jonny_wells 15/Feb Sent x

Tourist tick sadly. Much much harder than Bus Stop, hard to say a grade as it was the 6th day on for me but it felt like hard 7b+

Patrick Hill 09/Feb Sent rpt

Local start.

with Mark Chevassut, Coops_13, chappers909
KDhruev 16/Jan Sent x
JamesWilliams 06/Jan Sent dnf

Flashed from the start to the crux then did one move before the crux to the top. Mega psych! Should go soon

Stuart Walker 18/Nov/18 Sent dnf

Up to the crux move ok.

jacobjohncharles 18/Nov/18 Sent dnf
Hidden 16/Nov/18 -
ferdia 31/Oct/18 Sent dnf
samrad 27/Oct/18 Sent x

Tourist start.

felixwilkins 03/Oct/18 Sent rpt

tourist start

LeoSkinner 28/Sep/18 Sent x

local start, finally got round to doing this, first pull on from the floor after sporadic sessions through the years

felixwilkins 19/Sep/18 Sent x
DeaNomNom 16/Sep/18 Sent x
eisenmann.m 09/Sep/18 Sent
MischaHY 10/Jul/18 Sent x

First 7C outside. Happy to put this one to bed after a long wait between attempts... Moving to Germany probably didn't help. Went first go of the session in the end. Good times!

jezb1 07/Jun/18 Sent dnf

Logging to note first sesh. Was too hot really but good to start learning the moves.

Hidden 02/Jun/18 Sent x
Patrick Hill 07/May/18 Sent x
oliver.ghill91 22/Apr/18 -
with Juliette
Hidden 21/Apr/18 Sent dnf
Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing 04/Feb/18 Sent x

I think this is the most psyched I've ever been to climb a boulder problem, not least due to the fact it was the first boulder problem I ever heard of when I started climbing 15 years ago.

Michael Bortoluzzi 04/Feb/18 Sent dnf

Closer! Dropped the crux a couple of times from the tourist start, felt pretty close! Refined some beta on how to catch the crux hold (kept hitting a little edge above it), and did it in 2 sections. Will hopefully go when fresh.

with Geoff Hannis (WCC)
Michael Bortoluzzi 02/Feb/18 Sent dnf

All the moves in 3 sections from tourist start - to the crux, crux and the finish. Keen to dial down my foot sequence and get it done. Did the crux without cutting loose, not sure it'll go like that from the start though

with Geoff Hannis (WCC)
Dan724 14/Jan/18 Sent x

YESSSS!!!! After a summer of injuries and so many near-sends it finally came together! (local start). Thanks to Mike Allday, Tim Peck and Rich Hession for sharing psyche and beta. And thanks to Emma Rebecca for calming me down enough to finally realise my potential. onwards and upwards, Spain here we come!!!

Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing 14/Jan/18 Sent dnf

Another personal best: this time doing it in two halves. Confident it'll go next time now, really chuffed with the progress.

with Ben Silvestre, Harry Widowson
Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing 11/Jan/18 Sent dnf

A personal best: managed to do the throw to the pocket twice. Did a few laps of the top to familiarise myself, because when I'm there I'd very much like to know what I'm doing!

with Mat Smith
Oliver.Pickup 30/Oct/17 Sent dnf
jacobjohncharles 28/Sep/17 Sent dnf
SandyJJS 17/Sep/17 Sent x

Tourist start

richi3d10 19/Aug/17 Sent x
NDD 13/Aug/17 Sent x
with Michaela
Stewart_o 123 12/Aug/17 Sent dnf
EddieTJ 29/Jul/17 Sent x
Michael Allday 17/Jul/17 Sent rpt
realbobsmith 02/Jun/17 -

First did it in 2011. Great evening session with Tom.

Tom Briggs 02/Jun/17 Sent rpt

Nice to repeat this after 20 years!

with Bob Smith
dinjones 29/May/17 Sent dnf
Fraser13 27/May/17 Sent
Jim Tan 24/May/17 Sent x
Hidden 11/May/17 Sent x
Hidden 30/Apr/17 Sent dnf
brices 30/Apr/17 Sent dnf

Soooo cold and windy, blew off many times trying to control the swing on the jump move,

anguskille 26/Apr/17 Sent rpt

local start, can I call myself local now?

brices 23/Apr/17 Sent dnf

didnt quite have the beans to finish it in a session, what a great route

with Rocky, Darren McMaster, remus, Llinos C
EliotStephens 22/Apr/17 Sent

local but not local. remember that.

