevans88 21/Apr/12 Solo O/S
jamesn89 21/Apr/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 21/Apr/12 2nd rpt
Hidden 17/Apr/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 17/Apr/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 17/Apr/12 2nd rpt
Kemics 16/Apr/12 Solo O/S

Felt super secure on the jams so made a nice solo.

with Dave 88
Dave 88 16/Apr/12 Solo O/S

Surprisingly good!

with Kemics
David Stevens 15/Apr/12 2nd O/S
with Marnoch Hamillton-Jones, radioshed
radioshed 15/Apr/12 2nd O/S
jrccrosby 12/Apr/12 2nd
with Theeni
Theeni 12/Apr/12 Lead O/S
MazElden 07/Apr/12 2nd
Hidden 07/Apr/12 Lead O/S
GermanAlex 06/Apr/12 Solo
Muel 06/Apr/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 01/Apr/12 2nd
Erika1412 01/Apr/12 2nd O/S
fizzpup ?/Apr/12 Lead O/S
Sofiabaer ?/Apr/12 Lead O/S
with Christina Holmgrun
Leelogs 31/Mar/12 Lead O/S
with SCC
Hidden 31/Mar/12 2nd O/S
lennym 31/Mar/12 Lead O/S
bobstones 31/Mar/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 29/Mar/12 2nd
Tony Holdsworth 28/Mar/12 Lead rpt

Lydia and Will

woody8 28/Mar/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 27/Mar/12 2nd
susan mc donald 27/Mar/12 2nd
with ali williams
joemallia 26/Mar/12 2nd O/S
with Sink41
Hidden 26/Mar/12 Lead O/S
TommyC 25/Mar/12 Lead O/S
EllieWoods 25/Mar/12 Lead O/S
with Fran, Laura
Hidden 25/Mar/12 2nd O/S
RichyBOYY 25/Mar/12 Lead
with p_won
lidiya nedevska 25/Mar/12 Solo O/S
TRFrost 25/Mar/12 Solo O/S
harold walmsley 22/Mar/12 Solo rpt
t_hume 21/Mar/12 2nd
Hidden 18/Mar/12 2nd
kcollender 18/Mar/12 Lead O/S
timmyhobby 16/Mar/12 Solo O/S
Hidden 14/Mar/12 Lead O/S
rwm7131 14/Mar/12 Solo
djelkin1992 13/Mar/12 Lead O/S
klo1981 11/Mar/12 2nd O/S
klo1981 11/Mar/12 Lead O/S
Darron 11/Mar/12 -
Hidden 11/Mar/12 Lead O/S
Gina_2 11/Mar/12 Lead
Hidden 11/Mar/12 Lead O/S
Ade7 11/Mar/12 2nd rpt
Louise Hall 11/Mar/12 Lead O/S
with Ian Parkhouse
Hidden 10/Mar/12 2nd rpt
Lukem6 06/Mar/12 2nd β

Dales first lead!

with Dale
andyjirvin 05/Mar/12 2nd O/S

Lovely climb for the grade, a couple of tricky moves to get started then nice flowing climbing all the way up. Decent length and sustained level of climbing that makes it really worthwhile. Classic easy climb.

dillsupertramp 03/Mar/12 Lead O/S
with philip hughes
thefuturesmiles ?/Mar/12 Solo O/S
ronmcdonald ?/Mar/12 Lead O/S
cactus111 ?/Mar/12 Lead
eel 26/Feb/12 Lead O/S
tgeh 26/Feb/12 2nd rpt
with killian
Zekurion 25/Feb/12 Lead O/S
sgl0jd 25/Feb/12 Lead
MysticWolf1991 25/Feb/12 2nd O/S
steven 25/Feb/12 2nd O/S
with Ade, Murray Galagher
simeclimb68 25/Feb/12 Solo rpt
Morwood 25/Feb/12 2nd
Hidden 19/Feb/12 Solo O/S
Hidden 19/Feb/12 Lead
Hidden 16/Feb/12 Lead O/S
C@rwyn 16/Feb/12 2nd O/S
Jenny Clarke ?/Feb/12 Lead rpt
gb83 30/Jan/12 Lead rpt

lead with will and trev.

