850m. The shorter and slightly easier sibling of Striding Edge. Often in condition. Can be combined with Striding Edge for an excellent alpine style expedition.

Ticklists: Britain's winter ridges.

Keelan Tootell 14/Feb Solo O/S
John Holden 11/Feb Solo
with Ray cassidy
johnjb 04/Feb Solo
Tommy_shaw 26/Nov/16 Solo O/S
Martin Haworth 20/Nov/16 Solo rpt
ElliottB 20/Nov/16 Solo

Descent after Striding Edge.

peachos 19/Nov/16 Solo
Wesley Orvis 10/Nov/16 -

Descent at night

Stamford Raffles 05/Nov/16 -

Saw a geezer with no gloves on. He looked miserable.

with Downie
dasc 30/Apr/16 -

With Gil and Lizj

with Elaine Browne
Hidden 31/Mar/16 Solo O/S
chris cockbain 27/Mar/16 Solo

Significant deep snow and small cornicies on upper part

Hidden 27/Mar/16 Solo
andy gittins 19/Mar/16 Solo
Pete Pozman 07/Mar/16 Solo rpt

First winter ascent. Always came down it before. Top was better (icier) than last week.

John Nuttall 07/Mar/16 Solo


with Sharon
Rotorslap 06/Mar/16 Solo O/S

Winter/Apline descent from Helvellyn after Striding Edge, in fantastic condition and weather was brilliant. Zero wind. Headed onto Catsycam

Tommy Westside 06/Mar/16 Solo
with Josh Parker, Jake Hampshire
Hidden 06/Mar/16 Solo
my 06/Mar/16 Solo

Descent from Helvellyn after Striding Edge. Took in Catsycam on the way too. Brilliant day, first winter ridge.

Davidwi 05/Mar/16 Solo O/S
epic ed 05/Mar/16 Solo O/S

Down climbing after Striding Edge with Ben, Johndog and Shane. Poor visibility and later some very strong gusts of wind.

JulianB 05/Mar/16 Solo
nathan.h90 03/Mar/16 -
domhowell 28/Feb/16 Solo


with Danny
Wendy Watthews 27/Feb/16 Solo O/S
Johnsulli 27/Feb/16 Solo
Hidden 27/Feb/16 -
farmus21 26/Feb/16 Solo

After work. In descent. Best condition I have ever seen it in. More like the Midi snow ridge. Banked out, firm and consistent coverage. Brilliant.

philmitch 26/Feb/16 Solo O/S

In descent

Petarghh 26/Feb/16 Solo
midweekjolly2 25/Feb/16 Solo
Ghastlyrabbitfat 25/Feb/16 Solo

Ascent and descent in fine conditions.

wildbill 24/Feb/16 Solo rpt

In descent.

wildbill 23/Feb/16 Solo O/S

Descent after doing Striding Edge. Good snow. No wind. Full moon. Mostly clear sky. Descended to where the path splits for Catstycam and then put skis on to head back down.

Hidden 15/Feb/16 Solo rpt
Rory Southworth 15/Feb/16 Solo
with Scott Marc Berry
Hidden 15/Feb/16 Solo O/S
Jack Whiteley 14/Feb/16 -


with Sarah
ssnow157 14/Feb/16 -

Ascent, as part of a loop with striding edge

with Jack
Hidden 14/Feb/16 Solo O/S
mattnuttall 14/Feb/16 -

in descent, Hannah already more confident in crampons

with Hannah
Adam2016 14/Feb/16 Solo
with Andrew Holden
Hidden 13/Feb/16 -
emc110502 13/Feb/16 -

First Winter climb.

Hidden 13/Feb/16 Solo
Scott Quinn 13/Feb/16 Solo
Nomes 13/Feb/16 -


with Darren
darrenpp 13/Feb/16 Solo
with Naomi
RhinoUK 13/Feb/16 Solo
mrphilipoldham 11/Feb/16 Solo rpt
Taylor656 ?/Feb/16 Solo O/S
alexcummings95 23/Jan/16 Lead O/S
The Grist 17/Jan/16 Solo
with Tom Doldon
Hidden 17/Jan/16 Solo rpt
sjbrook 17/Jan/16 Solo rpt

On the way down.

with PMC
Keith Lambley 17/Jan/16 Solo

In descent

Hidden 17/Jan/16 Solo O/S
Hidden 17/Jan/16 -
Robbie Blease 16/Jan/16 -
kwaidy 16/Jan/16 Solo
xusa 16/Jan/16 Solo

