Climb the obvious rib, then surmount the slopey top in good font fashion.

Ticklists: Skin Friendly Fontainebleau.

Stanners 05/Nov/17 Sent x

Font love affair begins

with Kel, Erica, Kuang, Rich, James
holliehinsley 26/Oct/17 Sent
Dale Turrell 26/Oct/17 Sent β

First 7a flash!

with Andreea D, Tom HW, Reece W, Livvi W, Simon K
snomonkee 26/Oct/17 Sent x
abathingjames 12/Oct/17 Sent x
Marcus Wright 04/Oct/17 Sent x

1st go on second session ????????

Hidden 02/Oct/17 Sent x
Adam Willison 30/Sep/17 Sent β
JoeSimms 29/Sep/17 Sent
joeldering ?/Sep/17 Sent x
Hidden 29/Aug/17 -
Owen Diba 14/Aug/17 Sent x
jjwolf 15/Jun/17 Sent
will rivers 13/Jun/17 Sent x
Matt Broadhurst 19/May/17 Sent x
with Matt S
gordy767 28/Apr/17 Sent x
Hidden 28/Apr/17 Sent dnf
joese7en 28/Apr/17 Sent
with Mr G
Hidden 23/Apr/17 Sent dnf
DaveFidler 16/Apr/17 Sent β
Henry.Todman 13/Apr/17 Sent rpt
Simon luke 13/Apr/17 Sent dnf

need to try again. remember high right foot not heel hook (off balance)

Ben Turner 12/Apr/17 Sent x
Hidden 10/Apr/17 -
Tom Peeper 07/Apr/17 -
leonwilson 07/Apr/17 Sent rpt

Not a f7b Olly haha

heslop_ben 05/Apr/17 Sent x
Eddie Shelbourne 04/Apr/17 Sent
Just_Waltr 04/Apr/17 Sent x
Dan Hostford 03/Apr/17 Sent x
with LSMC
Tom Corras 02/Apr/17 Sent x
Thomas Hirons ?/Apr/17 Sent rpt
with LSMC
Iain.J.Brown ?/Apr/17 Sent x
Ilia Nadyrbayev ?/Apr/17 Sent O/S

Would tend to edge towards 6c but I've heard it's a height and flexibility thing

92stokesw 30/Mar/17 Sent x
Hidden 30/Mar/17 Sent x
Hidden 30/Mar/17 Sent β
Sam Marks 30/Mar/17 Sent x
with leeds bunch
Jackwd 27/Mar/17 Sent x
with milneb
milneb 27/Mar/17 Sent x
with Jack, Karl
CragDog 20/Mar/17 Sent x
Sean_J 20/Mar/17 Sent β

First 7A flash

Will Hunt 20/Mar/17 Sent β
Hidden 20/Mar/17 Sent x
alexandragbrown 17/Mar/17 Sent
Lemington59 12/Mar/17 Sent x
C coldwell-storry 28/Feb/17 Sent β
with jake Rodgers
chrismadar 22/Feb/17 Sent x
with Craig Osborne, Gordon Weight
Gordon W 22/Feb/17 Sent


mop449 01/Jan/17 Sent dnf

Fell off the top out, then it started to rain. Would love to come back to it.

Edward Kwong 31/Dec/16 Sent x

Really should have flashed it, ironically slipped on early move before the top out as it dark. Top out is typical font...

Sam Lawson 28/Dec/16 Sent x
RyBlackmore 21/Nov/16 Sent x
Sam Cooper ?/Nov/16 Sent
JamesTurnbull97 29/Oct/16 Sent x

With the high heel beta, shuffling sideway round the lip is interesting

with Flo
FloTilley 29/Oct/16 Sent x
with James
mrteale 28/Oct/16 Sent dnf

Got close to the end but wimped out at the prospect of a nasty fall

with Tom, sd2k
sd2k 28/Oct/16 Sent dnf
with Eddo
tom169 28/Sep/16 Sent rpt

retro flash, direct this time without heel

MichaelTheVeganClimber 18/Sep/16 Sent
matty_travis 18/Sep/16 Sent
Siara Fabbri 18/Sep/16 -
Soundwave_666 10/Sep/16 Sent
Hidden 19/Aug/16 Sent
CallumSturgeon ?/Aug/16 -
simwarren ?/Aug/16 Sent x
Tobias Brewin 24/Jul/16 Sent x
SteveHowie1 13/Jun/16 Sent
HoboChris ?/Jun/16 Sent x
yan hawkins 02/May/16 Sent x
James_L88 01/May/16 Sent dnf

