30m. Immediately left of Flake Chimney. Broad ragged crack leading up to the top pitch of Flake Chimney. When first done 1/5/60 it was full of grass from top to bottom hence called it Grass Route. As its now just left of Route 1 the logical name should be Route 0. In 1960 it wasnt worth putting in the Ynys logbook but as it is now much cleaner it is half a decent route. What the grade is clean I wouldnt know. I havent done it in 30 years.

Alan Taylor & John Robertson 01/May/1960

Nick Biven ??/2014 -
djromberg ??/2011 -
oldmanofmow 01/May/60 Lead

John Robertson. It wasnt much of a route when full of grass, it seems a lot cleaner now.

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