Climbs 171
Rocktype Sandstone (soft)
Altitude 140m a.s.l
Faces SW

Last solo before dark © Darren Hollins

Crag features

A mixture of natural and quarried sandstone spread over several outcrops. The outcrops generally do not exceed around 40-50ft in hight with routes ranging from 3a to 6b and provide a number of interesting top rope and boldering problems including:

The nebuliser 6a* (church quarry area)

Sugar bullets 5a* (sugar lump area)

Ceaser's palace 5a** (middle rock area)

There exists the possibility of new route development at all grades!

Please note the main quarries area should be treated with suspicion due to the questionable nature of the sandstone and a recent rockslide just beyond the main hole.

Approach notes

Approach via the A49 into Preston Brockhurst and turn at the signpost for Clive and Yorton, turn left at the sign for 'Corbet wood picnic area'. All of the outcrops and quarries can then be reached in a few minutes from the car park. Inline with current access agreements organised groups should not use Grinshill.

Access Advice

Part of the site is owned y the Hardwicke Estate, and part by Shropshire County Council. In order to protect the existing delicate arrangement for the future, there are a number of requests: 1) Please do not park in Clive village. Use instead the Corbet Woods carpark. 2) No organised groups. 3) Small groups of climbers only please (up to half a dozen). 4) Take all your litter home, and any other litter that you may find.

