Hidden 03/Apr/18 AltLd
tompercy 03/Apr/18 -
with Simon Franks
Wee Davie 03/Apr/18 AltLd

In easy nick. More like grade III.

CharleyAnn 02/Apr/18 2nd
Malcolm Bass 02/Apr/18 Solo
The Grist 02/Apr/18 AltLd O/S
Hidden 02/Apr/18 AltLd O/S
robgixer 02/Apr/18 Lead

Nice route. Very easy mostly grade 1 with short sections of 3.

Joe_1102 01/Apr/18 Lead O/S
with Rachel , psymon1986
elclarko 01/Apr/18 AltLd O/S
nicjbuk 01/Apr/18 AltLd

Soloed most. Then 2 pitches.

with Jim groark
Hidden 01/Apr/18 AltLd O/S
Hidden 01/Apr/18 AltLd O/S
Hidden 01/Apr/18 AltLd
Hidden 01/Apr/18 2nd O/S
OliverRoss 01/Apr/18 Lead O/S

Grade III as was so stepped out

with lloyd Bisgrove
Hidden 01/Apr/18 Lead
MuckyMorris 31/Mar/18 2nd

Easy conditions, stepped out

Cuillin Calling 31/Mar/18 -

Great fun, felt like 3, tech pitches short but interesting.

with Paul Nurse
Webster 31/Mar/18 Solo O/S

By the light of the full moon! cant believe I was the only one on the mountain tonight. excellent route, very easy right now but I wasn't complaining. squeaky neve and toffee ice

Hidden 31/Mar/18 Solo O/S
mBob8 30/Mar/18 AltLd O/S

Not much gear and belays were interesting... Fun climbing tho, apart from the upwards spindrift blast on the final step!

Jo sumner 30/Mar/18 2nd
Hidden 30/Mar/18 AltLd O/S
Hidden 30/Mar/18 AltLd
SamDicks 30/Mar/18 AltLd O/S

Soloed up to the chock stone, kindly delivered a dropped ice screw to another party. We waited around on a large ledge just below the chock stone for 40 mins or so. Rob led the traverse bit soft then, then I led the icy pitch out the cave to top out. Would be nice to try in tougher conditions! Grade III on this day.

dwc 30/Mar/18 AltLd O/S

Soloed a lot then did top in two pitches. I lead the first Antonio did the cave pitch. Nice!

RobSimpson 30/Mar/18 AltLd

Super busy today!!

with SamDicks
Hidden 30/Mar/18 Lead O/S
Hidden 30/Mar/18 Lead
joeflan 30/Mar/18 AltLd O/S

Brilliant route

with Dom
Dave Payne 30/Mar/18 AltLd

Very good

with Leonide
btiller87 30/Mar/18 AltLd
with Connorh
Fiona Hughes 30/Mar/18 2nd
with SP
Connorh 30/Mar/18 AltLd

Pretty easy, only two 5 meter sections of iv 4 climbing. Really good conditions right now.

Hugh Simons 29/Mar/18 Solo O/S

Moonlit night ascent. Route in fantastic condition, perfect snow and ice although very hooked/stepped out so it's in definite grade III condition just now. Pretty memorable.

calumhicks 29/Mar/18 Solo O/S

Night time ascent, hard to imagine better snow conditions than atm

Martin McKenna - UKC 29/Mar/18 AltLd O/S

Quality night! Soloed to traverse then rope for traverse/cave. Grade III currently. Very good conditions. A route I've wanted to do for a while!

marxk 29/Mar/18 -

superb, easy for the grade

Hidden 29/Mar/18 AltLd O/S
John McKenna 29/Mar/18 AltLd O/S

Night ascent. Great snow conditions, full moon, clear skies, no wind. Roped up for the thinner steep section. Solo's the rest.

Sylvian B 29/Mar/18 AltLd

Very enjoyable climb! Chris led cave pitch and I led thin crack+slab. Stunning view at top!

Hidden 29/Mar/18 AltLd O/S
Butty 28/Mar/18 Lead
loonylovegood93 27/Mar/18 2nd
RM199 27/Mar/18 Lead O/S
Neil Adams 26/Mar/18 Solo O/S

Moonlit solo after work. Not another soul on the hill. 2h10 car to car.

Hidden 26/Mar/18 AltLd O/S
gregorhogg 25/Mar/18 AltLd O/S

Very busy but route in good nick. Snow slopes pretty banked out so quick progress low down. Good ice conditions for the cave pitch.