Hidden 29/Jan/12 Lead O/S
beakerburgess 22/Jan/12 Lead O/S
with joem
Alex Wade 22/Jan/12 Lead O/S
with Lydia Galloway
joem 22/Jan/12 2nd
Hidden 22/Jan/12 2nd β
Jimbo C 14/Jan/12 Lead rpt

Soloed once and it was so good that I did it again on lead so that Spiros could enjoy it.

with Spiros
sam coward 14/Jan/12 Lead O/S
with Helen
krasavenko 10/Jan/12 Lead O/S
Liam Ingram 10/Jan/12 2nd rpt
jac.c123 02/Jan/12 2nd
JamesKing817 ??/2012 2nd
Hidden ??/2012 Lead
Hidden ??/2012 2nd
Heather Osborne ??/2012 Lead O/S
Hidden ??/2012 -
Hidden ??/2012 -
maddogdave ??/2012 Lead
JFORDE ??/2012 Lead O/S
climbercrab ??/2012 2nd O/S
youwillfindjimbo ??/2012 Lead
admackie ??/2012 -
AnnMarie3 ??/2012 Lead O/S
Hidden ??/2012 Lead O/S
David Qualtrough ??/2012 -
jordan taylor ??/2012 Lead O/S
Tony Kartawick ??/2012 -
Hidden ??/2012 Lead
p_won 28/Dec/11 Lead
with BossHog
cem 03/Dec/11 Lead rpt

Damp rock & cold

with Eric Olson
Kirill 03/Dec/11 Lead rpt
with Natalia Male Alcalde
Hidden 30/Nov/11 Lead O/S
Hidden 30/Nov/11 Lead O/S
Matt JM Stevens 30/Nov/11 Solo
Boran 28/Nov/11 Lead O/S
with KeriV, Jen
tgeh 27/Nov/11 Lead O/S
with John
Hidden 27/Nov/11 Lead O/S
Paul1 23/Nov/11 Lead

Very engoyable climb! would be good first lead!

flyinfrenchy 23/Nov/11 2nd O/S
with Paul1
Hidden 20/Nov/11 2nd O/S
theandthem 20/Nov/11 Lead O/S
airwalk123 20/Nov/11 Lead O/S
madasten 20/Nov/11 2nd
with Miquel
Hidden 20/Nov/11 Solo O/S
wi11 20/Nov/11 Solo rpt
Stefan Trebicki 19/Nov/11 TR
with Liam Brady
DannyK 19/Nov/11 2nd rpt
Hidden 16/Nov/11 Lead O/S
Hidden 11/Nov/11 2nd
tk1991 10/Nov/11 2nd
with Tom Woolley
iwebster59017 10/Nov/11 2nd O/S
Kirsty810202 10/Nov/11 Lead O/S
dr_botnik 06/Nov/11 Lead O/S

Last climb of a beautiful November, felt more like July, Moonshadows cast whilst setting up belay. Perfect.

Andyp89 ?/Nov/11 Lead
with BossHog
tonanf ?/Nov/11 AltLd
Jimbo C 29/Oct/11 Lead O/S

Beautiful. Just enjoy the flow of the jams. Over far too quickly.

with Charlie
SteveCarratt 29/Oct/11 2nd
Boran 26/Oct/11 Lead O/S
with Neil, HBredin
malc 24/Oct/11 2nd rpt
with Paul Scott, Andy Ayre
Dan Vaj 24/Oct/11 Lead O/S
with L Vajzovic
hlegge 23/Oct/11 Lead
Anna Hammond 23/Oct/11 2nd O/S
with Graeme Hammond
mes32 23/Oct/11 Lead β

Great jamming practice

tcn_2002 23/Oct/11 2nd
with hlegge
a13x 22/Oct/11 Solo O/S
with James Stokes
Hidden 22/Oct/11 2nd
Hidden 22/Oct/11 Lead O/S
superjambo 22/Oct/11 Lead O/S

Warmup climb of the day beautiful, over all too soon.

with kirsten
danoflynn 22/Oct/11 Solo O/S
lecko 20/Oct/11 Lead O/S
with Ncik
Ncik 20/Oct/11 Solo O/S
odox 16/Oct/11 Solo
grubes 15/Oct/11 2nd
with Rowan Leech
David Pye 15/Oct/11 2nd

Really nice route, apparently now upgraded to S.