Didn't manage the top out

with Alex North
j3z 21/Apr/16 Sent x
with Ruth
hellboundblr 14/Apr/16 Sent
Matt.c.Warner 11/Apr/16 Sent x
Russell Blackaller 10/Apr/16 Sent β
with Charlotte
Liamg20025 09/Apr/16 Sent
Hidden 06/Apr/16 Sent x
mini020702 05/Apr/16 Sent

Not sure on the talk of harder for the tall, watched taller guys do this before me and reach the crimp over the top which I had to do some extra moves off worse holds to reach. Scary but good!

mantle87 05/Apr/16 Sent
Hidden 01/Apr/16 Sent x
Hidden 01/Apr/16 Sent x
Edd Aspbury ?/Apr/16 -

High Heel hook too. Felt trivial when it went but very fun

Josh Lewis 24/Mar/16 Sent rpt

2nd go today - would have been first if I hadn't pulled my shoe off heel hooking

with G. Heng-Long, T. Pupšys
jh305 23/Mar/16 Sent x

So close to flashing; awesome problem!

Mark1800 23/Mar/16 Sent x
Jmpollard 23/Mar/16 Sent
spidermonkey09 22/Mar/16 Sent

Should have flashed this, probably would have done so had I ticked up the top holds. Went pretty quickly, great problem and again a bit soft probably. Don't know what the Jingo Wobbly guide is on though when it says 6c for the short, 7b for the tall?!

Dan Hostford 20/Mar/16 Sent x
with Rob PC, Binit Shah, LSMC
B.D.Shah 20/Mar/16 Sent dnf
Dave Mayes 18/Mar/16 Sent β
JayAyBee 18/Mar/16 Sent x
with Dave
Boj S 11/Mar/16 Sent x
Alex Winter 10/Mar/16 Sent
with Claudia, Jake, Alice, Chris, and Nat
Tom173 07/Mar/16 Sent
dane2468 04/Mar/16 Sent x
Thomas Hirons ?/Mar/16 Sent x

First time in font, First 7A!

with LSMC, tessbennett
Alex moore ?/Mar/16 -
JKinsella 26/Feb/16 Sent x

Didn't feel hard, but took about six goes because keep dabbing left foot on boulder next to it! Heel hook method.

Hidden 18/Feb/16 Sent
Hidden 07/Feb/16 Sent β
lewisrichardson 07/Feb/16 Sent x
with Milkman
EliotStephens 07/Feb/16 Sent
with Will
Teappleby 03/Feb/16 Sent x

really cool problem, was interesting doing it in the rain.

Matthew Ferrier 03/Feb/16 Sent x

Ended up feet first to finish. Rather unnerving problem.

Hidden 29/Jan/16 Sent
Jim pratt ??/2016 Sent x
Hidden 05/Dec/15 Sent dnf
rubben 04/Dec/15 Sent x

Thuggy - feet first for me!

Ed morris 18/Nov/15 Sent β
with Hadyn
Tom Pillow 26/Oct/15 Sent x

Really good climb. loved sticking my foot up first.

with Luke Richardson
PeterDawson 24/Oct/15 Sent x
Si dH 23/Oct/15 Sent x

3rd go

with Mark Derby, Neil Furniss
iamstebarker 21/Oct/15 Sent β
cjbaker 19/Oct/15 Sent x
Kate Laxton 19/Oct/15 Sent dnf

So close, yet so far! Can't say I didn't try my best!

ajk-log ?/Oct/15 -
Garrouli ?/Oct/15 Sent x
Hidden 18/Sep/15 Sent x
mattr 14/Sep/15 Sent x
jeddb 11/Sep/15 Sent x
mcgovern 08/Sep/15 Sent
DanWeiss 03/Sep/15 -
with Langer
Hidden ?/Sep/15 Sent
Davib ?/Aug/15 Sent dog
Hidden 27/Jul/15 Sent x
mikespooner ?/Jul/15 Sent β
AaronBosley ?/Jul/15 Sent rpt
with Ryu, mikespooner
woody99i 11/May/15 Sent
liambriddon1991 06/May/15 Sent
with vardy
JVard 06/May/15 Sent
with Liam, liam briddon
AlexRenshaw 14/Apr/15 -
with Ted Lister
Don Jebus 09/Apr/15 Sent x

