Climbs 85
Rocktype Sandstone (hard)
Altitude 50m a.s.l
Faces SW

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Andy Matthews inspecting The Crack HVS 5a* at Parbold Quarry © SebCa

Crag features

The quarry is buried in some trees just off the path and so does not get copious amounts of sun despite its aspect. As the guide says, "Upon initial inspection it would seem Parbold is almost as bad as some of the things people climb on in the South West! However some of the climbs are quite good and deserve more attention, which would raise the status of the venue to that of a typical small crag in the Peak District."

Tends to seep after heavy rain and due to its low popularity some routes need cleaning. The lower grade routes are generally good but unprotected, with the best routes being the top end graded routes. Some of the lower graded routes a loose. Best route "A Worthwhile Pastime - But a Sad Ambition" (E5 6c, was A2) with a monster crux above a rotten old peg that hardly holds your body weight.

The two sport routes are among the best in the quarry and there is plenty of scope for bouldering at low level and on the smaller walls with a mat. Dont forget insect repellent in summer.

It is definitely recommended to take a brush as some routes need a lot of cleaning. Trees at the top give excellent anchors making top roping popular, the crag does offer exciting opportunities for the beginner.

its called lucky strike VS 4b
jay o j - 08/Apr/11
had a good climb there today,did two tough climbs but there not online,the furthest right climb was up the corner after "a worthwhile passtime...." ,I'm terrible at explaining but if anyone could shed light on the identity of the climb it would be helpful. i simply feel its unlikely that I am the first to climb it :)
05potters - 06/Apr/11
Nearly finished a new guide for parbold including new rotes and bouldering, if you have any info that you think should be in the guide please let me know. Cheers Jay.
jay o j - 03/Apr/11
This is like Lancashire's Stanage. That's if Stanage only had 30 routes, half of which were covered in green slime and none of the classic routes. Still its pretty good considering anything else is an hour away. Note for access, its the footpath just opposite the pub. Don't walk down the path to 'the Parbold Bottle' (big stone bottle). My clever mate thought he knew the way and we walked through the brambles just past the Bottle, cut our legs to shreds. There IS a nice clear bramble free path.
samwillo - 31/Jan/11
Spent a few hours there today, very slimy. R/H bay had a mini lake at the base. Could be interesting if cleaned up a little. The wall around the corner from Diamond wall looks decent. Does anybody have a full topo for this?
Darrengold - 22/Sep/10
WN8 7TG is the post code for parking, then follow the directions written below :)
Soap - 18/Sep/10
Does anyone have a postcode for this venue? I live near by but am unsure how to get there from where i live. I would like to have a look and maybe develop the venue as a bouldering area through the autumn and winter. Thanks.
CosmicHobo - 06/Sep/10
If you park in the layby opposite the Miller & Carter pub (previously the Wiggin Tree) and walk to the end of the laybay with the pub/road on your left you should be able to see a path heading down the hill (on your right). Walk down there and you'll get to the quarry in under 5 minutes. Watch out for nettles.
Boulton - 03/Aug/09
you don't go into the landfill. Walk down the path on the left of the landfill its quite a way down but you can't miss it.
Andrew.Davies - 13/Jul/09
CAn anyone shed some light on how to find this crag, I went for a look on monday but failed to find it. We parked at the access to the old land fill and went through the gap in the fence and followed the road for a couple hundred meters to no avail!
beastmaster247 - 01/Jul/09
I would be good it the routes were put in order in the list.
Andrew.Davies - 08/Jan/09
I am currently trying to write a fresh guide for this crag in a bid to get people using it more! If you know of any FA's or would like to comment on anything about the quarry, i welcome emails through this site, thanks very much! James
Jimbo MSider - 18/Jan/07
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
  Main Face
2 Wiggin S 4b 6
3 Softjoe
VS 4c  
4 Grouse Beaters
HVS 4c 1
5 Stingy Mudpuppy S 4c  
6 Please allow me to introduce myself
VS 5a 1
7 section 47 HVS 5a  
8 Too loud a solitude
E5 6a *  
9 The Crack HVS 5a 18
10 Marble Gorge VS 4b 3
11 The bull HS 4b 5
12 Vishnu Temple VS 4c 3
13 Original Route VD 15
14 Neglect VD 7
15 Bird Lime VS 4c 7
16 Sacrificial block
S 4b 3
17 Phantom Ranch VS 4c * 10
18 Fossil Overhang HS 4a * 14
19 Lumberjack Ridge
VD * 26
20 Deefa's Delight S 4a * 3
21 Rolthinux VD 6
22 Lucky Grab HS 4b 15
  Diamond Wall
24 Lost in Space
E2 5c  
25 Spaced Cadet E3 5c 1
26 Conquistador Aisle E1 5b * 2
27 Kamikaze Cuckoo
VS 4c 10
28 Kam
VS 5a 1
29 Last One Terrified HVS 5b * 2
30 Gillens Route HS 4a * 31
31 Little Wall Climb VD 42
32 Right Hand Edge Route
HS 4a ** 30
Climb name Grade
  End Bay
34 A Worthwhile Pastime But A Sad Ambition E5 6b 2
35 Lucky Strike VS 4b 19
36 Strike lucky
VS 4b  
37 The Crawford crimp
E2 5c  
38 Bickerstaff Les
E2 5b  
39 Lava Falls E3 6a *** 9
40 Pit Fundamentalist 7b+ *  
41 Desolation Row E2 5c ** 11
42 Really Free E2 5b 2
43 Reach For The Sky E2 5c 1
44 Aces High E3 6a * 1
45 327 HVS 5b 5
46 Poverty, Poverty HVS 5a 14
47 Hammock A2 1
48 Vulcan's Forge E2 5c 2
49 Dick Dasterdly and Mutley E1 5c 1
50 Evening Crack HS 4b 13
51 Grassy Overhangs VD 13
  Bouldering Main Face
54 Deception 7a ** 1
55 Bourbon Biscuit Addiction f6A ** 4
56 Book Shelf V0 10
57 The Nose V0 10
58 Party Ring f5 * 3
59 Man Size Biscuits f6A ** 3
  Bouldering Diamond Wall
61 Kammed f5 1
62 Pizzy f6A 1
63 The Green Traverse V3 ** 5
Climb name Grade
  Bouldering Small Roof Area
65 Hot Diggerty f6B+ 2
66 Dobber f6B 1
67 Mt. Fuji V3 6
68 Pompeii V2 7
69 Vesuvius f6B * 5
70 Vesuvius Base Camp f6B 7
71 Etna V4 * 10
72 The ArĂȘte V3 11
73 St. Helens V1 16
  Bouldering Pit Area
75 Pit Club
76 Lava Grows f6A * 2
77 Pit Fundamentals f6C 1
78 Fundamentalist left hand f6A 10
79 Fundamentalist f6B * 13
80 Mentalist f5+ ** 13
81 Mentalist Direct f7B+ 3
82 Psychogenesis f6B 1
83 Dementor f5+ 1
84 Dusk Danger
  Bouldering End Wall
86 Hard Boiled Reverse f7A 1
87 Ear 'ere f6B+ 2
88 Parboiled f7A 4
89 Parboiled Hill f7A 1
90 Klunk f6B 1
91 England's Burning f6B 1
92 Moor Burning f6C 1
93 Hardboiled f7A 1
94 To Bolt or Not To Bee f3 1
* Climbs listed in red are waiting to be checked by a crag moderator, and may not be accurate.

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