Hidden 15/Oct/11 Lead O/S
Hidden 08/Oct/11 Lead rpt
Hidden 08/Oct/11 Lead rpt
Hidden 01/Oct/11 Lead O/S
danhedges 01/Oct/11 2nd
with Andy Sisley, John Franklin
Hidden 01/Oct/11 Lead O/S
Tony Holdsworth 25/Sep/11 2nd rpt

Keltie's firsat grit lead

with keltie Moore, Dan Holdsworth
Mikael 24/Sep/11 Lead
birthers 24/Sep/11 Lead O/S
caroline256 24/Sep/11 2nd
jaimer 24/Sep/11 2nd
with Mikael
steve.warrington 23/Sep/11 Lead O/S
with Stuart Llewellyn
Susannah2010 22/Sep/11 Lead
Brannock 18/Sep/11 Solo rpt


Hidden 18/Sep/11 Solo
GermanAlex 18/Sep/11 Solo
Hidden 18/Sep/11 2nd rpt
Hidden 18/Sep/11 2nd rpt
monkeyme2 18/Sep/11 Lead O/S
with Stu
A Reid 17/Sep/11 Solo
Richard P Coates 17/Sep/11 Lead O/S
chrism225 17/Sep/11 2nd rpt
with claire
Steve Palmer 15/Sep/11 Lead O/S

Felt iffy with a split toe of my shoe!

Hidden 14/Sep/11 Solo O/S
cheeky 14/Sep/11 2nd
with Dan
Hidden 10/Sep/11 Lead
Hidden 10/Sep/11 Solo rpt
Subwaycups 10/Sep/11 2nd O/S
Claire Molloy 10/Sep/11 2nd
with NoelleG
Hidden 04/Sep/11 Lead
KevInLincoln 04/Sep/11 2nd
with Phil Griffiths
rockmaverick ?/Sep/11 Lead O/S

Well protected romp

with Emma Fennel, Johnboy Buchan
Hidden ?/Sep/11 Lead O/S
Hidden 31/Aug/11 Lead
Hidden 30/Aug/11 Lead rpt
andrewcoultherd 30/Aug/11 2nd
with k_os
jonnohodgson1 29/Aug/11 Lead O/S
Raggar 28/Aug/11 Lead

repeat with freddie

with Freddie
sopaz 20/Aug/11 Lead
goddamm7 15/Aug/11 Lead
with karen hallam
Hidden 15/Aug/11 2nd
Hidden 14/Aug/11 Lead O/S
vanderz 14/Aug/11 Lead O/S
JenEvans 14/Aug/11 2nd
with vanderz
Gallant 13/Aug/11 Solo O/S
Liz Wakelin 13/Aug/11 Lead O/S
with Manny Perez
C@rwyn 12/Aug/11 Solo O/S
Hidden 12/Aug/11 Lead O/S
Jimbo C 11/Aug/11 Lead O/S

Lovely, lovely jamming.

with Chris
TCarrick 10/Aug/11 Lead
Wilst 09/Aug/11 Lead
lewiz 07/Aug/11 2nd O/S
with kirsten
snomonkee 07/Aug/11 Lead O/S
with rich_hw
kirsten 06/Aug/11 Lead
with lewiz
Danhan 03/Aug/11 Lead O/S
Hidden 03/Aug/11 2nd
Hidden 01/Aug/11 Lead O/S
dpm23 31/Jul/11 Lead
Hidden 31/Jul/11 Lead
Tarryn 31/Jul/11 2nd O/S
CharlieC 31/Jul/11 Lead rpt
with Tarryn
Hidden 31/Jul/11 2nd
gavjwp 30/Jul/11 Lead rpt
with Amy
Hidden 30/Jul/11 2nd
George Nichols 30/Jul/11 2nd O/S