8m. Climb cracks in the centre of the short wall at the far right of the West face.

Ian Conway, Bruce Goodwin, Clive Morton Apr/1982

Nigel Bond 12/Oct Solo
Nigel Bond 08/Oct Solo
Mattskeet1982 LC&CC 08/Oct Solo rpt
Nigel Bond 19/Sep Solo
Nigel Bond 31/Aug Solo
Darren Lam 30/Aug 2nd O/S
with Col Di Lana
Nigel Bond 28/Aug Lead
Nigel Bond 23/Aug Solo
sn 22/Aug Lead rpt

Nice fingery climbing with good gear. Belays at top are awkwardly placed

with Denise
Nigel Bond 21/Aug Solo
Nigel Bond 20/Aug Solo
Nigel Bond 14/Aug Solo
Nigel Bond 11/Aug Lead
Nigel Bond 10/Aug Solo
Nigel Bond 09/Aug Solo
Nigel Bond 06/Aug Solo
Nigel Bond 04/Aug Solo
Nigel Bond 03/Aug Solo
Nigel Bond 31/Jul Solo
Nigel Bond 31/Jul Solo
Mattskeet1982 LC&CC 30/Jul 2nd rpt
Nigel Bond 30/Jul Solo
Oldmanofsalford 30/Jul Lead
Nigel Bond 21/Jul Solo
Nigel Bond 20/Jul Solo
Nigel Bond 19/Jul Solo
Nigel Bond 19/Jul Lead
Nigel Bond 16/Jul Solo
Nigel Bond 14/Jul Lead
Nigel Bond 13/Jul Solo
Nigel Bond 12/Jul Solo
Nigel Bond 12/Jul Solo
Nigel Bond 11/Jul Solo
Nigel Bond 10/Jul Solo
Nigel Bond 10/Jul Solo
Nigel Bond 09/Jul Solo
Nigel Bond 08/Jul Solo
Nigel Bond 07/Jul Solo
Nigel Bond 05/Jul Solo
Nigel Bond 03/Jul Solo
Nigel Bond 02/Jul Solo
Nigel Bond 01/Jul Solo
DenzelLN 27/Jun 2nd O/S
radddogg 27/Jun Lead O/S
Nigel Bond 26/Jun Solo
Nigel Bond 25/Jun Solo
Nigel Bond 21/Jun Solo
Nigel Bond 20/Jun Solo
Nigel Bond 20/Jun Solo
Nigel Bond 19/Jun Solo
Nigel Bond 18/Jun Solo
Nigel Bond 16/Jun Solo
Nigel Bond 15/Jun Solo
Nigel Bond 14/Jun Solo
Nigel Bond 13/Jun Solo
Nigel Bond 12/Jun Solo
Nigel Bond 11/Jun Solo
Nigel Bond 09/Jun Solo
Nigel Bond 08/Jun Solo
Nigel Bond 07/Jun Solo
Nigel Bond 04/Jun Solo
Albanian ?/Jun AltLd O/S
with Lee
Nigel Bond 26/May Solo
JdotP 25/May Lead O/S
with Caveman
Cavemanclimb 25/May 2nd
with JdotP
Nigel Bond 25/May Solo
Nigel Bond 24/May Solo
Nigel Bond 23/May Solo
Nigel Bond 21/May Solo
Nigel Bond 19/May Solo
Nigel Bond 18/May Solo
Nigel Bond 16/May Solo
Nigel Bond 14/May Solo
Nigel Bond 12/May Solo
ElliottB 11/May 2nd O/S
with Nils
Nigel Bond 11/May Solo
Nigel Bond 10/May Solo
Nigel Bond 09/May Solo
Nigel Bond 08/May Solo
Nigel Bond 07/May Solo
Nigel Bond 06/May Solo
Nigel Bond 05/May Solo
Nigel Bond 04/May Solo
Nigel Bond 03/May Solo
Nigel Bond 02/May Solo
Nigel Bond 01/May Solo
Climbster 01/May 2nd rpt
with Vick
Hidden 01/May Lead dog
Nigel Bond 30/Apr Solo
Nigel Bond 23/Apr Solo
Hidden 17/Apr 2nd
Nigel Bond 21/Mar Solo
Nigel Bond 21/Mar Solo
Nigel Bond 21/Mar Solo
Nigel Bond 15/Mar Solo
Nigel Bond 15/Mar Solo
Nigel Bond 15/Mar Solo
FlavioL1989 04/Mar Solo O/S

Blimey. Does this Nigel Bond guy live inside the quarry?