Phredd Smith 25/Mar/18 AltLd O/S

Really nice climbing in good condition. Lots of teams out so a bit of waiting at belays. Pitched twice, at the traverse and then the cave pitch.

davidswannn 25/Mar/18 AltLd
with Nigel Everest
joem 25/Mar/18 AltLd

Very banked out, gave two high quality pitches in atmospheric surroundings. felt more grade III than IV on the day.

with Phil behan
Hidden 25/Mar/18 AltLd
Brian Pollock 20/Mar/18 Solo O/S

Nice route and popular today. Very easy conditions although didn't look like there'd be a lot of good gear.

Hidden 19/Mar/18 AltLd O/S
joe.91 18/Mar/18 Lead O/S

Great day out, 4.5 hrs car to car! 3 Belays and 3 runners for the whole route pretty much sums it up! Spindrift was hell on the top section of the top pitch.

with Olli-C
Olli-C 18/Mar/18 2nd
with joe.91
Robbie Blease 07/Mar/18 Lead O/S

Fantastic route!

with Dan
Al_Mac 07/Mar/18 Lead

A brilliant route and an astounding achievement for it's time. Very glad to have got this one done in pretty sociable style (no choice really given how busy it was!) with Morna. The lower slopes were generally good neve buried in powder with the consolidation decreasing with height. Belays were pretty reasonable but the runners were definitely of the thin to non-existent variety! Maybe 12 runners in total, and most of them were in the last pitch! The ice was also a bit thin to be of any use to screws. If we get a bit of a thaw and refreeze this will be in pretty epic condition, but currently it's more 'there' than 'excellent'.

graeme gatherer 07/Mar/18 -

First on the route so dug out the belays and enough gear to make it safe-after fresh snow overnight. Climbing dead easy though and good snow ice in all the right places. Descended the corrie after cutting a slot and used the rope to check out the head wall. Would have been a good ski!! Cold Climbs tick after 20years of missing it.

with Rab
Mbaillie 07/Mar/18 2nd
with Al_Mac
Alimitch 05/Mar/18 AltLd O/S

Heavily banked out lower section. Belays OK but runners hard to find, the only solid ice was not thick enough to take a screw

with Gareth Jones
Hidden 04/Mar/18 2nd dnf
Gambit 03/Mar/18 AltLd O/S

Great route, technically easy but a bit run out in places

with samkat
samkat 03/Mar/18 AltLd O/S
with Gambit
R Brown 03/Mar/18 AltLd O/S
Mr Fuller 03/Mar/18 AltLd O/S

Excellent conditions, placed one runner in total on my pitches! Some unstable snow on the ridge down.

with R Brown
Hidden ?/Mar/18 2nd
lanky ?/Mar/18 Lead

Solo'ed to the top pitch then got rope out. Massive buckets. Like climbing a ladder.

with Searle
metrorat 28/Feb/18 -

Stole a march on the beast from the east and nipped up Crowberry Gully. Lovely squeaky neve and some good ice. Soloed to the cave, then moved together up the rest. 3h35m car to car. Great conditions but wind was getting ferocious on the way down.

with Lamb
Lamb 28/Feb/18 Lead O/S

Nipped in while Glasgow shut down with the 'beast from the East'! Great easy conditions, soloed up to cave then moved together. 3hrs 35 car to car. Fairly blowing on the way off the hill late morning. Dropped my chorizo down the Gully. Return would be appreciated.

with Jonny Livesey
Hidden 28/Feb/18 AltLd
Tinley 28/Feb/18 2nd
Jamg 27/Feb/18 -
Hidden 27/Feb/18 AltLd
jackob 27/Feb/18 AltLd

Easy going today pretty stepped out soloed all pitches except the thin ice one on the right of the rib and I led the cave pitch. Climbed as a 3 car to car 6 hours back in time for lunch!

Zoomer 27/Feb/18 Lead O/S

Stepped out and good hooks all the way. Both the ‘crux’s’ still good value but pretty straight forward.

with A Student
GlennWatson 27/Feb/18 AltLd
with Ken Christie
Ken Christie 27/Feb/18 AltLd
tiga271 26/Feb/18 2nd
sacdenouilles 26/Feb/18 AltLd

Great conditions. Busy but nice and friendly. Windy day but sheltered in the gully. Great one to tick after almost 40 years waiting.

with J F Philippe
wi11 26/Feb/18 AltLd O/S
with Esther, Vicky Hau
BillyR 26/Feb/18 2nd
mtauren 26/Feb/18 2nd
with john lockett
phil64 26/Feb/18 Lead

Lovely conditions and a great day out ....if a little busy!