2nd go

owain86 08/Apr/15 Sent β

Easy flash, felt like 6b

masonwoods101 07/Apr/15 Sent β
with The dogs, danjimwill
danjimwill 06/Apr/15 Sent β
john lynch 06/Apr/15 Sent
birdie1989 06/Apr/15 Sent
Josh Lewis 05/Apr/15 Sent x
BFG 05/Apr/15 Sent
Swamp murphy 05/Apr/15 Sent
with Yosh89
Stupopsicle ?/Apr/15 Sent x
AaronBosley ?/Apr/15 Sent rpt
with Katie Leather
spiderz 30/Mar/15 Sent x

Climbed the 7a way according to (no heels)

with Laura
Matt Cooke 19/Mar/15 Sent x
kermit_uk 28/Feb/15 Sent β

High right heel. Soft but cool problem.

dynoseb ??/2015 Sent x

2nd go,first 7a!

liambriddon1991 ??/2015 -
sgl0jd 30/Oct/14 -
EdGS 29/Oct/14 Sent β
with James Squire
Beastly Squirrel 28/Oct/14 Sent x

Glad to flash this classic.

with Crowd, Ed Gow-Smith
Ellis Butler-Barker 28/Oct/14 Sent β
ReeceWotton 28/Oct/14 Sent x
Tom Keaveny 28/Oct/14 Sent
Rory Bascombe 26/Oct/14 Sent β
with Georgia, Emily, Dad
Pajamas Tom 24/Oct/14 Sent x
andy south devon 24/Oct/14 Sent x
Doug_Mc 15/Oct/14 Sent x
Angus12345 03/Oct/14 Sent O/S
Michelle W 25/Sep/14 Sent x

2nd attempt. Scary scary top out with right heel up.

Hidden 25/Sep/14 Sent x
matt30987 23/Sep/14 Sent x

Almost fell face first off this but was pulled up by feet. Did it in the end, great problem.

with Kate Ellison
keithpeck 22/Sep/14 Sent x
James Oakes 22/Sep/14 Sent x
Hidden 19/Sep/14 Sent dnf
partz 04/Sep/14 Sent x

Had no intention of trying this till Homer did it. Bit grit-stoney

Hidden 04/Sep/14 Sent β
kyaizawa 09/Aug/14 Sent x
with Brett Ffitch
Hidden 08/Jul/14 Sent
Harriet Rebecca Hall ?/Jul/14 Sent

I have struggled with this boulder for a few years so nice to finally tick it. Right heal over the top is deffo good beta. Not a very elegant boulder.

dale 42 16/Jun/14 Sent β

flashed, ace little problem with a scary right heel

Samwise ?/Jun/14 Sent x
with Amber
cover09 ?/Jun/14 Sent β


AaronBosley ?/Jun/14 Sent

First ever f7A

mr_nsglover 05/May/14 Sent x
with ian paterson, Jason Bullen
owiowz ?/May/14 -

Really cool, but sketchy top out! 3rd go in the heat

andrew hammond ?/May/14 -
edamscooter 20/Apr/14 Sent x
with Jamie, Tom
david.pearmain 20/Apr/14 Sent

A team send with Aussies and germans all shouting loudly, great fun, not as scary as i thought it might be, just awesome.

tom169 20/Apr/14 Sent x
freudy_love 20/Apr/14 Sent x
Hidden 19/Apr/14 Sent x
Frances Bensley 17/Apr/14 Sent x
mhawk 13/Apr/14 Sent x
Jack Shorten 06/Apr/14 Sent β

Easy first section, followed by nasty top out. Friend torn a ligament falling from the top. BE AWARE!

Charlie Noakes 03/Apr/14 Sent x

3rd go

gmatthew ?/Apr/14 Sent x
scragrock ?/Apr/14 Sent x
with jamie murray
Danstephens ?/Apr/14 Sent x
Dan Hostford 31/Mar/14 Sent
Hidden 31/Mar/14 Sent rpt
Mattlamb90 29/Mar/14 Sent x

Went feet on top first, scary as Fuck

with Luke
luke384 29/Mar/14 Sent x
with Jamie, matthew lamb
Sloppy Joe 28/Mar/14 Sent x
with Colin
aciddan 21/Feb/14 Sent x

Found it easy but I'm told its harder if your tall. Second go

gregcourtney 01/Jan/14 Sent x

Bailed of onto the adjacent rock on the flash as I was face down towards the ground. Second go fine.

with Dan Turner, bfreeman
JoeMills ??/2014 -
Joe Lawson ??/2014 Sent x
with Serpius the Oracle, Richos Maximus the 3rd, Ben Wootton, Jonny Slade
RossKirtley 31/Oct/13 Sent
with Luke Robinson
Jason Bullen 31/Oct/13 Sent x
Hidden 28/Oct/13 Sent x
Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH 13/Oct/13 Sent rpt
J.Wells 30/Sep/13 Sent x
Hidden 10/Sep/13 Sent x
GeorgeClimbs ?/Sep/13 Sent x

Dabbed the boulder with my heel on flash attempt got it on the second!