Nigel Bond 13/Nov/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 08/Nov/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 07/Nov/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 06/Nov/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 05/Nov/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 04/Nov/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 03/Nov/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 01/Nov/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 19/Oct/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 10/Oct/16 Solo
FDixon 23/Sep/16 2nd O/S
John Geoffrey 23/Sep/16 Lead O/S
with Fiona
egg-man 07/Sep/16 2nd
with Peter Loftus, Paul Randell
Nigel Bond 14/Aug/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 10/Aug/16 Solo
Hidden 08/Aug/16 2nd
Hidden 08/Aug/16 Lead
Albanian 06/Aug/16 Lead
with Norman
Nigel Bond 31/Jul/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 27/Jul/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 19/Jul/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 18/Jul/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 14/Jul/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 13/Jul/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 12/Jul/16 Solo
Mattskeet1982 LC&CC 12/Jul/16 2nd
Nigel Bond 05/Jul/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 17/Jun/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 16/Jun/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 06/Jun/16 Solo
Albanian 04/Jun/16 Lead O/S
with Paul Jordan, Norman
Nigel Bond 03/Jun/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 02/Jun/16 Solo
bennidavies90 23/May/16 Lead
Hidden 15/May/16 Lead
Nigel Bond 12/May/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 08/May/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 07/May/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 06/May/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 23/Apr/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 22/Apr/16 Solo
Hidden 20/Apr/16 2nd O/S
HannahGo 20/Apr/16 2nd O/S
with Micha
stratandrew 20/Apr/16 2nd rpt
with Jim Symon
Trickett 12/Mar/16 Lead
JendeHoxar 12/Nov/15 Lead O/S

Green and wet so kind of slippy but fun nonetheless

with Anne
Nafclimbsrocks 26/Oct/15 2nd O/S
with Oldmanofsalford, Sharon
Oldmanofsalford 26/Oct/15 Lead

first VS 4c lead for 25 years!

Little Amy 23/Oct/15 2nd O/S
with Gareth
Nigel Bond 28/Sep/15 Solo
Climbster 20/Sep/15 Solo O/S
with Vick
Nigel Bond 14/Sep/15 Solo
Dave Richards 08/Sep/15 Lead rpt
with Nicky
Nigel Bond 01/Sep/15 Solo
Nigel Bond 31/Aug/15 Solo
Nigel Bond 30/Aug/15 Solo
Nigel Bond 26/Aug/15 Solo
Nigel Bond 22/Aug/15 Solo
Nigel Bond 13/Aug/15 Solo
Nigel Bond 10/Aug/15 Solo
bantamdave 06/Aug/15 Lead rpt
with Gary
Nigel Bond 04/Aug/15 Solo
Nigel Bond 02/Aug/15 Solo rpt
Nigel Bond 31/Jul/15 Solo
Trobbo 30/Jul/15 2nd
with john hickman
Nigel Bond 25/Jul/15 Solo
Nigel Bond 24/Jul/15 Solo rpt
Andrew Holden 21/Jul/15 Lead
Nigel Bond 20/Jul/15 Solo rpt
Nigel Bond 19/Jul/15 Solo rpt
Nigel Bond 17/Jul/15 Solo rpt
Nigel Bond 16/Jul/15 Solo β
Nigel Bond 15/Jul/15 Solo
Nigel Bond 14/Jul/15 Solo G/U
Nigel Bond 09/Jul/15 Solo O/S
Nigel Bond 03/Jul/15 Solo O/S
Nigel Bond 01/Jun/15 Solo
Nigel Bond 11/May/15 Solo
Nigel Bond 08/May/15 Solo
Hidden 07/May/15 2nd O/S
Hidden 07/May/15 2nd
Hidden ?/May/15 Lead
Hidden 23/Apr/15 Lead
jasperatus 21/Apr/15 2nd rpt
qwidgibo 11/Apr/15 2nd
Hidden 05/Apr/15 Lead rpt
Roget 05/Apr/15 Solo O/S
with robin
Robin Nichols 05/Apr/15 Solo O/S
with Jim, Roger
philgillespie 12/Feb/15 Solo
Nigel Bond 02/Oct/14 Solo
AnitaClimb 18/Sep/14 2nd
with Danny
Danny Crump 18/Sep/14 Lead
with Anita
Hidden 08/Sep/14 Lead
Nigel Bond 18/Aug/14 Solo
Hidden 20/Jul/14 2nd O/S
Nigel Bond 13/Jul/14 Solo
Nigel Bond 09/Jul/14 Solo
Nigel Bond 02/Jul/14 Solo
domhowell 23/Jun/14 -
with Danny
Nigel Bond 22/Jun/14 Lead
with Stuart Bond
g1m147 18/Jun/14 2nd
ChrisH.19 18/Jun/14 2nd
Hidden 18/Jun/14 Lead
Hidden 15/Jun/14 Solo O/S
MichaelGallimore 12/Jun/14 Solo
Hidden 12/Jun/14 2nd O/S
disrail 11/Jun/14 Lead O/S