Hidden 26/Feb/18 AltLd
masa-alpin 25/Feb/18 Lead O/S

Very busy... There were at least 4 parties in front of us, plus soloists, and two after us. The crux was fairly hooked out, but protection was limited. I did the route in long 4 pitches.

Anti-faff 25/Feb/18 AltLd
with Masa
davesa 24/Feb/18 AltLd
Hidden 24/Feb/18 AltLd
prcleary 24/Feb/18 AltLd O/S
with John Gilbert
Harrison_Connie 24/Feb/18 AltLd

Primo conditions, pretty chopped out and very busy! Great ice on the thin crack and cave pitches, the rest was pretty banked out - super classic route!

with Alex Slipchuk
Samuel Wainwright 24/Feb/18 AltLd O/S
with Phil W
the satori trail 24/Feb/18 AltLd

early early start. left stirling at 4. out the car by 5.30 at the top by 9. beautiful windless clear morning . the gully was very impressive and large. we rock paper scissored for first pitch both thinking it was the crux... sam won so lead off... felt rely easy and coming up to second belay I could see the next pitch would be the crux. feeling smug cos id get to lead it. Sam made a preposition cos he still wanted to lead, 'i'll lend you my ice screw for tomorrow if i can lead this'. hell yer that opens my tomorrow right up, knock your self out mate. felt well easy anyway haha, grade iv my ass, maybe on a lean day! great morning adventure tho :)

K Mckay 24/Feb/18 AltLd O/S
with Paul Gibbison
Hidden 23/Feb/18 Lead O/S 23/Feb/18 2nd

Amazing neve at the bottom. First ice route, really enjoyed the ice pitches. Apologies to anyone we held up.

with Paul and Celso
arose 23/Feb/18 AltLd

social day. grade 3 just now.

with Scott Brooks
running_blind 23/Feb/18 AltLd O/S
with Paul Addison
lusonavigator 23/Feb/18 2nd

Excellent throughout. Came out of the gully in amazing blue sky as the left ridge receded and showed we were on top a 'real' mountain

Lewis Read 22/Feb/18 2nd
chris cockbain 22/Feb/18 Lead O/S

Very well formed and deep snow, had to be careful not to drop anything down the mini crevasses! Crux pitches were absolutely amazing

Tom Draude 22/Feb/18 2nd O/S

Great nick, had to use my cricketing skills to field a falling ice screw. Sadly the carabina that went past afterwards slipped passed me

Hidden 21/Feb/18 -
Brendan 21/Feb/18 AltLd O/S

Almost fell through into what I can only describe as a crevasse on the lower section - otherwise it was a really good day! The route is really banked out - we climbed two steep neve/ice pitches instead of the five in the guide. The rest of the route was around grade II snow slope. Probably ** rather than **** in these conditions.

with Andy
NeilGriffiths 11/Feb/18 AltLd

Soft New snow meant slow, heavy going. Crux pitches a delight on good ice and neve. A magnificent setting.

with A Crook
Hidden 11/Feb/18 AltLd O/S
Robertgiddy 07/Feb/18 2nd

Really nice condition to climb, but screws dubious. Done in two pitches. Fantastic route but less climbing on it than expected.

iainballantyne 07/Feb/18 Lead

Fantastic snice for the axes today, ice screws are pretty pointless at the moment but there are loads of pitons on the left wall for runners and belays. Done in 2 long pitches with a lot of grade 1 ground to cover at the start.

with Jamie Tindale, Robertgiddy
luckyjim 07/Feb/18 Solo
Hidden 07/Feb/18 Lead
J Whittaker 07/Feb/18 2nd O/S
Hidden 06/Feb/18 2nd O/S
Hidden 05/Feb/18 -
Hidden 05/Feb/18 Lead
Em66 05/Feb/18 2nd
jobiehoar 05/Feb/18 2nd O/S
with Richard Picton, Dave Rudkin
hpil 04/Feb/18 AltLd rpt

Abandoned the queues on North Buttress, and had this to ourselves! Lower pitches banked out, P4 a bit cruddy, P5 cracking! Not much gear though.

