Climbs 257
Rocktype Slate
Altitude 376m a.s.l

As ever an atmospheric day in the slate quarries © James Rushforth

Crag features

Marked as "Garret" on OS maps.
This is the biggest of all the quarried holes, with the most levels, so it does take a while to get your bearings, especially as there are many different access points, inc..various tunnels.
The rock quality does vary accross the many levels and areas, but some very good slate can been found here.

Approach notes

Reached from Bus Stop Quarry, continuing around the path, the main access is gained just before you drop down to dali`s hole,on the main path, by hopping the gate on the left, 100 yards after going through the swing gate. Head up the three levels in front of you untill you reach the `looning the tube` level. from here, you get a good vantage point to asess where you want to go.
The steps off to the right as you reach this level will take you up to eastern Australia levels.
Go back down one level, and walk through the right hand tunnel, (headtorch handy),and take the r/hand spur inside, this will bring you out onto a slightly loose but ok scree path where you can gain access to (Great Bores of Today, and The Wow Wow).
The other way to access these routes along with the lower areas of Aus, would be to walk past Dali`s Wall, two levels down, and find the tight squeeze entrance to the lowest of the tunnels, enter at your own risk, it seams ok, and it`s been like that for some time now!!!

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Please note that the following routes, which are currently listed as in the Cape York Slab Area, are actually elsewhere (correct areas in brackets): Spicy Little Octopus (G'day Level), Kata Tjuta Rib (Ayers Rock), Barker (Gorbals Level) and Cape York Approach (Darwin Level). Also the "Far Away Top Level" is the same as the Darwin Level so these two should be merged.
harold walmsley - 28/May/15
The "Down under Pans" level can be approached from Looning the Tube or Railtrack areas by traversing under Railtrack. From Upper Australia it is easier to traverse the Fruitbat level, descend to Salt Pans and continue down the scree for one level.
harold walmsley - 17/Apr/14
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
2Arnie Meets the Swamp Monster
E1 5a  
3Toilet Trouble
E2 5c  
4Stinky Boots
E2 5b  
6Great bores of today7a **24
7The Wow WowE4 6a **5
8Darkness Visible
E4 6a  
 THE ROGNON, lower tier 
10Joie De Vivre
HS 4a  
11Theftus Maximus
E1 5b 2
12Little Mo
HS 4a  
 the rognon, upper tier 
14Abattoir BluesE2 5c *6
15Genital Persuasion
E3 5c 8
16Single Factor
E2 5c *4
17Second Thoughts
VS 4b  
 loony bouldering 
20Daily politicsf5 1
21Loon lordf6A 1
22Square mealf6A **1
23Yard armf6A+ **1
24Cat o nine tailsf6A+ 1
25Entrance examf6A *1
26Little piggiesf5+ *1
27House sale.f6A 1
28Solar stormf6C *1
29Briefsf5 1
30A=1f6B+ **1
31Echo chamberf5 1
32AfterburnerV5 2
 loony routes 
34Puddy Kat5a 46
35Just for FunE2 5c *154
36The Burning6b+ *240
37The Deceptive Dyke5c *429
3810666b 46
39N.E. SpurE3 5c **1
40Loony ToonsE3 5c *11
41Brief EncounterHVS 5a *133
42Astroman from the Planet ZzzoinkE3 6a  
