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Climbs 108
Rocktype Limestone
Altitude 100m a.s.l
Faces W

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Games of Ambivalence, First Ascent © Bunchuk

Crag features

Taff's Well is a roadside crag on the outskirts of Cardiff, close to the M4 corridor. It consists of some big calcite walls mixed with areas of compact grey limestone. The climbs vary in style from short intricate face climbs through to longer routes - up to 35m in some cases - full of atmosphere and technical difficulties. Two other small crags close by have some less intimidating lower-grade lines and are further from the road and consequently quieter.

Approach notes

From M4, J32, A 470, 0.5mi north. Overlooks S-bound carriageway of the A470 between Tongwynlais and Taffs Wells. Park at the base of the cliff where it meets the roundabout.

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This newish crag is awesome for low-grades. Really good grippy rock, enough to keep you entertained for an evening. Shame about the road noise but at least you can't see it.
adsheff - 20/Jun/14
Thanks to whoever has cut a lot of the trees back. On the right wall some of the lower offs are very rusty from No Beer, No Fear to CJD
Gareth T - 18/May/14
Many thanks to whoever cut back all the foliage and trees from around the base of the main wall this winter. The crags looking a lot better for it, cheers.
Giles Davis - 04/May/14
Headed up here last week. Crag is looking good, although some of the routes need to be cleaned up obviously hasn't had much traffic. Smells great, very strong wild garlic covering any nasty odours. Well worth a quick trip. Cheers.
hdjc90 - 27/May/13
the crag is in pretty good nick atm (spring 2012) im guessing due to the dry and warm winter meaning the sewage hasnt overflowed into it and seapage has been minimal. also the lack of tree foliage means that it is a sun trap all day in the current good weather we are experiencing. there is less loose rock and dirt than the other taffs well crags currently. it is hard to work out which route is which as there are more bolts than listed climbs, so an updated route list is needed.
Webster - 02/Apr/12
The smell is still here, but it's mainly coming from an area approaching the crag and you can only smell it now and then on the right hand side of the wall. The routes are a llittle dirty and slippery, but I guess with a little more traffic they could scrub up better. Best to get here early, as we got ot the crag early morning and the smell was not that bad, but was awful a couple of hours later when we were leaving. Definitely some sort of sewage smell possibly from the castle above.
bon - 02/Oct/11
Bit dirty, bit of a smell and a bit loose in places. With more traffic this crag will probably be just as rubbish. OK for a one of visit if you're in the area but nothing impressive.
James_86 - 04/May/11
There was a smell but only occasionally and not as bad as it had been made out to be
toby.pearce - 24/Mar/11
is that smell still there?
Laurent Moseley - 06/Jan/11
been to crag today and left after one route the stench was terrible!
ross duffield - 12/Aug/10
The map link is now correct. Taffs Well train station is about 10min walk away so great connections from Cardiff / Cynon Valley for an after work session. Roughly 30min from Queen St station to crag! has a good topo though the grades on here are more reflective of the difficulty, but I can't vouch for the harder stuff!
spbond - 20/May/08
And it's shit. Go climb the sandstone its much better.
alan rosier - 15/Jun/05
Taffs Well is where castell coch is ,, just on the outskirts of Caerddydd(Cardiff), approximatly 40 miles away from the start of Powys.