Frances Bensley 11/Apr/17 Sent x
fennerz 09/Apr/17 Sent x


with Jocelyn
anguskille 08/Apr/17 Sent rpt

Tourist start, retro-flash

with Boulder Crew
Luke Brooks 23/Mar/17 Sent rpt
Hidden ??/2017 Sent x
MaxPrescott 28/Dec/16 Sent x
grady 10/Dec/16 Sent rpt

Local start

Dave Cale 03/Dec/16 Sent x

Tourist start. 2nd session. Chuffed

grady 27/Nov/16 Sent x

Tourist start. Worked out the local start afterwards but didn't have the beans to do the whole thing again

Ally Smith 26/Nov/16 Sent x

Tourist start

anguskille 31/Oct/16 Sent x

Tourist start. Managed it on my own with one pad but wasn't psyched about the local start!

Joyce 27/Oct/16 Sent dnf

Workin' dem moves. Best link was from the Tourist start to the hold before the wide pinch. Game on.

Hidden 22/Oct/16 Sent
will smith11 12/Oct/16 Sent x

Tried a fair bit over the years, felt easy today once I used some better drop knee beta.

jpalmieri 11/Oct/16 Sent x

Local start. Second go.

with Jim, Catherine
DaveFidler 08/Oct/16 Sent x
Alex moore 08/Oct/16 Sent
with David the limbful
GDun98 13/Jul/16 Sent x

Only took 2 sessions to send, did it from both the tourist tick and the proper start today!

Hidden 17/Jun/16 Sent x
Gus 11/Jun/16 Sent dnf

Another session needed

Ed Booth 26/May/16 Sent rpt

End of day play. was rushing goes a bit but all good training. Managed to do from tourist start.

Tom92 14/May/16 Sent
Mattlamb90 13/May/16 Sent x

Tourist tick!

Mattlamb90 12/May/16 Sent dnf

Fell twice after holding swing! Next time

with luke384
stevedude888 23/Apr/16 Sent rpt

Did the chossy local start this time

with Andy
Tophe 23/Apr/16 Sent
with tom106, James Doc
Sammy Oakes 29/Mar/16 Sent x

Managed the full climb in four attempts.

Jdoc 15/Mar/16 Sent rpt

local start.

Jdoc 06/Mar/16 Sent x

Psyched. Took a few evenings of failure and then when it finally went it felt quite easy.

B.D.Shah 20/Feb/16 Sent dnf

first try on it, elt good and managed to link moves together

with remus
Hidden 20/Feb/16 Sent dnf
willoates 15/Feb/16 Sent rpt

Done the tourist start loads, but never the full thing until today.

with Jack Rat
Adam Booth 10/Jan/16 Sent dnf

Got all the moves except the big one...

Hidden 03/Nov/15 Sent x
TobyG 21/Oct/15 -
Matthew Bennett 11/Oct/15 -
joe.91 14/Aug/15 Sent x

Local start, felt rather easy for 7C. No crux, just hard to link

Hidden 11/Aug/15 Sent x
Jordanh031 08/Aug/15 Sent

Local Start

Jonny Slarke 10/Jul/15 Sent
Joe Lawson 10/Jul/15 Sent x


Sam Lawson 10/Jul/15 Sent x
OERees 09/Jun/15 Sent dnf
PeterDawson 25/May/15 Sent x
with EdGS
garry smith 14/May/15 Sent x
Charlie Noakes 04/May/15 Sent x

Totally brilliant

dswansonlow 14/Apr/15 Sent dnf
shed_hed 09/Apr/15 Sent dnf

Felt pretty weak at the start of the session but managed to stick the crux move (pulling on just below) at least 4 times (previously only stuck it twice).

shed_hed 08/Apr/15 Sent dnf

Just about managed it in two halves again from tourist start. Didn't feel particuarly strong today.

shed_hed 27/Mar/15 Sent dnf

Managed it in two halves from tourist start. Should go with a little more work.

with Harry Wickham
FelixPeterken 22/Mar/15 Sent dnf

still two moves I can't do; one to come back to

MorganPreece 21/Mar/15 Sent x

Wild day, 2nd go in the dark after doing the Bus Stop start yesterday in 3!

with Ben Peters, Ned Ratcliffe, Rich Skinner
wolf.leeb 18/Mar/15 Sent x
dswansonlow 06/Mar/15 Sent dnf
Adam Booth 10/Jan/15 Sent dnf

Had a play on the lower moves up to the crux

Ed Booth 10/Jan/15 Sent x

Sent from tourist start, then worked worked the other start and did after a few burns. Psyched!

with Matt Lamb, Rob Ireson, Adam Booth
Mattlamb90 10/Jan/15 Sent dnf

From tourist sit to bus stop jug. Baltic!