Descent with kmc

IanHope 16/Jan/16 Solo
with John Haxton, John L
alisonlea75 16/Jan/16 Solo

In descent

with Stu
Hoyes 16/Jan/16 Solo rpt

Also with Tom. Decent after climbing Stepped Ridge.

with Alex S
lordyosch 15/Jan/16 Solo

Descent route from the summit at about midnight. Clear sky, the wind had totally dropped off

stev1e.wilso 15/Jan/16 Solo
danceswithcats 09/Jan/16 Solo

Down from summit.deepish soft snow

John Haxon ?/Jan/16 -
D.botts87 ??/2016 -
Shane Nowakowski ??/2016 -
Claire Noble 21/Nov/15 -
petegunn 22/Mar/15 Solo
with Ash
Marq 21/Mar/15 Solo rpt
with Dave Clark, Vicky Lisle
Hidden 21/Mar/15 Solo rpt
andy gittins 20/Mar/15 -

ascended then nice decent on ribbon of snow all the way to Red Tarn

with Annette
Gav Parker 17/Mar/15 -
Simon Caldwell 15/Mar/15 Solo


with Alan, Carmen
Hidden 15/Mar/15 Solo
Hidden 14/Mar/15 Solo β
DSM 07/Mar/15 Solo
K Farrell 01/Mar/15 Solo

Descent route

MartinR 21/Feb/15 Lead
dashby 17/Feb/15 Solo
with Jonathan Hubbard
Hidden 14/Feb/15 Solo
Gav Parker 08/Feb/15 -
mattsmithuk 07/Feb/15 Solo
Scott Quinn 07/Feb/15 Solo
RhinoUK 06/Feb/15 Solo

First Winter ascent on my own

Hidden 02/Feb/15 Solo
macca69 02/Feb/15 -
Chris Manasseh 01/Feb/15 -
with Joe Roberts
Matt250 01/Feb/15 -
Hidden 01/Feb/15 Solo
Pete Pozman 31/Jan/15 Solo rpt

Descended and continued to Catstye Cam. Returned along its flank and ascended snow slope from low down in the cove to the top of Swirral Edge. Very high winds on crest.

Jenny Hall 31/Jan/15 Solo O/S

Wonderful traverse including striding edge to descend. Windy and snow a bit soft in places.

with Louis
Tom.Priestley 22/Jan/15 Solo O/S

From Catstye Cam

Hidden 21/Jan/15 Solo
Juliankitesurfer 13/Jan/15 Solo
george sewell 04/Jan/15 Solo

down climb after striding edge. actually more snow and ice on here than on striding edge ok condition hard packed where snow , lots of rocks through tough. crampons usefull on top half.

Gav Parker 30/Dec/14 -
Hidden 29/Dec/14 Solo
Hidden 29/Dec/14 Solo
barney@helmshore 28/Dec/14 Solo O/S

In decent

with James W
freemanTom 13/Dec/14 -
Dave Wearing 03/Dec/14 -
with Gavin Parker
lordyosch 29/Mar/14 Solo O/S

Descent from the summit. Fair snow cover higher up.

mike25350 29/Mar/14 -
y2keable 29/Mar/14 -
with Mike
Adamski1986 23/Mar/14 Solo
Darbo 08/Mar/14 -
Hidden 03/Mar/14 Solo
dakidunn 01/Mar/14 Solo
Gav Parker 01/Mar/14 -
Matt Amos 01/Mar/14 Solo
splat2million 01/Mar/14 Solo
Madden 01/Mar/14 Solo
Steve Bartle ?/Mar/14 Solo
Gav Parker 19/Feb/14 -
leeds_belle 16/Feb/14 Solo O/S
IanHope 15/Feb/14 Solo
Radioactiveman 10/Feb/14 Solo O/S

Climbed with Sam

DSM 09/Feb/14 Solo

Fell shoes + 2 axes (v. rapid descent!).

Hidden 02/Feb/14 -
OllieF 29/Jan/14 -


OllieF 28/Jan/14 -

Amazing conditions! Sections of the edge were completely snow covered (no rocks at all). Used in descent.