uriel - 06/Aug/04
dont go by the map link as it is wrong and will send you about 40 miles out of your way
kt - 05/Jul/03
In the guide book its a lot lot nearer Cardiff ie more in south Wales than in Mid Wales. unfortunatly.
Joe Sterling - 02/Jul/02
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
  Taffs Well Pinnacle
2 Scurvy Rubber Ducky...Aaar! 4c 31
3 Crusty Barnacles 5a 32
4 Poppin' in the Poop Deck 5c * 130
5 Megalodon 6a * 148
6 Kiss the Gunner's Daughter 5c * 160
7 Angry Pirate 5c * 168
8 Sponge Bob
VD 12
9 Sharktopus vs Megapotamus 4c * 167
10 Yar! 5a 213
11 Jurassic Shark 5c 148
  The Shield
13 Out of the Pit 4c 40
14 Paul's Penchant for Pretty Pussy Poses Problems for the Prudes 4c 37
15 The Immature Culvert S 3
16 Western Traverse HS ** 3
17 No-Name MVS ** 4
18 Flying Frisian E3 5b  
19 The Hobbit
HVS 4c 3
20 Cowpoke E1 5a * 9
21 Changes E3 5c * 1
22 Crimes of Fashion 6c+ * 6
23 Promises 7a ** 7
24 Nero VS 4b, 4a 4
25 The Rib S 7
26 Catwalk
S 6
27 Sub Wall
S 3
28 Pine Tree VD ** 192
29 Skywalker
E5 6a 3
  Calcite Wall
31 The Red Organised Man 6b 25
32 Red Square 6b+ ** 117
33 Organised Chaos 6c ** 96
34 The Melty Man Cometh 7a * 30
35 Trebanog Calling 6a 22
36 I'm Alright Jack 6b 17
37 Ye Old Campaigner E5 6a  
38 LA Confidential (P1)
5a * 49
39 LA Confidential 7a ** 19
Climb name Grade
40 Crowman
E5 6a ** 4
41 Kings of New York (P1) 6b 22
42 Kings of New York 7a+ ** 15
43 The Conneticut Connection (P1) 6a+ * 16
44 The Conneticut Connection 7a+ ** 26
45 Tainted Turd 5c *** 14
46 Painted Bird
E6 6a *** 3
47 Minnesota Nice 7a+ 14
48 Minnesota Spice 7b+ ** 1
49 Melting Man 7a *** 123
50 Ghengis Khan 6c+ *** 205
51 Taurus Bulbous 6b+ ** 172
52 Bulbus Tara 4b * 217
53 Hirsuit Ulvula 6a * 91
  Upper Wall
55 Golgotha 6a+ 2
56 Jesus Wept 6c * 22
57 Christendom 7a * 10
58 The Angel of Mons 6c * 16
59 Decimus Maximus 6b ** 30
60 Space Cowboys 6c+ 12
61 Heavenly 7a * 11
62 Celestial Being 7b * 2
63 Maximus Extensicus 6c * 5
64 Gladiator
E3 5c 1
65 I'm Spartacus 7b+ *** 2
66 Sugar Bullets 7b+ ** 6
67 Stray Bullets 6c+ ** 12
68 Scram 7a+ ** 11
69 New Day Today 7a * 3
70 Rancho La Cha, Cha, Cha 6c+ * 5
71 Talk About False Gods 7b+  
  Lower Wall
73 Pilgrim 4c 12
74 Tirpentwys Style 4c 3
75 Mega Mix 5c * 186
76 Gwesty Cymru 7 Inch Mix 6b+ * 126
77 The Twelve Inch Version 7a * 18
78 Daggers 6c ** 69
Climb name Grade
79 Gaze Over By There 6b+ ** 3
80 Look Over Yonder 6c+ ** 43
81 Wet Afternoon 7b+ ** 15
82 Open Groove 6b * 43
83 Ulrika Ka Ka Ka 6c+ ** 22
84 D'ya Hear Ma Dear 6a+ * 73
85 Good Gear, Good Cheer 6b * 73
86 No Beer, No Fear 6a+ ** 138
87 Not my Fault! 6c+ * 18
88 Foot and Mouth
6b 16
89 Id-iot 6b * 27
90 CJD 6b * 31
91 Get Down on This 6c * 19
92 Get Thee Hence 6c+ 8
93 Matt's Ice Bucket Challenge 6c 16
94 Tidy as Matt's Toolbox 6c+ 1
  Castle Coch
96 The Slippery Lip Trick 6b * 14
97 The Crawling Chaos 7a * 25
98 Play the Joker 6b+ * 11
99 Games of Ambivalence 6b+ * 23
100 Warmth of a Man 6a 69
101 Ass in the Hole 6b+ 20
102 Royal Flush 6b+ 18
103 Savant 6c+ 6
104 Stalag Luft 5c * 71
105 A Ride on the Chocolate Unicorn 5c 70
106 The Dark Art of Banana Magic 4a 54
107 R2 Sucking D2 Licking Deep inside a Half-Cooked Chicken 4a 54
108 For Fonting Friends 4a 89
109 Dissertation Distraction 4a 104
110 Escaping Chaos * 6c * 2
111 The Chaos Games * 7a 2
  Historical and De-bolted Lines
113 Swashbucklin In Brooklyn 7a * 10
114 Spirit of Missouri (P1)
6b * 5
115 Spirit of Missouri 7a+ ** 13
* Climbs listed in red are waiting to be checked by a crag moderator, and may not be accurate.

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