Climbs 177
Rocktype Limestone
Altitude 294m a.s.l
Faces SE

Audrey Seguy at Venasque © Enty

Crag features

One of the least known areas in this guide, Venasque has a concentration of very high quality routes with very short approaches. The routes vary from those which are technical, vertical and festooned with slopers to jaw-droppingly steep walls with long sustained climbs. This is generally a shady spot but you can get some sun if you get there early enough in the day. 

There are many more crags than described here, though a lot of the crags at Venasque are on private land and remain undeveloped. For three other developed areas, you may be able to acquire the local topo at the tourist information office in the town of Venasque, but this is closed off-season. 

Quinsan gets some sun in the morning but is in the shade otherwise. In hot weather the shade will be welcome, but in the winter it will probably be too cold for comfort. Place de l'Ascle is a lot sunnier than Quinsan, though much of it falls into the shade in the afternoon. The starts of the routes are heavily sheltered by trees so whatever time of day you will probably have a shady belay spot.

Approach notes

From either Venasque or the D4, follow the D247 south in the direction of Le Beaucet. A number of crags can be seen on the right. After about 1km, just beyond a bend, an unsigned minor road leads off to the left. 

Quinsan - take this turning and follow the road until a small parking area is found on the left. The path leads up opposite and splits at a bolted-on wooden sign allowing direct access to the left or right ends of the crag. 

Place de l'Ascle - continue driving to where a track leads off to the right just before the road meets the cliff. It is very easy to miss this turning, so slow right down when you see the road getting close to the rock.

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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
3Magazine6c+ *1
4Profil7a+ ** 
5Project? 2
6Ticket Repas7b+ * 
7L'État de Grace6b+ * 
8Macintosh7a **2
9Gangster d'armour7a+ **1
10Hyper Brown6a+ **5
11Téchnofrite7a+ * 
12Biodynamique7a * 
1319927a * 
14Virus6c * 
15Baby Relax6b+ *1
16Nerveux S'Abstenir6b+ * 
17Le Clan7b ** 
18Tube7a * 
19La Compil6c+ *1
20Jour Pour Jour6c ** 
21Action7a+ * 
22Séquence Passion6b+ * 
23Nicotine & Goudron6c *2
24Microcosme6b ***4
25Le Pilier de Aléas7a  
26Les Arts Ménagers6b 1
28Exercice de lecture6b *2
29Gin Tonic7b ** 
30Trop Uelie Pour Toi7a ***1
31Lucky 136c ** 
32Dérapage Controlée7a * 
33Atha6c+ * 
34Spormidable6c ** 
35Ouvrez le Feu6c ***3
36Bad Dance7a+ *2
3720 mètres au Paradis7a **4
38Kéksék Ksa?6b **6
39Jazz Time6b+ * 
40Retour de Spectacle6a+ 2
41La Mouche6b **2
42Urban Jungle6b+ **1
43Little Big Man6b+ **4
44Sympathy for the Devil7b **1
45Envie de Toi6c ***5
46Mauvais Coup7a+ **3
47Allo Mamanm Boseettes?  
48Acromégalie7a * 
49Plat de Résistance7b *2
50On n'est pas des Zéros6c+  
51Amicalement Vôtre6b  
53Silencers7a+ * 
54La Déchirure7b * 
55Jeu de Paume7a * 
56Platine7b * 
57Platonique6c ** 
58Nulle Part Ailleurs6c * 
117Terminator6b *5
118Colère de Lait5c 2
119Feu6a+ *1
120Sortie Ouest6a+  
121Bézingougne7a+ * 
122L'Intégrale de Peuterey7b ***19
123Aprés Moi le Déluge7c+ ***1
124Unknown7c+ *** 
125Ça Ira Mieux Demain7c ***8
126Lou Gardeù7c+ *** 
127Unknown 88a **4
128Merci d'être Passé8a+ ***1
129Roule Bamboule8b * 
131Si j'osais Bové - Objectif Purée
7c+ ***2
132Coeur De Lion
7a ***2
133Tete Du Mule
6c 2
134Manque De Complicite
6c+ ***3
135Ca Va Pas S'arranger
7a ***2
136Chacun Fait Ce Qui Lui Plait
7a ***2
137Libere Jose Bove
7b ***2
138Les Ronchons, Dehors!!!
7b **2
139Sommeil Paradoxal
7a+ 2
140Le bon plan7b ***1
141Le cri de Che
7b+ 1
142Trouvailles Ardechoises6b+ **2
143Fromage Ou Desert
6b+ 2
144La Pour Suite de Bone Heur
145Au Dedale des Dalles
6b+ 1
146Unknown climb above and left of Le Basin #15c 1
147Unknown climb above and left of Le Basin #2
148Unknown climb above and left of Le Basin #3
6a 1
149Unknown climb above and left of Le Basin #4
6a 1
150Unknown climb above and left of Le Basin #5
6a+ 1
151Bricoman8a ***1
152Homeland7b+ ***1
15320 Meters Au Paradise
7a *1
154Seance Nocturne
6b+ *1
155La Poursuite Du Bonheur
6b+ **3
156Hibou Joujou Cailloux
6b+ ***3
6c *1
158Rouillez Jeunesse
6a ***2
159La Bonne Etoile
6b+ **1
160Brooklyn Boogie
6a+ 1
161Le Pere Noel est Parmi Nous
6a 1
6b 2
163La Chambre d'Ami
6a+ 1
164Le Four
6a 2
165Le Jeune Ouvrier
6b 1
6b+ 1
6b 1
168Premier Tour
6b+ 1
169Noyeux Joel
6c 1
7a 1
7a+ 1
172Faute de Gaussier
6b 1

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