Hidden 03/Feb/18 AltLd
Terra Incognita ??/2018 -
Antoine M ??/2018 -
Charlie Zephyr Booth ??/2017 2nd
with tim millen
Andrew Nelson ??/2017 -
Hidden 10/Mar/16 -
morsy 07/Mar/16 AltLd rpt
with gregor imrie
Hidden 07/Mar/16 Lead O/S
buzby78 07/Mar/16 AltLd
dan doran 07/Mar/16 AltLd
gregor 07/Mar/16 -
Mike-W-99 06/Mar/16 AltLd O/S

In good condition. Pitched from the first ice in 3 long pitches. No queues, got out of bed early!

Hoyes 06/Mar/16 AltLd O/S

Good but possibly quite banked out. Rach led the Thincrack Chimney, and I led the Slabs Traverse and Great Cave Pitch.

with Batt
Fiona Reid 06/Mar/16 AltLd O/S

Great route. Soloed first part then 3 long pitches to the top. Led thin crack chimney and ice slab plus a snow pitch to the top. Good conditions. Ice/ snow was lovely but not the best for screws.

RoscoJB 06/Mar/16 AltLd O/S

First grade IV

with rba
Batt 06/Mar/16 AltLd

Good, shame about the hoards and the dodgy stomach! Soloed a long way up. Bottleneck at the first icy pitch, buried axe belay. Ice ok, pretty cruddy and aerated in places takes pics but screws looked pretty dodgy particularly at the cave pitch. Several pegs in situ lower down.

with Hoyes
jaggy bunnet 05/Mar/16 AltLd rpt

Solo'd up to the crux which was fat . Great day with super views.

with picasso
Rob84 05/Mar/16 Lead O/S
with Alex
picasso 05/Mar/16 AltLd
Hidden 05/Mar/16 2nd
gwared 05/Mar/16 2nd

Crux pitch stepped out, good intro to my first IV

Hidden 29/Feb/16 2nd
Ken Applegate 29/Feb/16 Lead

Good fun, climbed the right fork first, then abseiled and climbed back out the left fork.

Mark Stevenson 27/Feb/16 Solo O/S
Jonny Nick 15/Feb/16 AltLd

Much of the gully was spent swimming through powder. Top ice wall not well formed at all. V5 probably more fitting as a result of this.

Mike Roger ??/2016 AltLd
with Bern Gardiner
HimTiggins ??/2016 -
jamesgr87 25/Mar/15 AltLd O/S
luckyjim 25/Mar/15 Solo
Hannah Evans 25/Mar/15 AltLd

Conditions made it very easy. Ice on pitch out of cave is getting thin and could do with a refreeze to survive.

with John MacDonald
Hidden 25/Mar/15 AltLd
tom.e 24/Mar/15 Lead rpt
AndyWigley 24/Mar/15 2nd
with tom.e
Dazluke2000 23/Mar/15 2nd
davebrox 23/Mar/15 Lead
Jordangask 23/Mar/15 2nd
Hidden 21/Mar/15 AltLd
Hidden 21/Mar/15 AltLd
dougp87 21/Mar/15 AltLd
tjmillen 20/Mar/15 Lead
with Jenny, Charlie
JWrighty 20/Mar/15 2nd

Moved together throughout the route

with Tmillen
sann1458 19/Mar/15 AltLd

Fantastic. Great conditions.

with Brightwell
olekemi 17/Mar/15 AltLd O/S

Climbers in the night; 4 hours car-to-car.

with Jeremy M
Rob N 16/Mar/15 AltLd O/S
with SeánM
Hidden 16/Mar/15 AltLd O/S
SeánM 16/Mar/15 AltLd
with Rob N
Ian Dunbar 15/Mar/15 AltLd

Great neve for the first few pitches allowed a swift ascent and back down to the car at lunchtime. Ice on the cave pitch solid and hooked.

with Phil Hall
benclimbing 15/Mar/15 AltLd O/S

Currently in IV,3 condition

Hidden 15/Mar/15 AltLd O/S
joesmith 14/Mar/15 AltLd

Just pitched top 2 pitches, as the rest was easily soloable. great condition and amazing day

with Chris.
Hidden 14/Mar/15 AltLd
Chrismith 21/Feb/15 AltLd O/S
with Andy, Seb
Hidden 21/Feb/15 AltLd O/S
sj87 16/Feb/15 2nd β
nicjbuk 15/Feb/15 AltLd