Wesley Orvis 26/Jan/14 -
OllieF 24/Jan/14 Solo
with Jago Miller
Mr Fuller 19/Jan/14 Solo O/S
Mountain Llama 14/Jan/14 Solo
dakidunn 11/Jan/14 -
OllieF 11/Jan/14 -


with Ben
thedatastream 04/Jan/14 -
with Lorna, Vix
vix 04/Jan/14 Solo

Descent from Helvellyn

with Lorna, JP
Richie Torrance 04/Jan/14 Solo
Montane Moore 04/Jan/14 Solo O/S
ed2204 02/Jan/14 -
Avinash Aujayeb ?/Jan/14 Solo O/S
Hidden ?/Jan/14 Solo O/S
OllieF 31/Dec/13 Solo

Used as a descent route to get across to striding edge after coming up brown cove crag. Turned around at the start of the edge due to changing weather and daylight (or lack of).

Wesley Orvis 29/Dec/13 Solo

in descent

alias dave 28/Dec/13 Solo
edhawk21 28/Dec/13 AltLd O/S
Treebeard 28/Dec/13 AltLd
petegunn 14/Apr/13 Solo

Slightly windy with a few drops of rain in the air!!

Bullybones 07/Apr/13 -
IanHope 06/Apr/13 Solo
dakidunn 06/Apr/13 Solo
victim of mathematics 03/Apr/13 Solo O/S

In descent

Hidden 01/Apr/13 Solo
Hidden 31/Mar/13 Solo
ramraider 31/Mar/13 -
andy gittins 31/Mar/13 Solo

alpine like traverse of striding / swirral superb morning out and back for lunch

Hidden 28/Mar/13 Solo
Dark Peak Paul 27/Mar/13 Solo
Hidden 17/Mar/13 Solo
petegunn 17/Mar/13 Solo
with Ash, Tom, Davina
Two Cams Tom 17/Mar/13 -
petegunn 12/Mar/13 Solo
with Will
Gav Parker 02/Mar/13 Solo
Dave Wearing 02/Mar/13 -
with Gavin Parker
Marq 02/Mar/13 Solo rpt

In descent and unlike Striding Edge certainly in winter condition as evidenced by the number of people without crampons turning back!

Hidden 02/Mar/13 Solo O/S
Hidden 21/Feb/13 Solo
Jake463 19/Feb/13 Solo O/S

On descent.

Dan Lane 17/Feb/13 Solo O/S
with Hugh Wheeler
Poco Loco 16/Feb/13 -

Descent after Striding edge.

gingerbex 16/Feb/13 -

AMC lake's trip - with Phil Orwell (up) and Dave Q, Dave E aiding Marketta and Roz (down)

trish1968 16/Feb/13 Solo

Up swirral edge down striding edge

GeorgeR 16/Feb/13 Solo

Decent. Snow on ridge needed crampons on steepest part

with Avon Scouts
Hidden 16/Feb/13 Solo
BenRyle 14/Feb/13 Solo O/S
with Faz, Charlottte
CharlotteMilner 14/Feb/13 Solo O/S
with BenRyle
Hidden 10/Feb/13 Solo
alias dave 10/Feb/13 Solo O/S
with Sam.EB
Tony Hy 09/Feb/13 Solo O/S
with Wayne, Ian
Dave Richards 09/Feb/13 Solo O/S

In descent.

anaesthetic 07/Feb/13 Solo O/S
with Iain C, John G
sjbrook 02/Feb/13 Solo rpt
with Lucy
smithjmw46 26/Jan/13 Solo
Hidden 26/Jan/13 Solo
nickwhimster 26/Jan/13 Solo O/S
monsteratt 26/Jan/13 Solo O/S
with Dan Fairbank, Nick Whimster, Will Kilner
Hidden 26/Jan/13 Solo O/S
OllieF 24/Jan/13 Solo

Went with the intention to ascent via Striding Edge, But backed off due to wind and levels of Ice/Snow. Ascent and Descent on Swirral Edge, Amazing views from the top, moonlit as far as the eye could see! iPhones became non functional due to temperatures.

with Jago Miller
Radioactiveman 23/Jan/13 Solo O/S

Night time descent after coming up gully 2.