Sarah Pashley 28/Aug/13 Sent x
Shaun James Cox 19/Aug/13 Sent
with Iwan, Baker
MatBaker 19/Aug/13 -
whitehouse_rhys 07/Aug/13 Sent x
with ben roe
BRoe ?/Aug/13 Sent x
AlistairB 08/Jun/13 Sent x
GuitarGenius92 08/Jun/13 Sent x
bencoope 08/Jun/13 Sent
charlietorrance 28/May/13 Sent x

nemesis from last year, went quick this time

JCAshman 09/May/13 Sent x
Kyle Rance 03/May/13 Sent x

second attempt as came off trying to put the left heel up instead of the right. A local told me about the right heel which was good advice. First time I have finished a route with my feet topping out first upside down. Class problem.

with Lauren Roberts
Hidden ?/May/13 Sent x
sam_cox ?/May/13 Sent x
dood1 ?/May/13 Sent x
Holister 10/Apr/13 Sent x
with Hugh, lee
Bates 10/Apr/13 Sent x
chris.t 10/Apr/13 Sent
ashknot 08/Apr/13 Sent x

Foot slipped off foot hold going to sloper on flash attempt but got it second go!

with Marcus, Caroline, Al Newlands, Luke, Rachel, Pete
j3z 03/Apr/13 Sent β
Llinos C 02/Apr/13 Sent
Ian Paterson ?/Apr/13 -
Luke Fairweather ?/Apr/13 Sent β
MBean ?/Apr/13 Sent
kela ?/Apr/13 Sent
crimpthengaston ?/Apr/13 Sent
Ben Harper 31/Mar/13 Sent x
with Paul Huffy, Marc Baldwin
marcb 31/Mar/13 Sent x

2nd go

with Paul Huffy, Ben Harper, Kyle Goslan, Michael Moore
KDhruev 30/Mar/13 Sent O/S
Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH 27/Mar/13 Sent x

3rd go, kept slipping off the polished foothold low down.

Patrick Hill 27/Mar/13 Sent x
AshWH 26/Mar/13 Sent x

2nd go

with crew
benkelsey 26/Mar/13 Sent x

almost flashed but was so surprised fell off backwards after the hard part. sent next turn though.

JakeWShaw 25/Mar/13 Sent dnf

Almost got 3rd and 4th go but after falling twice was starting to go through tips so stopped

Sean Bell 25/Mar/13 Sent

Great beta from the guys.The heel position is key.

Nick1812P 25/Mar/13 Sent x
with Font 2013
karol dubas 23/Mar/13 Sent x
Hidden ?/Mar/13 Sent
Danny_boulders ?/Mar/13 Sent x
benl66 30/Jan/13 Sent x
kyle ??/2013 Sent O/S
coster ??/2013 -
duddjaco ??/2013 Sent x
Hidden ??/2013 Sent β
Hidden ?/Nov/12 -
loonyclimber 31/Oct/12 Sent

Second go, high right heel.

with Andy Jennings
danimal03 30/Oct/12 Sent
with Luke Clarke, spillers, Steve Burwood, Mill, scylla750
ollie_e 28/Oct/12 Sent x

Had a bit of time on this last font trip I went on. Got it second go, committed to the top out, right foot higher than my hands!

philipjames 26/Oct/12 Sent
Haydn Jones 24/Oct/12 Sent β
Andy Peak 1 24/Oct/12 Sent dnf
Hidden 23/Oct/12 Sent rpt
Luuuuuke 04/Oct/12 Sent x
with conner, Si
peaches69 04/Oct/12 Sent β

tried last year, did 1st go and no feet higher than my head. never 7a

con321 04/Oct/12 Sent β

was cool i did it the feet higher then head way :)

wookie667 ?/Oct/12 Sent rpt
cobes ?/Oct/12 Sent x
with French Ben, Pete Phillips
Hidden 22/Sep/12 Sent x
Lukedavidalden 15/Sep/12 Sent x

Hard mantle.

