Climbs 88
Rocktype Granite
Altitude 737m a.s.l
Faces S

Pete Climbing in the shade near Buis les Baronnies © Aaron Tonks

Crag features

Ax-les-Thermes is a pleasant town tucked in the folds of the mountains where the road starts to head resolutely up towards Andorra. Ax has a few shops, some great spas, skiing in the season and a couple of crags that are worth a visit if you are passing through. Work on a by-pass has been on-going for several years - but appears to have stalled. If it is ever opened it should free up the town centre from the heavy summer traffic. There are three areas of interest: the Rocher de la Galline (often referred to as Sector Piscine) is in the town and only minutes from the road. On the same side of the valley is the slightly more remote (15 minutes walk-in) Sector Entreserres. On the opposite side of the valley and close to the ski area, is Sector Bonascre, which receives morning sunshine and is reached by a short downhill walk.

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France : Ariege

The AriŤge region of Southern France is the compact area where the AriŤge River cuts through the Pyrenťes on its way from Andorra to the coast. There is a lot of high quality climbing in the area with a superb variety of rock types to go at; from the soaring granite slabs of the Dent díOrlu, to the steep limestone bulges of Gťnat. Limestone, granite and gneiss are on offer and routes vary in size from boulder problems to long epics of over 20 pitches. The area has a long and intriguing history and offers plenty to do apart from the climbing, including mountain walking, caving, river rafting, skiing and checking out the many ancient castles. Factor in the year-round climbing, easy access from northern Europe and plenty of high quality accommodation in the area and it is easy to see that the AriŤge region has lots to offer. This guidebook covers all the major climbs on the crags covered. It details sport routes and longer mountain trad. There are also sections on mountain walks and other activities.
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A surprising pleasant venue despite its proximity to the town. I can't track down a topo online, but if you go armed with the list of routes above, you will likely find your way around OK. Several of the routes in the centre of the main slab have halfway lower offs - the bottom sections are generally in the F3+ to F4+ range.
Mark Bull - 28/Oct/12
A visit in Oct '12 found this crag mossy, lichenous and looking generally unloved. Maybe it is better in the height of summer, but otherwise I would recommend going to the Piscine crag instead.
Mark Bull - 28/Oct/12
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Rocher de la Galline - Sector St Udaut - SW Face 
2Tête en l'air4a *8
3Amoureux5a *9
4Une émotion légère4c *12
5Emporté par le vent4a *9
6Je plane dans les étoiles3+ *8
 Rocher de la Galline - Sector St Udaut - E Face 
8À vue pour les aveugles
9L'enfer des tentes
 Piscine - La Grande Dalle 
12Sept √©tonnant7b * 
13Antoine6a+ *4
14Bien joué Philou6a ***22
15Saint Sat5c ***18
16Six trouilles6b *4
17Nouvelle (No Name in local topo)5a **22
18Fissures (No Name in Local Topo)5c **30
19Premier mouvement (No Name in Local Topo)4a *17
20Second souffle4c **23
21Demi Lune (No Name in Local Topo)4b *1
22Philomène 3 à 05c **20
23Nouvelles profiteroles6a **26
24Les Ax trop gros6a *14
25L'opèra de quat'sup4c **10
26Quinze (No Name in Local Topo)5a *1
27Quinze Droite (No Name in Local Topo)4b * 
28Seize (No Name in Local Topo)5a *1
 Piscine - Petite Dalle de droite 
30Trafic blue4c *17
31Rousse cassis4c *6
32Lifting6b 3
33Boris...que péril4c *12
 Piscine - Sector PGM 
35Bonzai bis6a  
37Voie du P
38Voie du G
39Voie du M6b  
40Grillon5c **1
41Placide5a **3
42Muso4c **2
43Ax les crèmes6a **1
44'M'4c **2
45Last but one4b *3
46Last4a *1
 Ax Les Thermes - Entreserres 
49Deux6b *1
50Trois5a 2
51Quatre6c *1
52Cinq6b+ ** 
53Sebit5c **7
54Dancing des boniches5c *9
55Stationnement génant6a+ *3
56Piaule à moustique5c **5
57Piaule / Pieds5c ***4
58Pieds Nickelés5c **11
59Le retour 26a+ * 
 Sector Entreserres - Upper Tier 
61Castor6a * 
62Pollux5c *1
64Bac +24a * 
65Six sur A6a *1
66La balade dure6b *1

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