Soft approach but the ice and snow were good when required. needs a good freeze up though.

with BILL BUTTERWORTH, ross nicol esq
Piers Harley 14/Feb/15 AltLd O/S

5 hours car to car! Pitched the top 2 pitches.

with Jeremy Windsor
Hidden 14/Feb/15 AltLd O/S
Colin Mcgregor 14/Feb/15 AltLd
JasonK 14/Feb/15 AltLd

Great route - quite banked out so in easy nick, with only one steep section. Was thinking it would be too mushy on the walk in but just hardened up when you needed it.

with Neil Redgrave
Hidden 14/Feb/15 Solo
picasso 14/Feb/15 AltLd
Hidden 14/Feb/15 AltLd O/S
Somerset swede basher 12/Feb/15 AltLd O/S
with Jon Miles
patrickhoey32 11/Feb/15 2nd
Hidden 11/Feb/15 2nd
davkeo 09/Feb/15 Solo O/S

Conditions not great but good fun.

Hidden 09/Feb/15 Solo
scoth 08/Feb/15 2nd O/S

Soloed the 1st two snow pitches on good neve. Oli lead the top 3 pitches with little fuss.

with Oli
oliverk 08/Feb/15 Lead O/S

Great conditions

with scoth
Hidden 07/Feb/15 AltLd
Hidden ?/Feb/15 Lead
gingerking ?/Feb/15 AltLd
plain kitten ??/2015 -
Carol Goodall 29/Mar/14 Solo

Soloed on good neve, difficulties must have been beneath the snow. Enjoyable despite the lack of vis.

with Louise Huby
johnrich 11/Mar/14 2nd
with Mike Pescod
SeánM ?/Mar/14 Solo
with Rob N
Rob N ?/Mar/14 Solo
with SeánM
JackM92 19/Jan/14 AltLd

Good neve above 800m with solid axe placements. Struggled to find belay stances/places to put protection in and ended up soloing the majority.

alasdair19 ??/2014 -
saintlade ??/2014 -
whispering nic 11/Apr/13 AltLd

Grand day out, still very much in condition.

with Bomber Harris, Pam
Hidden 11/Apr/13 AltLd
lawrenceK 09/Apr/13 AltLd

easier due to hooks/steps but still not thin

Andrew Sloan 07/Apr/13 AltLd O/S

Struggled to find start of the route in the mist but very atmospheric in these conditions. I've waited years to catch this in condition and wasn't diappointed....fabulous route. Very well travelled and technically straight forward. A shame about the queue behind 3 other parties.

with Steve Grove
2010_graham 06/Apr/13 AltLd O/S
with Andrew B
planetmarshall 06/Apr/13 AltLd O/S

Great climb, busy day.

with Rob Cook
Hidden 06/Apr/13 AltLd O/S
Hidden 06/Apr/13 AltLd O/S
andybroadway 06/Apr/13 AltLd O/S

Great day out. Conditions pretty good too. Very busy though!

with Graham Davies, Midgeslayer
manmike 05/Apr/13 AltLd
Ste Ridd 05/Apr/13 AltLd

Climbed after been recomended to grab whilst in nick.

with manmike
luckyjim 05/Apr/13 AltLd
with D Helm
nicjbuk 03/Apr/13 AltLd
with paul freeman
iansm 03/Apr/13 2nd

Fantastic day out with Falkirk

with Graham C, Martin (Wilf)
abbeywall 01/Apr/13 AltLd

Led thin crack chimney and ice slab. Great conditions. One of the best

with K
team fat belly 01/Apr/13 -

Starting to get thin in places but still in good nick but busy today

with hugh
Rich A 01/Apr/13 -

With El. thin green ice on the junction pitch. cracking.

chrisallan 01/Apr/13 AltLd O/S
ShoePolice ?/Apr/13 Lead
with Andy Wilson
jshields 30/Mar/13 AltLd

Great climb, wanted to do this for a long time. A real treat to get it in condition on a beautiful blue sky day. On the top before 10am with the entire summit to ourselves.