Adam Lincoln ??/2015 -
EdGS 16/Nov/14 Sent x

Did the tourist in 5 mins yesterday and should have done the local very quickly, but fell off with a hand on the lip. Had to come back today to finish it off. Classic!

with James Squire, grey wolf
quiffhanger 16/Nov/14 Sent x

Tourist start. Surprise send - mega chuffed!

Beastly Squirrel 16/Nov/14 Sent x

Tourist. First go today after getting pumped out yesterday.

with Crowd, EdGS, grey wolf
Beastly Squirrel 16/Nov/14 Sent x

Original start. Fell off the top out late yesterday! Managed 1st go today at 8am after doing tourist start.

with Crowd, EdGS, grey wolf
shed_hed 06/Oct/14 Sent dnf

Worked the big move from the slopey hold to the finger jug from a standing start. Managed to stick it but really need to think about feet rather than where my hand is going.

Hidden 14/Sep/14 Sent x
shed_hed 11/Sep/14 Sent dnf

Reworked the forgotten start moves again from Local start up to crux. Moves felt easier and closer from what I remember. Managed to get into the jug this time and take a slow swing out but not hold it. Pretty happy.

dswansonlow 11/Sep/14 Sent dnf
dale 42 04/Sep/14 Sent x

Tourist start but as a local I have no excuse now to do the local

peaches69 19/Aug/14 Sent rpt

Got on video this time, 2nd go

eazyclimbing 17/Aug/14 Sent

local start

with henry
Hidden 09/Aug/14 Sent x
bencoope ?/Aug/14 Sent x

Tourist start

barni 30/Jul/14 Sent
with Glyn
Glyn 30/Jul/14 Sent x

From gentleman's start this time, feels half a grade harder

with barni
BenNorman 21/Jul/14 Sent dnf

Too hot for anything else, or for this infact

Hidden 15/Jul/14 Sent x
Hidden 05/Jul/14 Sent x
EliotStephens 19/Jun/14 Sent

on tour.

with Celyn, W111 WJG, AshWH
stevedude888 31/May/14 Sent x

Tourist Start-Craggy 6b

with Dave, Will, Elliot, howie
wi11 13/May/14 Sent dnf
dmaldonado 03/May/14 Sent dnf
BenNorman 21/Apr/14 Sent x

Tourist start cos bored of dragging my heels and arse across the ground at the start, much better from the jug

Hidden 18/Apr/14 Sent x
NeilManley 13/Apr/14 Sent x
Beefy 12/Apr/14 Sent x
ziggytang 10/Apr/14 Sent x

Tourist start. Local arse drag start next, balls!

with Ducko
Hidden 05/Mar/14 Sent x
barni 03/Mar/14 Sent x
Mike Goldthorp ?/Mar/14 Sent rpt

One of those times when everything just feels solid - pulled on and just did it, crux move static, still had beans for the top-out, great to have a bit of a gauge of current form.

Matt.c.Warner ?/Mar/14 Sent x
shed_hed 18/Feb/14 Sent dnf

Reworked the forgotten start moves again from Local start up to crux.

Luke Brooks 30/Jan/14 Sent x

Tourist start.

whitehouse_rhys 09/Jan/14 Sent x

cool line, wanted to do this for a while

pezzerrr 02/Jan/14 Sent x
sorlehaywood88 ??/2014 -
oliverpcain ??/2014 Sent β
peaches69 28/Dec/13 Sent rpt

Repeated For a video, although failed to record it again!, battled to get it done again!

with Brigi
blyth001 04/Dec/13 Sent x
owb106 23/Nov/13 Sent dnf
with Si Kai Lee, Tophe, Benjamin Corbey
Timothy Graham Peck 04/Sep/13 Sent x

Local start.

with Charly
wi11 01/Sep/13 Sent dnf
AshWH 25/Aug/13 Sent x
peaches69 25/Aug/13 Sent x

So happy to get this done!

dswansonlow 19/Aug/13 Sent dnf
shed_hed 19/Aug/13 Sent dnf

Worked on the start moves.

Ethan 13/Aug/13 Sent
with Cailean
dswansonlow 12/Aug/13 Sent dnf
fyfee8a ?/Aug/13 -
kieran_lowe 30/Jun/13 Sent x

Amazing climb, classic!

Hidden 29/Jun/13 Sent
Hidden 25/May/13 Sent x
Timothy Graham Peck 19/Apr/13 Sent x

Tourist start. climbing high point! local start next!

with Charly
dswansonlow 08/Apr/13 Sent dnf

Did the first half and the crux from the locals start. Now to work on the second half and link it.

Hidden 02/Mar/13 Sent dnf
@ndyM@rsh@ll 18/Dec/12 Sent x

Only the tourist start, long overdue

with Tim Peck, Jamie king
CosmicHobo 04/Nov/12 Sent x
Hidden 20/Oct/12 Sent
kieranrex 14/Oct/12 -

Locals start. Conditions were against us but it went in the end. So happy!

