Use the two slopers to top-out. That's it!

*Sadly according to this has now been chipped (Sept. 2006) and goes at Font 6c+

*With out chipped hold (so only the left hand side of right sloper) still considered 7a

Ticklists: Font dream 2016.

Patrick Hill 31/Dec/17 Sent x
with James T
Stanners 09/Nov/17 Sent x
with Kel, Erica, Kuang, Rich, James
jammy4536 08/Nov/17 Sent x
sam.sam.sam.ferguson 22/Oct/17 Sent x
with Dave, Steph
hellboundblr 14/Sep/17 Sent
BobbyG 02/Aug/17 Sent
jedster1111 30/Jul/17 -
Chris3112 13/Jun/17 -

Done in 20deg + heat.

with Rich Ham
td72 16/May/17 Sent x
Rich2002 15/May/17 Sent x
owenhancock22 13/May/17 Sent
idlefoddie 05/May/17 Sent x
with nigel lee, Ellis roper
SSRyanSS 07/Apr/17 Sent

Left hand sloper only

Tom Corras 02/Apr/17 Sent x
Will Hunt 19/Mar/17 Sent x
KristopherHall 26/Feb/17 Sent x
with Cal, Jake, Jon, Rob Lay
C coldwell-storry 26/Feb/17 Sent x
with jake Rodgers
jh305 23/Feb/17 Sent x
Hidden 22/Feb/17 Sent
Connor Flynn ?/Feb/17 Sent x
with joe
Dave Mayes 17/Jan/17 Sent x

Didn't even consider using the chipped bit, still desperate at 7a!

with Emily
DaveFidler 13/Jan/17 Sent x

Fell off topping out on the flash! Gutted!

with Huw
JoeMills ??/2017 -
efrance24234 30/Dec/16 Sent x
ollyisaclimber 27/Dec/16 Sent x
BillyRidal 21/Dec/16 Sent x
JamesTurnbull97 28/Oct/16 Sent x
with Flo
Samwise 18/Oct/16 Sent x
with Jason, Amber
Aeron Thomas 30/Sep/16 Sent x

matched on the left hand sloper

MichaelTheVeganClimber 21/Sep/16 Sent x

Sent only using the left 7a

with Tom English, john mears
Georgeatherton99 18/Jul/16 Sent O/S
Tom92 06/Apr/16 Sent
Matt.c.Warner 06/Apr/16 Sent x
dane2468 02/Mar/16 Sent x
AxelC 16/Feb/16 Sent
with Jack
Jack Attack 16/Feb/16 Sent
Hidden 10/Feb/16 Sent
jess bt 08/Jan/16 Sent
rubben 30/Nov/15 Sent x

2nd go

Hidden 30/Nov/15 Sent dnf
Hidden 29/Oct/15 Sent x
iamstebarker 20/Oct/15 Sent
Hidden ?/Oct/15 -
Peace89 ?/Sep/15 Sent
JayAyBee ?/Sep/15 Sent x
with Nuala
BRoe ?/Aug/15 Sent O/S
with Lizzy, Heather O, whitehouse_rhys
matty_travis 21/May/15 Sent
dswansonlow 10/Apr/15 Sent x
Don Jebus 10/Apr/15 Sent x
Will_Mac 08/Apr/15 Sent x
crimpthengaston 05/Apr/15 Sent O/S
with charlie, chris JR thornberry, Skinny White Kid Steve, Ant, James
Hidden 05/Apr/15 Sent x
Hidden 05/Apr/15 Sent x
hankyc 04/Apr/15 Sent x
JonnyWilson 04/Apr/15 Sent
Matt Broadhurst 01/Mar/15 Sent x

Sloper thuggery at the top

with Alex S
Samworkman1989 ?/Mar/15 Sent x
Hidden 30/Sep/14 Sent dnf
Hidden 26/Sep/14 Sent x
Shane Willis 20/Sep/14 Sent x
tommo1664 11/Aug/14 Sent x
ChrisAllen 27/Jul/14 -
dale 42 22/Jun/14 Sent x

top is fun and tricky

partz 25/May/14 Sent x
MrRiley 04/May/14 Sent x

At last! Superb problem!

with Richard Hines, Mark Reid
andrew hammond ?/May/14 -
AlexRenshaw 10/Apr/14 -
with Thomas, Raffles Aaron, Sean, Sara, Becky
GuitarGenius92 01/Apr/14 Sent x
Hidden ?/Apr/14 Sent rpt
benl66 ?/Apr/14 Sent
Sloppy Joe 27/Mar/14 Sent x
with Stu, Colin, Hamish
stuart.a.adams 27/Mar/14 Sent x
with Colin, Joe, Hamish
Simon_Letman 07/Mar/14 Sent x