Hidden 29/Mar/13 AltLd O/S
minch 26/Mar/13 2nd O/S
Grezza 24/Mar/13 Lead

well banked at bottom but good sport above thinman chimney

with Andy Kemp
malteserEd 10/Mar/13 AltLd
Julian Prieto 28/Feb/13 AltLd O/S
with cliffy
cliffy 28/Feb/13 AltLd O/S
Col Kingshott 27/Feb/13 Lead O/S

Very lean in places.

niall_mac 25/Feb/13 AltLd
Jams Crwca 25/Feb/13 AltLd O/S

Beautiful day, top-out was so awesome due to scenery. Climbing not difficult at all, amazing mountain route.

TeeBee 25/Feb/13 AltLd O/S
with Tom
net 24/Feb/13 2nd

Not 4 as it was today; would have led but it was very busy.

with GPN
GPN 24/Feb/13 Lead

Very easy conditions!

with net
lithos 24/Feb/13 AltLd

Great nick (III/3) and weather, I led top two pitches. Great fun and busy, but generally no problem as we arrived at belay just as the party ahead left. Carmen didn't appreciate the shoe box sized lump of ice dumped on her shoulder by the overtaking pair, thanx for that. Left a sling and krab at bottom, dropped a dmm bug and krab :-( !

Simon Caldwell 24/Feb/13 AltLd O/S

I led the icefall to start then 3 or 4 other short pitches, Rob led the last 2 inc cave pitch, various soloing and moving together. SHowing the signs of its popularity with lots of hooks and steps, no more than III in this state (Red Gully the day before was harder). Late-ish start meant we missed the queues and only occasionally saw people at belays (other than one impatient pair who pushed past). Brilliant route, would be good to get it in pristine nick sometime, ie before someone starts a UKC thread to summon the hoards!

rnotman67 24/Feb/13 2nd

Excellent conditions, very busy today, think we were one of 8 teams. But not too much waiting about. Cave pitch getting thin due to the amount of traffic.

with easers
Dougbart 24/Feb/13 AltLd
with mrbird
Hidden 24/Feb/13 AltLd O/S
Hidden 24/Feb/13 2nd O/S
Hidden 24/Feb/13 Lead O/S
mrbird 24/Feb/13 AltLd
010paw 24/Feb/13 AltLd O/S

Great route!! Well worth getting up super early to get on it!! Was mobbed, must have been at least 7 Parties trying to get up when we were there. Condition was good but certainly well traffic'd. Nice wee pitch before the route even started was a bonus!

Diggler 24/Feb/13 AltLd O/S
with trevor
Hidden 24/Feb/13 Lead
Graeme Barr 24/Feb/13 AltLd
morsg 23/Feb/13 AltLd
with morsy
morsy 23/Feb/13 AltLd
with gerhard mors
Pete23 23/Feb/13 AltLd
with Matt
mattking_109 23/Feb/13 AltLd

Lead the first section we pitched and then also the cave pitch. VERY busy, but all cleared up before the cave pitch. Blue skies summit.

with Pete23
Keith Lambley 23/Feb/13 AltLd
with Jeff H
Hidden 23/Feb/13 AltLd
jfmchivall 23/Feb/13 AltLd O/S

Banked out with neve. Ice steps chopped up and full of big hooks. Closer to III than IV. Beautiful bright day but very busy with at least 7 teams in the gully.

with Mark Gorin
Hidden 22/Feb/13 AltLd
Liam Ingram 21/Feb/13 AltLd O/S

Perfect conditions! Soloed first 200m then 2 pitches to the top. Easy for the grade today.

with Andy Latham, The Big Sender
The Big Sender 21/Feb/13 AltLd O/S

Total peach. Conditions are perfect, very generous at IV today.

AndyL 21/Feb/13 AltLd
Hidden 19/Feb/13 2nd
Palomino1hills 13/Feb/13 AltLd

led 2 pitches Ben led crux, great climb.

with Ben
sparbus 12/Feb/13 AltLd

~In easy condition. 3.5 hrs.

kenneM 11/Feb/13 Lead

Climbed with Paul - a big slid come down st one point - possibly started by a hord of German climbers above. Generally conditions were good with little real difficulty.

with Paul Elliott
yehti 11/Feb/13 AltLd
with Inti
Tarquin 08/Feb/13 -
with Subbs, will
Hidden 08/Feb/13 AltLd O/S
Finn Curry 08/Feb/13 2nd
with Paul Warnock
carl_123 08/Feb/13 2nd