Mark Riley 14/Oct/12 Sent x

Went back for the original start :)

peewee2008 29/Sep/12 Sent x

Great problem, 10 goes, not as hard as the hype makes out.

with CBA
Mark Riley 22/Sep/12 Sent x

Tourist start, far left start will go next time

willoates 21/Jul/12 Sent x

Finally!!!!!! one of the best moments in my climbing life! tourist start tho, so the full tick should come soon.

with Becky Brown
BenNorman 18/Mar/12 Sent dnf

Got it wired then fell off the crux from the start a lot, wil come back fresh and get it quick!

Lloyders 15/Mar/12 Sent x

Proper start

Cailean Harker 11/Mar/12 Sent x

Wanted to do this problem for a long time. Went down fairly easily after all! Ace!!

ducko 29/Feb/12 -

classic problem

Stevie.Toft ??/2012 Sent
Hidden 30/Sep/11 Sent
smallerrich 02/Sep/11 Sent x

Original start. Then caved to peer pressure and ended up in the stream! : /

with Lots of randomers, Bertie
smallerrich 31/Aug/11 Sent x

Tourist start, fell off on the lip on the original straight after!

Luke Dawson 26/Aug/11 Sent x

3rd try after working the moves

Ed Booth 31/Jul/11 Sent dnf

held the move to pocket but couldnt get my foot back on.

with grady
Andrew Barker 28/Jun/11 Sent x

Awesome. Fell off the last move once the previous day. Fell off it twice today and decided I'd just have one more go and leave it for a few days. Sketched the top but held on.

Andrew Barker 19/Jun/11 Sent dnf

After a week of working the line (and not even being able to do the crux at the beginning) it was pretty gutting to fail on the last move!

grey wolf 17/Apr/11 Sent x

two sessions spread out over two days. Maybe because im short or my power endurance isnt very good but this seemed pretty solid for the grade. A qoulity problem though and very pleased to get it done!

Mike Goldthorp 14/Mar/11 Sent x

Yeeeyhooo! Only tourist start but still super pleased. Had it well dialled so was just a matter of getting everything right. Felt strong on it today, couple of half links then did it second try. Nice to do it in front of wads too

with Caff, Jim, IOAN D
Lloyders 01/Mar/11 Sent x

Tourist start

Hidden ??/2011 -
Glyn 16/Nov/10 Sent rpt

At last! Only took about 4 weeks! Only from the punters start I'm afraid (maybe V8?). Will have to back and do the proper start. Hopefully it wont take so long!

bfreeman 17/Oct/10 Sent x
with Jon Freeman, Dan Turner
jfreeman 16/Oct/10 Sent x
with Ben Freeman, Dan Turner
Hidden 25/Sep/10 Sent x
robertmortonlloyd 02/Jun/10 Sent x
owenH ?/Jun/10 Sent

tourist's start...and I'm local - the shame of it!

Hidden 23/Mar/10 Sent dnf
Hidden 13/Mar/10 Sent dnf
JonBrown 06/Mar/10 Sent dnf

So close but couldnt hold cutting loose at the crux

with Ed Shaw
Dale Comley 13/Feb/10 Sent dnf

1 move away

Hidden ??/2010 Sent x
h forrester 1994 ??/2010 Sent
Stewart B 22/Aug/09 Sent x

Great problem!

with Ben Litster, Mike Jeans
Hidden 16/Aug/09 Sent dnf
Andrew Jennings 09/Jun/09 Sent
with Andrea Hah, Si Wilson
Ed Booth 03/May/09 Sent dnf

got some good beta opff nic and tim, but no cigar. will go.

with fennerz
Hidden 18/Apr/09 Sent
Richard Hession 05/Apr/09 Sent x

Brilliant line. One of the best.

Hidden ??/2009 -
hamer89 31/Oct/08 Sent x

the best

hutch 01/Jun/08 Sent x
Cassidy ?/Apr/08 Sent x
with Hannah Banana
IOAN D 26/Jan/08 Sent x
with Mills
AndyGodber75 02/May/07 Sent x


with Dan
Hidden 14/Oct/06 -
Hidden ?/Aug/06 Sent x
Hidden ?/Jun/06 -
lx ?/May/06 Sent

awesome! 1st 7c boulder

Hidden 15/Jan/06 Sent x
Boy ??/2006 -
aliblacky 01/May/05 -
djmarko75 ?/Nov/01 Sent x
Tom Briggs 03/Apr/97 Sent x

First time I trained specifically for a problem/route. Considered F8b at the time, before bouldering grades became widely accepted.

kristian ??/1997 -
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