Recent find for me. Impressed with some of the pocketed walls and potential bouldering. Dries quickly - definitely on my visit list again.
meticsuk - 05/Oct/04
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Church Quarry 
2mothercarenone 4b 5
3caught in the actnone 4c 3
4while walking the dognone 1
5bill and ted's excellent adventurenone 5b 6
6indifference of opinionnone 5b *5
7Nicotine EnergyV8 4
8the nebulisernone 6a *1
9utopianone 6c 3
10Tropicana AllergyV7 **4
11sunflowernone 6a 3
12whose line is it anywaynone 5c 1
14Crumbling Aretenone 4b *1
15Totemnone 4b 1
 Far Rocks - Dangerous Cliff 
17Powder Kegnone 4c 1
18Clare Has Wingsnone 4c 1
19Bleed With The Moonnone 5a 1
 Far Rocks - The Sugar Lump 
21sugar bulletsE2 5a *35
22sugar magnolianone 5b 17
23sweetienone 5a 15
24one lump?
none 4c 17
25or two?
none 5a 19
26sugar plum hairynone 4c 8
27Sugar Baby LoveE4 5c 7
28Grinning FearfullyE5 6a 3
29tatenone 4c 18
30lylenone 3a 18
 The Pancake 
32La, La, LaV1  
33La LaV0+ 3
34Pancakef6A **1
35Sore Tipsf6C ** 
36Panaseaf5+ 1
 Conflict Wall 
38The ConflictV3 ***4
39Avoiding the IssueV0  
40The VictoryV3 *1
 Crinkle Wall 
42Ali Ba BaVB 10
43Black DogV2 **6
44Shoulder DogV4 3
45LuzV3 **3
46Low Wall Traversef5+ **2
47Middle Wall Traversef5+ *2
 Far Rocks - The Doughnut 
49Tea TimeE2 5a 11
50TartE4 6a 5
51JamE2 5b 8
52CreamE6 6a 3
53FiloE3 5b 3
54Some Enchanted EveningHVS 5a  
 Pocket Wall 
56Long Traverse (Pocket Wall)V1 ***1
57Pocket Traverse (Pocket wall)none 5b **8
58Slapper (pocket Wall)none 4c *9
59Sprocket (Pocket Wall)none 5a **10
 Far Rocks - Roly Poly Wall 
61Twenty Five Ways To Eat Fishnone 5a 1
62Rolling PinS 4b 4
63Spotted Dicknone 5b 3
64WhiskMS 4a 6
65Drivenone 5a 1
 Middle Rocks - Overhang 
67Long Traverse
V1 **22
68Low RidersV1 **6
69One Rule Only - SlopersV1 **3
70Black BulgeV1 **38
71Black Bulge Sit DownV2 **20
72Attack of The PicarosV2 ***24
73Tin TinV2 *15
74Thompson Twins
V2 **19
75Scary LandingV3 **5
76Cig AreteV0 **13
MS 4a 19
78BadderMS 4a 14
79tom tom
none 4b 20
80tom tit
none 5b 4
 Middle Rocks - Brutus Wall 
82Dang TootinVB **19
83V SlotV0 **12
84Crab PincerV2 **9
85Teenagers live to beatV2 **3
86Caesar's PalaceE1 5a **9
87BrutusE1 5b **24
88CaesarionHVS 5a **15
89Corner ClimbS 26
90Tiberiusnone 4c **2
VB 16
 Middle Rocks - Slip Wall 
93Top TraverseV0 18
94Frog Leg Traversef6A 11
95Abbanone 4b *14
96Up the Wallnone 4b 28
97Buzznone 5a *20
98Slipnone 5c ***11
99Wo Tangnone 5b ***6
100Ragoutnone 4b 24
101Warts and Allnone 5a *22
102American Spienone 5a 16
 Bat Rocks 
104Sharp Pocket Wall - Western LimitsVB *1
105Hangout Traversef5+ **3
106Bat Rocks Dyno
V2 4
V1 9
108Big Pappa Buldge Traverse (Bat Rocks)V6 ***1
V2 7
110Battle of the BulgeV3 **3
V2 6
112Di Do
V2 6
113Dyno TraverseVB *1
114DynoVB ** 
115Too Old To DynoVB *1
116Tumble & FallVB * 
117Watch Me Do ItVB * 
 Grinshill Room 101 Bluff 
119DoublethinkV3 1
120ThoughtcrimeV4 1
 The Prow 
122Grady BallsV5 **1
123Inspector MossE4 6b *1
124EliminatorV4 ***16
125TerminatorV6 ***4
126Joes mumV1 4
127Marching GirlV3 1
 Ass Creek/ The Cuttings 
129Woodlouse SlabV0 *20
130indifferenceV5 **12
131The LibertineV7 ***4
132BeanV2 **7
133My Arete Brings All The Boys To The YardV3 3
134VV5 5
135The Creek TraverseV3 ***16
136xpressVB 27
137CalistaVB 28
138DisappointmentVB 32
139WormsVB 24
140FacistV0 *27
141Exalted CompanyV0 **22
 Top Rocks 
143Caesarean Sectionnone 4c 5
144Hour Of Rebirthnone 5a 2
145Harvey Denton's Toadsnone 4b *6
146Evensongnone 3b 5
147Morning Wall
none 3a 18
148Dawn Corner
none 4b *12
149The RampM 2b 4
150Cocklesnone 5a 6
151Musclesnone 4a 6
152The last 10 pumpsnone 4a *4
153Pillar Climb
none 3a 14
154Ladder CrackVD 14
155Laddered Lycranone 4b 8
156spin on this
none 5a 8
157Two Finger Gesture
none 5b 7
158pocket route
none 3a 15
159Black Aretenone 5a 4
160Black Wallnone 4c *9
161grinshill without oxygen
none 5a 8
none 4a 7
163Wall ClimbS 4b 5
164Central GroveS 4b 6
 Upper Quarries 
166Main Wallnone 5a 4
167Times Of Sandnone 5a 2
168Sands Of Timenone 5a *5
169Gangrenenone 5a *3
 White Tower 
171Tower RidgeE7 6c ***3
172White TowerE4 5c *6
173Black LooksE3 5b 3
 Oak Block 
175Blinding OakV5 2
176Woke up being spooned by DeathV4 **1
177Acorns without the ShellsV4 *1
 Far Quarries 
179One Minute To Glorynone 5a 1
180Spiderman CornerV2 *3
181Plimsoll AreteV0+ 5
 Lower Quarries 
183The Creature From The Green LagoonV2 2
184Shropshire Gold
E7 6c  
 Lower Wall - Upper Tier 
186Wall Climb (Lower wall - upper tier)none 4b 4
187Central Groove (Lower wall - upper tier)none 4b 2
188Gollum (Lower wall - upper tier)HVS 5a **3
189Treebeard (Lower Wall - Lower tier)HS 4c **4
190Shadowfax (Lower wall - lower tier)HVD 4b *2
192A gentlemans perspective on ass crackV5 *2
193Boots Mean BodiesV7 **2
194Main overhangnone 5c *1
195Main eliminatenone 5c *1
196Caesar's Palace Direct (CHF remix)none 6a **1

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