Well polished, but with a nice move at the top.

with Bron
Dave Richards 05/Jun/14 2nd rpt
with Tom Rodgers
martintom 05/Jun/14 2nd
bantamdave 03/Apr/14 Lead rpt
with Simon, Murray
Idaftclimbdaft ?/Apr/14 2nd
bgreen3761 13/Mar/14 Lead O/S
jasperatus 05/Mar/14 TR O/S
StephenS ?/Mar/14 Lead

First VS Repeated cleanly a bit later after holds had cleaned up

StephenS ?/Mar/14 2nd
Hidden 06/Oct/13 Lead rpt
markw 10/Sep/13 2nd rpt
with Edward
steven 05/Sep/13 2nd O/S
with Brian Hull
Derek.cttn 03/Sep/13 2nd
bantamdave 03/Sep/13 Lead O/S
with Murray
markw 29/Aug/13 Lead rpt
with Gary M
bantamdave 15/Aug/13 Lead dnf


with Becki
MichaelGallimore 01/Aug/13 Solo O/S
Hidden 15/Jul/13 Lead O/S
domhowell 15/Jul/13 Lead O/S
with Danny
StewartBradshaw 26/May/13 Lead O/S
Hidden 25/May/13 Lead O/S
qwidgibo 25/May/13 Lead O/S
Russ_Critchley 21/May/13 Lead O/S
Scott Dunkley 23/Apr/13 -
Ste_b1978 16/Apr/13 Lead
with Danny
Hidden ?/Apr/13 Lead
jordan taylor 01/Sep/12 Lead rpt
Stefan Trebicki 01/Sep/12 TR
with Liam Brady
Hidden 30/Aug/12 TR rpt
Hidden 16/Aug/12 Lead rpt
Hidden 16/Aug/12 TR rpt
Mungo Shuntobox 16/Aug/12 Lead
with Lovely Louise
lancashirelass 16/Aug/12 Lead O/S
with kjbix
Hidden 08/Aug/12 2nd O/S
David Shelmerdine 08/Aug/12 Lead O/S
with Fiona Kong
Alan Dixon 08/Aug/12 Lead
Hidden 07/Aug/12 TR
Hidden 06/Aug/12 2nd rpt
Hidden 06/Aug/12 Lead rpt
Hidden 05/Aug/12 Lead rpt
Hidden 05/Aug/12 2nd O/S
Hidden 03/Aug/12 Lead dog
Ianwarner 03/Aug/12 2nd
JillEccles ?/Aug/12 Lead

First VS climb!!!

Dave Richards 26/Jul/12 Lead O/S
with PMC
bigglesbutcha 26/Jul/12 2nd
bantamdave 26/Jul/12 Lead O/S

Climbed very well. Everything came good

sjbrook 26/Jul/12 Lead O/S
with PMC
Russ_Critchley 24/Jul/12 2nd O/S

With Gaz

johnny20whales 24/Jul/12 Lead O/S
with David H
Hidden 25/Jun/12 2nd
ChrisGreen 25/Jun/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 30/May/12 Lead O/S
rocktraveller 22/May/12 -
Dave Richards 22/May/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 16/May/12 2nd
Hidden 06/May/12 Lead
phillipjohnson 06/May/12 2nd
with Lois
g1m147 02/May/12 Solo
Hidden 28/Apr/12 Lead O/S
qwidgibo 28/Apr/12 2nd O/S
markw 26/Mar/12 Lead rpt
with Tor
Tor 26/Mar/12 2nd rpt
with mark
Krystalli 19/Nov/11 2nd O/S
with Andy W
will9911 18/Aug/11 Solo O/S
markw 09/Aug/11 Lead rpt
with Simon Walton
santobugito 17/Jun/11 Lead β
with Mike Webber
santobugito 03/Jun/11 Lead β
with Mike Webber
santobugito 03/Jun/11 2nd O/S
with Mike Webber
ChrisH.19 31/May/11 TR
with Barry, Daz, Trish
stratandrew 25/May/11 Lead O/S
with Blaise Harvey
Mungo Shuntobox 27/Apr/11 TR


RagingSphere 24/Apr/11 2nd dog
jac.c123 16/Apr/11 2nd
eccyamigo 15/Apr/11 2nd

gaz lead,his first outside this year.

with gaz todd
markw 10/Apr/11 Lead rpt
with Tor
Tor 10/Apr/11 2nd rpt
with mark
garywalker147 06/Apr/11 Lead rpt