Double Knee Bar 19/Jan/13 Solo

walk off from Red Tarn

petegunn 17/Jan/13 Solo
with Davina
Hidden 17/Jan/13 Solo
petegunn 16/Jan/13 Solo
TCarrick 16/Jan/13 Solo
with HVSmith
Hidden 15/Jan/13 Solo
Hidden 12/Jan/13 Solo O/S
Sean Kelly 01/Jan/13 Solo

Grim conditions with 60mph gusts and -2C with hail! To wear crampons or not....?

with Harold Jepson
lithos ?/Jan/13 -
gnospellius ??/2013 -
Avinash Aujayeb ??/2013 -
Ady Gray ??/2013 -
Hidden ??/2013 -
Hidden ??/2013 Solo
cymjt ??/2013 -
Hidden 24/Dec/12 Solo O/S
Hidden 15/Dec/12 Solo O/S
Hidden 13/Dec/12 Solo
sjbrook 11/Dec/12 Solo

In decent

Dave Richards 11/Dec/12 Solo O/S

In descent

with sjbrook
jules1990 10/Dec/12 Solo β


Nat norris 10/Dec/12 Solo
with joss halford
petegunn 07/Dec/12 -
with Davina
Hidden 07/Dec/12 Solo rpt
dasc 05/Dec/12 Solo
Danny Crump 05/Dec/12 Solo
CharlieMack 03/Dec/12 Solo O/S
Gav Parker 02/Dec/12 -
Goose4 01/Dec/12 -
with Alex Pokhilko
jules1990 01/Dec/12 Solo


trivett 01/Dec/12 -

In Decent; the first section had a real alpine feel on the crestof the ridge with blue skys!

with Pete Smith, Maddie Sweetman, Matt Squire, Steve ward
Ian Hinkins 05/Nov/12 -
with Hal
IanHope 04/Nov/12 Solo
dakidunn 04/Nov/12 Solo
buxtoncoffeelover 13/Feb/12 Solo
Jon boy 11/Feb/12 Solo


with Ben Ward
gaz_jones 11/Feb/12 Solo


Wesley Orvis 10/Feb/12 -
adamwesthead 09/Feb/12 AltLd

We were aiming for Viking Buttress in the mist and ended up on the edge path. Poor show

with Hoult
Tim Rodgers 05/Feb/12 Solo


Hidden 05/Feb/12 Solo O/S
Hidden 04/Feb/12 -
steveq 04/Feb/12 -
petegunn 02/Feb/12 Solo
with Davina
Hidden 02/Feb/12 Solo rpt
Hidden 02/Feb/12 Solo rpt
biggianthead 02/Feb/12 -
with G
Gav Parker 01/Feb/12 Solo
jon59 31/Jan/12 Solo
BelleVedere 31/Jan/12 Solo
Hidden 30/Jan/12 Solo
Ratfeeder 30/Jan/12 Solo rpt
Hidden 29/Jan/12 Solo
richard s 29/Jan/12 Lead
with Chris Eccles, Paul Eccles, Gill Eccles, Kay Smith
Frank Atherton 28/Jan/12 Lead
with John Lucy
Dave Richards 28/Jan/12 Solo O/S
with PMC
sjbrook 28/Jan/12 Solo O/S
with Dave Richards, PMC
Ragingpossum 28/Jan/12 Solo
Hidden 28/Jan/12 Solo O/S
R_W_M 28/Jan/12 Solo

in descent

Hidden 27/Jan/12 Solo rpt
petegunn 27/Jan/12 Solo
with Davina
tobyk 06/Jan/12 -
with Emma Akam
nickcj ?/Jan/12 -
georgemax ??/2012 -
Hidden ??/2012 -
cas smerdon 20/Dec/11 Solo
with Mark S
Hidden 20/Dec/11 Solo
Hidden 18/Dec/11 Solo
Mark Dennison 18/Dec/11 Solo

Used as a descent route after doing striding Edge and Helvellyn summit

with Dawn
Theeni 17/Dec/11 Solo O/S

Guided a couple of lost souls up and a further couple down in the white out

tech 15/Dec/11 Solo

Down climbed to gain access to Gully 1. The cornices between Swiral and Viking Buttress had recently avalanched. Others along the ridge were getting out to be more than 8 feet in places. The ridge it's self had good quality snow on it.

freemanTom 11/Dec/11 Solo

No need for crampons but more than enough snow for the axe to more than an accessory.

