Rockfax Description
The slab just right of the roof to a flared crack. If it feels harder then you are starting in the wrong place. © Rockfax

stvey 13/Jan Sent
Hidden 07/Jan Sent
Hidden 07/Jan Sent β
craig.england1 18/Nov/17 Sent
with Luke R
harold walmsley 12/Nov/17 Sent rpt

Three lines done: the wall on the left of the crack without the crack in two places (high mantel on the left, poor pockets on the R) and the move up to the left hand crack.

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Alstutt ??/2017 -
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with Josh Deakin, Joe Wilson
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WalopiaClimbs ??/2014 -
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harold walmsley 29/Nov/12 Sent rpt

Plus wall just R

p_won 10/Nov/12 -
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with Tilly
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apparently a 3+ in my book..

with Chris Rose
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Rampikino 20/Oct/07 Solo


with Cat & Liam
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