43Planet Zzzoink AreteE3 5c  
44The Man Who Fell to EarthE2 5c 3
45Donald Duck6c *79
46Gadaffi Duck6b **561
47Sad Man Who's SaneVS 4c *571
48U.B.LVS 4c 480
49Hyperfly6a+ *222
50Turn of the CenturyE2 5c **236
51Maximum Tariff6b *431
52Buffalo Smashed in Head Jump
E2 5c **20
53Dried-Mouth Sesame Seed5c *178
54Technical Hamster6c 14
55Technical Hamster DanceHVS 4b 2
56Dried-Mouth Frog HSHS 108
57Swan Hunter Direct Debit *E6 6b **1
58Swan HunterE4 6b **34
59Goose CreatureE3 6a **638
60Menai ViceE4 6b/6c **34
61HysterectomyE6 5c *6
62Looning the TubeE1 5a ***1713
63Bise-Mon-CulE2 5c **85
64RunupVS 4a 1
65Zzzooming The TubeE3 6a **37
66Pruning the TubeE2 5c *42
67Exhuming the TubeE3 5c **18
69Mad on the MetroE4 5c *25
70Gerboa Racer
E4 5c  
71Fuck Les Clotures5c *19
72A Selfish Act of LoonacyE3 6a * 
73The Fat Controller6b *23
74Scarface Claw6b *42
75Red Throated Diver6b+ **54
762nd Class PassengerE2 5c *43
77Sleeper6c 15
78Crazy Train6c **32
79A Grand day out6b **121
80Cartoon Lesbian6a 50
81Ancestral Vices
E5 6b 9
82Off the Beaten Track
E3 5c ***87
83Here to Stay, Gone Tomorrow
E4 6b 3
84Uncle Nick's Broken toeE5 6b  
85Between Here and Now
E4 6a *8
86The Toms Approach
E4 5c 1
87Now or Never NeverE5 5c  
88Psychodelicate7c **1
89The Ghan6b+ *2
91The Australian6b **14
92Jenny WrenVD  
93The Stream of Obscenity7a 6
VS 4b  
 DOWN under`pans level 
96Zut Alors6c+ **6
97Y Rhaffwr6b+ *4
98Stretched to the Limit6c+ *2
99The Rack6b+ *2
102Sport 4 All5a 354
103Kinder Surprise5a 563
104Surprise Surprise6a *615
105Shorty's Dyno (Short Person's Method)6c+ 183
106Shorty's Dyno (Tall Person's Method)6a *8
107Orangutang Overhang6a+ **527
108Cyber World Sl@te Heads6a+ *288
109Steps of Glory5a **707
111Above the Line
HVS 4c 10
112Puffing BillyS 4a 10
113Not known6a+ 53
114Glass AxeE5 7a *7
115'N' Gauge6a *378
116PointlessE1 5b 2
117Side line4a *435
118Derailed4a 339
119Thomas the Tank4a *353
120Rack and pin5c *434
121Sodor6a *638
122The Mallard5c *586
123The polar express5c *446
124Ivor the Engine5a *513
125Gordon3+ *396
126The Level crossing5c *127
127Those who climb clearly marked projects...5c *282
128Choo Choo5c *249
129Hogwarts Express5c *214
130The Railway children6a 258
131In Loving Memory6a+ **170
133Solitude Standing
E3 6a 3
134Eric the Fruitbat
E2 5c 3
135Harder Than It Looks6a 27
136M.I.L. Arete
E1 5b 72
E2 5c 6
138Pontiac AreteVS 4c 11
139Stretched Limo
E2 5c 6
140Gymnastic Fantastic6c+ *12
141Slatebite7a **59
142The Christening of New Boots
E1 5b 1
143Rock Athletes Day Off
HVS 5b 2
145Jepp knave7b *2
146Last Chance For a Slow DanceE3 5b 2
147In On The Kill TakerE4 6b 1
148The Beanstalk .7a **22
149And a Pen Please
HVS 5a 7
150Boulevard of Broken Dreams7a+ *12
151Rastaman Vibrations Direct FinishE1 5c *2
152Rastaman Vibration
E2 6a 45
HVS 5a 126
154Putting on Ayres
E4 6c 4
155Feeling Rusty?6a+ 131
156Zippy's First Acid Trip
E1 5c 21
157Ziplock7b **5
158Indiana Jasmine And The Topple Of Doom!6a *34
159Second's Chance
VS 4b 6
160Cross Eyed Tammy
HVS 5a 2
161Resurrection ShuffleE4 6b/7a * 
162The Samba DanceE2 5c 10
163Pulverised7b *3
164De nouement7a+ *5
 The Skyline Level 