Dave Richards 11/Dec/11 Solo O/S
Prez 20/Feb/11 -
with Jayz
Stephen Halliday 28/Jan/11 Solo O/S
with John Wilshaw, Tim Akast
jfmchivall 11/Jan/11 -
steve_hoey 08/Jan/11 -
Hidden 06/Jan/11 Solo
Sophie Nunn 03/Jan/11 -
Ben lad ?/Jan/11 -
with rambo and justin
JamesM ??/2011 -
The Wriggler ??/2011 -
The Mountain Goat ??/2011 -
Liam Martin ??/2011 Solo
with Carl Stevenson
David Wynne 29/Dec/10 Solo
jlury 29/Dec/10 Solo
thomas 28/Dec/10 Solo

After ascending striding edge descent via swirral edge back to Pattadale 10 k walk basically, Deep thaw set in dripping water everywhere about plus one on the summit. (More snow on swirral than striding) views minimal clagg down.

with David Menzies
freemanTom 28/Dec/10 -

In descent having summited Hellvellen from the West. Nicely Iced up.

with Burncool
Anthony1 23/Dec/10 2nd


with Alan, Peter M
tom_holdsworth 21/Dec/10 Solo

In Descent

with Tom Richards
Hidden 19/Dec/10 Solo O/S
Mark Dennison 19/Dec/10 Solo

used as decent route after doing Striding Edge

pffft 11/Dec/10 Solo

Decent with RUMC, good fun.

kirstyrichardson 09/Dec/10 Solo O/S

Descended Helvellyn via Swirral edge.

with Rob Ford
Hidden 08/Dec/10 Solo
ccraigg22 08/Dec/10 Solo rpt
Ratfeeder 07/Dec/10 Solo rpt

As for Striding

hokkyokusei 05/Dec/10 -
with Bernadette
jac00 05/Dec/10 Solo O/S
with Tom
tomtom89 05/Dec/10 Solo
with Jack
melvin 29/Nov/10 Solo
with Ash Harris
Jack Loftus 29/Nov/10 Solo O/S


pffft 27/Nov/10 Solo O/S
Hidden 20/Nov/10 Solo O/S
Hidden 20/Feb/10 -
francois 14/Feb/10 -
with Lorna
Hidden 14/Feb/10 -
Bisteris 06/Feb/10 Solo O/S
with Adam Foley, Dave Smith, Sophie Foxen
Hidden 31/Jan/10 Solo O/S
petegunn 31/Jan/10 Solo
with Davina
Hidden 23/Jan/10 -
Ratfeeder 04/Jan/10 Solo rpt
r_o_b_h2 ?/Jan/10 Solo O/S
Caralynh ??/2010 -
Ratfeeder 29/Dec/09 Solo rpt

Despite the scary conditions Swirral was easy to descend along crest due to in-filling of deep snow.

Hidden 05/Dec/09 Solo O/S
Ratfeeder 30/Nov/09 Solo rpt
PanzerHanzler 17/Feb/09 Solo O/S
Roch 07/Feb/09 Solo
with Tom Gallagher
Mayaculpa 07/Feb/09 -

first time with LFTO

with LFTO
jdgaventa ?/Feb/09 -
Hidden ?/Jan/09 Solo
MikeDowsett ?/Jan/09 Solo
with Kris Scheinkonig
Hidden ??/2009 -
Ratfeeder 06/Dec/08 Solo rpt
finter22 19/Jan/08 Solo

Descent with IBFC after striding

Hidden ??/2008 Solo O/S
Stephen Shaw 22/Nov/06 Solo
innesmac ?/Apr/06 -
Stephen Shaw 12/Jan/06 Solo
johnrich 27/Dec/05 -
MartinN 14/Feb/05 Solo O/S
Ratfeeder 26/Dec/04 Solo rpt

with Catstycam

Shaun Spavin ?/Jan/04 Solo
TAG_UTLEY ??/2004 Solo
Stephen Shaw 14/Feb/03 Solo
Ratfeeder 25/Jan/03 Solo rpt

with Catstycam

McDuck ?/Jan/03 Solo
with frodo
industrialiceman 09/Feb/02 -
Hidden ?/Feb/00 Solo
Hidden 26/Mar/99 Solo
Ratfeeder 15/Feb/99 Solo rpt
Ratfeeder 01/Mar/98 Solo rpt
with Kim C
Ratfeeder 01/Feb/98 Solo rpt
with Kim C
Ratfeeder 10/Jan/97 Solo rpt
Ratfeeder 29/Nov/96 Solo rpt

Striding/Swirral circuit 5.25 hrs.

Hidden 05/Jan/96 Solo
Iain Thow 10/Dec/90 Solo
with Tony (BP), Liz Jolley, Neil Davis
crowberry gully 15/Feb/87 Solo
mikej 10/Feb/85 Solo
with Mike Byles, Rick Naylor, Geoff Williams
Richard Alderton ??/1977 -
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