Sit start on the left, finish as for Craig's Wall.

Stingraypoindex 15/Oct/15 Sent

To me there are 3 ways to climb this wall. Craig's wall 7B - go from LH on big sidepull, high smear and reach RH into the undercut - sort feet and get established in the corner. Alternatively from LH on big sidepull, huge reach to good but small RH sidepull crimp, then LH up to tiny crimp out left and hit the ramp midway - I'm calling that Craig's Wall LH 7B+ unless someone knows better. Getting RH on the big sidepull and going up to the tiny crimp with LH first is the Shrinking Violet finish at 7C from standing.

High f7C
Mid f7C
Low f7C
High f7B+
Mid f7B+
Low f7B+
High f7B
Mid f7B
Low f7B