Climbs 101
Rocktype Gritstone
Altitude 450m a.s.l
Faces NW

Nasal Butress on a Perfect Spring Day © Kaiser999

Crag features

Lots of middle grade routes on classic mountain grit in a superbly exposed setting. Best routes include Central Tower (VD), Answer Crack (HVD), Layback Crack (HS), Nasal Buttress (HS 4b), Mammoth Slab (VS 4c) and Fedie's Folly (E1 5b). THE route of the crag is undoubtedly The Hanging Crack, at E2 5b a well-protected but severe test of jamming skills, stength and stamina. Go to it!

Approach notes

From the car park at Dovestone's Reservoir (SE 014034)follow the track past the Yachting Clubhouse to Chew Brook Bridge. A track leads from here below the large Dovestone's Quarries to the edge in about 30 min. Named Ashway Rocks on the Peak District Touring Map.


Western Grit

The 2009 edition of the award-winning guidebook to Staffordshire, Kinder, Bleaklow, Chew, Lancashire and Cheshire areas covered with photo-topos and descriptions.
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More Guidebooks:
Over the Moors (2012)
On Peak Rock (2003)
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Very green the day after rain in August. Shame as it made several of the routes I fancied quite slimy. The steep last 10 mins certainly warms you up and would recommend leaving until the evening. Answer Crack and Nasal Buttress were good and will try Mammoth Buttress when not Kermit-like!
eldre070 - 26/Aug/13
Had a great day- avoiding the forecast heat.It was particularly pleasant late pm when the sun came around and gave some gentle warmth- abit gritty in places we just climbed some nice easy lines- a great chilled day out.
bobpilgrem - 23/May/12
Had an excellent day. We had the whole crag to ourselves. Some really excellent low grade climbs. Very grippy no real polishing!
flapjack_franky - 06/Sep/10
Excellent rock, nice and dry even after a full day of rain beforehand. The slog up the hill is a lung burster for the unfit. The best approach from the car park is to stay on the left hand side of the streamway and follow it up to the tunnel, cross the bridge then follow the path to the stile before heading straight up. I'll never complain about the walk up to Wimberry again after this.
RankAmateur - 22/Jun/09
This is your secret playground as it is not uncommon to have the whole crag to yourself. Gets good sun, great crag for a full day or evenings bouldering/soloing. As with most moorland grit, treat the walk in as a warm up. Fine views and nice sunsets. Good rough natural grit. For fun give the left to right girdle traverse a go, HVS 5a "Whalebone" a fine summers evening solo! - followed by a few well earned pints down at the Clarence!
Phil Davies - 17/Feb/05
Why on earth do so few people climb here? It's great! The walk in isn't that bad really.
Steff - 05/Sep/04
Despite getting the evening sun, much of it is fairly green at the moment, perhaps due to the pathetic summer this year. Some of the slabs could do with a good brush. An alternative approach for E1 climbers would be to slog up (what did you expect, this is Chew...) to the Duckstone and tick The Jug, a good committing roof climb, en route, before bouncing merrily around the moor to the top of Dovestones.
Fiend - 02/Sep/04
Dovestones Edge - the link to BMC access notes seems to link to another crag, not Dovestones Edge.
Nick Taylor - 10/Sep/03
This crag is accessible without a car by bus from Manchester. The moderately long walk-in seems to put people off, which is fine by me. Had the crag to myself one Sunday whereas I\'d guess the eastern edges were a tad busier! The rock is a bit dirty in places on the easier grooves. And watch out for the loose block on the Severe 4b (forgotten the name) at the far left of the crag. Otherwise excellent.
Rob - 25/Mar/02
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
1Chockstone Gully
I/II 1
2Route 1HS 4b 30
3GrottoVD 1
4Route IIHS 4b *29
5Slab and SaddleD 49
6StirrupS 4a 34
7Double OverhangsHVS 5b 5
8Cooper's CrackS 4b *96
9'C' ClimbD 34
10Sea RouteVS 4c *14
11Green CrackVD 4
12Wrinkled ButtressVD *106
13Wrinkled WallHVD 7
14Curving CrackVD 16
15DanegeldE1 5b *16
16The Tax CollectorE2 5c 4
17Nobbly WallHVD 58
18The Direct RouteVD 67
19The Director's RouteHVD 31
20The MoocherVS 4b 13
21EyebrowS 4a 14
22Nasal ButtressHS 4b ***308
23Nasal Buttress Right HandVS 4c **16
24Eight Hours!E1 5a 2
25The ChangelingHS 4b 12
26Crack and ChimneyM *37
27PalpitationE1 5a *6
28Mother's PrideE1 5b 1
29Capstone ChimneyM *37
30Splintered ButtressD 11
31Kitten CracksS 4b 1
32Square ChimneyD 21
33Central TowerVD **193
34Tower AreteVS 4c *36
35Left EmbrasureVS 4b **74
36Right EmbrasureVS 4c *10
37Matchstick CrackS 4a 60
38MaggieHVS 5a *35
39Grim WallVS 5a 10
40Peat ClimbVD 6
41Noddy's WallHS 4b *79
42Swan CrackHVD *96
43Swan DownVS 4c 4
44Gnomes' WallVS 4b 2
45Rib and WallS 4a 26
46Mammoth SlabVS 4c **50
47Ferdie's FollyE1 5b **11
48Dust StormE2 5b *2
49'K' ClimbVS 4b 2
50KaytooVS 4c 6
51AsinineHVS 6a *2
52June ClimbD *49
53Austin MaxiE2 5c 6
54June WallVS 5a *16
55June RidgeS 4a *16
56DogsbodyE2 5c 1
57Rubber-faced AreteVS 4c 1
58Rubber-faced WallVD 6
59December AreteHVS 5b *8
60Layback CrackHS 4b **197
61Friction AddictionE1 5c *17
62Slipoff SlabVS 4b *55
63Double Time CrackHVD 2
64Peabodies' Dilemma
VD 2
65Left Chimney
VD 7
66Right Chimney
VD 4
67'Owd on AreteHS 4b *21
68Answer CrackHVD ***328
69Question TimeE2 5c *6
70Question MarkHVD *119
71Full StopE1 5a *16
72Third TripletD *18
73Yellow CrackHVS 5b *22
74Second TripletD 8
75Loose EndVS 5a *38
76First TripletS 4a *51
77ScarfaceVS 4c 5
78Tower RidgeVD *57
79Silly AreteS 4a **8
80The JesterS 4a *19
81Spurt of SpurtsE2 5b * 
82Hymen the TactlessE5 6c *** 
83Hanging CrackE2 5b ***70
84King Tut's Wah Wah HutE5 6b **1
85The GibbetE3 5c *2
86The CatwalkVS 4a **13
87StrappadoE4 6b * 
88Blank CrackS 4b  
89Long RidgeVD 8
90Jam and JugS 4b  
91Toadstool RibHVS 5a  
92Grey Chimney
93Pullman Chimney
VD 1
94Pullman Overhang
HVS 5b  
95Pullman Crack
VD 1
96Curving Arete
HVS 4c *3
97Platform Route One
HVS 5a  
98Platform Route Two
VS 4c  
99The Leaf
HVD *2
100The Slot
HS 4b 1
101The Flake
M 2
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