ziggytang 13/Sep/12 Sent

2nd go this trip, cool

Stingraypoindex 13/Sep/12 Sent
dwisniewski 09/Sep/12 Sent x
with Bjorn, Mike Barrows, John Sharples
ducko 09/Sep/12 Sent O/S
Yong_Welsh 09/Sep/12 Sent
Hidden 07/Sep/12 Sent x
Timothy Graham Peck 05/Sep/12 Sent x

unique. classic if you ask me!

with Jacob, Jordan, Charly
Hidden ?/Sep/12 Sent x
Jordan4D ?/Sep/12 Sent x
with emyr, roz, ash WH
Hidden ?/Sep/12 Sent x
Ian Ash 30/Aug/12 Sent x
Arcarn 09/Aug/12 Sent x
HAJ Francis ?/Jun/12 Sent x
Ram MkiV 21/Apr/12 Sent β
with hull stag
Hidden 18/Apr/12 -
CallumC 12/Apr/12 Sent

First 7a!

sgl0jd 09/Apr/12 -
oliver.ghill91 05/Apr/12 -
S Smith 05/Apr/12 Sent β
adam cooper*super* 04/Apr/12 Sent x

2nd go, easy when you know how!

Hidden 04/Apr/12 Sent x
Ewano 02/Apr/12 Sent x
with Jess Horton, Joel Brown
Bargate_Champ ?/Apr/12 Sent x
Tophe ?/Apr/12 -
John 'B' Hutchinson 23/Mar/12 Sent x
with Houst, Jabs, STB
Hidden 11/Feb/12 Sent
Hidden 06/Feb/12 Sent
nathanlee 29/Jan/12 Sent x

3rd go. fun.

aretherenoneleft 29/Jan/12 Sent β


robblackburn ??/2012 Sent dnf

had only been climbing a couple of months at the time. must go back to complete it!

Jonny Slarke ??/2012 Sent
moges ??/2012 Sent x
jhs3jtmh ??/2012 -
Hidden 16/Nov/11 Sent x
RAH 06/Nov/11 Sent x
Hidden 26/Oct/11 Sent x
Hidden 21/Oct/11 Sent x
Johann 17/Oct/11 Sent β
Ken Applegate 17/Oct/11 Sent β

First (and only) font 7a!

Wood for Trees 06/Oct/11 Sent

Udge udge crimp

Mike Goldthorp ?/Oct/11 Sent O/S
natalietanzer ?/Oct/11 Sent x
with marcus
Hidden 07/Sep/11 Sent
Hidden ?/Sep/11 Sent x
benvowles ?/Sep/11 Sent β
Jack00 ?/Sep/11 Sent x
Arisdad ?/Jun/11 Sent
dannyboy83 ?/May/11 Sent x
JonBrown 26/Apr/11 Sent dnf

Stupid heels

loz901 25/Apr/11 Sent
Urban5teve 25/Apr/11 Sent x
funsized 25/Apr/11 Sent x
Hidden 21/Apr/11 Sent dnf
Adam Booth 15/Apr/11 Sent x
Ed Booth 08/Apr/11 Sent rpt
Ed Booth 04/Apr/11 Sent β
grady ?/Apr/11 Sent
Henry.Todman ?/Apr/11 Sent x
tom106 ?/Apr/11 Sent x
Beardyman 28/Mar/11 Sent rpt

Did it a few years ago with L heel, did it 1st go with R heel on top, soooo much easier!!!

Hidden 25/Mar/11 Sent x
Simon_Letman 25/Mar/11 Sent
Joe Costello 14/Mar/11 Sent x

Not my sort of thing normally but went ok in the end.

highrepute 07/Mar/11 Sent
Rob1988 ?/Mar/11 Sent x
with Josh Oneal
cliffrad ?/Feb/11 Sent
Cassidy 15/Jan/11 Sent
with Scottish Raiding Party
Hidden 04/Jan/11 Sent β
Hidden ??/2011 Sent
kingholmesy ??/2011 Sent O/S
peterp 26/Oct/10 Sent x
with Dumby Font Team (+ Hebson) 2010
hebson ?/Oct/10 Sent
with Dumby font team
Tom Heslam ?/Oct/10 Sent O/S

nice spicy mantle

with Rosea
peewee2008 22/Sep/10 Sent x

Done the 7a method, no heel tricks, great problem

craig naylor ?/Jul/10 Sent x
nai 12/May/10 Sent rpt
with Rob
Lex Wilkinson 01/May/10 -
Hidden 11/Apr/10 Sent x
Martin Cleaver 08/Apr/10 Sent
with Stuart McKinnon
le t 08/Apr/10 Sent x
with Andy, Stuart, Martin
artua 07/Apr/10 Sent rpt
with Dave Terris
Hidden 05/Apr/10 Sent x
Chris_barr 04/Apr/10 Sent x

