Climbs 70
Rocktype Gritstone
Altitude 310m a.s.l
Faces NE

Crag features

Typical moorland grit, can be green and wet in winter and for a period after rain, but generally sound. A number of scattered buttresses. A locals summer retreat. Many routes now getting quite overgrown and most are lichenous, those on the far right and far left being the cleanest. The rock underneath is nicely rough but best to assume that any route will be dirty unless mentioned otherwise. An airy sheep trod runs along the top of the main section but getting between routes lower down can involve deep and steep heather. Trails made by the surprisingly gymnastic local sheep help! 
Topos for most buttresses in photos.

Mentioned on p.342 of Over the Moors, further details to be uploaded onto BMC download support section (still not available 04/04/19)


Approach notes

Approach up the Pennine Way from the Glossop to Crowden road (No Parking sign at the farm entrance, people often ignore it but some also get booked!). Pay and display car park 1 km east, from where the old rail line links with the PW. Just after Reaps Farm a path runs left into the clough and after 0.5km the main section is above you, with the lower (walking) section of Torside Gully running up to it.


Just right of Torside Gully is Castle Buttress, the largest, with Sneaking Slab below it. 40m right of this is the easy-to-identify Twin Grooves Buttress, with Niggard's Wall 20m right again.           

Left of Torside Gully is Two Tier Buttress (actually three tiers) with Flintstone Buttress left of its middle section. 100m left again is the compact Chlorus Buttress then 100m further is the narrow ridge of Pinnacle Buttress, with the Obelisk left of its foot. 100m further left gets you to Viny Ridge, with an obvious clean slab at its foot. The squarish block of Birch Tree Ridge is just left again, with the green slab of Holly Tree Ridge another 20m up left. There is also Hidden Buttress another 0.5km up the clough, just below the top. 



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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
1 Torside Clough (Summer) 1 * 22
2 Torside Clough (Winter)
I 2
  Hidden Buttress
4 Drained Sack Rib
VD 1
5 The Amazing Harry Greystoke
VS 4b  
6 Ducker's Pebble
VS 4c  
7 Gee Cross Gigolo
HD 1
  Holly Tree Ridge
9 Cling Film Dan D 1
10 Bare Essence E1 5b  
11 Holly Tree Ridge D 1
  Birch Tree Ridge
13 Jelly Route VD  
14 Birch Tree Ridge HS 4b  
15 Trifle Chimney D 1
16 'Struth E1 5c  
17 Cliek HS 4b  
  Viny Ridge
19 Brief Crack VS 5a  
20 The Pod HVS 5b  
21 The Pedigree Pump E1 5c  
22 Super Scooper E2 5b  
23 Viny Ridge VD 1
  Pinnacle Buttress
25 Obelisk Slab HVS 4c  
26 Summary Crack VS 4c  
27 Breach Chimney VD  
Climb name Grade
28 Claudication HVS 5a  
29 Clonus VS 4c  
30 Bedlam VS 4c  
31 Pinnacle Ridge VD 1
32 Pinnacle Chimney HS 4b  
33 Loxon S  
34 Brash Crack D  
  Chlorus Buttress
36 Broken Slab D 1
37 Kassai Rib VD 1
38 Trite Wall VD 1
39 Algae Groove D 1
40 Chlorus VS 4c  
  Flintstones Buttress
42 I Wanna Be a Flintstone HVD  
43 Wilma's Wall HVD  
44 Bedrock Chimney D 1
45 Little Bam Bam D  
46 To Be or Not 2b? D 2a  
47 Lincoln Green HVS 5b  
48 Permission to Scramble S  
49 Little Greeny VD  
  Two Tier Buttress
51 The Raddle VD  
52 The Iliad VS 4c  
53 The Odyssey VS 4c  
54 Fully Furnished Dustbin VD  
Climb name Grade
55 No Rope as Long as Time HVS 5a  
56 The Horn VS 4c  
57 Jericho Wall D  
58 Torside Gully (Summer) 1 ** 10
59 Torside Gully (Winter) II ** 3
  Castle Buttress
61 Hawk's Nest HS 4b  
62 Hanging Rib HS 4b  
63 Green Slab S  
64 Ash Tree Climb VD  
65 Castle Climb VS 4c  
66 Houses in Motion HVS 4c  
67 Upper Girdle
VS 4c  
68 Lower Girdle
VS 4c  
  Sneaking Slab
70 Sneak Preview HVS 5a  
71 Sneak in Suspicion HVS 5a  
  Twin Grooves Buttress
73 Left Twin Groove D  
74 Holocaust E1 5c  
75 Right Twin Groove VD  
76 Flake Rib S 4b  
77 Flake Wall S 4b  
  Niggard's Wall
79 Problem Wall HS 4c  
80 Niggard's Wall S  
81 Brevity Wall S  

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