Without chipped hold

Si dH 07/Mar/14 Sent x

No chip

mark20 07/Mar/14 Sent x
Hidden 07/Mar/14 Sent
Hidden 21/Feb/14 Sent O/S
Timothy Graham Peck 02/Feb/14 Sent x

finally. tried this for years. just needed some friction! hard for the short?

with Andy, Lewis, Charly
tom rookes ??/2014 -
james.f.williamson 31/Dec/13 -
Hidden 27/Oct/13 Sent rpt
Hidden 11/Sep/13 Sent
bouldermonkey 28/May/13 Sent
ziggytang 13/May/13 Sent O/S


with Lloyd
sam_cox 04/May/13 Sent x
MrRiley 04/May/13 Sent dnf

Did this using the horn out to the left before going to the top sloper not realising it wasn't in. Probably 6b with that hold?

with Mark Reid
Lloyders ?/May/13 Sent β
dood1 ?/May/13 Sent x
chris.t 11/Apr/13 Sent
Bates 10/Apr/13 Sent x
Pajamas Tom ?/Apr/13 Sent β
KDhruev 31/Mar/13 Sent x
andy south devon 31/Mar/13 Sent x
gordy767 31/Mar/13 -
marcb 30/Mar/13 Sent x
with Paul Huffy, Ben Harper, Michael Moore
Hidden 28/Mar/13 Sent x
oliver.ghill91 28/Mar/13 -
Stingraypoindex 21/Mar/13 Sent
Hidden 20/Mar/13 Sent dnf
Hidden ?/Mar/13 Sent
cover09 ?/Mar/13 Sent
Hidden 18/Feb/13 Sent O/S
Daniel_Boocock 18/Feb/13 Sent x
Grindcore 16/Feb/13 Sent
Tom92 ?/Feb/13 Sent
Jeronimo 02/Jan/13 Sent x
dyno_king ??/2013 -
crimpthengaston ?/Dec/12 Sent
Lukedavidalden 12/Sep/12 Sent x

Awesome sloper route.

Hamfunk 10/Sep/12 Sent x

Only used the left sloper, was easier than using the chipped hold!

with Keith, Jordan, Joe, Stuart A, Ritz, Andy
AshWH 05/Sep/12 Sent
with Emyr, Jordan F, Roz F
AlistairB 05/Jun/12 Sent x


jakk 05/Jun/12 Sent
sam.sam.sam.ferguson 26/May/12 Sent O/S
hobblingfool 22/May/12 -
Castleclimber 09/Apr/12 Sent x
with Chris Pike
sgl0jd 07/Apr/12 -
JPGR 06/Apr/12 Sent x

Without Chip, brilliant problem

Haydn Jones 04/Apr/12 Sent x
with duncan
Tophe ?/Apr/12 -
DJayB 04/Mar/12 Sent x
with Mina, James Connolly
Hidden ?/Mar/12 Sent rpt
aretherenoneleft 09/Feb/12 Sent x

Without chipped holds.

Toby 08/Jan/12 Sent
with Pete
peewee2008 08/Jan/12 Sent x
with Toby
Hidden 04/Nov/11 Sent
bconibear ?/Nov/11 -
BrettB ?/Nov/11 -
Hidden ?/Nov/11 Sent β
will smith11 23/Oct/11 Sent x

without chipped hold

with Robin Guest, Johnny White
Mark Riley 12/Oct/11 Sent x
with Donna Carless, Simon Witcher
Cailean Harker ?/Oct/11 Sent
benvowles ?/Sep/11 Sent β
Jack00 ?/Sep/11 Sent x
PeterDawson 13/Aug/11 Sent x
kieran_lowe 09/Aug/11 Sent x

Nice climb, shame about the chipping. Did it with the chipped hold found it really soft, maybe 6c?