Ice was thin on the crux and a bit soft at the first chockstone but great otherwise

markwarner ?/Feb/13 Lead
Brucemacrosson ?/Feb/13 AltLd
with Simon Opit
tim20 ??/2013 -
jon59 ??/2013 -
DougSt ??/2013 AltLd
James Gordon ??/2013 -
Hidden ?/Apr/12 AltLd
jaggy bunnet 19/Feb/12 AltLd

cannot believe we got this to ourselves,especially after it being posted 2 days before that it was do-able. lots of swimming up the gully and thin ice but hey..what a tick.

jaggy bunnet 19/Feb/12 AltLd

stoating wee route

Hidden ??/2012 -
Hidden ??/2012 -
Paul Boggis ??/2011 AltLd
Hidden ??/2011 -
Jasonic ??/2011 -

Great Route

Mark Salter ??/2011 -
Hidden 30/Jun/10 AltLd
tubby two ?/Apr/10 AltLd
with Jimbo
Hidden 12/Mar/10 AltLd
lemon 30/Jan/10 AltLd O/S
with Joe and James
Rustyshanks 20/Jan/10 2nd dnf

Backed off 2nd pitch due poor conditions on route, Finished Curved ridge to summit and decent. This change of plans made for excellent moutanieering day with spectaclar views to East.

with Jim Wilson
Jasonic ??/2010 -
Jasonic ??/2010 -
Hidden ??/2010 -
Ken Applegate 12/Feb/09 AltLd

Soloed the first 200m or so. Climbed the rest in two pitches.

with Tony Shephard, Dave Kirby
Adam Long 12/Feb/09 AltLd

Much banked out, only one proper pitch.

with Richard Barson
lukehunt 10/Feb/09 AltLd O/S
felixthelion 10/Feb/09 AltLd O/S
with luketheape
tommytuffa 10/Feb/09 AltLd O/S
with Miles
Captain Solo 07/Feb/09 AltLd
with ontour
sgl 04/Feb/09 AltLd
with duncan
decs 04/Feb/09 AltLd
with sgl
Simon K 02/Feb/09 2nd
with Mike Pescod + PR
Lawrie Brand 20/Apr/08 AltLd O/S

Deep snow covering the chockstones - easy for grade?

with Al Goodridge
9fingerjon 20/Apr/08 2nd O/S
with Matt G and Ad and Chris
Hidden 20/Apr/08 AltLd
maresia 13/Apr/08 2nd O/S

Led the top easy pitch. Awesome climb with an even better top out.

Keith-Getoutadventures 27/Mar/08 -

Finished work in the evening, drove straight up, parked the car at 1230ish. left the car at 1'ish, eventually found the route in the dark, commenced climbing. started climbing with head torches then the daylight slowly appeared, that was cool. thentopped out in the daylight, back down to the car for 9. nice.

Hidden 24/Mar/08 -
barney_edin 23/Mar/08 AltLd
with Andy S
Joe Nunn 16/Mar/08 -

moved together with 3 on rope pretty quickly.

GraMc ?/Feb/08 2nd O/S
with kevin mcgrath
Ed Booth 12/Jan/08 AltLd O/S

What a day! what a route! What a mountain! What a descent! What an awful big dump of unconsolidated snow waiting to kill us all the way up but luckily didn't - amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam Booth 12/Jan/08 AltLd O/S

Thin. Felt grade 6 mixed.

Charlie wp Hill ??/2008 -
beardy mike ??/2008 Lead O/S
nicjbuk 24/Apr/07 AltLd

great day out on a classic

with ross nicol esq
rossn 19/Apr/07 AltLd O/S

Great route but crux sections, although spectacular are very short

with Nick Bryan
Hidden ?/Apr/07 AltLd
Hidden ??/2007 -
BruceG 19/Mar/06 2nd

Crux pitch v. thin, but made it without the detour

with Alii
tom.e 18/Mar/06 -

Very busy

with Charlie Everett
mje1398 18/Mar/06 -
with John M and Andy G
Joe Nunn 12/Mar/05 -

great route!

with stevious
crowberry gully 10/Mar/05 AltLd
with Ross McGibbon
Hidden 08/Mar/05 2nd O/S
dan cowley 02/Mar/05 AltLd O/S

Crux pitch almost blank of ice. John led round the base of the right flank on dodgy powder to gain the top, above the crux.