166Digital DelectationHVS 5a **149
167Good Afternoon Constable
VS 4c 48
168DolmenHVS 5a 23
169MenhirVS 4c 15
170The Skyline Club.E1 5c **66
171AntiquityE1 5a 15
172Act NaturallyVS 4b *165
173Ruby Marlee meets Dr Holingsworth !6a **83
174Ronald Reagan meets Doctor StrangeloveE2 5b *38
175Lindy Lou
HVS 5a 3
176Plastic Soldier6a **474
177Clash of the Titans6a **332
178The DreamingE1 5b 1
179Mad Dog of the WestVS 5a **230
180The Methane MonsterE1 5c 11
VS 4b 16
182Up the Garden Path
HS 51
183Billy Two Tokes
E1 5a 19
E2 5b 1
185SlabSlayer6a+ 21
186Harri Bach Llanrug6a *96
187Rock Yoga7a *41
188Put it on the Slate, Waiter
E4 5c *2
189Toe be or not Toe be...7b *10
191T time traverseV4 1
192Mynd am Aur7a *29
193Slab Rog6b+ ***65
194The Olympic Torch6b+ **28
195The Shining
VS 4c 6
196Mister Blister7a *10
197Men at WorkE3 6a **15
198The North Face of the Aga
E3 6a **2
199Sprint Finish
6a *12
E1 5b  
201See You BruceE3 5b *54
202Glasgow Kiss7b+ **5
203The Gorbals
E4 6a **30
204Slabaholics Anonymous7a+ **11
205Black Daisies For The Bride
E5 6b 1
206Slabology6c+ *26
207Tennent's Creek
E2 5b  
E2 5b  
E2 5b  
210Turkey Trot
VS 4c 2
211A Swarm of Green Parrots
VS 4c 1
213Koala Bare
HVS 4c  
214Men of LeisureE4 6a *10
215No feart of the boaby6b+ **13
216Celtic Blood6a *16
217Flying Death Fin (or is it Dutch?)
HVS 4c  
218Captain Condom and the Mothers of Prevention
E3 6b 2
219Eyes Wide ShutE5 6b *2
220Where is My MindE6 6b *1
221Goblin PartyVS 4b *21
222Alice Springs1  
 ayers rock 
224Ayers and Graces6c+ **1
225Ayer Head6c+ *1
227Room with a view7b **2
228Another Wasted Journey
E1 4c  
229Easy Routes Can Have Bolts Two!5c  
230Dont Look Back in BangorE3 5b  
232Big Thursday
XS abo 2
234Jack the Ripper
E4 6a  
235The Koala Brothers6b 8
236G'Day Arete6c ***99
237Hogiau Pen Garett6a+ *45
238Walk this way7a **16
240The Garett Slide4a 8
241Sylvanian Waters
E2 5c **1
242Wave Rock6c **8
243Impact Zone7a **5
244Road to Botany Bay7a *10
246Not quite snakes and laddersHVS 19
247Where the Green Ants DreamE5 6a  
248Birthday Girl7b * 
250Atticus Finch6c 2
251Cirith Ungol7a+ **3
252Ride like the wind!6b+ 4
253To infinity and beyond!6b **5
254The Curious Incident6a 14
255Far From the Madding Crowd
E4 6a * 
257The Dark Tower8a+ 1
258The Serpent Vein
8b *** 
259Buffer in a Crack Hous
 the far away toplevel 
261Wish You Were Here7c *** 
 link ups 
263A Grand Day Out (Link Up)6b **76
264West Face of Australia (Link Up)E1 5b **13
265West Face of Australia Direct (Link Up)E3 6a **2
266West Face of Australia Super Direct (Link Up)E4 6a ** 
 temple of boom area 
268Dekophobia7a 2
269Son of RabbitE2 5c  
270Temple of Boom5.9  
271My Secret Garden7b 2
 cape york slab area 
273Cape York SlabVS 4b/c 5
274Cape York Crack6a+ 1
275Cape York Traverse6a+ *1
276Spicy Little Octopus6a+ **4
277Kata Tjuta Rib6a+ *1
278High Stakes6b+ *1
279Lucky Break6c+ **3
280A Brucie Bonus6b *2
281Cape York Approach4b 1
282BarkerV4 1
 as yet unsorted new routes!! 
284Illegal SmeagolVS 4a 1
285As Yet Unnamed *5b 3
286The Very Old and the Very New *C3 *1
287Germag Anglar *E3 6a **1
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