Luke Dawson 07/Aug/11 Sent x
Arisdad ?/Jun/11 Sent
Hidden 05/May/11 Sent
James Nott 28/Apr/11 Sent x
Hidden 12/Apr/11 Sent
AndyJBooth 09/Apr/11 Sent x
Hidden 05/Apr/11 Sent x
DRHolmes 04/Apr/11 Sent
Ed Booth 03/Apr/11 Sent x
grady ?/Apr/11 Sent
Henry.Todman ?/Apr/11 Sent x
Rob1988 ?/Mar/11 Sent
with Josh Oneal
infected mushroom ??/2011 -
Hidden 16/Oct/10 Sent
Hidden 16/Oct/10 Sent dnf
Hidden 15/Oct/10 Sent x
lukehodson 22/Sep/10 Sent x

Left sloper only (7a apparently?)

with Steve, Mel, Charlotte
Arcarn 25/Aug/10 Sent x
mr_cf 22/May/10 Sent x

took about 10 attempts with chipped hold. nice slopper. Later went for the 7a alternative without the chipped hold. Done in 25 degree heat on sloppers

with Jon Perry, Luke Walsh
Hidden 10/Apr/10 Sent x
maybe_si 03/Apr/10 Sent x
Hidden ?/Apr/10 Sent x
Hidden ?/Apr/10 Sent x
Hidden ?/Apr/10 Sent x
cornishben ?/Apr/10 Sent x

well I used both slopers..

Hidden 31/Jan/10 Sent
Jonny Slarke ??/2010 Sent
Hidden ??/2010 Sent
Neil Amos ??/2010 -
jfreeman 15/Nov/09 Sent x
with Daniel Turner
Macca_7 13/Nov/09 Sent x

Not sure about the method ued but thats what everyone was doing all these font rules seem a little silly! Great moves thou

John 'B' Hutchinson ?/Nov/09 Sent

Left sloper only

with Team medium-strong
Jake Shaw 03/Oct/09 Sent
Jake Shaw 02/Oct/09 Sent
with Iain
Dan_Carroll 12/Sep/09 Sent dnf
jw231 17/Apr/09 Sent

Using left most sloper only

nblackbeard 14/Apr/09 Sent x

Used left sloper only

rockjedi ?/Apr/09 Sent
beegsyboy 30/Mar/09 Sent x
Hidden 28/Mar/09 Sent x
fyfee8a ??/2009 -
jasonmead21 04/Nov/08 Sent x
BenNorman ?/Oct/08 Sent

classic. stupid chipping

with kev norman
Lawrie Brand 28/Aug/08 Sent dnf

So near, yet so far..

with Chris L, Andy M
Souljah 05/May/08 Sent
Hidden 03/May/08 Sent x
Hidden 25/Apr/08 Sent x
whistler 03/Apr/08 Sent x
with font gang
Lex Wilkinson ?/Apr/08 Sent
Hidden ?/Apr/08 Sent x
Andy Barratt ?/Apr/08 Sent

using left-most sloper only - doesn't appear to be chipped.

Andy Barratt ?/Apr/08 -
mshorter 20/Mar/08 -
Mike Goldthorp ?/Mar/08 Sent x

...after drinking a bottle of wine to myself! brilliant problem

sparkass ?/Mar/08 Sent x
Hidden 13/Jan/08 Sent
Hidden ??/2008 -
Hidden ??/2008 Sent
peterbull ?/Oct/07 -
Stewart B 07/Sep/07 Sent x
with Craig Marshal
Richard Hession 30/Apr/07 Sent x

Nice slopers

Laramadness ?/Apr/07 Sent x
kieranrex ?/Mar/07 -
deano ??/2007 Sent
Andrew Barker ??/2007 Sent x
Rob Kennard ??/2007 -
AlexRenshaw 29/Nov/06 -
Hidden 20/Apr/06 Sent x
lx ?/Apr/06 Sent
Hidden ?/Apr/05 Sent x
+4apeindex ?/Mar/05 -
Dave Kerr 19/Oct/04 Sent x
9fingerjon ?/Sep/04 Sent x

Before the chipping

with Rich H
9fingerjon ?/Sep/04 Sent x
Toby ?/Aug/04 Sent

Before chipped, first ever 7a

with Tom N
johnboyrevel ?/Apr/04 Sent x

B4 Chipping (7a)

tyler vacher ??/2004 Sent
Andrew Jennings 22/Oct/03 Sent
with Scott Gibson
Hidden ?/Oct/03 Sent
Hidden 03/Apr/03 Sent x
Hidden ?/Apr/03 Sent x
ewen ??/2003 Sent
Hidden ?/Oct/01 Sent x
whispering nic ?/Nov/00 Sent O/S
Hidden ?/Apr/00 -
peterbull ?/Dec/96 Sent
Hidden 21/Jul/89 Sent dnf
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