with John Maguire
tom.e ?/Mar/05 AltLd dnf
with Charlie Everett
steev ?/Mar/05 AltLd O/S
with Manjoe
steev ?/Mar/05 AltLd O/S
with Manjoe
Jonnaylor 26/Feb/05 Lead

Awesome. Long day behind slow pair.

with Andy Howard
Yourlead 23/Feb/05 2nd
with Graham Penny
Hidden ?/Feb/05 AltLd O/S
Hidden ?/Feb/05 AltLd
Hidden ?/Apr/04 AltLd
Summiteers 02/Feb/04 Lead O/S
with Duncan
pugilistswine 01/Feb/02 2nd O/S

with PYB winter climbing program

with Nick Banks
MarkDavies36 ??/2002 AltLd O/S

1st grade IV. Good condition

with Richard Bentley
gergosantha 03/Feb/00 -
with Geoff Tervet
Hidden ??/2000 2nd
BRUCESTRAC ??/2000 -
Colin Mcgregor 07/Mar/99 AltLd
with Dave Mitchell
Hidden 05/Mar/99 AltLd
Hidden ?/Feb/99 Lead
Tenko ??/1999 -
DerwentDiluted ?/Jan/98 AltLd
with Tim Stain
Hidden ??/1998 Lead
Louis Hume ??/1998 Lead
with Mustillos
markharro ??/1998 AltLd
with Allan, Swot
Smith42 ?/Mar/96 -
CMacD ?/Feb/95 -
pauldrew ??/1995 AltLd
Hidden 17/Feb/94 AltLd
Nettle 17/Jan/94 AltLd O/S

*** - 300m - Simon Hall A fantastic experience.

with Simon Hall
mattnuttall 28/Feb/93 AltLd O/S

Lead P 2 & 3. Phil and Dave Owen from MoB on another rope. Ace!

with Alan Holden
Jamie Simpson - Alpine Dragons ?/Mar/92 AltLd O/S

Second ever winter route! We had it in good condition and was quite banked out.

with Mathew Cartney
bms ?/Feb/92 AltLd
with BCS
frost ??/1992 Solo
johnkeith ??/1992 AltLd
with Michael Sandison
John Southworth ?/Feb/91 Lead O/S
ChrisMarden ??/1991 -

Well banked out, straightforward but great route.

with Bod, Simon
Hidden ??/1990 Lead
gallonj ??/1990 -
mark mcgowan01 ??/1990 -
with Con Higgins
pingora 16/Feb/89 AltLd
with Nick
Brian Wilderspin 13/Mar/88 AltLd O/S
with Dave Jeffs
Martin Haworth ?/Feb/87 AltLd O/S
with tim p
Hidden 12/Dec/86 AltLd
Ghastly Rubberfeet 26/Feb/86 Solo
with Tom Redfern
Hidden ?/Feb/86 AltLd O/S
cornishmackem ?/Feb/86 AltLd O/S
with Tim Bantam
Sean Kelly ?/Feb/86 AltLd

Very poor conditions with unconsolidated snow and little ice. Struggled to find any decent belays or runners!

with Lester Payne
Tim Sparrow ??/1986 -

Steep sugar. Some of it going down, some going up, some thankfully staying put. Hot aches reduced me to tears.

with Tim Lewis
Hidden ??/1986 Solo
Hidden ?/Feb/85 AltLd
Richard Weller 12/Jan/85 AltLd
with john sanders
Hidden 01/Mar/84 Solo
MikeYouCanClimb 27/Feb/84 Lead
with Midge
uphillnow 19/Feb/84 Lead
Pete Pozman 19/Feb/84 2nd O/S

Congested at crux so climbed out onto North face and finished to the top. First winter climb

with Andy Bennett, uphillnow
steveb2006 12/Feb/84 Lead

Great classic route

with Terry Lister
clanger ??/1982 -
Davy Gunn ??/1982 AltLd
Hidden 17/Feb/80 AltLd
Hidden ?/Feb/80 AltLd
Hidden ??/1980 Solo
crowberry gully 31/Mar/79 AltLd
uphillnow 12/Feb/78 AltLd

Fine conditions - someone else with us. Also with Guy Fox Kelly about 2007 with rope used on 2 pitches and solo whilst supporting a pair on a winter course about 1980

with Al Bennett
Derek Ryden ?/Feb/74 2nd
Campbell42 ?/Mar/71 AltLd

With Bren Jones and david Duffield.

with Bob Teale
SeánM ??/0000 Solo O/S
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