Not good style

with Rick
ben1987 06/Apr/11 Lead O/S
Adam Coles 06/Apr/11 2nd
with ben1987
joe.91 29/Mar/11 Solo O/S
Hidden 27/Mar/11 2nd
nickhoward 13/Mar/11 Lead O/S
with Kev
Hidden 02/Mar/11 Lead rpt
Hidden 17/Sep/10 2nd O/S
santobugito 17/Sep/10 Lead β
with Mike Webber
augustus trout 08/Sep/10 Lead O/S
with Chris Williams
hairymess 03/Sep/10 TR

good start

with jonathon fearn
mickJ 02/Sep/10 2nd
with simon
Hidden 15/Aug/10 2nd O/S
Hidden 15/Aug/10 Lead
Hidden ?/Aug/10 Lead O/S
bwestwood 12/Jul/10 Lead O/S
barney@helmshore 11/Jul/10 TR O/S
with James W
Nigel Bond 08/Jul/10 Lead
with Stuart Bond
santobugito 02/Jul/10 2nd β
with Mike Webber
mickJ 20/Jun/10 2nd
with simon
birbeck 15/Jun/10 Lead rpt
with Austin
paulwaterhouse 15/Jun/10 2nd O/S
Sianny 24/May/10 2nd O/S

Really enjoyed the climb, thanks Nick!

with Nick
trish1968 24/May/10 2nd
Hidden 24/May/10 Lead
lancashirelass 22/May/10 2nd
with mike collinson
lancashirelass 13/May/10 2nd
with rick
birbeck 09/May/10 Lead O/S
with Austin
slarty 27/Apr/10 Lead O/S

Nice start to the season

with Chris
goldfish_boy 27/Apr/10 2nd O/S
with Craig
Andrew1 24/Apr/10 Solo
with Hulda
chrisboywonder 11/Apr/10 Lead
with Rach
markw 21/Mar/10 Lead rpt
with Tor, Dan
Tor 21/Mar/10 2nd rpt
with Dan, mark
dpmUK 21/Mar/10 2nd O/S
with markw
fingermagic 09/Mar/10 2nd
with Graham
Hidden 03/Mar/10 2nd O/S
Tor 27/Sep/09 2nd rpt
with mark
markw 27/Sep/09 Lead rpt
with Tor
Hidden 15/Sep/09 Lead
markw 12/Sep/09 Lead O/S
with Tor
Tor 12/Sep/09 2nd RP
with mark
Hidden 09/Aug/09 Lead
nickhoward 07/Aug/09 Lead O/S
mickJ 05/Aug/09 Lead
with mike b
7om 05/Jun/09 Solo O/S
Hidden 21/May/09 Lead
Hidden 21/May/09 2nd O/S
mickJ 23/Apr/09 2nd
with andy and simon
Hidden 13/Apr/09 2nd
Hidden 25/Jan/09 TR
Bowland Polkadot 14/Sep/08 Lead
with punky
mickJ 30/Jun/08 Lead
with paul r
wheelo 04/Jun/08 2nd
with pete
Hidden 24/May/08 Solo O/S
SecretSquirrel 24/May/08 2nd
with pete
GritstoneGob 21/May/08 TR O/S
lancashirelass 12/May/08 2nd
with kjbix
kjbix 12/May/08 Lead
Hidden ??/2008 Lead
bigglesbutcha 15/Sep/07 Lead O/S
with Rich Bostock
adec73 05/Sep/07 2nd O/S
with tom benfield, olly coates
beno006 05/Sep/07 Lead O/S

really enjoyed climb, fingery at bottom

with ade, oli
Hidden 03/Sep/07 Lead rpt
Timothy Greenhalgh 01/Sep/07 Lead O/S
with Chico
santobugito 21/Aug/07 Lead
with Mike Webber
Carl Smethurst 22/May/07 Solo rpt
Hidden 04/May/07 Lead O/S
Owdham 08/Apr/07 Lead O/S

Another nice little climb. No problems.

with Girtch
dread-i 27/Mar/07 Lead rpt
with dave m.
willplatts 22/Aug/06 Lead O/S

Nice climb.

with Greg Rowlinson
dread-i 08/Jun/06 Lead O/S
with rod
santobugito 16/May/06 Lead RP
Carl Smethurst 03/May/06 Solo rpt
Booey 28/Apr/06 TR
Hidden ??/2006 -
Carl Smethurst 27/Jul/05 Solo
Rob Davies 05/Jun/05 2nd
with Phil Ashton
Treeking82 ??/2005 Lead O/S
Carl Smethurst 21/Jul/04 Solo O/S
jsw1 08/May/02 Lead O/S
Andy Say 12/Aug/92 Solo O/S
BigHairyIan 16/Nov/88 2nd O/S
with Alan Lilley (Thug)
stanman ??/1988 Solo O/S
Martin Bennett 29/Aug/84 Solo
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