3rd go?

d_meacher 04/Apr/10 Sent x
James Nott 03/Apr/10 Sent β
DKaye 03/Apr/10 Sent O/S

Flash :)

Stuart_Burbidge ?/Apr/10 Sent x
Hidden ?/Apr/10 Sent x
Hidden ?/Apr/10 Sent x
Thony 30/Mar/10 Sent x
with Tomby
Chazz 29/Mar/10 Sent β
with Dave Naylor, Tom Butterworth
brices 28/Mar/10 Sent
Hidden ?/Mar/10 Sent O/S
grey wolf ??/2010 Sent x

found this quite reachy but a good problem. watch out for the landing!

Beardyman ??/2010 -
Macca_7 10/Nov/09 Sent β

Done with right heel, should have done it both ways. Seems silly to have two grades!

Chris J Houston ?/Nov/09 Sent x
with The Dumby Team
Mike W ?/Nov/09 Sent

second go:)

Hidden 30/Oct/09 -
nai 27/Oct/09 Sent x
with Tim
John Southworth 26/Oct/09 Sent
Hidden ?/Oct/09 Solo rpt
james.f.williamson 29/Aug/09 Sent β

A bit soft perhaps!

with Alex Wood
Oddjob 27/Aug/09 Sent x
Hidden 11/Jul/09 Sent x
Hidden 14/Jun/09 Sent dnf
northerngreg 22/May/09 Sent x

I hated the topout! Never again.

with Jo Lee
Toby 19/Apr/09 Sent
with Ben
Tim W 13/Apr/09 Sent β

Used right heel hook. Not 7a.

Mattyk 13/Apr/09 Sent x

Right heel method, 2nd go.. has this as 6c method. straight up without heel trickery is 7a.

wilchivs 13/Apr/09 Sent x
sam8oy 01/Apr/09 Sent x
with The 'Boulder Boys'
Jeronimo 29/Mar/09 Sent x

Much easier with a right heel hook over the block. Saw some nice German guys do it that way, and it went straight away. Also saw Phil doing Smash whilst on this, which was impressive!

with 'The Boulder Boys'
bfreeman 27/Mar/09 Sent β
with Dan Turner
jasonmead21 10/Mar/09 Sent x
steve_biczyk ?/Mar/09 Sent
with Marc & Keith
Morgan Woods 03/Jan/09 Sent x

Scary top out....first 7a!

with Caine and Iain
fyfee8a ??/2009 -
deacondeacon ??/2009 Sent
Climber_hus ??/2009 Sent
Hidden 26/Dec/08 Sent O/S
BenNorman ?/Oct/08 Sent

2nd go :)

with kev norman
Andrew1 04/Sep/08 Sent
charliehw 03/Sep/08 Sent
Hidden ?/Sep/08 Sent
BobbyH 07/Apr/08 Sent x

3rd attempt

rockjedi ?/Apr/08 Sent x
Richard Hession 29/Mar/08 Sent x

2nd go. A bit soft maybe

JGW ?/Mar/08 Sent

3rd / 4th try

mattjam ?/Mar/08 Sent
kieranrex ?/Mar/08 -
Gus ??/2008 Sent
Hidden ??/2008 -
Hidden ??/2008 Sent
Tez339 28/Jul/07 Sent x
lx 11/Apr/07 Sent


with rupert & fat boy
Neil Amos ?/Apr/07 -
clairey ?/Mar/07 Sent

number 11 crew :)

themidnightninja ??/2007 Sent
Chris J Houston ?/Aug/06 Sent x
Hidden 24/Apr/06 Sent x
Hidden ?/Apr/06 Sent β
switch ??/2006 Sent x
Helge Øystein Maakestad ??/2006 Sent x
NickHobbs 07/Apr/05 Sent x
with Murray
Andrew Jennings ??/2005 Sent
+4apeindex ??/2005 -
Dave Kerr 17/Oct/04 Sent x
Hidden ?/Apr/03 Sent
Hidden ?/Apr/02 Sent
Paul Boardman ??/2001 Sent
with Pete MacArthur, James Shaw
whispering nic ?/Nov/00 Sent x

This gets 7b locally.

with Tweedley
TomMc ?/Jul/00 -
Hidden ?/Oct/99 Sent
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